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Questions asked to this group

What is this?

This appeared in my mother-in-law's flower bed and was gone the next day, with no sign of it ever being there. Can you tell me what it is?

Tulsa County Oklahoma Posted 9 days ago

Trimming trees

Can we trim overgrown Redbud trees and almost certain dead limbs on our River Birch this week?

Jackson County Oklahoma pruning horticulture Posted 20 days ago

false bamboo

is this the plant that has red berries in the winter

Delaware County Oklahoma Posted 25 days ago

Fungus on tree

Oh have a coral maple for a year and bow it has a fungus, what do I do about it?

Oklahoma County Oklahoma Posted about 1 month ago

Unknown root in vegetable garden

Dug this up in my garden but I have no idea what it is. It smells like a lettuce but I am stumped. It is a raised garden so the only things in there would be stuff I planted. (or my kids) lol. Thanks.

Rogers County Oklahoma Posted about 1 month ago

Question about lawn care fraud

Is it possible for an unscrupulous lawn care company to somehow spray or spread weed seeds into your yard? Over the past 2 months 5 or 6 houses in our neighborhood have subscribed to some local lawn care service that sprays something on their lawn that turns it green. In almost every case, next door to those houses, those homes are ate up with henbit. Now, about a month ago our neighbor got the green treatment. Suddenly, our yard is covered in purple henbit weeds. My other neighbor says this yard has never had a weed in it, and remarked that this seems insane to suddenly be covered in them. In my backyard, you can see where the henbit line ends, and no more weeds exist in the rest of the yard. Where the henbit is....is all accessible by road and sidewalk. If there is no road or sidewalk access outside my fence, there is no henbit. Am I imagining things, or does my theory at least possibly hold water?

Creek County Oklahoma Posted 3 months ago

How to incorporate agriculture into a child's daily routine.

I work at an after school daycare for about 3 hours each day and we mainly play the entire time but I have been considering doing a few fun demonstrations or activities for the kids that involve agriculture and can teach the children a few things simultaneously.

Payne County Oklahoma Posted 3 months ago


I have some rocks that i need to find out what they are

Oklahoma County Oklahoma Posted 5 months ago

Fall blooms

I live in Northeastern Oklahoma and it almost mid November. My 1 year old redbud tree has several blooms on it that should be on in spring. It that a bad sign for the tree ?

Rogers County Oklahoma Posted 7 months ago

Curious as to what these guys are hanging around the library.

I saw these guys hanging out under some dusty shelves in a library. They varied in size but they all had the same color and shape?

Comanche County Oklahoma Posted 8 months ago