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Call duck delima

I got some call ducklings this spring. (June)Things where going fine. I took them for a bath at 5 days, they where dirty, in my tub. Water was baby warm and only 4 fingers deep. They all seamed to be having fun when all of a sudden one stoud strate up like a runner, fellow over on to it's back, did the back stroke then put its head under water while upside down and swimming. I pulled it out and calmed it down. After a few minutes it was fine.
Though the cource of the year, (a wherd year at that), I only have 2 of the original 16 left. All the ones that performed are died. Is this an illness? New to duck. Debby

Todd County Minnesota Posted about 7 hours ago

Please ID plant

This is in my marshy area in my back yard, which abuts a conservation area. Trying to eliminate or minimize invasive.

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 18 days ago

Engel man ivy/japanese beatels

Will Japanese beetles kill englman ivy?

Olmsted County Minnesota ivy pests Posted about 1 month ago

What type of bug is this

I found a bug that is unidentified as far as iv researched it has a split toung extending approximately 1 inch

Wright County Minnesota Posted 2 months ago


What kind of berries are these ?

Big Stone County Minnesota Posted 2 months ago

Peony flower that look sick

Hello Alisha A.,
I don't know if you have had a chance to look at the picture I sent you of the Peony. I know it was late but I am still waiting to hear from you.
Thanks and Regards,
George Warren

Ramsey County Minnesota Posted 3 months ago

What is this broad, spiked leaf plant?

What is this? Is it poisonous? Is it edible?

Ramsey County Minnesota Posted 3 months ago

Aronia Berry

Our Aronia Berries are plentiful but now the berries are turning yellow and falling off their clusters. We are Organic and in our 5 th year.

Nicollet County Minnesota Posted 3 months ago

Gall mites

How many years can my 3 year old red maple have gall mites? Do i need to replace it with another tye of tree?

Itasca County Minnesota Posted 3 months ago

Japanese Lilac Tree

My tree was beautiful last year, but this year, it has not leafed out. Has a few tiny buds that look like they are trying. It looks alive.

Anoka County Minnesota Posted 3 months ago