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Questions asked to this group

What kind of bug

I found this bug coming out of a red cedar llumber

Blue Earth County MN Posted about 2 hours ago

Robins nest

We moved into a new townhouse last spring and a robin had a nest on the top of the garage outside lights. We did not disturb the nest until the nesting was competed. Apparently a nest is build there every year. How can we discourage the robin from building a nest this coming spring. We do have a problem with bird nest fungi in the area of the nest.

Hennepin County MN nuisance wildlife bird nests birds nest fungus Posted 1 day ago

privacy hedge

hi i am wondering which bush or shrub to plant in the spring. i would like one to use instead of a fence. any help would be appriciated. i live in south east owatonna in town

Steele County MN privacy hedge Posted 1 day ago

Elephant Ear Plant Species

Greetings. I am trying to narrow down the type of Elephant Ear Plant this is. I'm not sure if there are so many that it is impossible to identify. But thought I would start with you - who have helped me in the past. Thank you.

Ramsey County MN Posted 3 days ago

black hills living spruce tree

Received in Dec 2017-left in home to long and it has started to grow. I have it in dining room with no sun but does get light. I know it is too cold to put in garage (not attached) so what can I do? thanks Judy Davis

Rice County MN overwintering trees Posted 3 days ago

Strawberry Pallet Garden

We live in a townhouse with a deck that gets a lot of sunshine in the summer. I was thinking of doing a pallet garden for strawberries on the deck this summer. How I've seen them done is you plant the garden with the strawberries and leave it flat for a week so that the roots take and then you can stand it up on end. That would be perfect for our space. My question is . . . do you think that would work here in Minnesota? If so, what kind of strawberries would you suggest using in such a situation? And what should I do with it in the winter? I would love to have it growing year upon year if possible. Thanks! Beth Etter

Scott County Minnesota growing strawberries overwintering strawberries in containers Posted 4 days ago

Raised garden beds on blacktop

Hi, I'm wondering about any research found on how much/what chemicals leach into plants planted in raised beds on asphalt. I am asking about a space with some existing beds that I do not believe have liners at their bases and am wondering about the viability of that soil moving forward as well? I've read that putting in a liner and pea gravel with drain holes is the best option for new beds on asphalt- would you agree? Also, if we dug up the asphalt, could we plant directly into that or would that soil be contaminated- if so for how deep would you recommend digging the soil out and replacing? Any other info suggestions I should consider? This is for a possible community garden space- 18 existing beds- looking to double the size. Thanks for your time

Ramsey County Minnesota ashphalt Posted 6 days ago

My garden

I live in an apartment with a deck. I want to grow some potted flowers that don't take full sun and do well in Minnesota. Can you tell me some?

Dakota County Minnesota Posted 6 days ago

Hyacinth bulbs

Hi, Someone just gave me a bag of hyacinth bulbs. Can I keep them in a cool dark place and save them for this coming fall, or are they goners? I'd prefer not to force them to bloom indoors. Thanks!

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 6 days ago


I'm a first time owner of a Dahlia. I have it in my basement per instruction, but it is growing. It is now about 8-10 inch long very spindly. Is this normal? If not what should I do at this time. Thank you for your help

Anoka County Minnesota Posted 7 days ago