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Chinese Chestnut trees?

I live in The Rivergreen subdivision , in Canton, Ga. My home is in the small community called Chestnut Glenn. My home borders the Audobon Nature trail, which is lined with beautiful Chestnut Trees. After some research I am assuming these are Chinese chestnuts and not Amaerican, which would be rare. Would love to know more about these trees, there origin,history,uses, etc.. Thank you
Linda Quod
105 Chestnut Dr.
Canton, Ga. 30114

Chattooga County GA Posted over 7 years ago

Laws regarding Bamboo

About 8 years ago, our neighbor planted some bamboo between our houses which I was not at all happy about. He finally moved and we should have taken that opportunity to rip out the forest it has become but we did not-"knowing" that the next owners would want to do that right away. Now we're not so sure. It is destroying our yard-we have had to hire a very expensive lawn service because we cannot keep up-we have a very large piece of property. Isn't it illegal to plant bamboo unless it is containerized? Very soon it will begin to destroy our driveway-can we sue them at that point? Is there anyway- we can make them get rid of it? Any laws on our side? Thank you so much.

Cherokee County GA Posted over 7 years ago