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Questions asked to this group

Red spider

I was playing with my pet then suddenly saw this spider so I want to know is it dangerous

Indiana Posted over 3 years ago

rhubarb infestation

I have thousands of black bugs on the rhubarb leaves. The plants are dying. what can I do/

Richland County Illinois Posted over 3 years ago

What kind of bug

What kind of bug is this windows was open with the screen in them my friend came over after leaving golf us opening now they every where and they fly

Indiana Posted over 3 years ago

Brown Recluse?

I was bitten rather mysteriously last month. Started out as a couple of tiny itchy blisters. I chalked it up to an allergy to a thorny bush we have. It quickly became a rather large open sore which I had looked at. I was told it was some type of bug bite but they treated me for cellulitis. 2 antibiotics and weeks later, It stopped sloughing and is red but healing. Today, we were sitting in the living room, and in runs a spider that looks to me like a brown recluse. I did NOT care to get too close to get a better photo. (Sorry) I now have a serious case of the creeps because his buddies probably all saw me kill him and are exacting revenge when my Ambien kicks in. Please tell me your thoughts! Thank you!

Marion County Indiana Posted over 3 years ago

Poison Hemlock

I can't figure out if this is Poison Hemlock or Queen Anne's Lace. There are tiny hairs present and no red/purple on the stem. However the flowers look so similar to a Poison Hemlock plant in the same area.

Posey County Indiana Posted over 3 years ago

Italian heather

I received an Italian Heather for Mothers Day and it is all turning brown. Can it be saved and how.

Ripley County Indiana Posted over 3 years ago


What zone are we?

Marion County Indiana Posted over 3 years ago

Bug in my home

guys .. i found a bug in my home often in recent days .. pls help me to come out of this

Greene County Indiana Posted over 3 years ago

Snow Crab blight// Evergreen Ewes showing serious damage

Our culdesac has several Ewes planted and they are about ten years old ;'; Have done wonderful full growth; They have come up with maybe 20% of the plant is showing serious burnt damage on the ewes leaves; Any ideas what it is and what can we do for it?

Also we have a snow crab decidiuos tree about 20' tall pointed on that culled sac and it appears to have leaf blight ; We are going to treat both areas with cu after trimming the damage off? Any suggestions? Are they both the same disease?

St. Joseph County Indiana trees and shrubs yew horticulture Posted over 3 years ago

Fallen American robin bird nest

Two American robin baby birds and their nest fell from on top of our patio light fixture. Not quite fledglings yet we decided to Put them back in the nest and back on the light fixture. However neither the Mother nor father seems to remember they were on the light fixture. We have noticed them going to where they fell down but they aren't flying back up to the light fixture where they have been diligently caring for them for days on end. What should we do?

Illinois Posted over 3 years ago