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Questions asked to this group

Rhizosphaera needle cast

I have found your site extremely helpful for various things, and I happen to come across this disease Rhizosphaera needle cast that affects the Colorado Blue Spruce and the photos I've seen are IDENTICAL to what is happening to a very large row of these trees on my property. Is there anything to combat this disease, or anything I can do to help my trees? Thank you!!

Sherburne County MN Posted about 4 hours ago

propagating mandevillia

I'm trying to propagate mandevillia under my grow lights. I've got 3/10 nodes that are forming roots in spagnum moss. How long do I keep them in the moss before cutting the rootlets free of the mother plant? I don't see any new growth on top yet. When I transplant them, what type of soil is best to use?

Hennepin County MN Posted about 4 hours ago

Hardy Mums

What can I do with my hardy mums? Can I plant them yet this year?

Dakota County MN Posted about 24 hours ago

Emerald Ash Borer

Our townhouse assn. was recently quoted a price for the treatment/control of emerald ash borer in our green ash trees. Is this chemical injection method a viable solution to fighting this problem?

Anoka County MN Posted 1 day ago

Home canned salsa

I home canned salsa, and salsa Verde, and pasta sauce. I sent several jars home with my daughter, and she forgot them in her trunk. Temperature dropped and they froze. Are they safe to eat ? Can she store them on a self in pantry after they thaw?

Le Sueur County MN Posted 1 day ago

Conifer planting- is it too late?

Hello, I just received several gorgeous 1-3 gallon conifers that I had ordered online a few weeks ago, thinking it would still be warm enough to plant them. As you are aware, we have since had a long and brutal cold snap. Three of the conifers are DeGroots spire arborvitae. However, I also received a Wassels Saguaro False Cypress (barely a zone 4 plant) and a Dragons eye Korean Red Pine. Is it too late to plant them as a result of this awful cold snap? I just read that conifers need a little warmer planting time...:( If it’s not too cold, how can I ensure they get the best possible chances? If it is too cold, how do I overwinter them? They are bare root. Help!

Ramsey County Minnesota Posted 2 days ago

Protect Peach Tree

Hello - I recently bought a house in S. Minneapolis and have a peach tree! I have never cared for one before and am sure it requires special attention. I read that I should wrap the trunk for the winter. Do you have recommendations of what is best to use? Any other tips for keeping this tree alive and healthy? Thank you! Kelly

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 2 days ago

Gardenia bonsai

Got this as a gift last week. What area of house to put it in n water every day or so? Anything else?

Hennepin County Minnesota bonsai horticulture Posted 2 days ago


Will Rhododendrons grow and survive the winter in Chisago City, MN?

Chisago County Minnesota Posted 3 days ago

Hello. What is this plant?

This first plant I received from a friend and don’t the name or how it’s cared for. Next, I’ve had this plant for 25 years. First, what is the name of it? Second, I can no longer keep it safely upright in my LR. Can it be cut down and propagated. If so, what steps do I take? Or, do you know of any place or person who would want this?

Ramsey County Minnesota plant propagation zz plant dracena Posted 4 days ago