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Possible Poison Ivy

Is this poison ivy growing on the trees in my yard and now my fence (pictures attached). If so, what's the best way to get rid of it? Our dog keeps going in this area and I'm concerned she will pick up the poison ivy oil and bring it in the house. I'm allergic to poison ivy.

Currituck County North Carolina Posted over 2 years ago

Grocry store taxes

How is and what determines the food tax on my grocery bill statement? It is a perplexing issue! Has anyone ever wondered WHY we have to pay any tax on FOOD? (I do not consider pop and potato chips a food item.) 6.75% NC Sales Tax 1% NC Sales Tax 2% NC Sales tax All these taxes were listed and paid on a recent grocery store statement.

Dare County North Carolina Posted over 2 years ago


I have bagworms of all sizes on a cedar? (something in that family of trees). I have picked off as many of the cases as I can but from what I have read I think they will just continue to grow on that tree. What is the best way to treat for this that won't harm other insects, birds etc.

Currituck County North Carolina Posted over 3 years ago

Last date to prune susanqua camellias

How late can susanqua camellias be pruned without damaging fall blooms?

Mecklenburg County North Carolina pruning camellias horticulture Posted over 3 years ago

sand spurs in yard

we just noticed what appear to be sand spurs in our yard. it's a real problem with our dogs. this is the first year we've noticed it. what can we do? i started to dig them up until I found they were so widespread in yard. thanks. we live on Narrow Shore Rd.

Currituck County North Carolina Posted over 3 years ago

sticky weeds

What weed killer should be used on thistle like grass in the yard

Currituck County North Carolina Posted over 3 years ago

storm damamge to ornamentals

my roses and perennials were very affected by the recent storm - I live within yards of the ocean. I have hosed all of them down to wash off salt but that is a small measure. do you recommend cutting any of these back at this time or would it stress them out more? most of the perennials are just stems - no leaves. the roses have salt burned leaves.

Dare County North Carolina Posted about 4 years ago

Planting trees near drain fields

I am looking to plant trees in my back yard, but I learned that half of my yard is taken by a drain field. I have the back spot picked out to plant some shade trees and its about 30 feet from the drain field. Do you know what types of fast growing trees would be safe to plant there? I bought a Wisconsin Weeping Willow and was told that wasnt such a good idea to plant and also bought an Autumn Blaze Maple tree, not sure if that will work or not? Not sure how to judge the root systems of plants and dont want to damage the drain field over time.

Currituck County North Carolina Posted over 4 years ago

Ants In Everything But My Pants!

I'm in arural area and I like it, but it seems every year as my yard soil improves ( I'm working with 3ft. of gray clay), here comes the ants...If I leave my truck sit on my gravel and soil lane for a week, ants are in it. When I unrolled my hose reel, ants had colonized in the crank and they were mad when I swirled them around, running up my arm and a few bit me. Thet are just black ants. What can I spray things and area with to deter them but not harm bees, etc. I'm thinking vinegar or orange oil concentrate. Help me! Any thoughts?

Currituck County North Carolina Posted over 4 years ago

Pond irrigation

Hello, I would like to irrigate a small vegetable plot from an existing pond; however, the pond has algae which I think is a result of fertilizer run-off and stagnation. How can I go about determining whether or not this water is safe to use on the crops?

Currituck County North Carolina Posted over 4 years ago