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Fruit Tree

Can fruit trees be stopped from producing fruit.

Yellowstone County Montana Posted 2 months ago

Timber sales

Need assistance with the process on a timber sale.

Missoula County Montana forestry Posted 2 months ago

How to stop blackberry tree suckers

I had a Canadian blackberry tree removed & can't seem to get of the suckers. The tree was pulled from the ground & seems to have left roots deep in the ground. How to I kill the suckers & keep my lawn

Montana Posted about 4 years ago

Hybrid poplar infestation

Hybrid poplar has red balls near new growth stems. Are these possibly insect eggs or maybe a fungus? They are about 1/2 across. I can't find a. Picture of scale which matches but assume this is possible. We have sprayed a couple times and picked off as much as possible but not a solution apparently.

Flathead County Montana Posted almost 7 years ago