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grain storage with land rent

we own land and a 7000 bu bin. Is the bin usually included is the rental of the land or is it separate.

Jones County Iowa small farm issues Posted almost 7 years ago

License or certification to sell mushrooms.

Do I need to be licensed or certified to sell mushrooms? I have Shiitake, Wine Cap,
Lion's Mane and Oystershell Mushrooms. Domestic, not grown in the wild. If not,
I need to be able to show proof of not having to be certified or licensed. If I do, how
do I go about getting certified. Please let me know.

Black Hawk County Iowa food processing mushrooms Posted almost 7 years ago

mapping tile lines with GPS Apps on Ipad or Iphone

Is there an app out there that I can map my existing tiles lines on my farm using my Ipad or Iphone? I can locate the lines, but I was looking for a mapping app, or something that I can go out in the field and click where the tile line is and then make a notation of the size, if it is a main line, or branch, and the direction of flow. I just figured with the technology today there should be a simple way to accomplish this. Thanks.

Worth County Iowa farm management Posted about 7 years ago