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Peach Trees

Hello, I have about 5 peach trees that are only growing leaves on either 1/4 of the tree or 1/2. We had a rough winter and also one snow in spring this year. I noticed some of the bark looks white on some trees (and peeling off) & on other trees there appears to be redish sores. Do you think I should chop off all branches that have the sores? It’s early summer right now. I have some pictures below. I spray them with Sulfur spray according to the bag. Last time I sprayed was 10 days ago. The trees were pruned in Feb. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Winnebago County Illinois Posted 8 days ago

Just curious

When I was young A friend had a very large white and red striped moth land on her. It was very vibrant in color. I have tried to find out what kind it was but can’t find it. This siting accrued in Mattoon Illinois

Coles County Illinois Posted 24 days ago

Potted redbud transplanted

Bought a potted redbud 5’ tall. Transplanted it in mid April and for the first few weeks it was doing well. Then one half of it the leaves turned color shriveled up and died. The rest of the tree seems ok. Smaller leaves and some small flower buds. No new growth on either side of the three. Is this normal for a transplanted tree? I live in Western suburbs of Chicago.

Illinois trees Posted 27 days ago

Home Owner

I have a Rose of Sharon, around 7 - 8 years old, that appears to be dead after our bitterly cold 2018 - 9 winter. I've been told that sometimes Rose of Sharon will appear dead only to come out of it the following year and return to full blooms and green leaves. I'm not sure if what I've been told is true. If there aren't any blooms and no known signs of growth or any green leaves is it dead? Or is what I've heard true and should I wait until next spring and see if it comes around before taking my chain saw to it and removing it? Thank you, Gary

Macon County Illinois Posted 30 days ago

Unknown plant

My friend in Illinois just found these in her back yard. Do you know what they and if they are edible?

Illinois plant identification horticulture Posted about 1 month ago

what kind of spider is this ?

Hey I was at work and I saw this spider and took a picture of it before it slowly walked into the dark crevice under the door. I live in southern Illinois.

Illinois Posted about 1 month ago

Yellow sawdust covering new growth on rhododendron

My plant is covered in a sawdust type of stuff. I can wipe it off. It is on both the upper and lower sides of leaves. The plant seems otherwise very healthy. I bought it at Home Deopt, and on a return visit I noticed it on ALL their rhododendrons.
I see no bugs anywhere. no damage to stems, good vigorous new growth to the plant. It is planted at least 4 feet from any other plants, in a new garden.
I live in Chicago and it has been very rainy this spring.

Treat it? Pull it? Can I plant another rhody in the same place?

Cook County Illinois Posted about 1 month ago

what kind of tree is this

i have a tree that hardly has any leaves, now it is june. i think it is sick and i dont know how to treat it. i dont see any problem with the bark, it was a really bad winter here in chicago.. there are dead branches but they are too high for me too reach. the tree is quite tall. the leaf is very shiny and looks healthy. please help! thank you.

Will County Illinois Posted about 1 month ago

Is my maple tree stressed?

My maple tree had overabundant amount of helicopters this year. While most of the maple trees in my area are filled with leaves now, mine looks sort of sparse, especially near the top. What can I do to help this tree survive? I know the ground is clay and I can see some of the roots have actually wrapped around the trunk of the tree. I don’t want to lose this tree.

Lake County Illinois maple trees Posted about 1 month ago

Is this a brown recluse???

Ik there usually mistaken so im questioning. I've been finding these EVERYWHERE in my house. we just moved in during the winter. I have 4 cats and a 1 year old daughter. im concerned for them and I think I may have been bitten myself. I brushed one off my face the other day when I was laying in bed and that morning I had a very small looking rash it felt like a paper cut, itchy but burning not too bad tho I've been a little achey but I get like that sometimes so idk. Im killing about 3 a day now. And occasionally see one during the day. I usually see them in my bathroom and bedroom. I'm worried it's a recluse infestation. We've tried bombing and I'm still seeing them(often).

Madison County Illinois Posted about 1 month ago