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Snow on the mountain plant

Hello, I have snow on the mountain all around my house. I want to transplant some to another property. They are dormant currently, can i still dig some up or is it better to wait till spring. I was planning on digging some up, move over to other property and just bury and put new dirt over it. Thanks!

Clay County Minnesota Posted about 4 hours ago

Kitchen bug

Can you tell us what type of bug this is? We have found a few now in the last month or so and they appear when you go into the kitchen area after you turn the light on. Praying it's not a roach. Golden Valley, MN

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted about 15 hours ago

Soft needles pines

What r the different kinds of pines In MN with soft long needles? And how do u tell the difference between a Scotch & a white pine?

Scott County Minnesota pine trees white pine scotch pine Posted 1 day ago

Can I plant grass seed now

Hello, We just had a septic system installed and now have a big area of black dirt. I'm afraid we'll have erosion problems and I'm wondering if what we should do to protect the disturbed area. Is it too late to put down grass seed? If not can you recommend a variety that would be good for a high traffic and mostly shade. We've not had good luck in the past with grass due to the shade in the area. Is there some other ground cover that may work better in a mostly full shade area with high traffic. We are not that fond of grass anyway.

Anoka County Minnesota Posted 2 days ago

Asparagus Fern

I have this plant which I was told is and Asparagus Fern. I have to bring it in for the winter but it sheds a lot when it is in the house. Can I cut it back so it doesn't hand all over? It also has there little green berries that have grown on it. What does that mean? IMG_1444.JPG IMG_1445.JPG

Washington County Minnesota Posted 2 days ago

Winter fertilizer

Is it too late to put down winterizer on the lawn in southern suburbs ?

Dakota County Minnesota Posted 2 days ago

Is this tree dying?

I have large trees in from on my house that I don’t like but would cost a fortune to remove. Recently, I noticed that many of the branches are getting brown. See photo. Is there anything that can be done to save the trees?

Hennepin County Minnesota arborvitae arborvitae browning Posted 3 days ago

Leaves from treated yard

I live in an association and the grass is serviced by a vendor. They fertilize and treat for weeds. I have tried to find out what specific chemicals were used with no success. Last fall I gathered leaves from our trees to use for composting for my perennial garden as well as my raised organic vegetable gardens. I used the leaves all season before finally realizing the leaves would be tainted! - should I remove all the soil from my organic garden beds? - is the soil safe to use in perennials and annuals without risking harm to pollinators? Thank you

Carver County Minnesota composting lawn chemicals Posted 4 days ago

Fertilizing in November

My lawn service came out yesterday and applied Fertimix to the yard. With the ground frozen will this do any good?

Hennepin County Minnesota lawns and turf fall lawn care Posted 5 days ago

Maple sunscald

Our Maple got sun scald about 8 yrs ago when it was younger and when I didn't realize what it was. It's got a pretty big scald but has been healing in on the edges. Will it heal all the way shut? Doesn't look like its did much in the last couple of years. Also, I've been covering it every winter with a white plastic tree guard. Should I continue to do so? Thanks. DeeDee

Hennepin County Minnesota maple trees sun scald Posted 5 days ago