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The mission of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, simply stated, is to make a difference in the lives of Kentucky citizens through research-based education. Our goal is to take the University to the people in their local communities, addressing issues of importance of all Kentuckians.

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Life after thawed

I took my ham & turkey out of freezer on thanksgiving.They have since been in the fridge,it’s now 12/13! Is it ok to still cook them?Should I throw them out??

KY Posted 1 day ago

Help with Grants

My husband and I bought a small farm, 11.48 acres and would like to find a few grants that would help us with our start up for planting cut flowers/lavender, produce garden and to host 2 or 3 retired race horses. We are also wanting to use the farmhouse as a Bed & Breakfast/Retreat for quilters, scrap bookers, golfers, etc in a few years. Also create an Event Facility for Weddings, Parties, Festival and Reunions. We want to be an Agritourism farm and labeled Kentucky Proud. We received a Dump Clean Up Grant because this property was in desire need of cleaning. Any help would be great. I am working with KCARD on my business plan and I have completed a Water Quality Plan.

Campbell County KY environment agriculture campbell county kentucky Posted 2 days ago

Artist Signature

Trying to identify this signature I have notbeen able to come upwith anything

Thank you

KY Posted 8 days ago

chemical sprays

I was wondering if the county uses any chemicals either for pest or weed control. I live on 87 and have been developing pollinator gardens and if there is spraying done what would I have to do so my road frontage isn't sprayed. Thank you

Barren County KY chemical spray program barren county kentucky horticulture Posted 9 days ago

Frost bitten Philodendron

I have a philodendron tree that stays outside during the summer months and is brought inside during fall/winter months. This year we were out of town when the temps dropped and the plants are damaged from the cold weather. The plants are inside the home now, but are obviously not doing well. Some of the leaves are a yellow/green color with brown areas on them. What can I do to save them? Should I buy a grown light? Prune? Repot? Fertilize? Thanks in advance for answering my question. Nicole

Pike County KY tree health agriculture pike county kentucky Posted 10 days ago

Is it Indiana quartz?

Please help me identify these rocks! Not sure exactly what kind they are. What I have found online is they may be Indiana quartz. I have more this is just a few.

Indiana rock identification 4-h geology Posted 11 days ago


Will CCA and CEU points be given at these meetings?

Graves County Kentucky agriculture graves county kentucky Posted 12 days ago

Could someone please tell me what kind of spider this is?

I was laying in bed and felt something crawling on my neck. I reached up and threw this spider across the room. It's now dead but I was wondering if we should be concerned.

Woodford County Kentucky entomology spider identification woodford county kentucky Posted 16 days ago

Joy of Giving

Do you want the gifts wrapped? I have some to bring and thought you would like to see what comes in. Please advise.

Fayette County Kentucky family and consumer sciences fayette county kentucky Posted 16 days ago

Python programming

Question in image

Grayson County Kentucky Posted 17 days ago