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The place to seek answers regarding wild and human-made, non-flowing surface waters (i.e., lakes and ponds) that aren't actively engaged in production aquaculture.

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Blue Green Algae

Hello, how would I know that I have blue green algae in our irrigation ponds, and if yes, how to get rid of them. We have heard a lot about how toxic they are to animals, especially dogs. Our dogs love to swim in the ponds, and now we are worried. I would appreciate any help you can give us. Are there any test kits we could use? Thank you very much in advance, and have a great day! Angela Sommers 541-842-8584

Josephine County OR Posted 6 months ago

Lots of Algae in the Pond

Two months ago, we moved into a house with a pond. We don't know the first thing about maintaining a pond. Now it is covered with algae. Who can I talk to? How do I get started? It's about a 1/10 of an acre.

Franklin County VT pond management Posted 6 months ago

I have this plant growing in my pond and am trying to identify it.

I have this plant growing in my pond and am trying to identify it.

Cortland County NY Posted 8 months ago

Green pond scum

How do you get rid of green pond scum?

Windsor County VT Posted 9 months ago

pond bank

how close should a river birch be planted from the bank of a pond there just 10 in seedling

Bay County FL horticulture Posted 11 months ago

Scum on top pond

My community has a gross pond with no circulation. It gets a thick layer of green scum on it. What can we do to prevent or minimize?

New Castle County Delaware Posted about 1 year ago

Pond Recovery

I have owned a piece of land for 20 years. Sometime prior to my ownership it was a dairy farm. I believe it quit being a dairy farm at least 10 years before my purchase. There is a "pond" which my understanding was at one time a "manure tea" pond. We understand it has a natural clay base and if fed by a spring.

What is likely the status of the "pond" ? I'm not looking to swim in it, but how do we clean it up/make it usable for animals likes ducks or if my dog jumps in? Thank you.

Vermont Posted over 1 year ago

eliminate leaches in small pond ( 3000 ft2 )

please , sources of information to deal with leaches .

Windham County Vermont pond management Posted over 1 year ago

Recommended product to control pond cattails without harming fish?

Recommended product to control pond cattails without harming fish?

Erie County Ohio Posted over 1 year ago