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Should I prune this seed pods or what ever they are off.

I just had three Japanese tree lilacs planted in my yard and wondered if that would be OK to do? Since I don't think they'll be doing anything more this fall. Or are they seeds, buds for next season or old dried buds? Thanks for your help. Milt in Duluth

St. Louis County Minnesota Posted about 8 hours ago

What is this grass and how do we get rid of it

We noticed in the last few weeks a new grass in our Yard. We have tried to treat it with Weed-B-Gon - but no luck. The blades are wide and grow in all different directions - not straight up. Please provide guidance on how to get rid of this unsightly grass. Please see pictures attach.

Anne Darnay

Hennepin County Minnesota lawns and turf turf weed id Posted about 8 hours ago

Pruning oak and maple trees

When is the best time to prune oak and maple trees?

Anoka County Minnesota Posted about 9 hours ago

Moving adolescent white pines

We brought down a number of small white pines (12-18") from our uncle's land in northern WI (Heyward area) about 3 years ago. We planted a grouping of 3 in almost full sun thinking they would not all make it, but they did! They are all about 3- 4 ft now, and we are thinking we should split them up so they all have room to grow. Should we dig them out now in the fall, or wait until early spring? Thanks so much! Erica PS - not the best image- sorry! you can see they were inadvertently dwarfed by sunflowers and dahlias

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted about 10 hours ago

Identification of a tree producing small (fruit?)

Need help with an ID of tree approximately 12 feet high along the edge of the yard on an old farmstead.

Hubbard County Minnesota Posted about 10 hours ago


my lilacs since like July have looked like they are dieing. Not just mine all of them around me look like mine. What is goinng on

Minnesota Posted about 11 hours ago

Transplant shock in a weeping Mulberry Tree

My Mulberry tree was uprooted during a well water repair. It has been transplanted but is suffering from transplant shock. Do you have suggestions to minimize the transplant shock of my Mulberry tree? Does adding diluted sugar water to the soil help or is that a myth?

Thank you very much.

Minnesota Posted about 13 hours ago

Apple tree identification

This tree was planted over 30 years ago. How do I find out what kind it is. Also the last few years we’ve sprayed it with neem oil but are still getting insects. Any info would be great

Anoka County Minnesota Posted about 13 hours ago

4 year old american arbroviate dying

i have 40ish american arbraviate that are dying from the inside out. I got these about 4 years ago from my local soil and water conservation as bare root trees and they have been thriving and growing very well. Some are 3 to 4 feet tall others are pushing 6 feet tall. About mid summer a few started dying back and i didnt think much, but now i have about a third that are dying back from the inside out. I have noticed that the bark is split near the ground on most all of them. Would this cause them to die? I did use fertilizer stakes last summer on 1 side of the tree, not sure if that caused an issue or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated because what ever i have going on seems to be spreading. Thanks in advance

Mower County Minnesota Posted about 13 hours ago

have you ever seen a potatoe with skin like this?

Hello. I planted potatoes for the first time this year.I planted red fingerlings. There was a volunteer potatoe growing in the plot I rented so I trans-planted it next to the fingerlings. The skin on the potatoes I harvested are both red and white. Do you know what it is? I was not able to find anything like it on line. Thank you. Carrie

St. Louis County Minnesota Posted about 14 hours ago