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Bite like reaction from non apparent source.

This is really weird. I have received eight stings today on the left side of the bottom of my left foot. This stinging abruptly with no warning. All before 9:30 am. The last one happened about 9:00 am this morning. 4 of the eight times it woke me up out of my sleep. The other four times I've had my shoe on. There is no outside scaring, broken tissue, redness, swelling or any indication of a bite. Not even soreness. But the sting is just like I've been bitten by something. At first, I thought it was a bed bug. But there is no other location on my foot where the stinging is occurring. I've rub the area with Alcohol, however nothing has changed. Are there any ideas about what is wrong with my foot. I am 58 years of age. I have no known nerve conditions. Update: I counted 11 foot-stings in 12 hours before no foot-stings for hours.

Cherokee County Georgia Posted over 1 year ago

Fungus on new zoysia

Just installed new Zorro Zoysia 3 weeks ago and started seeing spots that are turning yellow along with concentrated spots that look grey/white to black color. Grass installer believes it’s powdery mildew. What do you think?

Fulton County Georgia Posted over 2 years ago

Black powdery on bermuda

Can this black powdery soot be easily spread by walking on it also can i mow the lawn?

Forsyth County Georgia Posted about 3 years ago

Peach seedlings from pits

I got a bucket of peaches for compost and decided to try and grow some trees from the pits. I planted 3-4 pits in 6 different holes. To my surprise 2 to 4 of them produced seedlings that are 15"- 18" tall. Now do I need to dig them up and separate the seedlings and replant them individually? If so how and when does this need to happen.

Cherokee County Georgia fruit trees Posted almost 4 years ago

water quality

Can you conduct a test of our water in our home?

Cherokee County Georgia Posted almost 4 years ago

Invasive Plants

Is the Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) an invasive plant in North Georgia?

Cherokee County Georgia weeds invasive plants butterfly bush Posted about 4 years ago

plant I.D.

What is this plant growing in my potted plant?

Cherokee County Georgia Posted about 4 years ago

Kudzu 2016

Georgia law prohibits growth of kudzu into adjoining property. It is a misdemeanor. Who, sheriff, police, etc., enforces this law ?

Cherokee County Georgia Posted about 4 years ago

Cherry Tree Disease?

Can someone tell me what's wrong with my flowering cherry tree? It was planted in March. No issues until mid to late June then the leaves started turning yellow and got little holes in them. Picture enclosed. Thanks Joshua Garrett

Cherokee County Georgia Posted about 4 years ago

Tree type

Can you please tell me what kind of tree this is ? And if it's poisonous to dogs

Cleveland County Oklahoma trees and shrubs plant identification Posted about 4 years ago