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Paw Paw Seeds

I was wondering if i could just plant a piece of the fruit in some soil. Would that be able to have them germ? How far down in a gallon pot would you plant the seeds or the fruit, if that is possible?

Shawnee County KS Posted 26 days ago


I found this in the back of my shirt after a night walk with my dog. It was about 2 inches lengt of just the body . I live in KC KS. Any Idea will help

Wyandotte County KS Posted 2 months ago

Gel like substance on apricots on tree

I have a fairly young apricot tree that maybe had 5-10 apricots on it last year, and this year I have many more but they have a gel like substance on the fruit. What is the cause of this and is there anything I can do to save the fruit? I am assuming it is not something good for the fruit!

Pottawatomie County KS Posted 4 months ago

Hollyhocks changed color.

I had deep purple hollyhocks. There were no other colored hollyhocks in our area. For years they were deep purple. Replanted seeds across the road at my mother ‘s place. They were purple for a couple of years then started changing colors. Frist pinks, then only white now most of them are yellow. No pinks , purple or anything in between. Almost all yellow. What’s happening here?

KS Posted 4 months ago

Petrified heart or leaf?

I live in Kansas and I found this rock in my backyard. It looks like a heart and the veins are on both sides.

Sedgwick County KS Posted about 1 year ago

What is this?

Found this outside today...

Sherman County Kansas Posted about 1 year ago

Inquiry as to plants for high elevation and cool temperatures

James Consolver

Dept of Geology
Wichita State University
Wichita, KS


My name is James Consolver I am adjunct faculty and a researcher at Wichita State University. I am also a Master Gardener with the Sedgwick County Extension service.

I need some information and knowing the Master Gardeners as I do, you are probably a good place to start.

I am working on a research study involving the development of edible foods at high elevations. This is a very early consideration of the possibility of growing plants in greenhouses in the Martian environment and is related to several projects that the US Space Agency (NASA) is working on currently.

I know that your gardeners and farmers are successful in very difficult (relative to Kansas) growing conditions and am hoping to learn from them.

I am especially interested in varieties of potatoes, peas, beans, and lettuce that have been shown to thrive at high elevations. Native varieties of plants from these elevations are also of interest. Part of my study is to show that naturally occurring edible plants can be by normal selective breeding be acclimatized to low pressures and low temperatures. This simple change would significantly reduce the cost and complexity of growing a reasonable addition to explorers diets.

Any advice, leaflets, phone numbers or other information that you can provide me would be much appreciated. I have included my mailing address in case you have flyers you might want to send.

Thank you

James Consolver

4004 Countryside

Wichita, KS 67218

Sedgwick County Kansas Posted over 1 year ago

Heirloom Tomato plants, all fine except one, size small, 20 blooms on plant, just barely off ground

would transplanting the plant and using a plant mix like Miracle Grow help ,vice reqular soil? Been watering every day and using plant food once a week......suggestions?

Miami County Kansas Posted over 1 year ago

White spots on tomato leaves

What are these white spots (also some brown ones on stem)? I removed all the bad leaves but should I spray with fungicide?

Sedgwick County Kansas vegetable gardening Posted over 1 year ago

Preen toxicisty

Is it harmful to birds. I don’t want seeds germinating under my feeders

Sedgwick County Kansas Posted over 1 year ago