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Lacing of leaves

What kind of bugs are leaving the leaves laced and what's best to remedy the problem.. it's a Kuanzan cherry thank you Ted

Middlesex County NJ Posted about 20 hours ago

Leaking Dam

We have a private 7 acre lake in Brandenburg. The dam also acts as our driveway. It has started leaking and we have lost at least 4 ft. Of lake water. I am wondering if there is any help available to us to fix this problem. Thanks.

Meade County KY Posted about 20 hours ago

Hosta leaf attack

I would like help to identify what causing my hostas to be eaten and die. I am restarting my hosta garden after 4 years. This time too the leaves are being eaten by something. There are no slugs or snails. I checked for these. I have also sprayed with sevin and hot pepper-soap solution and no change. A friend suggested that i contact you Please help. Attaching the after and before pictures. Thanks in advance

Fayette County KY hostas fayette county kentucky horticulture Posted 4 days ago

Who is this guy?

Fuzzy green caterpillar w/yellow spikes.

Kenton County KY agriculture insect identification kenton county kentucky Posted 4 days ago

Please name this berry tree

Recently moved into our home. We have this very tall tree on our property that produces berries. I believe the deer are eating them when they fall to the ground. What are they? Thank you, Tracy G.

Barren County KY plant identification barren county kentucky horticulture Posted 5 days ago

Electric fence no voltage

Anyone, please advise me on electric fencing to protect garden from raccoons. In my life I’ve effectively made many electric fences and never had so much difficulty. Charger produces 2000 volts at terminals but none at fence 20 feet away. Copper clad ground rod is 4 feet deep. Never have I used more than one rod for fence only 900 feet long. And test of 15 foot fence connected same also doesn’t show even 600v at fence. Can charger be bad yet give 2 kV at terminals? I do have another 7’ ground rod but, again, I never had to use more than one. Other rod is galvanized, not copper clad, but guess that doesn’t matter. Just hate to sink another rod for temporary garden fence, as it may be in the way later and they are very difficult to pull out when not needed. Is it the charger although it has 2 kV at the terminals?

Barren County Kentucky agriculture fencing barren county kentucky Posted 5 days ago

Albino Raccoon?

Visitors partied but were trapped in our birdseed bin overnight. Aside from the mess, no damage done. The raccoons were no worse for the wear either and ran off when my very surprised husband fed the birds this morning. My question is: Would the raccoon towards the back be albino?

Kenton County Kentucky agriculture animal identification kenton county kentucky Posted 5 days ago

are beneficial nematodes a good idea?

Hi there, I’m not sure if this is where I should send this question, apologies if it isn’t. I recently got a puppy, and so I’ve spent a lot more time out in my yard. A tick bit me and, after I was done freaking out, I started googling ways to rid my lawn of them. One option I saw was to put beneficial nematodes into the grass, and that’s what I’d like to do. I just wanted to make sure that there aren’t going to be any negative effects on our ecology if I do this. I certainly don’t want to introduce a harmful or invasive species! Thank you for your time, and please stay safe!

Boone County Kentucky boone county kentucky horticulture beneficial nematodes Posted 6 days ago

How do I care for a Paw-Paw colony?

Hi there,
Here I am in Massachusetts, and I know that the Paw-Paw experts are in Kentucky. So, I am asking for your advice. A decade or so ago, I planted two paw-paw trees as part of my large "vegetable" garden. They have grown well, and one began to colonize a couple of years ago. Both of them are sending up new trees this year. There are many little trees that want to grow, and I read at the U of Kentucky info that they are not likely to tolerate transplanting. I was hoping I could just dig some up and offer them to friends. If that is not recommended, then what is the best method for me to manage this little colony which is beginning to get crowded?

Hampshire County Massachusetts paw paw horticulture kentucky cooperative extension Posted 6 days ago

Best place to purchase fruit trees

I'm looking for a business that I can purchase a Jonathan apple tree from. do you have any recommendations? thanks,

Bourbon County Kentucky fruit trees bourbon county kentucky horticulture Posted 6 days ago