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Mint mutation

I have a mentha rotundifolia that the leaves are growing in triplets rather than pairs. How rare would this be? Would it be caused by a triangular stem? I am too afraid to disturb it much as it is yet very small.

Honolulu County Hawaii Posted 3 months ago

Fresh Ginger

I'm an importer of fresh ginger and I'm curious if you have any information about the many countries of origins.

Do you have any studies comparing the quality of ginger coming from one country compared to the quality of ginger from another country?

Also, do you have any information about the different types of diseases that ginger might have and are some origins more prone than others.

Any information that you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated - Thank you!

food safety ginger ginger diseases Posted 4 months ago

Cat poop and fruit trees

Based upon previous answers the garden, although gross and methods should be used to deter this activity, cat poop parasites, etc would not be able to “travel” into the tree system and infect fruit, correct? We have cleaned the soil of feces, watered heavily for a week added amendments (poop of another kind), planted the papaya and put a soil fabric covered with large rocks so no digging can occur. Do you think the fruit is safe?

Honolulu County Hawaii Posted 4 months ago

Unknown egg sack

Found this and 4 other egg sack cluster in our yard after cleaning and pulling weeds, not sure what these are ... please help !

Hawaii County Hawaii Posted 9 months ago

Leach field soil

My husband recently needed to replace the piping in our leach field. With a tractor he removed the soil, allowed it to dry out while rebuilding a new leach field system, then replaced the original soil back on top. We plan to plant sod on the area, and wanted to make it a yard for our kids. Is this a safe thing to do? Do you think the soil he dug up and replaced is toxic to our family, and surrounding families? How can we test the soil, and or ‘clean’ it?

Honolulu County Hawaii Posted 12 months ago

Identify lava rock plant

I received a gift from Hawaii. It came without identification and care instructions. Do you have any idea what it is and how to care for it? Thanks so much

Grant County Indiana Posted over 1 year ago

Pineapple not sweet

I live in Hawaii and am growing pineapples in large pots. The leaves are long and healthy and are bearing beautiful large fruit. The problem is that even though the fruit is ripe, it is not sweet at all, it’s more on the mildly tart side but juicy. The plants have plenty of sunshine and I fertilize and water them regularly. I’m growing the sugar loaf variety. What can I do to grow sweet pineapples.

Hawaii Posted over 1 year ago

Itchy Bug bite

I woke up this morning and noticed an itchy bump with three dots on my lower leg. At first I thought it was a mosquito bite and just kept itching it. Later I got interested in it and took a photo. It didn't look like a mosquito bite because it wasn't red and it had three dots. I did some research on it, but didn't find anything reasonable. I came across this site and just wanted to ask about it, for I am somewhat concerned. Thank you!

Honolulu County Hawaii Posted almost 2 years ago

Garden box with no drainage

Hi I have several questions. I have a raised cedar box with no drain holes. How many holes per square foot shall I drill? Or could I just make the bottom layer river rocks and put a sheet with some drain holes over that and then put the soil? I have another box with no bottom. I will lay it directly on the ground. I’m going to put a weed blocker on the ground first. There won’t be any drainage, is there a combination of dirt and potting mix or compost that I should use to help prevent mold if there is a lot of rain? Thank you.

Honolulu County Hawaii Posted about 2 years ago


I live on the Big Island of Hawaii at approx. 1200 ft elevation. I am having a major problem with Himalayan Blackberry plants..They never flower but send out runners and they are taking over my property. I understand that phragmidium violaceum, also called leaf rust fungus will kill the leaves which would be a step forward in eradicating this horrible plant.Mowing or plowing is not an option since the land is very rocky and uneven. Where can I purchase the fungus. I'm sure no one has it here on the island and it would have to be shipped..Thanks for your help..Suzanne Jamison-Wade

Hawaii County Hawaii weed issues Posted about 2 years ago