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No leaves but roots only

I moved my white bat plant inside bc I live in Chicago. My plant is planted in a container. The top portion of the plant was very green when I moved it in but now it got completely dark.

Cook County IL Posted 17 days ago

Tools/pocedures needed for producing consistent, high quality hay for horses?

Can you recommend a knowledgeable “hay” person with whom I could talk about what equipment to buy to efficiently produce top quality hay for the equine market? About procedures to implement to produce a very consistent, high quality product? I have switched over 2000 acres to organic certification and want to add 320 acres of alfalfa/grass hay to my rotation. I am experienced in producing IP grains and oilseeds for domestic and international food markets. I have very little experience with forage and hay. Thanks for your attention.

Piatt County IL Posted 23 days ago

Light, sheer curtain colors and Dracenas! THE ANSWER!

An online science experiment designed for little kids gave me the answer: yes, colored sheer or semi-transparent curtains would absorb certain wavelengths from the light spectrum. Plants require full spectrum light to accomplish their little plant tasks efficiently. A blue sheer curtain will absorb all but blue wavelengths, only allowing blue wavelengths through. Thus, what you SEE is a blue curtain! Cool, right? Ok. A black sheer would absorb all wavelengths, and I put 2+2 together and figured that this would be disastrous for any plant let alone my Dracenas.
Now, I admit that I took a leap: the 4th graders used colored cellophane and I am talking semi transparent or sheer curtains. But I figure the principles are the same: colors influence the availability of certain light wavelengths, plants need full spectrum light, so, the color of sheer curtains matters. Did I do right, Doug? Someday, you will let me know.
PS. Doug G. was supposed to answer my question initially, so that explains my "Doug" inclusion.

Cook County IL Posted about 1 month ago

Light spectrum, color of sheer curtains and Dracenas!

Hi People! I recently got cream colored sheer curtains to filter bright direct sunlight; it's a SE facing window with very intense morning light.
QUESTION: I'd love to purchase the black version and the deep blue version of this sheer curtain but am worried that the colors will limit the necessary light spectrum that the plants need. Am I fussing for nothing or is my concern valid? I'd really appreciate your feedback as there is nothing online that speaks to the color of sheer curtains, their affect on light spectrum, and whether or not it has any positive or negative impact on plants. (I have 2 Dracenas. I'm not worried about the cream colored curtains.) Thanks, People!

Cook County IL Posted 2 months ago

Homing device

I caught a spider and moved him about 200 yards away so I wouldn't be bothered by his web and the next thing I know it he's back in the same place is that a homing device that they have. I actually moved him twice and was very surprised that it took a couple days for him to come back to the same place.

Winnebago County IL Posted 3 months ago


when do u prune the one of the invasive honeysuckle ?

Marion County Illinois Posted 3 months ago

Hicks Yews and possible winter damage

Had a question in regards to some Yews that suffered, what I’m thinking was winter damage. Had a landscaping company plant 45 yews late last October. They were in great shape as they were planted. Once the spring approached you could see quite a few of them with lots of dead brown areas. Was questioning if this was winter damage, or not watering enough in November or the plants being planted too low in the ground (root rot). I waited to see how much the shrubs would recover. They did recover quite a bit and pruned some of the brown dead growth that I knew wouldn’t come back. At this point I’ve got some “inner” truck branches that are bare at the bottom but have growth high up on those branches. So lower sections of some branches are bare and farther up the branch have new growth. Just looks unbalanced. If these plants have a 1yr warranty should I have or request they be replaced? Like to know if the lower section growth will come back. Should I prune some of these lower dead branches or leave them alone for now. How to promote growth in the lower bare section near the bottom.

Cook County Illinois Posted 3 months ago

Flowerless Hydrangea

I have a hydrangea that grows very large each summer but does not flower. It seems to die back each winter. It grows about 4’ by 4’ each summer. It is on the east side of my house. Is it possible to successfully move it someplace else in the spring?

Sangamon County Illinois hydrangea Posted 3 months ago

Won't grow

I purchased two pampas grass plants from my local nursery back in June. They have not grown at all. They are still the same size and green

Perry County Illinois Posted 3 months ago

Curious on type of spider creating this web and what type spider in second image

I live in northern Illinois and this morning I found some unique spider webs that i have not seen before and could not find the maker of the web. The web had two layers and was in the form of drooping downward as it were to catch something falling. It is not normal ones that I normal see and was curious if someone would be able to help identify the from the web what type of spider made it. I also discovered a very large orb spider too but could not find what exact type it was if someone would be able to identify it as well. (No spider was harmed or removed; simple had its picture taken)

McHenry County Illinois Posted 4 months ago