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How do I revive this

So to start from the beginning I grew these sunflowers in pots and transferred them to the ground at my home, this sunflower was once big bold and beautiful.. it was actually.one of my first to bloom and I started having a problem with Japanese beetles... TONS of them so I put sevin dust powder all over my flowers to keep them off....all of my.other sunflowers are fine and growing and beautiful except this and 1 other....did the sevin dust hurt my plant or could it be something else, how do I save this flower and make it healthy and beautiful again? Plz help :)

Winnebago County IL Posted 14 days ago


If I am growing tomatoes in containers and have two in a container will they require more water than the ones with only one plant? They are shorter but still producing. Thank you!

Kane County IL Posted 20 days ago

Rose of sharon split bark

This is a better pic of a question a had previously posted. About the trunk being split. And roots keep coming up of the ground, I have added more dirt a couple of times.
And there are tons of buds, but many had turn yellow and dropped , no blooms yet.

What can I do to help it or what could cause it ?

Kankakee County IL Posted 29 days ago

Rose of Sharon trunk

I noticed my rose of sharon developed a split inside the trunk , bark looks rough ,as well roots on the surface. Also some buds seems to turn yellow and then drop, no blooms yet. Shrub about 3 years old. Is there anything I can do to help it heal?

IL Posted 29 days ago

insect holes in leaf lettuce

can i eat leaf lettuce with bug holes

Cook County IL Posted about 1 month ago

recluse or not

Is this a recluse

Bond County Illinois Posted about 1 month ago

Small Pine Tree Problem

What is causing this to my small pine tree?

McLean County Illinois Posted about 1 month ago

What likes one spot in garden>

I have a large flower garden. One spot no matter what I plant something eats it right down to the ground. i dug a deep hole and replaced all the dirt but didn't help. I have Coneflowers beside the spot and Black Eyed Susan on the other, They grow fine and are not bothered. Its about a 3x3 square, Any help would be wonderful. Nothing can grow there without being eaten, not even greenery that spreads like crazy that I have to thin out all the time.

Macon County Illinois Posted about 1 month ago

What are these eggs

I live near Chicago and found these eggs on the underside of a milkweed leaf. Any idea what type of eggs they are?

Cook County Illinois insect eggs Posted about 1 month ago

Dead crow

I am curious as to what kind of spider can catch and hold a crow with its single strand of web. This web extends more than 100 yards.

Illinois Posted 2 months ago