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Nail bugs

These bugs are concentrated and started under toe nails and finger nails

Brooke County West Virginia human health health Posted 4 months ago

Why is my sequoia turning brown?

My sequoia is 11 yrs old and has been growing outside for the past 5 yrs. During the outside growing years it has done well and had been healthy. After a very dry winter last year and extremely hot and dry summer this year the tree is showing severe brown and dying branches from the bottom up. There was some new green growth in near the trunk, but now it is turning brown. I did water it in the late fall to no avail. Now that winter is here I'm afraid it will not survive. I grew it from a seedling, and would hate to lose it. I live in North central West Virginia. Any advice would be appreciated.

Marion County West Virginia trees Posted 4 months ago

Is my red dog wood tree dead ?

Is my red dog wood tree dead ? It lost all of its leaves and the branches seam to be dead but new leaves are growing on the main trunk can you please tell me if it is dead or if it is still alive and what to do please and thank you

Jefferson County West Virginia trees dogwood Posted 7 months ago

Lilac tree borer in Sept

My grandmother's lilac tree which is over 20 ft tall has bark shredding off of it. I noticed holes in the lower area and what I thought was a wasp but now no is a borer. I read you cannot treat what's already in the bark. What can I do now to try to keep them out and prevent them from eventually killing her tree. It is September and they are still going in the tree.

Greenbrier County West Virginia Posted 7 months ago

Norfolk Island pine is dying

Can you cut the trunk down on a Norfolk Island pine to try and save it. ???? And can it be separated to save the younger trees that are there

Berkeley County West Virginia Posted 7 months ago

Bugs in home

What kind of bug is this. It was in my living room.

West Virginia insect identification Posted over 2 years ago

Brown Recluse?

I live in southern WV and I found this spider in my bath tub last night. I caught it and threw it off the balcony. I didnt harm it. I always try to save spiders but after researching, I'm wondering if this may be a brown recluse and do i need to spray? I have a 5-year old in the house.

Raleigh County West Virginia spiders spider identification nursery web spider pisaurina mira Posted almost 3 years ago

horticultural mineral oil

What is the difference between the "mineral oil" that one buys in a store for baby oil, constipation and use on skin and the "mineral oil" in the horticultural oil or dormant oils now being sold for mite and grub protection?

Doddridge County West Virginia Posted about 3 years ago


I am doing a report on disinfecting in child care facilities and elementary schools. I am looking for information concerning the connection between a clean learning environment and cognitive/physical child development. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Mason County West Virginia family and consumer sciences youth development Posted over 3 years ago

What kind of cherry tree is this?

I am unsure how we missed the fruit on this tree in the two years we have lived here, but my husband and I discovered the thousands of cherries dangling from this beauty earlier today. We live in the panhandle of West Virginia.

The problem is, we have no prior knowledge of the trees history or when it was planted. The house itself is about 50 years old. As included in the photos, the fruit is a dark red, the cherries are small, and they tasted both sweet and tart (they may not be ripe yet.)

Does anyone know what type of cherries they are? Sweet or sour? When they typically fully ripen? And any approximate idea of the age of a tree like this???

Berkeley County West Virginia Posted almost 4 years ago