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Heirloom Tomato plants, all fine except one, size small, 20 blooms on plant, just barely off ground

would transplanting the plant and using a plant mix like Miracle Grow help ,vice reqular soil? Been watering every day and using plant food once a week......suggestions?

Miami County Kansas Posted 4 days ago

White spots on tomato leaves

What are these white spots (also some brown ones on stem)? I removed all the bad leaves but should I spray with fungicide?

Sedgwick County Kansas vegetable gardening Posted 11 days ago

Preen toxicisty

Is it harmful to birds. I don’t want seeds germinating under my feeders

Sedgwick County Kansas Posted about 1 month ago

Spraying Pecan trees

Tell David C. for home owners, if they have a power washer, they can spray the tops of large trees with treatments. Sort of surprised David C. didn't mention the use of Zinc. Is Zinc needed in just some parts of the country?

Leavenworth County Kansas Posted 3 months ago

When can the "soil be worked"?

I am in zone 5b. I am wondering what month people are able to work their soil in my area. Also what exactly does it mean, when the soil is able to be worked? Does this just mean you can dig your shovel down into the soil?

Brown County Kansas Posted 4 months ago

Information on how to take and use soil samples from your garden

How do I take soil samples and where do I have it checked?

Johnson County Kansas Posted 5 months ago


For the last several years we have had an influx of this time of bug on and around our sunburst locust. Do you know what bug this is and is it part of the reason our branches keep dying off and dropping from out locust?

Johnson County Kansas Posted 5 months ago

What plant is this

Photos taken October 15. Plant is about 3’ tall

Wyandotte County Kansas plant identification horticulture Posted 7 months ago

What variety of pears do I have?

And do they need to be chilled after picking? Thank you!

Douglas County Kansas Posted 11 months ago


I have a Cockatiel named Coty
He has been scratching for couple of months. I looked online for Home Remedies and pet bird mites.

Found This:
Make bath water:
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
Soak bird for several minutes.
Then Towel dry.
Put Olive Oil in a Spray bottle & spray bird.
Return bird to his cage.
I did all this.

Woke up this morning and Coty is on cage floor tucked in a corner
He won't talk, sing whistle, play with his toys/bells and he won't eat.


PS: Today I bathed him again twice with plain warm water, placed him in cage and covered him with blanket and have him in warm room.


Harris County Texas birds pets Posted 11 months ago