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What is this tiny bug?

I found this bug biting my finger at least that was what I thought I was feeling?

Kankakee County Illinois Posted about 1 month ago

Rose of Sharon

We planted a rose of Sharon bush late last spring and it did not seem to grow. The area where it currently is in is shady for a large part of the day. I would like to replant the bush in a predominantly sunny side of our yard. My question, what is the best time of year to do this and any other recommendations you may have? Thank you, Jeff

Grundy County Illinois shrubs Posted about 1 month ago

What type of soil do heirloom tomatoes like

What type of soil does heirloom tomatoes do best in

Logan County Illinois Posted 2 months ago

Why do I have bottom rot with my heirloom tomatoes

Last year I had heirloom tomatoes and I started getting rotting under my tomatoes how can I stop that in my soil

Logan County Illinois tomatoes Posted 2 months ago

Squirrel feeding - changing their routine?

I have been feeding the neighborhood eastern gray and Fox squirrels for about 3 months. It started with just one gray, and quickly evolved into 5 gray and 4 Fox. I feed them walnuts, almonds, pecans, and hazelnuts. Shelled and on the shell. They all come up onto my deck and look in the patio door every morning and late afternoon.
They are so cute and each has it's own personality. It has become impossible for me to say no to them.
It is now winter in the Chicago area, and they still come out in the cold (24 degrees so far) and were out in the moderate rain today, 39 degrees. Would they normally come out in this weather or have I changed their behavior by providing food?
The Fox have put on a nice layer of fat, but the grays have not so much. They will eat a couple of the unshelled nuts, but then want the shelled nuts and start to bury them. Do they know when they should be eating to build fat, or are they too concerned with storing food?
Another question that causes me to lose sleep is the hawk and coyote in the field next to our house. In the morning/evening there may maybe 5 or 6 squirrels in the yard at one time, and then running back and forth to bury food. Is this creating an "un-natural" environment having so many squirrels in one area at the same time? I am very worried about one of the squirrels being taken.
Any answers, comments, thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Will County Illinois wildlife Posted 3 months ago

Replacement for russian olive trees that are taking over forest on my property?

Hello, An invasive species has taken over the large woods I once walked as a child. While I have had some success in cutting them and burning the stumps, I am fighting the birds here. My hope is that their is a native species that would be more to the liking of birds? Then while they are spreading the seeds I can continue to remove the russian olive.

Clark County Illinois horticulture Posted 3 months ago

Seasonal allergies in dogs

I know you've probably been asked this a thousand times, but my dog is so itchy right now. We live in the Midwest and he starts itching in June until a couple good frosts. I can't find any real information about lawn rust and allergies in dogs. I live in an apartment complex that has lawn rust and I suspect it may be the culprit of his problems. He has no visible skin problems except maybe a little bit more pink than usual, but he is very, very itchy. Is an allergy to lawn rust common and what does it take to treat my dog if it is the cause of his itchiness? I've tried cytapoint injections, apoquel, benedryl, Claritin, prescription anti-fungal shampoo and nothing seems to really work. Is there a different reaction between pollen, mold and rust allergies? Are most of these allergens contracted by contact or inhalation? I'm not sure since he has no outward signs for me to know how he's being exposed, except he started by licking his paws. So many people have pets with the same problems and also no relief. It's an expensive and heart breaking thing to go through. Does apple cider and water sprayed on the dog really help? We are real people needing real help without someone's pockets being a major influence in the answer. Please share any information you may have, no matter how far fetched it may be. We are desperate, disappointed and broke! Thanks in advance for your help!!!!

Coles County Illinois dogs Posted 4 months ago

small 4 petal yellow flower

What is the name of this small yellow flower? 4 petals & the leaves are fern-like or dill-like. It popped up in many areas of the flower bed. It enjoys full-sun. It resembles a coreopis but the leaves do not.

McHenry County Illinois plant identification Posted 4 months ago

Searching for a blue spruce treatment

My blue spruce are dyng from the top down and it has a lot of resins on the skin below the top where is a eagle nest how can I save it from dying?

Cook County Illinois Posted 5 months ago

Large scary black spider-what is it

What is this? Found alive while cleaning garage after which it met a lot of bug spray and moved to the debris pile shown in this pic.

Kendall County Illinois Posted 5 months ago