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Barn quilts

For every barn quilt, is there an actual quilt?

TX Posted 4 days ago

Thuja Green Giant dying

Established trees (5+ years) are dying
something is moving from tree to tree, Turns brown

You can see from the picture how it is moving along the row of trees.
What do I do the save the trees?

It has been very dry here the past 2 months so it is not from wet soil
Thank You

Oldham County KY Posted 4 days ago

Soil pH

Hello, do you all offer soil testing? I would like to improve my horse pastures.

Spencer County KY soil testing agriculture spencer county kentucky Posted 5 days ago

planning and crop timing

I am interested in scientific answers ; considering geography and weather patterns helping me plan for indoor germination time to ready plants for vegetable garden. I am sure you have planting times down to a science! I would really appreciate access.

Butler County KY agriculture seed germination butler county kentucky Posted 6 days ago

Split Maple tree

We have a 30 yr old Maple tree that split about 5-6 feet above the ground during a recent storm. We really want to preserve the tree as long as possible. The split is 4-5 inches deep, at least 12 inches long. We had our tree trimmer cut out dead limbs and tied the upper sections together with bolts, cable with a come-along. It reduced the gap. I've not been able to get a response from our local County Extension. Is there anything I should pour in the crack to prevent bugs and/or diseases? Any advice is appreciated.

Calloway County KY tree health agriculture calloway county kentucky Posted 10 days ago

Bugs on Apple Trees

I have attached a few pictures. Trying to figure out what this infestation is. It just started in the last week and not sure how to treat it. I think it is my Enterprise apple trees that it is on.

Nelson County Kentucky agriculture insect identification nelson county kentucky Posted 16 days ago

algae bloom in 1.5 acre pond

How do I contain a current algae bloom in my fishing pond? It all happened this past week. There are no mats, only 4mm to 2cm filaments of algae suspended over whole pond in a zone from about a 9 inched deep to the surface, below which the water seems clear. The top inch near surface is less dense but filaments are a bit clumpy - no mats all clumps <9mm in diameter. On the windward side of pond there is a thin layer of green scum. See pics.

Nelson County Kentucky agriculture nelson county kentucky pond algae Posted 16 days ago

Horses on a Farmette

Hi, We own 1.6 acres of land, At least 1 acre of this is fenced. We plan to have a horse or two on our land. I would imagine we would need a soil sample analyzed and a suggestion given to us on what we need to do to improve the soil and what is the recommended grass seed mixture and how much. We appreciate your help. Note: My wife, Elizabeth Burton, sent a letter to you about this subject last Friday and has yet to hear from you. Thank you, Joe Large' - 7120 Butler Rd., - Hopkinsville.

Christian County Kentucky soil testing christian county kentucky horticulture Posted 18 days ago

Purple Muscatine Grapes

When I was a kid I remember my MaMaw making Muscatine Jelly..(Im almost 60 yrs) Id prefer more like a JAM... with no preservatives.... Yall thoughts? Any recipes ?... THANKS

Pulaski County Kentucky family and consumer sciences pulaski county kentucky preserving jams and jellies Posted 19 days ago

jelly roll rug class

is there an jelly roll rug class in the near future at your Extension Office. thanks Aliene Miracle

Jessamine County Kentucky family and consumer sciences jessamine county kentucky rug classes Posted 19 days ago