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The mission of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, simply stated, is to make a difference in the lives of Kentucky citizens through research-based education. Our goal is to take the University to the people in their local communities, addressing issues of importance of all Kentuckians.

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Questions asked to this group

Frost line

Can you tell me what depth the frost line is in Logan County?

Logan County Kentucky agriculture frost dates logan county kentucky Posted 3 days ago

Transplant help

Is this tree to big to transplant

Hardin County Kentucky tree health hardin county kentucky horticulture Posted 5 days ago

Identify a flower

A plant that I can't recognize has come up this spring in our flower garden. It has a thick stalk with very small, yellow, daisy-like flowers. I was wondering if you might help us identify it. I'm attaching a picture but can take more at different angles if you like.

McCracken County Kentucky plant identification mccracken county kentucky horticulture Posted 6 days ago

Blue spruce disease

We have 3 20 ft. Blue spruce in our yard. Last spring I noticed the white "bumps" on the needles. The infected needles start on the inside and bottom of the tree and work their way up and out. I sprayed the trees all summer with a fungicide at 2-3 week intervals and I thought that it slowed the disease but now this spring it seems to be very active again. We live at high altitude with desert like weather...any help would be greatly appreciated!

Saguache County Colorado tree health horticulture Posted 7 days ago

"Relatives Raising Relatives"

Good afternoon, Does the Bell extension office currently offer any programs like "Relatives Raising Relatives" or do you know who else I should contact? Thanks, Jade Bailey

Bell County Kentucky family relations family and consumer sciences bell county kentucky Posted 9 days ago

Transplanting Forsythia and Tulips

I have several established forsythia bushes that I would like to move. When is the best time to do this? Also, I have tulips that were given to me (in bloom) in a pot. What is the best way to preserve the bulbs and when should they be planted?

Boyle County Kentucky transplanting boyle county kentucky horticulture Posted 10 days ago

Laurel Problems

Trying to figure out if this is winter burn on my laurel. Also what may be eating it?? I don't see any bugs on top or underneath leaves. Please help!!

Fayette County Kentucky laurel fayette county kentucky horticulture Posted 10 days ago

tree roots

I three 25 year old large maples in my front yard. This year many large roots are now on top of yard which makes for many bare spots and difficulty cutting grass. Any suggestions?

Kenton County Kentucky tree health kenton county kentucky horticulture Posted 10 days ago

horse pasture fence row weeds

Good afternoon, Can you please tell me if vinegar is safe to use on horse pasture fence rows t control/kill weeds. Obviously, I want to keep my horses safe and know commercial weed killers are dangerous, even though some say safe for animals. Thank you so very much for your time and wonderful website !

Jackson County Indiana Posted 11 days ago

Canning vegetable broth

Meat broths all say 20 minutes at 10lbs for pints. I can't find any consistent answers for vegetable broth. A lot of sites say 75 minutes, which is the time for vegetable soup, which contains solids. Vegetable broth does not.

Is it safe to can vegetable broth at the 20 minutes?

If not, why is the same broth that was made with bones and meat able to be canned at a much shorter time?

Kentucky family and consumer sciences promoting healthy eating Posted 11 days ago