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New Summer Cascade Wisteria - broken leader vine

In May, I planted a new Summer Cascade (Betty Matthews) Wisteria about a foot away from a sturdy fence, and used twine to encourage the leader vine to wind around the fence post. It was winding around just beautifully until my dog ran through the space between the plant and the post, and this broke the leader vine. Now, a new stem is growing from the leader vine - slowly - but other vines seem to also be growing. I'm not sure if I should pick a new "leader vine", or keep the damaged leader vine and cut back all other vines trying to be leaders, or just leave everything alone and assume that the wisteria will figure this out? Meanwhile, I have protected the area so that dogs cannot damage the wisteria.

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 9 minutes ago

raspberries shriveled, dried fruit

This year many of the fruit on my raspberries did not even begin to ripen. They seemed to dry up very early. Some fruit are now ripening, but next to them are smaller, hard, dried up buds. I'm getting about 1/4 as many ripe fruit as in past years. The vegetation looks healthy - green, growing, no sign of insect or fungal damage. I've attached 2 pictures. The plants have been in this location about 7-8 years. They are in part shade so never have been heavy producers, but always did much better than this year. There may have been some unripe (aborted) dried fruit in other years, but never in the numbers I'm seeing this year. Do you have any ideas on what is causing this problem? Could it be over-fertilizing, too much water,/rain, some problem with not getting pollinated? Thanks for any help

Washington County Minnesota Posted 34 minutes ago

grass browning out in isolated areas

Hi, I have grass dying in long narrow strips and in spots about the size of a soccer ball. The ground isn't raised up like it would be from a mole (which I also have in my yard). The dead spots and paths of dead grass are expanding pretty quickly. Any idea what could be causing it? Thanks

Anoka County Minnesota Posted about 1 hour ago

Large weed

I have a number of unwanted plants growing in one of my perennial beds. I have pulled these in the past when they are quite small, but recently after traveling for 3 weeks, I found that these same weed had grown to a height of 4-5 feet. Even when large, they are very easy to pull. They have an almost translucent stalk, especially when small.

Stearns County Minnesota Posted about 2 hours ago

Bees in siding

Good afternoon, So it seems that I have a bee hive under siding on the front of my house. I did have a wasp problem and hired Orkin to treat against the wasps that were coming into my house. They seem to be gone, but now I have observed bees flying in and out of a hole in the siding. What should I do? Thank you.

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted about 2 hours ago

Sout (Mesabi?) Cherry - second fruit set failed

Hello First set was beautiful, ripe last week of June/first week of July. Second set looked nearly as abundant - but before it ripened, nearly all turned hard and dark on the branch. Is this normal? Thank you

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted about 2 hours ago

Crumbly raspberry crop

I have had raspberries for over 35 years I have moved them a number of times due to virus or critters. Several years ago I treated the present location with chelated iron because they were always yellow...the bushes looked great this year, we have had plenty of rain. It is the weather, are my bushes too old, is it a bug or a disease? I have two sections of them. Maybe too thick? Use 10-10-10 and manure I leaf mulch/grass clippings them in winter. Most are June bearing....wondering if I should have a soil test and start with new bushes? Please advise

Carver County Minnesota Posted about 3 hours ago

Toscana Strawberries: Runners, overwintering

Hello! So, at the beginning of the growing season, I had some neighbors pick up six strawberry plants from the Friends sale for me. Well, I forgot to check the tags when I planted them (in containers on a balcony): turns out they're Toscana strawberries, which apparently are annuals, not perennials like I'm used to. So, my questions are: 1. What should I do about the runners? Cut them back? Try to propagate them? Do nothing and just let them hang over the pot edges? (FWIW, I'd already trained several into smaller pots before I thought to check the tags). 2. Most of the online gardening sites I looked at said strawberries are perennials but can be grown as annuals to save the hassle of overwintering. Does that mean my "annual" Toscanas are actually perennials? If so, is there any possibility of getting them through to next year? Thanks in advance for your help! Anitra (who will always check the tags from now on :)

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted about 3 hours ago

Spots on grapes

I have Concord grapes, and spots are now showing up on only the grapes, not the leafs. If I rub the grapes, the spot wipes off.

Swift County Minnesota Posted about 3 hours ago

Maple Tree damage

Wind damaged or young Maple tree. I want to try to save it. What do I do?

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted about 4 hours ago