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The mission of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, simply stated, is to make a difference in the lives of Kentucky citizens through research-based education. Our goal is to take the University to the people in their local communities, addressing issues of importance of all Kentuckians.

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Something is eating me

What type of brown biscuit beetle would be eating me seriously I went to pop what I thought was a zit and pinched The skin off and it was in my skin, almost as if it thought I didn't see it very strange when I went to get it to identify it zipped into my scalp. I need to know what kinda hard shell tiny brown bug would do this I'm not almost

Jessamine County Kentucky insect issues Posted about 1 month ago

No idea what these are...?

Found in laundry... first pic, he is less than a cm. Second pic, just over an inch. We are in Ontario, Canada.

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

I have the same stuff all over everything in my home, that feels like sand. It's not just me I have

I have the same sand salt and pepper looking stuff all over everything I own. I have thrown clothes away, furniture collectables. I have used every type of chemical you can buy including the Kleenex products. I have contacted exterminators, health department with no response from them. I even contacted the Attorney general. I have been to doctors including psychiatry. There isn't a thing wrong with me. The problem is nobody knows what it is, so they tell you to see a doctor. It makes me so angry when you can't find anybody to help us to find out what it is. I have blown my nose many times and it looks like a parasite. It's making my dogs miserable because they can't bathe like we can. It's in my vehicle, I can't go to the store without coming home and showering again. There is 1000 of people all over the states. Dealing with the same problem and we keep getting the same answer. Can't help you we don't do that type of work. So why don't you send us to somebody that will. I would like to put this stuff in your home and everybody else we have asked for help. Let all of you live in the misery we live in. But you all living in your big fancy homes with no mite problem, don't give a shit about the ones that is trying to get help. My home is sitting around water all year round. I can't even get the owner of the land to fix it. Including the justice system. He has money and buys his way out of everything. Why don't you come stay with us for a week and see how you enjoy cleaning all day long, and itch all over. When you get it in your car you won't want to go anywhere. But I'm sure you would sale it, get you a new one. I would love for all of you to come and live with this. It's sad when 1000s of people reach out for help and can't get it. Why don't you try to find us some real help so we can have our lives back. I wish everybody had a taste of this daily life. I'm not mental nor sick. The shit is real.

Bullitt County Kentucky Posted about 1 month ago

How long

Had old playground in back yard , there was carpet over black felt like matrial pulled it up and was cleaning up when wife found red bugs on her . Applied sevindust spray on the leafs and old carpet and black felt . How long should I wait before picking up .Thank You

DeKalb County Georgia insecticides Posted 2 months ago

Help are they eating me!

I live in a farm house that was built in the 40's. For the past couple yrs I have been seeing designs and almost like writing on the walls and ceiling of our home. I was the only one in the family that could see it. Recently they started attacking me biting, crawling in hair and on skin. They also got my husband. I think they are living in my skin

I havent been able to get a picture. They look opaque for the most part. Occasionally black almost like a spider with wings.
The picture is where I was bitten on my hand and it is moving up my arm.

Kentucky insect issues Posted 2 months ago

All American Steam Leakage

My All American canner, that I bought brand new, is leaking steam around the edge of the lid. If the canner retains its pressure, is the food safe to eat. I still had plenty of water in the canner after the 90 minutes of processing time.

Pulaski County Kentucky Posted 3 months ago

Cow births

Cow has calf and 4 months later has another calf

Henderson County Kentucky Posted 4 months ago

How long does Sevin Dust keep its toxicity? A house that I'm about to move...

How long does Sevin Dust keep its toxicity? A house that I'm about to move into has it all over the carpets. I am not sure how long this can be toxic and can we just vacuum it up or do we have to clean it a special way. Im very concerned.

Rapides Parish Louisiana pesticides Posted 4 months ago


How do I get 6 flies out of my room

Kentucky flies Posted 4 months ago

Corn flys

Hi everyone is telling me corn flys are finised now but the tiny little bugs of some sort are still in my property and nothing seems to be getting rid of them they ars so small its hard to see them but there everywhere and seem to bite to im very sensitive and having sleepless nights as there annoying me at night and bite, we have corn fields and horses near by

Outside United States entomology flies kentucky cooperative extension Posted 4 months ago