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Haralred pollinator

I have a sterile white flowering crab apple tree that hosts countless bees in spring. Is that tree a polinator and or could the bees polinate the haralreds?

Blue Earth County MN Posted 1 day ago

Dogs and the PrairieFire Crabapple Tree

We are hoping to plant a PrairieFire Crabapple tree at our condo. A concern has been brought up about the apples. Are they toxic to small dogs? My reading finds that the “berries “ stay attached until the birds come and eat them off the trees.

Le Sueur County MN Posted 20 days ago

Help Identifying Scat (Metro MN)

We found this pile of scat in our backyard same day a chicken was attacked, we're wondering if it can help us determine the culprit if the scat belongs to a predator. We have a fenced in backyard but did find places something could have dug in, whether it be rabbits or weasels.

Ramsey County MN Posted about 1 month ago

Tree fungus help identify

Can you help me identify this tree fungus and what to do about it. Thanks

Ramsey County MN Posted about 1 month ago

What is this

I found this cocoon stuck on a large bush. What is it? I put it in a jar thinking it’s a moth and I want to hatch it.

Sibley County MN Posted about 1 month ago

poison silo gas

I have never lived on a farm.

Recently (2019) a number of people died or became sick here in MN from silo gas (it happens many other states also). I am familiar with "personal gas masks", what else is available? Why does this problem continue to happen?


Gary Zweig

Ramsey County Minnesota Posted 5 months ago

Very small brown beetle with black head

Finding these in the inside window sills of older home we just purchased. None have been living. Prevalent. Very hard shell. No spots.

Wadena County Minnesota insect identification Posted 5 months ago

Spider Ball Python skin patches

I have had my Spider for 8 years. She always sheds in one piece, but did not during this last shed which was in lots of bits and pieces and there was one piece she struggled to get off. I think it might have been because I had not adjusted her humidity enough. I cannot currently handle her as she are last night and the night before. But I can see these 0.5 - 1cm circular patches of discolouration on her skin, maybe 5 of them in total and one 2cm long patch. In the photo you can see a small circular one to the left and a long 2cm one towards the middle. I think it may be due to poor shedding conditions, but want to be sure that is all it it. She is otherwise healthy and active, she is not hibernating yet.

Minnesota Posted 5 months ago

Horse carcass disposal

May a horse carcass be hauled to the U of M and be disposed of in their Biodigester? If so, what is the cost?

OR where are we to haul the carcass to an incinerator? Our vet said Rendering will no longer take horses. As a boarding stable with several geriatric horses, I have a need for answers to this emotional question for some horse owners, as well as the cost, location, hours, hauling, etc.

Where might I find answers to these questions. Thank you.

Olmsted County Minnesota Posted 6 months ago

Bugs in my room

I have a dog who sleeps in my bed. I woke a couple days ago to some I thought spider bites, yesterday I have one on my butt and one on each arm. I found black droppings in my sheets and I took all my bedding to washer and dryer on high heat. I just vacuum and empty out container and found this. Is it anything?

Anoka County Minnesota Posted 7 months ago