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I have some rocks that i need to find out what they are

Oklahoma County Oklahoma Posted 28 days ago

Fall blooms

I live in Northeastern Oklahoma and it almost mid November. My 1 year old redbud tree has several blooms on it that should be on in spring. It that a bad sign for the tree ?

Rogers County Oklahoma Posted 3 months ago

Curious as to what these guys are hanging around the library.

I saw these guys hanging out under some dusty shelves in a library. They varied in size but they all had the same color and shape?

Comanche County Oklahoma Posted 4 months ago

Trimming my rose of sharon

I have a sugar tipped Rose of Sharon. The leaves are a lighter color of green and variegated. The bloom is a very light pink. I am wanting to trim it. Can I do that in the fall or should I wait until Spring? If trimming in the fall, should I wait until it stops blooming? I am hesitant to trim in the Spring because just when I feel it is warm enough to trim it, it has small buds ready for blooming.

Oklahoma County Oklahoma Posted 5 months ago

Crate Myrtle diseased (possible fungus)

Hello there! Firstly, let me say how grateful I am for all that you do for our community. I noticed a few weeks ago that my crate myrtle (which I planted in spring of 2016) started developing some white spots/scales on the branches. Some of the leaves have browned (not many) and it looks like there is some kind of a resin on the leaves as well. The flowers are in bloom, but are obviously being affected by whatever is attacking the plant. I'm wondering if it's a fungus of some kind and if so how I can treat it. I would hate to lose the plant. I have attached photos I took. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts as well as if you need further information. Thank you so very much! Cheers, Lesley Shollmier

Tulsa County Oklahoma Posted 6 months ago

Ridding large trees of web worms

To the Instructor: Good afternoon. Our Family needs to know the best remedy for ridding our Pecan and Fruit trees of Web worms. Can you give a good honest advice as to the path we need to explore when keeping our trees in Oklahoma bug free? Thank you for your advice; we hope to hear from you soon regarding a web worm infestation. Sabrina BurchJohnson

Grady County Oklahoma Posted 7 months ago

What kind of pear tree do I have?

What kind of pear tree do I have? And how do I know when to harvest it? Only a few pears easily separate from their spur at the moment. Please let me know. Note: Pear photos are from today, 7-19-17 tree photos were taken June 3, 2017. Thank you, Heather Graif

Oklahoma County Oklahoma Posted 7 months ago

Godzilla sized spider

Hello. I am still barely alive to ask what kind of spider this is . See hand in pic for sizing... looks like a huntsman, but not sure.

Oklahoma County Oklahoma Posted 7 months ago

treatments by yard service

My yard service applies all kinds of chemicals to grass during year. I do not get all of their many services; but I do receive fertilizer, pre-emergent treatments and a few treatments that "sound good from yard personnel." My yard has patches where grass is dead, some of the patches have a white substance on top. Is there anything I can do to resurrect this grass? Lawn company says "fertilizer will green up grass," but grass is dead. Can fertilizer cause dead grass to come back? Thank you.

Tulsa County Oklahoma Posted 8 months ago


I pick up this spider and I want to know what kind it is

Seminole County Oklahoma Posted 8 months ago