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Our experts answer questions online through Ask An Expert in two groups. This group is for questions that are not related to horticulture. Our group that handles questions related to horticulture is

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Questions asked to this group

Privet Hedge Help

should I consult an arborists or Horticulturists for a dying Privet Hedge?

Clark County NV Posted 17 days ago

Very old Creature

Can please tell me about this little animal Fossil??

NV Posted 21 days ago

What is it

Found this in a piece of wood what is it

Nye County NV Posted 29 days ago

What kind of bug is this

Found this bug in my house. Would appreciate if anyone can help me identify it

Clark County NV Posted 3 months ago

Fall harvest

Is there a variety of fig that I can harvest in the fall here in Las Vegas, NV?

Clark County NV Posted 4 months ago

Greenhouse grants?

My wife, girls and I are looking into building a greenhouse for a few winter crops and starting seeds for the spring. After talking with a friend, we heard there is a possibility of acquiring a grant that would help with the purchase of it. Is there any information you could provide related to this?

Douglas County Nevada Posted 4 months ago

Spider ID

What kind of spider is this?

White Pine County Nevada Posted 5 months ago

Soil testing

how do i get my soil tested here in Reno

Washoe County Nevada Posted 5 months ago


When and how should Oleanders be trimmed? I live in Mesquite, NV

Clark County Nevada Posted 5 months ago

Cedar Trees Dying

A gentleman has 2 rows of 4 cedar trees, 2 in one row next to each other have died, slowly over 2 years. Now more are turning brown from the top, down. The trees are given a grass fertilzer, once a year and flood irrigated with well water twice a week. The trees are not in the lawn and nothing has been sprayed around the trees. No weed and feed used on the lawn. The trees are 8-9 years old, transplanted 4 years ago and up until 2 years ago, doing fine.

Elko County Nevada Posted 6 months ago