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Questions asked to this group

Box Elder Bugs

Hello, we are having quite an issue with box elders bugs and I'd like to try to tackle the issues without using harsh chemicals from a pest control company. Last year I tried blasting them with dishsoap water and it killed some, but didn't make a dent. They seem to be living on the under-side of our aluminum siding. Usually we only see them in the spring and summer, but this past winter they were still coming inside, which makes me think that they survived well over the winter and will be worse this year. Any advice??

Anoka County Minnesota Posted 4 minutes ago

mold on peat moss w/ seedlings+

Hi, we started veg. seed in peat moss "pucks" they seem healthy accept white mold is groing on the moss. Any advice as to what to do?

Dakota County Minnesota Posted about 3 hours ago

Amending soul

We have removed some pine trees. How do we amend the soul

Stearns County Minnesota Posted about 5 hours ago

Alternate use for vsp trellised vineyard

I have 18 300’ rows of trellis that have Marquette vines on them currently. I’m concidering pulling them out and am looking for ideas as to what else I could use the trellis for? Raspberry’s?vegetables? Blueberrys? ( I think my soil’s to acidic) hops (looks like too much work) The reason for removing the grapes is my son who has helped me with the vines has moved away and I can’t handle all the work by myself.

McLeod County Minnesota Posted about 16 hours ago

Rabbits in the garden

Best ways to control pesky critters

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted about 22 hours ago

pumpkins seeds

I threw several pumpkins on our garden last fall to deteriorate over winter, breaking down and the following spring i would work the lasting results into the soil. Do I have to worry about tons of pumpkins sprouting in spring?

Stearns County Minnesota Posted 1 day ago

Maple tree is dripping a LOT!

Should I be concerned about my maple tree? It is "raining" sap! It is a well established tree about 18-24" in diameter. We have not done any maintenance since we moved in 3 years ago. Im not sure what species it is. Red, orange and yellow autumn foliage, held its leaves well into November

Dakota County Minnesota Posted 1 day ago

dog waste

I would like to put pet waste disposal system in flower bed. I have two Siberian huskies. I do have sprinkler system, it get full sun, the flower bed will be 3 feet tall. what type of flower would grow in that soil.

Scott County Minnesota pet waste Posted 1 day ago

Lily bulbs

I recently received a number of lily bulbs. Is it possible to leave them in the package until it is time to plant since they are bulbs?

Hennepin County Minnesota lilies Posted 2 days ago

Peony Bare Root, Daylily Bare Root and Hollyhock Bare Root

I recently received an order of Peony Bare Root, Daylily Bare Root and Hollyhock Bare Root plants. I had ordered them online and thought they would not send them until later in the spring when it was closer to being able to plant in MN. Regardless they are here and I am not sure what to do with them for the next 2 months before I can plant them. Some of the Peonies have green leaves starting to show and are packed in clear plastic bags. The dallies and the hollyhocks are in white plastic bags with small holes in them. They arrived yesterday and currently are still in the box in my garage. Can I leave them there? Do I need to plant them in planters in the house until I can plant them in the ground outside? What do I do? Help!! Thank you.

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 2 days ago