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Help with identifying an agricultural plant

We live in Carver County but there is a field in Stearns County on our way to our cabin that was planted - we cannot identify the crop. It has red leaves with a little green. I do have a picture I am attaching to help you with the identification. I have a couple more if that would help that I did not attach. It is a very unusual crop and we have asked many people. Hope you can help

Carver County MN Posted 2 days ago

Black vine beetle

What should I feed my black hard shelled vine beetle. PLEASE LET ME know ASAP! PLEASE!!

Ramsey County MN Posted 7 days ago

Magnolia Tree Diseased Branches

My magnolia tree has white scale on most of its branches. Some of the branches are dying. I have attached a picture. Can you identify what this is and if there is a cure?

Thanks for your help.

Dakota County MN Posted 21 days ago

Culvert in city location full of weeds

Culvert water goes into St Croix river.
We would like to replace all the weeds with grasses? Using roundup for weeds doesn't sound good to me before planting grasses what should we do? Washington county

Hennepin County MN Posted 23 days ago

Insect on Corn

What is this insect on the corn?

Hennepin County MN Posted 29 days ago

Apple tree branches almost touching the ground

Hello! I know I should've pruned them earlier to prevent this, but the ends of some of my apple tree's branches are almost touching the ground. As the apples grow, they will definitely end up touching the ground due to their weight. I'm assuming I should trim them, but my husband says you shouldn't do that this time of year. What should I do?

Scott County Minnesota Posted about 1 month ago

Weed Identification in alfalfa field

I have a three a acre field that was alfalfa and a very poor stand so the farmer wanted to replant alfalfa into this field. He over seeded alfalfa but it did not come very well. It now has the entire field covered with a weed that is a carpet like weed. It is maybe a foot tall but that is at the top of the plant. To me it look like lawn style knot weed but a very large version of it. It has blossoms at every node and they are a pink in color. They have several stems coming out of one root base and like I mentioned before it looks like knot weed.

Blue Earth County Minnesota Posted about 1 month ago

Brown yard

Why is causing these large brown spots in my lawn?
It's not from being dry.
It is from grubs?

Washington County Minnesota Posted about 1 month ago

Repeated Hornets Nests

Hello. I am repeatedly finding Hornet's Nests at my home every year. Now, for the first time, my flowering hedge out back has multiple type bees, wasps, or hornets. They are in the hedge Bush, and, I believe, multiple nests within the ground. What should I do to rid my home and ground of them. My Goddaughter was stung by one in the basement this April or May. They get into the basement every year.

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted about 1 month ago


Why is this happening to the leaves? I see no bugs

Washington County Minnesota Posted about 1 month ago