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What plant is this

Photos taken October 15. Plant is about 3’ tall

Wyandotte County Kansas plant identification horticulture Posted 15 days ago

What variety of pears do I have?

And do they need to be chilled after picking? Thank you!

Douglas County Kansas Posted 4 months ago


I have a Cockatiel named Coty
He has been scratching for couple of months. I looked online for Home Remedies and pet bird mites.

Found This:
Make bath water:
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
Soak bird for several minutes.
Then Towel dry.
Put Olive Oil in a Spray bottle & spray bird.
Return bird to his cage.
I did all this.

Woke up this morning and Coty is on cage floor tucked in a corner
He won't talk, sing whistle, play with his toys/bells and he won't eat.


PS: Today I bathed him again twice with plain warm water, placed him in cage and covered him with blanket and have him in warm room.


Harris County Texas birds pets Posted 4 months ago

mystery plant

I found this on a mesa top in La Madera, NM. Any thoughts?

PS - I put MY location into your form - now that I see the information as a caption to the picture I think you want: Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. Well it was ambiguous.

Johnson County Kansas Posted 4 months ago

Castor Bean

Something is eating the leaves by my castor bean plant, I have sprayed with Seven and it is not helping. I can't see any kind of bug anywhere.

Ellis County Kansas Posted 6 months ago

Looking to identify before it is removed from my yard.

Looking to identify before it is removed from my yard.

Reno County Kansas Posted 7 months ago

Companion planting

Can I plant my okra in my Asiatic Lily Garden? I haven't had time to prepare a vegetable garden this year and so I am looking to plant a few vegetables in my flower gardens. My Lily Garden has the most room but I'm pretty sure they are poisonous so I need to know if they will in any way affect the okra that we will eat.

Cowley County Kansas Posted 7 months ago

Where can I buy bindweed gull mites. My yard is about an 1/2 acer and taken...

Where can I buy bindweed gull mites. My yard is about an 1/2 acer and taken over with bindweed, gardening is almost an imposable mission. Thank you for your help.

Lyon County Kansas lawns and turf Posted 8 months ago

Unknown diseased pecan tree

I had a pecan tree cut but I'm not sure what the disease was, should I use it as mulch for my lawn and garden

Butler County Kansas Posted 8 months ago