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palm kernel meal for calves


I am Safura Jabbari, PhD student in animal nutrition at the University of Ardabil (Iran). I found your paper during my search for information on the internet to further my research.

I have the intention of doing research about the effect and function of [ palm[ kernel[ meal, on the calves. Excusme,I have a question.

we can use of palm kernel meal for calves,together with starter diet?

I was wondering if you could provide some information about the this subject.

I would be very grateful if you could help me with some information, or if you could guide me further to e.g. a university I could contact.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Safura Jabbari

Rhode Island Posted about 4 years ago

Is the tree alive

I am the mayor of Bandera, Texas and recently we had a fire in a huge oak tree in our city park. WE want to find out f the tree is alive or dead before we do something else with it -like have it carved into an animal or something in the park.

Bandera County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Do Scarecrows work?

We are working on a project to keep foxes and other wildlife out of people's backyards. We read somewhere about scarecrows not working because the animals get used to them not moving so they do not see them as a threat.

Bexar County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Tank size

Is an 80 gallon tank too big for an adult corn snake. i need to know because my tank is custom made and my father wants it to be 120 centimeter long, 50 centimeter wide and 50 centimeter high. I am planning on decorating the tank to be as natural as possible with many hides. Will the size be a problem.

Outside United States reptiles snakes Posted about 4 years ago

Builders cut down tree for a commercial building.

How long do I have to season a log 10 inch in diameter X 4 feet? One is hickory the other is black walnut. I want to use the wood. I polyurethaned the ends 5 days (three times) after it was cut but I still see one small crack along the diameter in both logs.

New Haven County Connecticut timber harvesting Posted about 4 years ago

arsenic treatment

We have high levels of arsenic in our water and just want to treat it with some sort of filter can you tell me what sort is best

Outside United States water quality water treatment Posted about 4 years ago

Unknown Spider

Unfortunately I don't know have a picture which actually leads me to asking this question.

Years ago I found a rather large spider in my house that I have never seen before. It was perfectly round and a bright blue. I've tried looking it up but nothing shows up that is even close to what was in my house.

Is there any known spider that matches that description?

Prince William County Virginia Posted about 4 years ago

Please identify this plant w/berries

I have this shrub/tree thing growing wild in my yard in Southern California. It has an abundance of small berries that I am interested in making wine out of if they are not poisonous. Please note the two different kinds of leaves, the bigger, rounder shiny ones and the serrated veiny ones. Strange that both plants hold berries that look the same, growing together in a small space.

Riverside County California horticulture Posted about 4 years ago

Norway Spruce

i have approximately 40 Norway spruce i had planted some 2 yrs & some 3 yrs ago, they are roughly 8-9' tall, they struggle to live, last year i watered them quite often because we were having a dry summer, it is winter now & they are looking light colored or yellowed, the needles seem to be holding ok. i am quite sure the soil is bad we have a lot of clay, do you have a suggestion for saving these nice trees

Crawford County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs horticulture Posted about 4 years ago

Mole Elimination

I am looking for an effective means to eliminate moles from property. Moles are continuously burrowing in the yard and pastures. Trapping and repellants seem to be a inefficient means for combatting large surface areas. Moles have invade my well house this winter (I suppose for protection from the cold) and completely uprooted the dirt floor.

Is there an electronic device to insert into the soil which will create an unsuitable environment for their habitat?

I would appreciate suggestions.

Fayette County Texas Posted about 4 years ago