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Spring pruning of rhododendron

I have a three year old rhododendron that needs to be pruned for shape. The plant is about 3' tall with all of the leaves/flowers at the top and the rest of the plant is bare. Can I prune it clear back to new growth coming up from the base of the plant?

Polk County Iowa horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted about 5 years ago

Repair of 1890 limestone foundation

My house has a limestone foundation that has mortar that isn't there or is the consistency of sand. On the inside of the foundation where it is the worst, the previous owner has put a lot of something white. It looks like the cement or putty so at least I can't see holes for the rodents to come in. Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Howard County Iowa building construction Posted almost 6 years ago

Documents related to history of Wapello Count 4-H Fair

I am researching for a future short article on the history of the Wapello County Fair. Do you have or know of the location of any documents related to the 4-H aspect of the "Big Four Fair' predecessor to the Wapello County Fair begun in 1918? Terry Shumaker

Marion County Indiana Posted over 6 years ago

sewing classes?

Would it be within the range of responsibilities of the Extension office to offer sewing classes, if there were the interest?

Jefferson County Iowa Posted over 7 years ago