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Is this a fossil?

Hi I just wanted to identify what type of rock or fossil this might be? Thank you!

Hawaii Posted over 2 years ago

Definitive Guide to Fish ID and butchery?

I was wondering if you could recommend a book (or two) that would ID North Pacific (HI to AK) fish and show best practices for butchering. Some I've found online are around $300 and that's a bit expensive for a door stop if it's no good. Thanks.

Hawaii County Hawaii fish Posted about 3 years ago

Leaves fall off mock orange

I live in Hawaii. Mock orange seems to thrive here. Well - everywhere except in my yard. I have a hedge that i pay constant attention to. It gets full sun part of the day and part shade much of the day. I keep an eye out for aphids, white flies, ants, etc. I feed with miracle grow, water, let dry out, feed with compost. I try everything. Yet - every year or so, a handful of the plants just lose ALL of their leaves in a day or two. Can anyone guess as to why this is happening?

Honolulu County Hawaii Posted about 3 years ago

Young loquat tree

The leaves on my loquat tree are turning a rust color all along the edges of the leaves. Is this a fungas problem and should I dig up the tree and move it to a different location. I've tried a copper spray but it hasn't helped. Can some one help, i don't want to lose my tree.

Honolulu County Hawaii Posted about 3 years ago

Fruit tree designation

We are unclear on the applicable uses of Siesta Ant Bait (Metaflumizone). The trees on the label are Pome fruits, Stone Fruits, Nut trees, citrus, pecans, walnuts and almonds. We are in Hawaii and get questions from residents who have a wide array of tropical fruits on their properties. These are not necessarily orchards but would fall under "outdoor areas with fruit trees present." We are curious about Coffee, Lychee, Mango, Cacao. Lychee and Mango are botanically considered drupes, or drupaceous at the very least. Coffee is in between Drupe and Pome in my botanical opinion. But I don't think the label makers are thinking in botanical terms, but rather mainland, temperate-climate, orchard categories. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated. I realize its a difficult question but I guess the question I am mainly asking is, "is there an EPA-Label-definition for the terms stone or pome trees?"

Hawaii County Hawaii Posted over 3 years ago

possible bird mite infestation

I pet sit at many different houses in Hawaii that have a lot of animals, many times chickens and ducks. I was recently pet sitting at a house that has about 100 chickens. While staying there, I started to develop a rash/some sort of bites. I went to a doctor and she diagnosed it as scabies, however, I am not sexually active and some of the signs seem to me to be more of bird mites. I can't see them unless I am mistaking them for another insect (Hawaii has tons) but I can feel them crawling over skin at night. Do you think its possible that I actually have bird mites? I'm pretty terrified after reading articles online. I since have pet sat at another house and I'm worried that I might have spread the infestation here. Also, do you have any recommendations of how to treat bird mites on the body? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hawaii Posted over 3 years ago

Ground cover

Does dissotis rotundifolia make a good ground cover in an orchard in Hawaii? What benefits and problems will I experience? Mahalo, Helmut

Hawaii fruit trees orchard ground cover Posted almost 4 years ago

Mock orange tree

Tree is 25 ft. 30 yrs old flowers regular. Notice dead branches..trunk is full of black ants. how do I treat it ? Also roots are beginning to come over ground. Why.

Hawaii trees and shrubs tree health citrus fruit trees Posted almost 4 years ago

What plant?

Trying to find out what plant this is it looks like it's fro. Hawaii.

California plant identification Posted about 4 years ago

Plant identification

We are trying to ID this plant that does so well here in hawaii.

Hawaii succulents plant identification Posted over 4 years ago