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The mission of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, simply stated, is to make a difference in the lives of Kentucky citizens through research-based education. Our goal is to take the University to the people in their local communities, addressing issues of importance of all Kentuckians.

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Did I kill my grapevine

I pruned it way back to just a stump, three branches but no growth

Clay County Kentucky Posted about 12 hours ago

What veggies to grow

Hello, I'm wanting info on what veggies to plant in a raised bed. I would like a tomato plant, a cucumber plant, and a hot pepper plant. Do these do well in Lexington and when would I plant them?

Fayette County Kentucky Posted 3 days ago

Pig Manure

We had a pig pen 5 years ago. There’s been no animals in this pen since. Is it safe to use this pen for a vegetable garden now.

Jefferson County West Virginia agriculture west virginia pig manure Posted 3 days ago

White Pine seedlings

Hi, not knowing that I was not supposed to fertilize my young white pine seedlings, I did make that mistake. I have 30 of them that I potted up from barefoot a couple of months ago. I lightly fertilized them a week ago with Osmocote and most of them are turning brown. Is there anything I can do to help them. Thank you! Marni

Kentucky tree health horticulture kentucky cooperative extension Posted 5 days ago

No till seed drill

I have a 5-6 acre area that I am interested in converting to a no till method instead of the traditional till method. For this small of a plot it is not really cost effective for me to purchase a drill for that and was wondering if the extension knew of any rental machines that would be available in order to test this method to see if it would work for me. Thanks for your help

Whitley County Kentucky agriculture no-till whitley county kentucky the whitley co farm bureau has drills for rent contact jim clawson at 606-344-3678 Posted 5 days ago

Arborvitae trees

Have two that appear to have died. Many others around them doing fine. Ideas??? Another one starting to look same but far away from each other.

Jessamine County Kentucky tree health agriculture jessamine county kentucky Posted 5 days ago

Fruits and fruit trees

What are the best fruits and fruit trees to grow in this region

Adair County Kentucky fruit trees agriculture adair county kentucky Posted 9 days ago


What can i use to get rid of weeds with purple flowers in yard

Boyle County Kentucky weed control boyle county kentucky horticulture Posted 11 days ago

Sevin dust on cats

Is Sevin dust safe to use on pets to kill fleas?

Texas entomology fleas kentucky cooperative extension Posted 12 days ago

rain garden

I purchased a home recently in Lexington, KY that sits on a 1/2 acre (the majority of this land is behind my house in a run-off area where all the water from my neighborhood flows to the creek behind my property that is next to Liberty walking trail). I recently had a landscaper come out to give me ideas and she thinks it would be a perfect situation for a rain garden. In researching rain gardens, I see it is very beneficial and there have been grants out there in the past to help defray some of the costs of the special plants needed to create the garden and the benefit for the water system in our community if this is done. Do you know of any assistance or even just someone knowledgeable that could assist me in this endeavor to help the environment and doing something good with my backyard?

Fayette County Kentucky rain gardens fayette county kentucky horticulture Posted 13 days ago