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Distance between trees

How far apart should shumard oak trees be planted?

How far apart should sycamore trees be planted?

Cleveland County Oklahoma Posted 9 days ago

Substitutes for the metal plate between layers of jars

What can I substitute for the metal plate that separates and supports the layer of jars. I have a 21 quart Presto Pressure canner. I have 7 pints for each layer. (14 total). I’ve never canner pints before.

Garvin County Oklahoma Posted 18 days ago

Maple tree was cut down, bugs in the firewood

About 1 year ago I had to cut down a mature Maple tree because it had internal wood rot. I saved some of the cuttings for firewood, but now the stack of wood looks like it may be infested with bugs. I've attached some pics. I can't see any bugs crawling around bug there are piles of very fine wood dust all around the pile of the cut wood. Can you tell me if the wood is infested with some type of bugs? And it I would get rid of it rather than use if for firewood? Thanks

Tulsa County Oklahoma Posted about 1 month ago

Newly Created Planting Beds

The Back Story: Yesterday, 9/25/2020, we pulled up some much hated hedges, resulting in 3 new planting beds near our house. We’d like to use them to grow edibles. My Questions: My questions are as follows: (1) Are there any edibles that I can or should plant NOW in some freshly created planting beds; (2) should I begin with seems or seedlings; (3) what are the best sources at this time of year of seeds/seedlings; and (4) If It’s best that I not plant now, how best should I prepare the spaces for wintering over until I can begin planning in them? and (3) pulled up some much hated hedges on 9/25/2020. The plan for the newly created planting beds around the foundation in front of the house is for bulbs and ornamentals. We’d like to put the other three spaces into production of edibles. Unrelated to the hedge replacement beds, I am planning to try a Three Sisters Garden next year elsewhere on our property. Is there anything I should/could be doing now ton prepare the area to enhance the likelihood of success with this plan? Details: Bed #1 is 8’ x 15’ in full sun at 9:30 this morning, will have full sun all day, and has minimal protection from winds coming from the north. Bed #2 is 25’ X 10’ has some dappled sun at 9:30 this morning, will receive more sun as the day progresses, minimal protection from north wind, sheltered from south wind by large trees nearby, and protected from west wind by a 4-horse trailer parked close by. Bed #3 was an old foundation hedge on the back side of the house along a wall that began life as the west wall to a garage. The exterior wall is cedar log construction set on a concrete foundation. The bed is 3’ x 25’. As of 9:30 this morning, it was in full shade, but will be in full sun as the sun approaches its zenith and will remain in full sun for most of the afternoon, becoming shaded by trees farther west as sunset approaches. We would really like to turn this bed into a kitchen garden, as it is steps from the kitchen. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Attached are photos I took this morning of the 3 planting beds.

Cherokee County Oklahoma Posted about 1 month ago

Winterizing Elaphant Ear's

Good day, early this summer I tried my luck at planting elephant ears, and wow did they do really good... I planted 2 different kinds "Jack Giants" and "Thai" the Jack Giants grew from a bulb and the Thai grew from a stock similar to a banana tree How would I go about winterizing both of these plants?

Tulsa County Oklahoma Posted about 1 month ago

What is this

I found a large cocoon “thing” attached to my downspout a few days ago that I have never seen before. It is approx 1inch diameter x 2 inches long. It was initially a light lime color but is now a medium brown. It is covered with silk-like threads all over.

Tulsa County Oklahoma Posted 2 months ago

The magazine VOX"The meat we eat is a pandemic risk too" by Signal...

The magazine VOX"The meat we eat is a pandemic risk too" by Signal Samuel(aug20 2020) raises puplic concern regarding future pandemics such as H5N1 influenza originating in the dangerously unsanitary environments that exist in CAFO's.If you can provide me with an e-mail address I will e-mail you a copy of article.Dr Michael Greger MD in his current book"How to Survive a Pandemic"does an excellent job of discussing the environment of a factory farm and describing the implications of this environment in causing the next pandemic.Viral spill over which can lead to zoonotic diseases such as Covid-19 can be best approached by ONE HEALTh strategy which advocates best practices for agricultural production of animal products. I've seen images of CAFO's (Google CAFO and click on images). Are CAFO's following agricultural best practices?(ie "safe from farm to fork" I'm a retired microbiolgist with an MS from Ohio State in Food Science

Oklahoma Posted 2 months ago


We live in far eastern Oklahoma where most trees are oaks. A neighbor, who cuts trees down for a living, chips a lot of his trees and then pushes it over a cliff. Would there be any problems with using his chips for mulch? Most bagged mulch out here is pine. Thanks

Sequoyah County Oklahoma Posted 2 months ago


In Oklahoma! Is this a chrysalis or cocoon and what kind? I thought maybe a bag worm moth but this one is very smooth unlike others I’ve seen.

Payne County Oklahoma Posted 2 months ago


I am trying to find out what these 2 plants are.

Pawnee County Oklahoma Posted 2 months ago