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Questions asked to this group

I have purchased a property in Mcintosh county, I have 80 foot tall trees and...

I have purchased a property in Mcintosh county, I have 80 foot tall trees and it is mostly shaded. the soil is almost 100% sand. My question is, what grass can I plant that will hold the sand. I have tried fescue, rye. I am thinking of putting in winter wheat just to hold the sand

McIntosh County Oklahoma Posted 11 days ago

Globe Amaranth Multi-Flower?

Hi, I am growing globe amaranth in zone 7b, it has been growing since May and increasingly I am seeing these interesting “multi-flowers” where it looks like several flowers are all bundled onto the same head. I can’t find anything about this online and would love to know more! Why is it happening, is it common, what is the mechanisim? Thank you

Cleveland County Oklahoma Posted 18 days ago

Hatching of the achemon Sphinx moth

Does the Sphinx catapillar make a cocoon .? If not how does it turn into a moth .

Oklahoma County Oklahoma Posted about 1 month ago

tomato plants rusting

I planted 6 tomato plants this year. 2 of them were doing fine then suddenly starting rusting/browning and wilting. I pulled them and replanted. the remaining 4 were doing fantastic, growing...setting fruit. Suddenly another one sarted doing the same. I have checked for bugs and have not seen any. Any Ideas? I am attaching pics

Texas County Oklahoma Posted 2 months ago

Cucumber plants not flowering

I have several cucumber plants. One is producing flowers and seems to have both male and female flowers. The others were planted later because I had something eating off the entire plant about 2” above the ground. The late plants have no flowers at all. They get lots of sun and I water the base of each plant daily. The wire mesh you see in the pictures was completely covering the later plants from the time I planted the seeds until they were starting to get crowded. This was done to keep away whatever it was eating the young plants. Then I opened it recently to allow them to grow.Thank you for your help!

Caddo County Oklahoma Posted 3 months ago

What mushroom is this

Does anybody know what this is

Delaware County Oklahoma Posted 3 months ago

stray corn seed

A stray corn seed landed in my backyard, producing a beautiful plant Just to see what would happen, we let it grow. Nice and tall. Now that it is so large, we would like to know if it is safe to eat Thak you Nancy Kurowski

Oklahoma County Oklahoma Posted 3 months ago

Killing pine trees in northeastern Oklahoma

I have noticed beautiful pine trees dying in our area just north of Tahlequah along Hey 82A. In only two days I have seen perfectly healthy looking trees turn completely brown. We have ants on our trees but I am not seeing any other insects. I did see sap running down the trunks higher in the trees. What is killing them?

Cherokee County Oklahoma Posted 3 months ago

What is this?

This appeared in my mother-in-law's flower bed and was gone the next day, with no sign of it ever being there. Can you tell me what it is?

Tulsa County Oklahoma Posted 4 months ago

Trimming trees

Can we trim overgrown Redbud trees and almost certain dead limbs on our River Birch this week?

Jackson County Oklahoma pruning horticulture Posted 4 months ago