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Questions asked to this group

Lettuce green worms

My crop of lettuce in my raised lettuce table has been destroyed by worms. I have removed all the plants and sifted through the dirt. I want to plant a second crop for the fall. Do I need to totally replace the dirt or can I just add some new dirt to my lettuce table and they plant the new crop? Do you have any other suggestions to prevent these worms in my new crop?

Leavenworth County KS Posted 9 days ago

Red hot poker plant

I bought 7 red hot poker plants in Boulder Colorado on July 1st. I planted them in Wichita KS on July 6th. The foliage is doing well but the buds keep dying. Do I cut off the dying buds and focus on the plant/roots? Or leave them alone?

Sedgwick County KS Posted 12 days ago

Best practices for using Hydrogen peroxide to clean drip irrigation

Hello my question is in regard to using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to remove iron and sulfur reducing bacteria from drip irrigation lines. I done some research of my own on this topic, but have not found much helpful information. Most of it was not specific enough to answer my questions such as if different dosing is required based on bacteria CFU/ml or mineral ppm in the water or even type of bacteria. Was hoping that someone in this network has had more experience with this than I myself have had or could point out some good extension articles on the subject.

KS Posted 25 days ago

What causes tomatoes to have variegated leaves? Is there something that the plants need?

What causes tomatoes to have variegated leaves? Is there something I need to do?

Reno County KS Posted about 1 month ago

Clematis stops growing

My clematis gets about 2 ft tall then just stops!! I planted a day Lilly near it to shade the roots, it is in lots of sun. Beautiful blooms and leaves, but just won’t get any taller. Help please

Saline County KS Posted about 1 month ago

Girdled Ash tree

Over the course of eight or so years this tree is producing fewer and fewer leaves and also developing this bump all around is base. I understand it may be girdled. What can I do about this?

Shawnee County Kansas Posted 3 months ago

Fine line buckthorn fern

Does the Fine Line Buckthorn Fern have white dots on the bark of the Bush? My plants(2) seem very healthy. This is the beginning of the 3rd year for growth. I just always check my plants for fungus and diseases. I can’t seem to find a picture of the bark of these bushes. The white dots are engrained in the Wood. You cannot scrape them off.

Sedgwick County Kansas Posted 4 months ago


I am interesting in starting a dutch bucket Aquaponics system on my 5 acres on hte Meade/Breck county line. I was wondering if hte Extension office had any resources for how to do this well in Kentucky. I looked at the KSU program, but I cannot afford the tution for the distance learning course. My main goal is to grow strawberries, lettuces, etc. This way. Thanks in advance, Dave MItchner

Meade County Kentucky aquaponics agriculture meade county kentucky Posted 6 months ago


I have my Epiphyllum siting in the middle of the house for winter. My question is is it receiving enough light? I moved it to the south window and the tips of the new stems looked like they were getting burned. Does it mean sunburn if the tops of the leggy stems are turning reddish brown?

Coffey County Kansas Posted 7 months ago

Coffee grounds in compost or the garden.

What if any studies have there been on using coffee grounds in composting or using them directly in the garden. There is a lot of information on the internet but I've yet to see anything that talks about caffeine! I have access to large amounts of spent coffee grounds and just wonder if they would be beneficial or not?

Riley County Kansas Posted 7 months ago