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Smooth Brome Grass - Control

The grass is spreading out of the designated field area into yard, strawberry and flower beds. I understand Roundup will work but the area to control is extensive along the fence line, yard and garden areas. What are my options to stop it spreading and not cause any harm as animal feed?

Washington County Nebraska Posted 5 months ago

Lichens on indoor stone fireplace

I just purchased a home that has lichens all over the stones on the indoor fireplace. This fireplace is about 14 feet high floor to ceiling (so large one to clean). The prior owners didn't ever clean the stones on the fireplace in over a decade, so these lichens have been growing for some time. I am curious what is the best way to clean this off (including should I first scrape all of the lichen off with a nylon bristle brush while wearing a mask of course and then using a liquid mixture to wipe down each stone) as one of my sons has a respiratory illness and I don't want anything to stay in the air to harm him. I am also wondering what is best to not only clean them off but prevent them from coming back. Finally, do you think the lichens are on the inside of the chimney (so would I need to clean that too) especially if the fireplace was used a great deal? Thank you for your help!

Scotts Bluff County Nebraska Posted 10 months ago

Pepper Jam/Jelly Fruit Float

What is the secret to getting rid of fruit float when I make pepper jam? The recipe I am using calls for 1 lb. jalapenos, 3 red bell peppers, 5 lbs. sugar, & 3 cups vinegar. I boil all together until it reaches 220*F, then add 2 pouches CERTO, and bring to the boil again until the temp is 220*F. Only once in all the years I have been using this recipe has the jam started to set as I was ladling it into the jars. The fruit distributed beautifully. All other times either the jam takes days to set or the fruit floats to the top unless I periodically rotate the jars, which probably prevents the pectin matrix from forming. Please help!

Sarpy County Nebraska Posted 10 months ago

I have many beautiful rocks

So i have a lot of rocks jade agate and others i can't I identify if you could email me back i would love to send some photos to know more about them

Nebraska Posted 11 months ago


Hello I'm looking into weevils for our property in sw Nebraska. Can they live here? Not finding much information on living conditions. Thanks

Hitchcock County Nebraska Posted about 1 year ago

China Twin Holly pet concern

We just planted 6 China Twin Holly shrubs around our back patio. My wife is now concerned that our French Bull dogs will get sick and die from them as she read they are poisonous to animals. Should we tear them out and plant something different? Have you heard of animals problems with these plants?

Douglas County Nebraska Posted over 1 year ago

Artichoke seed

How or where can obtain seed for the artichoke variety Omaha? I have looked on the web but haven't found what I am looking for. I heard that this variety is good when grown as an annual. Winters to cold here for perennial artichokes.

Lincoln County Nebraska Posted over 1 year ago

Woody plant problems

Which woody plants have the fewest insect or disease problems?

Lancaster County Nebraska Posted almost 2 years ago

Keep clover

Am trying to establish clover on about 80 feet of trodden curb. Would like to spray now for dandelions. What can I use?

Lancaster County Nebraska Posted almost 2 years ago

How soon can I plant pasture after a round application

I have 9 acres of mostly weeds and I want to plant pasture (Sho-Horse). I found a guy to wind row and bale my weeds and haul them off. According to my research glyphosate CAN be applied to stems after mowing if it is done right away. I want to move quickly so I have as much time as possible to start pasture growth. You get a lot of opinions about how this can be done. Some say you have to wait for growth befoire putting roundup down but I'm going with the stem spray idea. Now I am getting different opinions about how soon I can drill plant the pasture seed after I spray the roundup. Apparently Scotts says that you can plant flowers in a day, but regular grass after three days. I had one guy tell me I can plant pasture a day later--others say I have to wait a week. Anyone have an educated opinion on this?

Madison County Nebraska Posted about 2 years ago