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Questions asked to this group

Lilac trimming in St. Paul

I have read that lilacs should be trimmed "soon" after they bloom, but "soon" is not defined. I have to cut a large established lilac down to install a fence. It will probably be cut in early July. Given that I am in St Paul, should I expect no blooms the following spring? Also, is there any guidance you can provide about how it should be done in mid-July, given it bloomed in early May? Thank you.

Ramsey County Minnesota lilacs pruning lilacs Posted about 6 hours ago

Tree recommendation

Master Gardener, I am looking for recommendations on a tree. Here’s a bit about my space: Approx 8’ wide at maturity Approx 12’ tall at maturity Full sun (6-8 hrs day) Prefer pyramidal evergreen, but open to a pretty pink flowering tree too Hardy - less susceptible to disease/sickness Originally I liked Sester’s Blue Dwarf; however, I’ve read about concerns with blue spruce in this area, so I’m no longer sure if that is a good option. Thank you in advance for your help. Sincerely, Kurt McMahon

Washington County Minnesota Posted about 7 hours ago

Something is attacking my tree

I have a tree that was a surprise to me several years ago, in that it came up without any work on my part. It has some black deposits just below some of the leaves and the flies are having a hayday on it. Could you please identify the tree and then give me some idea on what is attacking the tree and what might a remedy be. Thank you.

Otter Tail County Minnesota Posted about 8 hours ago

Identification of trees

What are the names of these two trees? Is one of them a mulberry tree? If so, when are the berries ready for harvesting? Are white, red, and black berries all edible? The second tree will have red berries. Are they edible?

Scott County Minnesota Posted about 10 hours ago

the bugs keep showing in our bathroom sink

These strange little bugs keep showing up in a 2nd floor bathroom sink. We can't identify them nor do we know where they are coming from.

Washington County Minnesota insect identification horticulture Posted about 12 hours ago

butterfly is safe!

I just sent a message re a confused butterfly in my garage. (I couldn't get it to move off a window I can't open.) A friend helped me; she held up a black garbage bag outside the window to block out the light. I was then able to persuade the butterfly--by lightly brushing it with a towel--to fly out! Thanks for your time.

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted about 12 hours ago

What kind of tree is this and what is wrong with this it?

I think this might be a crabapple tree. This year is has white spots all over the branches and I now see some on the leaves. The white spots are powdery, and when I rub it between my fingers, it produces a reddish-orange color. The tree has also been weeping a sticky substance and therefore attracting lots in insects! Thanks for advance for your assistance! Ashley Bedard

Hennepin County Minnesota tree identification diagnosis of plant problems horticulture Posted about 12 hours ago

Impatiens problem

I could use your help! My potted impatiens plant has brown spots on many of the leaves. The plant otherwise seems to be healthy. I see no bugs, rot, mold, etc. The leaves are not dropping off. I am wondering what this is and most importantly how to treat it. Any help you can give would be wonderful! Debbie

Minnesota diagnosis of plant problems impatiens brown spots horticulture Posted about 12 hours ago

Spots on plant leaves

Hello - I have a continuing problem with these rust spots on several different plants like rudbeckia (sp?) and oregano - eventually the leaves seems to shrivel and deform. What is the cause and what can I do to eliminate this? Thanks so much for your help- Rebecca Peterson

Ramsey County Minnesota Posted about 13 hours ago

Help with plant id

Hi, can you please help identify a bush. It had clusters of small white flowers in early spring that turn into red bettors in June. Cardinals love it and clean them off the minute they ripen. Thank you. Larissa

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted about 14 hours ago