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grow garlic

Why does the garlic in my garden have little bulbs growing inside the stem and breaking out of the stem as the cluster gets bigger? What do I do with them? Will they keep until fall planting?. I picked all my garlic today and the bulbs underground are a really nice size.

Fayette County Kentucky Posted about 8 hours ago

Can I put my container tomato plants in the garage and/or a greenhouse?

We've had so much rain lately, my container tomato plants are developing blossom end rot. I put them in the garage 6/17/19 night to keep them out of the rain one more day, but am not sure how long they can stay in there to dry out. The downside is, there is no sun in there. The pots have drainage holes, but they haven't had a chance to dry out in weeks! Secondarily, I was thinking of moving them to a pop-up greenhouse in my backyard to protect them from too much rain in the future, but would still allow them plenty of sun. Is this safe for them? Will their leaves burn? I appreciate your assistance. This is my first year growing tomato container plants and I just don't want to lose them!

Boone County Kentucky Posted about 13 hours ago

Dividing jasmine?

I bought a small jasmine in California 15 years ago, and it is now a monster. I have transplanted it 4 times into bigger and bigger container so I can overwinter in the greenhouse. I was wondering if I could cut it in half at the root, or if that would kill it.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 3 days ago


Why does my goose holler all the time I have 2 females an 1 male the male stay with 1 while the other is alone hollowering

Kentucky Posted 3 days ago

Help please

I have a gardenia plant I bought about a month ago. The leaves are turning yellow and it hasn't grown any bigger.

Hickman County Kentucky Posted 4 days ago

Help please

i have a yoshimo cherry tree and I pinched one of the branches and it was solid brown. I dug it up out of the ground and the roots still look good. How can I save my tree? I also replanted it in another place.

Hickman County Kentucky Posted 4 days ago

What is causing this on my blooms on tomatoe plant

Can you tell me what is causing the blooms to turn on the plant it is only on leaf stems that have blooms? Here are pictures. Thank You

Boyle County Kentucky Posted 5 days ago

What is causing this to happen to the blooms on the plant it is a big boy tomatoe plant

Can you tell me what is causing this to happen only on plants blooms i have never seen this before.

Kentucky Posted 5 days ago


Just moved Florida the local county extension offered a lot of free courses. I wonder if you do and if there's a class calendar I could see or any information at all you could give, I'd appreciate it so much.

Kentucky Posted 5 days ago

Calla Lily isnt doing well

I bought these 2 beautiful calla lilies. Within about a week they began to get mushy at the stems and blooms. I repotted them with fresh dirt, they had tons of roots so it was time to go to a bigger pot for sure. I really dont want to loose these. I have them outside in a bright shade area and moved them to more sun this week. Please help.

Kentucky Posted 6 days ago