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Cow births

Cow has calf and 4 months later has another calf

Henderson County Kentucky Posted 6 days ago

How long does Sevin Dust keep its toxicity? A house that I'm about to move...

How long does Sevin Dust keep its toxicity? A house that I'm about to move into has it all over the carpets. I am not sure how long this can be toxic and can we just vacuum it up or do we have to clean it a special way. Im very concerned.

Rapides Parish Louisiana pesticides Posted 7 days ago


How do I get 6 flies out of my room

Kentucky flies Posted 14 days ago

Corn flys

Hi everyone is telling me corn flys are finised now but the tiny little bugs of some sort are still in my property and nothing seems to be getting rid of them they ars so small its hard to see them but there everywhere and seem to bite to im very sensitive and having sleepless nights as there annoying me at night and bite, we have corn fields and horses near by

Outside United States entomology flies kentucky cooperative extension Posted 16 days ago

Barberry bush and lavender plant

Hi Kris, I’m doing my fall cleanup and have some things I need advice on. We have 3 old barberry bushes that are not looking too good. They each have a lot of dead area. Are they like other bushed that can be cut way back and this will rejuvenate them or should we just replace them? There does seem to be some new bushes sprouting up around them. The other question is a little easier. I have a nice lavender plant. Should it be cut all the way back, just trimmed, or let alone with no trimming? Thanks, janis

Campbell County Kentucky plant care campbell county kentucky horticulture Posted 19 days ago

Rose of Sharon color change

I planted seedlings that “volunteered” from my purple rose of Sharon and grew them in a pot indoors over the winter. When they were approximately a foot tall (this spring, early summer) I planted them in my flower garden. They actually bloomed in late September but the flowers were completely white. Is there a chance they will bloom purple next summer and is there anything I should do that could increase that possibility? We moved and I purposely grew the starts because I loved the color.

Delaware County Indiana Posted 23 days ago

Soil testing

How much and where can I get my soil tested for a new garden ? Do yiu also provide information on what I will need in my soil for fruit trees as well as produce?

Shelby County Kentucky Posted 27 days ago


What kind of spider is this?

Kentucky insect or spider id Posted 27 days ago

Soft touch holly sudden death

I have seven of these Soft touch holly across the front of my house and they all looked perfect this summer and I just noticed one was completely dead...brown leaves and it happened so quickly I hadn’t even noticed. What could have happened? We had trimmed them back very aggressively in the spring but they had put out all new growth and looked good all summer long. This particular one was right by my water hydrant so I would have noticed it if it were looking poorly. So I know it was something that happened within the last few weeks. There are no apparent insects on it. I have sprayed them with the same insecticide that I spray around the house foundation for ants and spiders.

Muhlenberg County Kentucky agriculture holly muhlenberg county kentucky Posted 28 days ago

Muscogee Crape Myrtle Confusion

I planted 2 Muskogee crape myrtle trees 2 and a half years ago, both came came back beautifully the first year. After last winter, neither leafed out from old wood, but bushed out heavily from the root base. Can they be restored to trees and how and when can the process be started?

NOTE: to date, this question has not been answered. Please, if there is a solution for my question, please advise.

Logan County Kentucky agriculture crape myrtles logan county kentucky Posted 29 days ago