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Questions asked to this group

What is this plant

Hi what is that plant? It gets closed from evening and opens in morning

MN Posted about 2 hours ago

Common milkweed

Will it interfere with my septic field? It’s growing on the field. Thanks Karen

MN Posted 1 day ago

Maple Trees

How do you get rid of Maple Bladder Gall on my maple trees?

Stearns County MN Posted 2 days ago

What are these cheese puff like balls on my dead jackpine??

I have 3 dead J ackpine with alot of small holes in it ..and the strangest thing is the marble size round puffs all around them?? They are yellowish orange in color.. the healthy living Jack pines all around do not have holes or puffy balls..have not messed with them can't tell you if they are hard or soft..

St. Louis County MN Posted 5 days ago

I have for years planted sorghum sudan for winter grazing. Some years the...

I have for years planted sorghum sudan for winter grazing. Some years the cows graze almost all winter and I supplement with protein tubs the last trimester unless they are getting better hay by bale grazing. A big expense has been nitrogen fertilizer. Is there something I can plant with the SS to provide all or part of the nitrogen needs and not interfere with the winter grazing? thanks

Todd County MN Posted 8 days ago

What is this bullet shaped critter

I found this hard shelled slug critter in the cool wet dirt. He articulates half if his body. About 1.5 inches long. Prehistoric looking. Seems like a cocoon but don’t think it is.

Minnesota Posted 10 days ago

Three Rivers Carver County

Have there been any reports or evidence of invasive vines in this or any other surrounding area, other than the wild cucumber? Can you tell what type of vine this is? Seen while walking at Parley Park.

Carver County Minnesota Posted 16 days ago

Antique art identification

Could anyone identify the art or even the age? It’s an oil on canvas mounted on board

Minnesota Posted about 1 month ago

Inoculants for Edamame

Does growing edamame require a different kind of inoculant than what would be used for green beans? I have a seed catalog that says their inoculant improves the growth of beans except for soybeans. I found information on the web saying that soybeans need bradyrhizobium japonicum. I would only need a small amount of this inoculant, and can't find any place that carries it.

Olmsted County Minnesota Posted 2 months ago

tiny flying black bugs

I think my house houseplants are creating these tiny flying bugs. They are attracted to light, and my computer screen. Yesterday I found hundreds all the same size, even smaller still- dead on the counter under my bathroom night light. Usually one or two are particularly interested in getting near my face. Needless to say, they are driving me crazy. I have lots of nice house plants but I am getting tempted to put them all out in the freezing snow .

Olmsted County Minnesota Posted 5 months ago