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Questions asked to this group

Dying thundercloud tree

How can I tell if my tree is past the point of reviving? As you can see in the background all the neighbors trees have already bloomed and have full leaves. That one tiny bud is all my tree has.

Nevada Posted 11 days ago

Why is it here

autumn leaf and female of are nesting and are they not asian spiders. Bit by female and not pleased. Please this is an honest inquiry

White Pine County Nevada Posted about 1 month ago

Random rash?

Hello Ive had this small rash on the lower half of my leg for at least a week now, I think it started with one bump and I started scratching it and it turned into a line and I tried to ignore it for the next few days but I found myself scratching it again the other night and it looks more irritated. I’m not sure if it was a bug bite, if it’s staph, or if I rubbed up against a plant that I’m allergic to but I don’t recall doing that.

Clark County Nevada Posted 2 months ago

What kind of spider is this?

What kind/what type of spider is this? Is the venom dangerous?

Lyon County Nevada Posted 2 months ago

Little black (2mm - 3mm) ants in the house

We've suffered from an infestation of little black ants in the house since last fall. We called in an exterminator and he called them Argentine Ants. He's sprayed the foundation/crawl space but they still persist. We've been using Hot Shot kitchen spray (pyrethrin based) but they keep returning. Any ideas about what to do?

Carson City Nevada Posted 2 months ago


Does anyone knows what are those wormlike? Are they beneficial to my garden ? If not, how to get rid of them?

Clark County Nevada Posted 2 months ago

Non-bearing Mulberry tree

After a number of years of pruning the limbs of a Mulberry tree, the ends of the limb gets thicker. Question should the thicker part if the limb be cut back taking off the thicker part of the limb. My wife seems to think if you cut off the thicker part of the limb you destroy the looks of the tree.

Clark County Nevada Posted 3 months ago

Pinon needle scale

What is used to treat pinon needle scale? What time if year? Where is it available?

Douglas County Nevada Posted 3 months ago

Soil Testing

How long does it take to get the results of a soil test, and how detailed will the report be?

Washoe County Nevada Posted 3 months ago

Bug bites at night

A month ago I went through nights of bug bites (about 10 bites in total by the third night). I’d wake up around 3am with an itchy bump/s, so on the third night I stripped my entire bed and washed all my sheets in hot water. I inspected the area and mattress each night and couldn’t find any signs of bed bugs. I had an inspection from a bed bug exterminator about 2 days later (in that time I had no new bites). He couldn’t find anything but gave me sticky traps. He said to leave them around me and the edges of my bed for 10 days, if I had nothing in the traps and no new bites then it wasn’t bed bugs. After 11 days of sleeping with the traps I got rid of them thinking I was pest free and maybe it was a spider. Fast forward to 3 weeks later and I woke up about 2 am with a single bug bite on my leg. I have no idea what to do, it’s winter so I know it can’t be a mosquito just living in my room. I have my pets sleep with me but they aren’t itchy and my roommate isn’t getting any bites.

Washoe County Nevada insect issues Posted 4 months ago