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Can you ID this pear type?

It was here when I moved in. Drops fruit in fall. So not sure what type. This year fruit is prolific so I am hopeful

Davidson County North Carolina trees and shrubs horticulture fruit identification Posted over 1 year ago

Lilacs in Pots

We rent so my new lilacs are in large pots. The leaves have started turning black, could this be due to all the rain we've had in the last couple of weeks? What can I do to make it healthy again?

Davidson County North Carolina container gardening lilac bushes horticulture Posted about 2 years ago


We rent so my lilac bush is in a large pot, we have had so much rain, could that be why the leaves are turning black? What can I do to make it healthy again?

Davidson County North Carolina horticulture lilacs Posted about 2 years ago

flowering shade loving plants for under tree?

What perennial plants besides the obvious hosta can I put under my big shade tree in my North Davidson County yard? I need plants that are fairly independent and don't require a lot of babying to grow, like dense shade, and a huge bonus would be if they attract pollinators, butterflies, and/or hummingbirds. No flowers would be OK too but I would love to feed a bug or bird if possible. Thanks so much!

Davidson County North Carolina shade plants horticulture Posted about 2 years ago

Identify bush in my yard

Hello! I was wondering if you can identify this bush (sort of a bush) growing under my cypress tree. At first I was afraid it was poison sumac, but I don't think that now. The flowers sort of look like honeysuckle, but this isn't a vine. I appreciate your help :-) Donna

Davidson County North Carolina plant identification invasive plants horticulture amur honeysuckle Posted over 2 years ago

crepe myrtle trees and hydrangia bushes

how and when to trim crepe myrtle tree and hydrangea bushes

Davidson County North Carolina trees and shrubs pruning hydrangea crape myrtles horticulture Posted over 2 years ago

Mushrooms in Lawn

I have quite a few mushrooms in my lawn. The began near a drainage ditch, but have spread. I have tried dealing with them by carefully pulling them when they appear, mowing the grass in the area quite short and spreading a light amount of high nitrogen fertilizer in the area. That seems to work temporarily but they eventually reappear in the area or just around the fringe of the area I have treated. My lawn seems to be the only one in the neighborhood that has them. Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of them?

Davidson County North Carolina lawns and turf mushrooms horticulture Posted about 3 years ago

Best fescue for Lexington/Midway area

Can you recommend a fescue? Or, something else that establishes quickly? Just bought a house and need some quick erosion control.

Davidson County North Carolina fescue groundcovers horticulture Posted over 3 years ago

Blossom End Rot Prevention and Treatment

What can I do to prevent and/or treat blossom end rot in my vegetables, especially my tomatoes? What fertilizer is best for tomatoes?

Davidson County North Carolina Posted over 3 years ago

How to prune boxwood

Hi, We live in my husband's childhood home that is surrounded (literally) by boxwoods. The shrubs have not been pruned in over a decade and I have no idea how to prune them. The shrubs on one side of the house are much larger than the other side so we need some pretty major maintenance. Do you have a recommendation for a professional that could come out and prune them for us?

Davidson County North Carolina Posted over 3 years ago