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Please identify this cool plant!

Hi County Extension Office!
I have this awesome groundcover type plant and would love to learn more about it. It's pretty low-lying and seems to spread nicely. Right now it don't look too happy but it had started to come back recently-but-now it's in hiding since it has gotten so cold.
Please let me know:

1. If I cover it with plastic if it could save it?
2. Should I fertilize it?
3. Bring it inside?
4. Might it prefer sun or shade or no preference?
Thank you & Happy 'Spring!"

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 14 hours ago


Hello. I know a lot of co-op’s in other areas and states have compost that the community can come get for their gardens. Does this location offer anything thing like that or any services that would interest a home gardener? THANK you.

Whitley County Kentucky Posted 1 day ago

Yard Erosion

I recently bought a house in Oldham County. All the rain we've had is causing the hill on the back of my property to erode. What are some solutions for quick fix and long term? Photo attached. The "creek" is the french drain that can't handle our recent deluge.

Oldham County Kentucky Posted 5 days ago

what are these rocks

what are these rocks

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 9 days ago

Rabbit manure

Can I make rabbit manure tea and sell it. I have 1 pet rabbit and want to recycle his waste.

Estill County Kentucky agriculture rabbit manure estill county kentucky Posted 11 days ago

Thermflo in chicken stew

When i make my chicken stew i put 1/4 c flour to thicken it up. I would now like to can it. I would use 1/4 c thermflo instead. Would i be able to can it then? Thank you!

Unicoi County Tennessee food safety family and consumer sciences Posted 12 days ago

“Triple” river birch encroaching on power lines

Up 18’ on one of the three main trunks of my birch tree, the power lines are rubbing on the trunk. There’s another 15’ of trunk above the power line contact. How is it best to resolve this situation before the power lines are damaged ?

Kentucky tree health horticulture Posted 13 days ago


Hello. I receive your books twice a year. I’m currently interested in 4H and how I would get my homeschooled son into this. I am unclear as to if he just signs up or is it the individual classes in that magazine? I’d love for my to be involved in quit a few classes especially, the cooking classes. Would you please let me k kw what I would need to do to get him signed up for 4H? Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Boone County Kentucky 4-h clubs 4-h youth development boone county kentucky Posted 13 days ago

Sewing courses

Hi . Do you have any sewing courses or craft courses ? Thank you

Pulaski County Kentucky family and consumer sciences pulaski county kentucky sewing classes Posted 15 days ago

Insect control

I have not used any kind of insect control in the past for my vegetables, just because of safety concerns. I have heard good things about a product called, "Eight Insect Control: Vegetable, Flower, Fruit" by Bonide. I wanted to know if you knew anything about this product, specifically if it's safe to use, and if it would be something to use with my young apple trees and vegetables. I don't like to use chemicals, so I'm open to alternatives as well, but I know I will have to take some kind of measures this year with my garden. Thank you

Kenton County Kentucky insect control kenton county kentucky horticulture Posted 26 days ago