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Gauge wuestuon

I should be processing at 10 lbs but I cannot get my new gas stove even on the lowest setting on the smallest burner to run at 10 lbs. it consistently goes to 14-15. This is a new canner as well. Will there be issues canning at different psi ?ive tried multiple ways double stacking my grates, bringing it up to pressure slower still to no avail. Thank you I. Advance for any advice or recommendations.

AL Posted 5 months ago


I need to know how I need to can spaghetti squash?

Clay County AL Posted 6 months ago

Brown holes

I have 2 plum trees I bought at Lowe's planted about 2 months ago the leaves looks like something is eating them holes the center of these small holes they are brown also there is 2 holes on the trunk what is this please help from Colman Alabama

Cullman County AL Posted 7 months ago

Holes in polar leaves

I have the same problem here in northeast Alabama as the person in North Carolina. The leaves of our poplars are riddled with holes. It is not hail damage and it is not weevils (no browning). The leaves have more holes than leaf surface. It’s EVERY tree on our 50 acre property. Could it be a blight of some kind?

Jackson County AL Posted 8 months ago


We bought 20 railroad ties to line our vegetable garden. Now we have learned they are illegal. Why didn't this business warn us? What do you suggest?

Calhoun County AL railroad ties Posted 8 months ago

American hazel nuy

what is good pollinators for American hazel nut?

Alabama Posted 9 months ago

This spider??

What kind of spider is this?

Jefferson County Alabama Posted over 2 years ago

Will it hurt to spray Manor close to loblolly pine trees that are 3 to 4...

Will it hurt to spray Manor close to loblolly pine trees that are 3 to 4 years old?

Butler County Alabama weeds pine trees loblolly pines Posted over 3 years ago

Trimming leaves

Can you trim the leaves off of squash and zucchini plants to help with overcrowding?

Etowah County Alabama Posted over 3 years ago

How to control for Asian beetle s

Beetles,have destroyed my apple tree, raspberry bush and are now going after other vegetation such as evergreens and shrubs.any help would be appreciated. I am about to have the trees removed.

Madison County Alabama Posted over 3 years ago