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Can you tell me what this plant is came in one of my pots husband bought.

Lincoln County Kentucky plant identification lincoln county kentucky horticulture Posted 2 days ago

Backpack program

Is there going to be a backpack program in Meade county?

Meade County Kentucky family and consumer sciences meade county kentucky backpack program Posted 2 days ago

Soil Test

Do you perform Soil tests? If so how should I collect and provide to your office. We just moved to a new house in a development. They stripped the top soil to gain the grade they wanted for the street. For my lawn they have laid sod in front and around the house and around the detached barn They sowed grass seed on the rest with a straw cover. Neither the grass seed or sod are doing well. The crab grass and nutsedge are doing well. The ground is clay and pools water. I have applied a liquid soil conditioner and plan to get top soil to spread over the lawn this fall and in the spring to amend the soil. I will also be applying weed killer and fertilizer this fall. Since this is a new yard I didn't know how soon I should apply the weed killer and fertilizer. Any guidance is appreciated. Carl Alvey

Bullitt County Kentucky soil testing bullitt county kentucky horticulture Posted 4 days ago

KY wholesale vendors.

I am seeking Kentucky wholesale or retail soybean oil vendors. We are a small operation but I would like to incorporate soybean oil into our soap and lotion recipes.

Larue County Kentucky soybeans agriculture larue county kentucky Posted 4 days ago

cherry trees

Is it possible to grow a sweet cherry tree in Kentucky? I love the Ulster cherry but I can not seem to get them to survive. Would it make a difference what root stock they are grafted on? I keep trying to find a way to grow sweet cherries, but I guess I'm out of luck unless I move to Michigan. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Grant County Kentucky agriculture grant county kentucky growing cherry trees Posted 4 days ago

Cactus turning color

Hello! I have had these cacti for a few years now, but for some reason one of them isn’t looking so great. The center of the “arm” has turned purple and the bottom is discolored. Does anyone know why? Or what I can do to help it? I grow quite a few cactus and succulents and I hate to lose one!!

Boone County Kentucky cactus boone county kentucky horticulture Posted 6 days ago

Crepe Murtle trim

How and when should I trim my crepe murtle plants??

Wayne County Kentucky Posted 7 days ago

Black Gum tree leaves dying

I have two young black gum street trees about 15 feet apart. They were transplanted one year ago and leafed out nicely this year. About three weeks ago one tree's leaves started turning brown and crunchy while the other tree seems just fine???

Fayette County Kentucky tree health fayette county kentucky horticulture Posted 7 days ago

Testing quality of farm pond water

We’ve been reading about blue/green algae killing dogs that have been swimming and playing in ponds We have a 3 acre lake in our farm that our 9 month old lab puppies love to swim play and train in. They’ve been ill couple times over last couple of months for non conclusive issues We’ve started to wonder if it is our pond Not sure how/where or whether to have our pond’s water looked at or tested HELP!

Jessamine County Kentucky water quality agriculture jessamine county kentucky Posted 8 days ago

What type of spider?

I have a persistent spider that keeps creating webs all over the back of my house. Can you tell from it's web what type it is? I'm concerned about brown recluse since I have seen them here before, as well as black widows. Thanks. I'm going to attach a picture.

Campbell County Kentucky insect identification campbell county kentucky horticulture Posted 8 days ago