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tiny flying black bugs

I think my house houseplants are creating these tiny flying bugs. They are attracted to light, and my computer screen. Yesterday I found hundreds all the same size, even smaller still- dead on the counter under my bathroom night light. Usually one or two are particularly interested in getting near my face. Needless to say, they are driving me crazy. I have lots of nice house plants but I am getting tempted to put them all out in the freezing snow .

Olmsted County Minnesota Posted 2 months ago

My cat

My cat threw up and I found this in it.

Minnesota Posted 3 months ago

frozen squash

I have some squash that froze in the garden. Is there anything I can do to keep them?

Brown County Minnesota Posted 4 months ago

Is heat treated firewood safe from concerns of oak wilt?


I have a wood burning fireplace and would like to purchase wood. I have several oaks on my property (and in the neighborhood) that I care deeply for. I do not currently have dry firewood from my property that I can burn in my fireplace.

If I purchase firewood from a supplier who has been certified with the MN Dept. of Ag, can I be confident that heat treating process will kill the oak wilt fungus? They state the moisture content of the wood is below 15%. There is plenty of information out there about heat treating in relation to EAB but I cannot find much on oak.

Thank you for your help.

Ramsey County Minnesota Posted 4 months ago

Does anyone want a Black Walnut tree? About 8 feet diameter probably 50 + year old straight/tall


I'm building a home in Orono and have a Black Walnut tree that is very large, I think the diameter at 5 feet from the base is 8 feet or more. I believe it is 50 years old and straight as an arrow. Need to take it down as it is in the way of the driveway. It is my understanding these trees can be worth a fair amount of $ to harvest the wood. Let me know if you know of anyone that would want to harvest it. Thanks!

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 4 months ago

Planting after Clearing Buckthorn

We'd like to know what to plant underneath our cottonwood, wooded area after we clear Buckthorn to help with management and maybe, reestablishing native undergrowth.

We Have 4.5 Acres much of it is covered in cottonwood tree growing in competition, so they're tall, skinny, and relatively tightly packed. Underneath there is areas of thick Buckthorn and areas that are much less thick. We'd like to work on management, so we plan to start in the less thick areas and work our way towards the thick stuff. The area is slope toward the west and is shaded by the cottonwood trees.

We also have small section of prairie grass that is fairly clear, but we got to clear some spaces of dying trees and small amounts of buckthorn. What grasses should we plant? The grass that is already there is 2- 5 feet tall.

Big Stone County Minnesota Posted 5 months ago

Identify a worm

Can you identify this small worm I found on the inside of my shirt? It is about 1/2” with lightly reddish beige body and a black heart shaped head.

Olmsted County Minnesota Posted 6 months ago

Big Green Caterpillar

Found a number of these eating purslane. Help me identify. Possibly Hyles lineata?

Chisago County Minnesota Posted 6 months ago

Is there a resource for bird identification?

A robin size bird, tan body, small black beak and black eyes with black wings and tail visited my feeder. Black wings had 5 dime size round white spots in vertical rows with other random white markings. Brown cap with light tan streaks above eyes. Never seen this bird in MN in my 70 years.

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 6 months ago

Poisonous Plant

We have a lot of White Snake Root growing on the edges of our property. I had been thinking of clearing this area by grazing animals until I realized what this plant was. Apparently it was responsible for a lot of deaths in the 19th century, including Abe Lincoln's mother. I understand it poisons both the milk and the meat of animals that eat it. My question is, are there animals who can eat this plant and not be harmed and also not poison the humans that consume their meat products? Pigs? Geese?

Washington County Minnesota Posted 7 months ago