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The place to seek answers regarding wild and human-made, non-flowing surface waters (i.e., lakes and ponds) that aren't actively engaged in production aquaculture.

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Pond Grass Control

I have a very small pond fed by a spring. It has no outlet to any water shed. The pond is about 4 ft deep in the middle and about 30 ft in diameter. It freezes in the winter and temps here have gotten down to 18 to 20 below for short periods. There is a large amount of grass growing in the pond and i would like to control it. I have heard that grass carp are good for that. Is it legal to put them in the pond? Will they winter well? How many do I need to control the grass? Do you have other suggestions on how to control the grass? Thanks for your help in advance. Joe

Jefferson County Colorado pond management Posted 20 days ago

Using milk crates in pond construction

Our pond has numerous large milk crates in the bottom of it. Why would someone put crates in the bottom of a pond, we would maybe like to take them out and make it deeper.

Marion County Oregon recreational pond management pond management ponds Posted 3 months ago

Blue Green Algae

Hello, how would I know that I have blue green algae in our irrigation ponds, and if yes, how to get rid of them. We have heard a lot about how toxic they are to animals, especially dogs. Our dogs love to swim in the ponds, and now we are worried. I would appreciate any help you can give us. Are there any test kits we could use? Thank you very much in advance, and have a great day! Angela Sommers 541-842-8584

Josephine County Oregon Posted 11 months ago

Lots of Algae in the Pond

Two months ago, we moved into a house with a pond. We don't know the first thing about maintaining a pond. Now it is covered with algae. Who can I talk to? How do I get started? It's about a 1/10 of an acre.

Franklin County Vermont pond management Posted 12 months ago

I have this plant growing in my pond and am trying to identify it.

I have this plant growing in my pond and am trying to identify it.

Cortland County New York Posted about 1 year ago

Green pond scum

How do you get rid of green pond scum?

Windsor County Vermont Posted about 1 year ago

pond bank

how close should a river birch be planted from the bank of a pond there just 10 in seedling

Bay County Florida horticulture Posted over 1 year ago

Scum on top pond

My community has a gross pond with no circulation. It gets a thick layer of green scum on it. What can we do to prevent or minimize?

New Castle County Delaware Posted over 1 year ago

Pond Recovery

I have owned a piece of land for 20 years. Sometime prior to my ownership it was a dairy farm. I believe it quit being a dairy farm at least 10 years before my purchase. There is a "pond" which my understanding was at one time a "manure tea" pond. We understand it has a natural clay base and if fed by a spring.

What is likely the status of the "pond" ? I'm not looking to swim in it, but how do we clean it up/make it usable for animals likes ducks or if my dog jumps in? Thank you.

Vermont Posted over 1 year ago

eliminate leaches in small pond ( 3000 ft2 )

please , sources of information to deal with leaches .

Windham County Vermont pond management Posted almost 2 years ago