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Questions asked to this group

Rhizosphaera needle cast

Greetings. My twenty-year old Colorado spruces have this affliction. The trees are too big to treat safely with a fungicide. Is it okay to just leave them alone? Will it kill the trees? Thanks very much.

Stearns County MN Posted about 21 hours ago

What are the basics to applying fertilizer?

Hi, I'm new to lawn care and I'm trying to find some good information on the basics of applying fertilizer. When is the best time of year & of the day to fertilize (I'm don't need a golf course, but I'd like my lawn to look nice)? Do I need to mow before I fertilize? Do I need to water before I fertilize? Is there anything else I should look out for when fertilizing?

Anoka County MN Posted 2 days ago

Bee-safe chemical to kill grubs

My lawn care provider has offered to apply a grub-control product. Which products are safe for bees? The most recent he proposed is Dylox which has trichlorfon.

Ramsey County MN Posted 2 days ago

Plant suggestions for less than 6 hours of sun

My fast-growing maples have decreased the amount of sun exposure to my garden beds. Any suggestions for veggies and/or cutting flowers which don’t need a ton of sun?

Hennepin County MN Posted 2 days ago

Resources for indoor plants

Hi, This is more of a meta-question I guess. I've had a vegetable garden outside for several years and get by fine with it, but lately have been wanting to have more indoor (non-food) plants. I don't get much sun in my house, and just want tips on the best kinds of plants for my situation. But most nurseries and advice is oriented towards taking care of plants outside. Who do I even talk to or ask advice of for this kind of thing? Thanks! -Ian

Ramsey County MN Posted 2 days ago

What is this?

What is this?

Dakota County Minnesota plant identification horticulture Posted 3 days ago

Which type of Trees

Can you help us identify these trees? Then can you tell us if the tree appears to be healthy? One or two types appear to shed their needles. Is this normal?

Hennepin County Minnesota tree identification Posted 3 days ago

Maple Tree Large Branch Dead

Our Maple tree planted about 2004 along with a matching one sides of our driveway early summer had a tree branch heart attack. A large branch had its leaves shrivel & die. Tree itself looks not as healthy as mate tree & leaves have funny green prickles on many of them. No further diying branches. We did not cut it off. Asked Rum River Tree Farm near our home 2 times & no one got back to us. We live in Oak Grove in Anoka County. I have more pictures if more would help with a diagnosis including the base of the tree. Thanks would love to not lose the tree!

Anoka County Minnesota Posted 3 days ago

Bad Apples

We have a Honey Crisp and Honey Gold Apple Trees. We treated them for apple magots last year using milk jugs with vinegar and molasses. We had a lot of magots on the jugs. The apples were a little better. 1 out of 20 were edible. I have enclosed 3 pictures of the average applea. Thanks for your help.

Anoka County Minnesota Posted 4 days ago

Problems with apple trees

We have a Honey Crisp and Honey Gold Apple Trees. We need help figuring out how so treat the treea so the fruit is good. We treated them for apple magots last year and were still having problems. The outer skin is horrible and the insides are better than 2017. 1 out of 20 apples were actually edible. Hope you can help. Thank you so much.

Anoka County Minnesota apple trees diagnosis of plant problems horticulture Posted 4 days ago