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Sad pine tree/s

One pine tree in my back yard died this fall, a second spruce lost its lead shoot, and now a third has browning needles around its mid section. What’s going on?

Gallatin County Montana Posted 4 months ago

New limb growth

We have a 100 plus year old Black Walnut tree that really needs to trimed. Will we get new limb growth? The lower limbs are starting to snap and break off! Help!

Sanders County Montana horticulture Posted 7 months ago

pasture mix for sheep

We have some wet, heavy clay, high pH high saline pastures we graze sheep on. We rotate through these pastures during the summer. We can run wheel lines, but usually the ground is moist enough it is not required. What would be a good pasture mix.

Jefferson County Montana pastures and forages Posted 10 months ago

Girdled Quaking Aspen

2 winters ago our 20 foot aspen was girdled by a mouse. This spring it began to bloom, but quickly shot up a new sucker from its base. The sucker is thriving. The main tree now appears dead. Any suggestions on what we should do with the main tree?

Madison County Montana trees and shrubs Posted 12 months ago

Populus tremuloides quaking aspen

Dear Expert,
We planted several quaking aspen too close to our buildings many years ago, so we have cut them down this last spring. The problem being the roots are still sending out shoots and we don't know how to rid the lawn of them, even though we had the stumps ground out.
We would be very appreciative if you could advise as to how we can handle this problem.
Best regards,
Mary Lou Johnson

Sanders County Montana trees and shrubs home horticulture horticulture Posted almost 2 years ago

anjou semi-dwarf pears

This will be the third year for my tree to produce fruit. I am having a difficult time determining when the pears are mature enough to pick. The tag that came with the tree states to eat fresh but everything I read about anjou pears is that they need cold storage first and then they need to be ripened on the counter for several days. I would appreciate your advice on this matter.1. Time of year to pick 2. Cold storage necessary 3. Length of time in cold storage and counter ripening if necessary. Also, is there a safe way to treat/ protect the tree from insects that still allows the fruit to be edible? thanks. P- billings mt

Yellowstone County Montana fruit trees pears Posted almost 2 years ago

Sick aspen


I'm seeking help for a sick aspen tree on my property. When I bought my house 12 years ago, I had a total of 5 aspen trees in my back yard. Three of them have died, so we took them out.

I have two that are approx 30 feet tall and the trunk is approx 7" in diameter.

One is really green and healthy, and the other has smaller yellow leaves (all season), and for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure if they are the same variety or the one has been sick for a long time. The leaves are much larger on the healthy green aspen tree. I will attach a picture of the healthy green leaves on one aspen vs the small yellow leaves on the sick tree. They are planted approx 4 feet apart.

I will also attach a pic of the yellow leaves with brown tips and now spots.

In the past week, all the leaves are developing spots all over.

I planted a young aspen a couple years ago, to replace my last one that died. Will it get sick too?

How and when can I treat this tree? If its possible to save the tree.. I've read about iron deficiencies and several fungus diseases. I'm confused and don't know where to start.

I appreciate any help you can offer to save my tree.

Thank you,


Yellowstone County Montana trees and shrubs aspen trees aspen disease Posted almost 2 years ago

Mycorrhizal association with Poa pratensis cultivars

I understand the species Poa pratensis is considered having a strong ability to form mycorrhizal association. Have the many developed cultivars, used in residential settings, retained that ability?

Ravalli County Montana Posted about 2 years ago

Chopping Fodder mats/biscuits

Good afternoon. I am getting ready to start growing fodder (mats are 18'X6') to feed 20+ beef cattle and could appreciate your insights. In your research have to found effective machines/devices for chopping fodder mats into small portions to limit loss when feeding to cattle? Thank you. Sincerely, Don Zimmerman KZ Farm LLC Columbia Falls, MT 59912 361-946-6055

Flathead County Montana Posted over 2 years ago

Clone my favorite Columbine

Can I clone a Columbine by rooting a cutting? I'd like to get more plants of my favorite blue color.. I have seeds but don't expect to get the same flower color by doing it this way.


Granite County Montana Posted almost 3 years ago