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Dripping maple

My maple tree “drips “ from the limbs. This happens only in the fall and over the last couple of years the bark has turned black. I’m not sure of the type of maple it is but the leaves turn a beautiful yellow in the fall. Is the tree diseased and is there anything I can do to help it?

Jackson County Kentucky Posted about 3 hours ago

I have a strange plant in my garden, and I'm not sure if it's a weed or not....

I have a strange plant in my garden, and I'm not sure if it's a weed or not. Can I send a photo of it for you to identify? Joe Hayse 2053 Clays Mill Road Lexington 40504

Fayette County Kentucky Posted about 16 hours ago


What veggies can I plant in the greenhouse now for the winter?

Boyle County Kentucky Posted about 20 hours ago

Lawn fungus

In my lawn there is an arc shaped stripe that is brown. In the past a giant white ball shaped mushroom appeared over night at the end of this stripe. This year a giant black one appeared. Is this a lawn fungus that needs to be treated? The attached picture shows a much smaller chunk of the original black mushroom. Thank you.

Kenton County Kentucky Posted 1 day ago

Bee Balm or Not???

Is this Bee Balm? Found in pasture ground in Nelson Co, September 2020. I have read about making tea with Bee Balm but wanted to make sure of this species before using it unsafely.

Nelson County Kentucky Posted 3 days ago

Even though the road up the hillside contained several potholes, it was...

Even though the road up the hillside contained several potholes, it was still navigable enough for Sydney to drive to the top.

capable of travel
full of holes
not dangerous

McCreary County Kentucky Posted 4 days ago

Well water testing

There is an old well on my property in Hart County. Before I start using it, I'd like to test it to make sure it's not contaminated. What is the best way to get my well water tested? Thanks for your help.

Hart County Kentucky Posted 5 days ago

maple tree disease??

What is happening to my maple tree? The bark is coming off near the bottom, as if it were being eaten by something. In other places, the bark seems also too ready to split vertically. I've noticed the latter phenomenon for a couple of years now, but only recently saw the bald spot at the botton, on the other side. What can I do about this? I don't want to lose this tree! Thanks.

Warren County Kentucky Posted 6 days ago

ground water under house

we have ground water under our house. The remediation companies want to divert it off the hill side and forget it. I would like an educated opinion on capturing/containing the water for garden use and./or a pond. I am not knowledgeable about winter freeze effects on my idea.

Washington County Kentucky Posted 6 days ago

Unknown invasive weed/flower

I have these flowering bulbs that are in one of my flower gardens. They grow 6" tall stalks that stay green most of the year, then come spring they bloom purple pedals that travel up the stalk (kind of like Lavander). Buried under ground they sprout from these small onion shaped bulbs about 3-8" deep. I have them by the hundreds. I tried turning over the top 6", then adding 18" of top soil in hopes it would stuff them out but they're still present. There isn't a bush or tree that deposits seeds or fruit in the area so I'm not sure where they're coming from. Any idea what these are called or what I could use to eliminate them permanently? Below is an image of one I just pulled from the garden, it of course isn't in bloom.

Campbell County Kentucky Posted 9 days ago