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Questions asked to this group

Asian Jumping Worms

Unfortunately, my garden was infected with AJW last season after spreading mulch from a local mulch supplier. While trying to learn all I can about how to control the problem, I was wondering if you have ever heard of success using Sevin , before the worms hatch. I know solarization is really the only way to get rid of them, but I am assuming that process would also kill all my perennials. I have reported to the DNR. Any bits of wisdom would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hennepin County MN Posted 3 days ago

Can someone give a talk on raised bed growing?

Can someone give a talk on raised bed growing? At the Metropolitan Airports Commission in late April or May? We have several raised beds built already and a water source but need some advice and encouragement for new comers. 6045 28th Ave S, Mpls, MN 55450 612-726-5552 Christina

Hennepin County MN Posted 4 days ago

Purple Hull Pea (Vigna unguiculata) varieties for Minnesota

I know UMN had a breeding program for cowpeas and has developed varieties for this climate (like "MN 157") but I am having a terrible time trying to find a source for the seeds. I have found one seed company online that sells packets, but they are about $4 for only 20 seeds; I would like to buy at least 2 ounces so that's not really a reasonable solution. When I lived in Texas, I believe Texas A&M's horticulture dept or maybe it was the Extension Service had something called Foundation Seed Company where they sold garden seeds, but that was a long time ago and I could be mis-remembering it. Do you know where I can get small (but not tiny) quantities of the seeds you have developed? Do you sell them? Thanks. Robert Baron Rochester, MN

Olmsted County MN seed source Posted 4 days ago

Passionfruit vine

Hi, I have previously had a passionfruit vine that I brought in slide in the winter. It did pretty well. I want to start another but I don’t have as much sun. Do you know which variety would do the best without as much sun? Maybe it will work, maybe not, but I thought I’d set it up for the best chance. Thank you, Nancy

Ramsey County MN Posted 4 days ago

Stone pine needle tips look droopy

Hello Master Gardener, i got myself Pinus pinea (Italian stone pine) for Christmas. It gets watered when the soil is dry. It was ignored during our vacation, ever since i see their tips droopy. I moved the plant to a sunny location after thorough watering and letting ot drain through. The needles haven't changed colors, but i don't want to kill this Mediterranean specimen. What can I do to help this pretty pine?

Scott County MN christmas trees italian stone pine Posted 5 days ago

ID woodland plant with all-white stem, purplish tubular flower

Hi, I came across this plant at Cascade River State Park last September and am wondering whaat its identity is. I'll attach a couple of photos so you can see the flower and its growth pattern. I've tried to identify it on plant identity websites, but possibly am not describing it within the search engine well enough. (I suspect it's a type of fungus given its stark white stem, but that's still a plant, right?)

Thank you very much.

Cook County Minnesota Posted 5 days ago

What is wrong with my ti plant?

It has been happy for almost 50 years. Now recently the leaves are turning black, starting at the tips, and falling off. I tried transplanting it, which did not help. The roots Iooked okay. I can't see any bugs.

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 6 days ago

Hybrid hazelnuts

I'm looking for a source of hybrid hazelnuts for zone 4.

Minnesota Posted 7 days ago


I have an opportunity to acquire some Cow Manure. Not sure of the technical term; However; this manure has had the liquids removed. Is there a residual amount of nutrients left in the solids to be a good addition to our garden. And if so, do You know aproximately what the nutrient content could be? Thank You in advance

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 8 days ago


Hi wanting to know if it is ok to use a fertizer spreader on black hills spruce which would land all around and in the needles or will it just wash on the ground after a rain and be addequiet, also what mix of fertilizer for want soil. Thanks Tom Kesteloot 507 829 7057

Lyon County Minnesota fertilizing black hills spruce Posted 8 days ago