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Temperature to cover flowering plants.

OK, I got excited with the wonderful temperature last weekend. I planted some flowers. At what night time temperature do I need to cover my plants. Double impatiens, royal geraniums, Gerber daisies, and petunias. It looks like it might get down to 37 degrees tomorrow night. Thank you.

Grand Forks County ND Posted 11 days ago

Quaking Aspen dying

Please see attached photos. Last year there was one dead branch on the south half of our twin trees. This year the south half appears dead from about 12 feet above the ground to the top of the tree. Do I do anything other than removing the dead branches? Should I cut it to the ground to possible save the north half from being infected? The trees are 11 years old.

Cass County ND Posted 12 days ago

Lower tree damage

All of our trees in the backyard are dead from the waist down. I think the deer ate them. What can I do to help them?

Burleigh County ND Posted 12 days ago

webs in trees

we have a lot of little webs with tiny worms inside. These are mostly on fruit trees and I believe these to be tent caterpillars. Can I remove the webs and spot spray? Or is there a more effective treatment and what works the best?

Eddy County ND trees and shrubs fruit trees Posted 15 days ago

Young pryramidal oaks developed scale treated with horticultural oil

Bark on some trunks have greyish streaking or linear crack lines this spring - is this fatal?

OUTSIDEUS trees and shrubs Posted 17 days ago

Tree wound treatment with fire

I have an oak tree, and it was necessary to cut off some large branches. Everywhere I looked it says not to treat such wounds, unless they are on Oak trees. Now it seems to me that one way to protect tree wounds may be to carbonized the cuts with a propane tourch. Is this a viable option?

Outside United States trees and shrubs Posted 18 days ago

shelter belt planting

Are there any programs to help a landowner plant a row or two of trees to replace ones cleaned out of a shelterbelt.

Nelson County North Dakota shelter belt trees Posted 24 days ago

Amur Privet Privacy Hedge

I live in the Fargo-Moorhead Area and would like to create a natural privacy fence. I am looking for something that is quick growing. Popular suggestions include Green Thuja and Privet. The Green Thuja is considered hardy only up zone 5, but I found sites that suggest it would survive our local winters. Different types of Privet appear to be hardy in our zone, but I don't see many Privet hedges in the area. I was wondering if you had any suggestions to what type of Privet would do best in this area.

Thanks for your advice!

Clay County Minnesota trees and shrubs horticulture Posted about 1 month ago

Moles and grubs

What is the best way to get rid of moles and grubs in our yard?

Sioux County Iowa integrated pest management lawns and turf Posted about 1 month ago

Sugar Maple Pruning

We have some fairly young (7-10 years old) sugar maples in our yard. They need to be thinned out. When is a good time to prune a sugar maple?

Thank you

Williams County North Dakota Posted 2 months ago