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Questions asked to this group

Maple tree with possible fungus


So I bought a house and it has a red maple in the front yard. It seems like the previous owner moved a long time ago and after this period and neglect of the yard and trees, our maple seems to be half dead.

I have worked now for about 2 years trying to get this maple to come back. I noticed that the root flare was covered with grass so I gently exploded that back to the air. I also tried watering it more frequently. However at the end of last year I began to notice that the bark started to fall off. Under the bark was a black substance.

I dont know enough about trees to say if it is the tree healing or the tree dying.

My question, is this maple have a fungus? If it does can I do anything?

If I cut out the dead part of this tree can it come back? Or should I call it and cut the whole thing down?



Idaho trees and shrubs Posted 9 days ago

What type of scat is this?

Hiking up near Scotchman Peak and came across this.

Clark County Idaho Posted 4 months ago

Teton Potatoes

I was wondering I need to warm up some teton potatoes and was wondering the best way to get them warmed up from 49 to 53

Cassia County Idaho potatoes Posted 5 months ago

What is this?

Need a little help identifying this beautiful guy!

Ada County Idaho Posted 6 months ago

no cukes being produced

My Armenian cucumber is huge, but has no, I repeat no blossoms. What could be the matter? I looks so healthy!

Ada County Idaho Posted 7 months ago

Premature heavy yellowing leaves on Honey Locust tree.

I am working with neighbor who has a mature 40' honey locust trees that over the last month is dropping a lot of it's leaves and showing heavy amount of yellow leaves on edge of the branches. We are also seeing yellowing grass underneath the canopy of the tree. The rest of lawn is fine. She did apply a broad leaf fertilizer a month ago that includes herbicide for billbugs. The temperature on the day of fertilizer was about 86'. Not for sure what time of day it was applied. Also we had a very wet late winter & spring about 250% of normal. I'm included a few photos of tree backed off and up close of yellowing leaves. Also photo of yellowing lawn underneath. Anyway, any input would be great. Thanks again for your help.. Don

Canyon County Idaho Posted 7 months ago

Morning glory

How do you kill wild morning glory that is growing in red fescue?

Ada County Idaho Posted 9 months ago

Grow Cherry Laurels in Boise/Meridian area?

We would like to put in an evergreen hedge, but don't want arborvitae. Would cherry laurels (or English laurels) do well in the Meridian area? It would be about 12-15 feet from a smaller irrigation ditch, in full sun. What soil prep is required? Do they require much maintenance to have a somewhat natural-looking (not too manicured-looking) hedge? Is there anything else we should take into consideration?

Ada County Idaho Posted 12 months ago

Pruning Interlaken grapes

How and when do you prune Interlaken grapes in southern Idaho ?

Twin Falls County Idaho Posted 12 months ago

silvery rock found in nampa, idaho.

hi my name is alberto lopez and i live en México at this moment and i have this silver like rock i found en idaho a couple of years back just want to know if you can help me with any info about the rock and if its worth anything.

Outside United States Posted 12 months ago