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can you share your gardening knowledge

hi, my name is Pennie Eisenbeis and I am the ForeverWell Coordinator at the Rochester YMCA. I provide experiences for our Senior population. I would love to have a Master Gardener come speak to us sometime this spring. I realize that it is short notice, but If someone could come Monday April 22 Earth Day and give a presentation ( topic of choice) that would be wonderful! this group is very social and like to hang out and sip coffee and chat every morning of the week. between 8-10 is the best time to reach them. they are still very active members of the community and doing a great thing by being active YMCA members. if 4/22 will not work, then I am open to any other day. please contact me. thank you for your time

Olmsted County Minnesota Posted 10 minutes ago

Roadside rain gardens + road construction

Our road is getting redone this year and we have option for the city to put in a rain garden to collect runoff from the road. (Its a side street not too busy but maybe on car every 5--10minutes) we have about 8 feet of grass then a big tall hedge and then our vegetable and perennial garden (starts appx 13 feet from the road). Im interested in a rain garden install for my whole length of my lot but i have a bit bn of hesitation my concerns: 1. Do i need to worry about my food getting contaminated from road runoff? Would this be enough reason to not do a rain garden even though i know the benefits of keeping the ground vs sewer. 2. Are there steps i need to take when the road gets redone to protect my garden/edibles from contamination? Should i not plant edibles this season due to proximity to the road? 3. If i move forward with rain garden and risk doesn't outweigh the benefit are there specific plants I should request to help filter out any contamination.

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted about 2 hours ago


I was wondering if you send out representatives to give workshops about how to set up a garden in the backyard. I work at Aurora Charter School in south Minneapolis and we are having an environmental carnival in April. We want to educate parents about gardening. Thank you, Elizabeth Regalado

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted about 5 hours ago


Can I reuse straw bales from last year for this years straw bale garden, or would it be better to start fresh as soon as I can?

Chisago County Minnesota Posted 1 day ago

Japanese Beetle vs raspberries

Hi, Anita from the U of Minn was very kind in replying to my question and it seems there is no future in putting some sort of treatment in the soil around my berries where I suspect they will be emerging. First year for problems with them and it was severe.. so my suspicion is a few came the year before and then filled the patch ground with eggs. (I don't think that large a number all flew in from distances but maybe.)
So... I'm definatly going to use the nets after pollination as suggested, but won't they just hatch out under the net and thank my for protecting them from predatory birds?
What about putting plastic on the ground once the plants have come up... poke holes for the plants the way some seedlings & such are done. Would this "trap" the hatching beetles effectively? May be a silly idea but they really ruined my berries last year.
Thank You for your consideration.
Ken McConkey
P.S. Those other eaters were shaped like houseflies, but oddly had the same brilliant irredescent colors as the J Beetles.

Anoka County Minnesota Posted 1 day ago

blue haven grass

Does Blue Haven grass self-seed? We currently have native bluestem planted on the edge of a rain garden. We have a problem with it self-seeding into an adjoining area of lawn. Does Blue Haven have this same characteristic? Does it maintain its upright position? Where can it be purchased if we would want to plant it? Thanks for your help!

Scott County Minnesota Posted 2 days ago

What is the best systemic deer repellent for my posta plants?

I have used Plantskyyd and other spray-on repellents, but they require repeated, regular treatments. This year, I want to use a systemic product. Which active ingredient is most effective --- capsaisin or denatonium benzoate? Examples: -- REPELLEX systemic granular uses capsaisin - Natura Deer Repellent Systemic uses denatonium benzoate

Anoka County Minnesota wildlife management deer repellent Posted 2 days ago

Best Trees to Plant/Climate Change

Hello, I am planning to replace some trees in my backyard. It is a very small forest grove (approximately 12 mostly small trees). Initially, I was planning to plant aspens (since they can grow close together), along with some hemlocks. But I recently read that aspens are at risk in MN due to climate change. I am trying to find another type of deciduous tree to plant that will fare better in the changing MN climate. The area will be semi-shaded and I would like the tree to be hardy and be able to grow relatively close together (alongside hemlocks and an American Elm). I found some research that said Bur Oaks should do well in MN climate ( Does that sound like an appropriate choice? Are there other types of trees that would meet these requirements you might recommend? Thanks for your time and help!

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 2 days ago

How do I get rid of the grape flea beetle larva

I have several wild grape vines in my back yard which borders a woods. I get thousands of grape buds (cluster of buds/flowers) Some years I can even smell the grape aroma. However I NEVER get grapes.The last few years I found different bugs, spiders and some larva and some sort of small jumping bug! I've tried to kill them by spraying (trying to avoid the spiders Because I think spiders kill the other bugs) and using sticky fly tape. Now on your website I found "grape flee beetle larva" and those are the larva I have and it explains the jumping bugs! The vines are way too tall so I focus on the area I can reach. I still loose the battle and don't get any grapes, NONE! What can I do to get grapes?

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 3 days ago

Orchid won't bloom again

I received an orchid as a gift, I can't get to bloom again. Can an orchid bloom more than once and what do I need to do?

McLeod County Minnesota orchids Posted 3 days ago