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formulating layers feeds from day old to laying

Hellow,am unable to use the pearson square,could you calculate it for me ,in my case i want to prepare a 100kg bags of feeds for my chicken .The only available parts are,soy beans,fish meal,maize,sunflower seeds,limestone,egg shells,cotton cake,wheat,could you send me the required amounts in kgs for each composition and consider i dont have a reliable source of soy beans.Thanking you in advance.

KY Posted 4 days ago

leasing farm questions

I am considering buying a 13.65 acre property in Bullitt Co that has been used for raising cattle and has a barn and a hay feeding pavilion. I have no plan to farm, but would keep bees there or consider taking wild donkeys from the federal bureau of land management if that would get me the agricultural property tax exemption. I did ask the head guy at the Bullitt Co PVA is bee keeping would get the exemption and he said he was not sure if that was considered agriculture or horticulture and what type of exemption that might get. So my first questions would be if either of the activities I mentioned would be considered agriculture or horticulture and if it would qualify for the state property tax exemption? I understand that i can rent the property out for raising cattle or crops or allow someone to cut hay there and get the agricultural exemption. So I would like to know more about doing that. How would I find someone interested in using the property? Would I need insurance, and if so, what type and where would I look for it? Would I need a contract with whoever rented the property or cut hay and if so, could I find some example contract and use it? What sort of money should I expect to make from such activities or what sort of deal would I do with a person wanting to farm on the property? Would renting exclude me from using the property or could I make an agreement where I still use the property? When I first contacted Bullitt Co PVA, I was told that they would not tell me what the tax rates were for the 3 different classifications of agricultural use were as I would just pick the one with the lowest tax rate. I knew that was not legal and I contacted the county attorney's office and left a message and I went to the PVA office and told them I had contacted the county attorney's office and left a message and then they showed me a sheet that showed 3 different agricultural exemption classifications. One seemed to be uncleared areas. Was wondering what situation would qualify for such an exemption as perhpas I might just do nothing with the property? The head guy at the PVA said something about looking at how much is wooded. The seller of the property I am considering claimed he had a man wanting to rent the property to raise cattle. I can see concerns about cattle injury, farmer injury, cattle getting loose and the like.

Bullitt County KY Posted 6 days ago

Tree with Black Berries

Would anyone be able to identify this tree?

KY plant identification Posted 8 days ago

Pumpkin Problems.

I collect strange squash and pumpkin-like plants. But due to moving to a new area I'm having to adjust my methods a bit. This last season something ate the vines clean off the plants of a new blue winter squash I'm trying out and never got a single matured squash off any the twelve I planted. Thing is, this area is full of avid hunters that keep deer well away from peoples gardens and I scoured every inch of the field looking for dens and burrows of rabbits and groundhogs. And those teeth marks couldn't have been from any insect I'd want to meet in a dark alley. So my question is this: what ate the vines, and furthermore, why did it leave -every- blossom untouched?

KY horticulture kentucky cooperative extension Posted 12 days ago

Tiny dark worms

We have tiny dark worms getting in the house. They do not have legs, or little antennas and they are not segmented. What are they? They curl up and die. Then they break up from becoming hardened after death.

Christian County KY insect identification christian county kentucky horticulture Posted 14 days ago

Pecan trees

Is there a pecan tree breed/variety you can recommend for the area? I want to buy a tree that had a good possibility of growing for my dad who has bought acreage in shelby county over the last few years.

Shelby County Kentucky tree selection shelby county kentucky horticulture Posted 25 days ago

Youth Boot Camp

My son participates in the summer camp program that 4H offers and loves it. We seen a piece on a youth boot camp on the local news. Does Boone County plan on offering this to our community? I think this is a great idea!

Boone County Kentucky 4-h youth development boone county kentucky Posted 26 days ago

Is this a roach?

He was crawling around the light over my stove today. I know it's not the best picture but I was afraid to get close. I sprayed him with bleach and he fell to the ground and I squished him. He didn't seem to be afraid of me at all, and was about 1 inch long. Didn't have wings that I could see.

Kentucky entomology insect identification kentucky cooperative extension Posted 27 days ago

Stray Cats

There are 3 stray cats use on yard as their litter box. My yard is 60% made up of mulch. Any suggestions on how to stop this? Appreciate any advise you can give me. Sincerely Joyce Benge 106 Ross Ave, Bellevue,Ky 859-468-9183

Campbell County Kentucky campbell county kentucky horticulture animals in mulch Posted 29 days ago

insect invasion

how can you get rid of insects that we are being invaded by. spraying with mixture of dawn dish liquid and water. will kill the ones that it contacts. but they keep coming until it cools off or the sun goes down. insects are approx. half inch brown and underside of wings are red.

Harlan County Kentucky insect control agriculture harlan county kentucky Posted about 1 month ago