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Fine line buckthorn fern

Does the Fine Line Buckthorn Fern have white dots on the bark of the Bush? My plants(2) seem very healthy. This is the beginning of the 3rd year for growth. I just always check my plants for fungus and diseases. I can’t seem to find a picture of the bark of these bushes. The white dots are engrained in the Wood. You cannot scrape them off.

Sedgwick County KS Posted about 1 month ago


I am interesting in starting a dutch bucket Aquaponics system on my 5 acres on hte Meade/Breck county line. I was wondering if hte Extension office had any resources for how to do this well in Kentucky. I looked at the KSU program, but I cannot afford the tution for the distance learning course. My main goal is to grow strawberries, lettuces, etc. This way. Thanks in advance, Dave MItchner

Meade County KY aquaponics agriculture meade county kentucky Posted 3 months ago


I have my Epiphyllum siting in the middle of the house for winter. My question is is it receiving enough light? I moved it to the south window and the tips of the new stems looked like they were getting burned. Does it mean sunburn if the tops of the leggy stems are turning reddish brown?

Coffey County KS Posted 4 months ago

Coffee grounds in compost or the garden.

What if any studies have there been on using coffee grounds in composting or using them directly in the garden. There is a lot of information on the internet but I've yet to see anything that talks about caffeine! I have access to large amounts of spent coffee grounds and just wonder if they would be beneficial or not?

Riley County KS Posted 5 months ago

Cotton Patch Geese

Hello, I’m interested in buying some Cotton Patch Geese from a local who can’t trace it genetics to one of the four main breeding lines existing. They show all the traits of a Cotton Patch but could be breed with other geese as a result of mixed flocks and no records. Has animal DNA testing come along far enough to tell if a heritage and endangered breed like the Cotton Patch goose is what someone claims? Thanks for your help. Amanda

Twin Falls County ID birds wildlife Posted 5 months ago

Paw Paw Seeds

I was wondering if i could just plant a piece of the fruit in some soil. Would that be able to have them germ? How far down in a gallon pot would you plant the seeds or the fruit, if that is possible?

Shawnee County Kansas Posted 8 months ago


I found this in the back of my shirt after a night walk with my dog. It was about 2 inches lengt of just the body . I live in KC KS. Any Idea will help

Wyandotte County Kansas Posted 10 months ago

Gel like substance on apricots on tree

I have a fairly young apricot tree that maybe had 5-10 apricots on it last year, and this year I have many more but they have a gel like substance on the fruit. What is the cause of this and is there anything I can do to save the fruit? I am assuming it is not something good for the fruit!

Pottawatomie County Kansas Posted 11 months ago

Hollyhocks changed color.

I had deep purple hollyhocks. There were no other colored hollyhocks in our area. For years they were deep purple. Replanted seeds across the road at my mother ‘s place. They were purple for a couple of years then started changing colors. Frist pinks, then only white now most of them are yellow. No pinks , purple or anything in between. Almost all yellow. What’s happening here?

Kansas Posted 12 months ago

Petrified heart or leaf?

I live in Kansas and I found this rock in my backyard. It looks like a heart and the veins are on both sides.

Sedgwick County Kansas Posted over 1 year ago