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What is this worm thing?

What is this?

Gaston County North Carolina Posted 12 months ago

What's wrong with my tree?

We have a young Autumn Blaze Maple that was planted by our builder in the summer of 2016. Both that year, and this past year, the leaves have gotten spots and turned brown. The leaves then dry up and fall off long before they should (beginning at the bottom branches). We thought at first that it was a watering issue, but now I'm not so sure. Are these tar spots? How do I treat the tree? I would really hate to lose the tree. I know it is not in great soil (very sandy clay). Last year, we dug around the root ball and added garden soil designed for trees and shrubs. We also discovered that the people who planted the trees left huge pockets of air around the root ball. We filled those in with the garden soil. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. The included photos were taken June 27, 2017. Thank you for your time, Christine Dorow

Currituck County North Carolina Posted almost 3 years ago

Spider problem

Please tell me what kind of spider this is? And if it's poisonous? And how to get rid of them? We've killed 5 about this size in the matter of two days I'm concerned. My daughter is only 10 months old and she stills crawls I want to get rid of this problem as soon as possible.

Gates County North Carolina wolf spider Posted over 3 years ago

Spiders in a mud nest

I found what looked like a wasp nest on a patio umbrella. When the mud nest broke apart there were these spiders in there with larva in it. See picture. There are about 20 or more spiders. What are they and why we're they in the mud nest.

Johnston County North Carolina spider identification marbled orbweaver araneus marmoreus mud dauber predation Posted over 3 years ago

Spinach leaf miner?

Hi is this also caused by spinach leaf miner? Thanks, Susan

Wake County North Carolina Posted almost 4 years ago

finding and learning about Prunus mume

I am having trouble finding information about the cultivars of Japanese Flowering Apricot (Prunus mume). Can you suggest a source for informarion (as mail order nurseries or botanical garden or arboretum). Is there some one that has studied Prunus mume (than the late Dr, J. C. Raulston of NCSU and the J C Raulston Arboretum and the Chinese/Japanese of course. I hope you can help. Thank you.

Mecklenburg County North Carolina horticulture flowering apricot Posted almost 4 years ago

What is eating my ferns?

My ferns were being devoured by evergreen cutworms. I cleaned all the ferns, cutting off damaged leaves, removed all the cutworms manually that I could find and sprayed the ferns with soapy water for the time being. I've fertilized and watered them since and will try spraying them with insecticide tomorrow in a small area to see if it hurts them and be more thorough if they tolerate the insecticide. I also found Japanese beetles curled up in the small tips of some new fronds. These ferns had been placed on the ground and not hung up. I also cleaned out as many dead leaves from the centers as I could because the evergreen cutworms sometimes are curled up like a dead fern leaf. Please post this for answers to "What is eating my ferns?" Thanx! Wendy King Nashville, NC

Nash County North Carolina ferns horticulture Posted over 4 years ago