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You plant chrysanthemums now, or plant in spring.

Douglas County Nebraska Posted about 1 month ago

Cutting Back Hydrangea

I have a beautiful pink hydrangea that has 4 blooms on it. The first bloom to open is now faded and is about to die but the others still look good. Should I cut the dead bloom off or wait until the end of summer/early fall to cut them all back at the same time?

Douglas County Nebraska Posted 4 months ago

Is this a brown recluse.

Is this one? Found it at my door in an apartment building

Douglas County Nebraska Posted 4 months ago

Japanese Beetles

I sprayed Japanese Beetle killer on my plants and the beetles keep coming back. Do I just keep spraying the plants everyday? I also looked on the bottle to see if I can eat the vegetables? It says nothing about this.

Cerro Gordo County Iowa Posted 5 months ago


What causes these lines in my leaves of my flowers? Can you identify these flowers for me?

Douglas County Nebraska Posted 5 months ago

Pest Free / Long Life Plants

I'm new to the area and as a physician with sporadic ability to tend to my garden, I noted that squash borer, squash bugs, and japanense beetles are prolific here. I'm hoping for a lower maintenance proliferic garden next year. 1. What varieties of squash/ melon/ pumpkin/ cucumber are most resistant? 2. List of fruits and vegetables varieties (species) that grow best here and most pest/fungus resist?

Douglas County Nebraska Posted 5 months ago


My hydrangeas look healthy but none of them bloomed. I have both smooth and panicle. Did not prune panicles. Watered, fertilized and in part shade. Morming sun. What could be reasons for no buds?

Saline County Nebraska Posted 5 months ago

Ash tree spots

Hello I was just curious what these spots were and how I should treat the tree. I believe it is an ash tree. Thanks

Saunders County Nebraska Posted 6 months ago

Flowers are dying

I bought and planted new perennials almost two weeks ago. They were planted on the front corner of my property where they have full sun pretty much the entire day. I planted roses on the very corner (third photo) and three Shasta daisy plants behind the roses. I have included photos of two of the daisy plants. We have watered every day once per day except for when it has rained. The roses have dried up. The daisies are also drying up. Not sure what the issue is. I thought Shasta daisies did well in full sun. Don’t know if we over or underwatered or what we can do to fix. We appreciate any guidance you can give and can provide any more pictures that would be helpful. We have not added anything to the soil. A day before we planted we sprayed some weed killer on top of this soil for some weeds that grow. That’s all I can think of that may be relevant.

Thanks again!

Sarpy County Nebraska Posted 6 months ago

Red rhubarb

I planted red rhubarb, but it's now only green....how can I get the red color?

Polk County Nebraska Posted 6 months ago