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Van hollyhock stocks have more than one color blossom on them? I have a few plants that have white AND pink blossoms.

Lewis and Clark County Montana Posted 5 months ago

Types of Beets

In pickled beet canning recipes, is it acceptable to use any kind of beet? For example, golden beets. Pictures show red beets, but the recipes don’t specify this. Is it assumed? Some recipes specifically reference golden beets. I’d like to know if these are interchangeable.

Montana Posted 5 months ago

Get rid of a laurel hedge

We have recently purchased a home with a large laurel hedge on the property line between our property and the neighbor. The laurel has not been maintained and has grown very tall. We are in agreement with the neighbor to cut them down and get rid of them. We are cutting the tops down as a first step to get them under control. How do we keep them from grown back as we cut them down.

Tillamook County Montana Posted 6 months ago

Peony leaf insects

At this time of year my peony leaves are showing signs of being chewed on. They look like a hole punch has been used around the outer edge of the leaf. I also notice similar damage on lilac leaves. What can I do to prevent this?

Flathead County Montana Posted 7 months ago

Can I pressure can with this antique pressure cooker I inherited?

I have received a "Steamliner Pressure Saucepan" (I believe it says model C-6) A photo is attached. It does not appear to have a gauge of any sort and no instruction manual that accompanies it. Can I pressure can pint jars of food in this unit? If so, at my elevation (in Missoula, MT, 3200') how long should I do this for? Thanks in advance.

Missoula County Montana Posted 7 months ago

sanfoin growth

We have a sanfoin stand, put in last year, not harvested last year. Pivot irrigation. It initially looked pretty good, but it is now about 1 foot tall, kind of thin, and starting to bloom. Will this continue to put on tonnage after it starts to bloom. Should we cut it and hope for a better second. It would be luck to make 1 ton to acre right now.

Jefferson County Montana Posted 9 months ago

Sad pine tree/s

One pine tree in my back yard died this fall, a second spruce lost its lead shoot, and now a third has browning needles around its mid section. What’s going on?

Gallatin County Montana Posted about 1 year ago

New limb growth

We have a 100 plus year old Black Walnut tree that really needs to trimed. Will we get new limb growth? The lower limbs are starting to snap and break off! Help!

Sanders County Montana horticulture Posted over 1 year ago

pasture mix for sheep

We have some wet, heavy clay, high pH high saline pastures we graze sheep on. We rotate through these pastures during the summer. We can run wheel lines, but usually the ground is moist enough it is not required. What would be a good pasture mix.

Jefferson County Montana pastures and forages Posted over 1 year ago

Girdled Quaking Aspen

2 winters ago our 20 foot aspen was girdled by a mouse. This spring it began to bloom, but quickly shot up a new sucker from its base. The sucker is thriving. The main tree now appears dead. Any suggestions on what we should do with the main tree?

Madison County Montana trees and shrubs Posted over 1 year ago