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Brown spots lawn

I have these random brown spots that developed very quickly.. What is it and anything I can do about it? Do not have pets.


Burleigh County ND lawns and turf horticulture Posted 3 days ago

Tree selection for high sodium soils

The Fessenden golf course loss lots of trees to high water conditions. The soils in many areas of the course have high sodium levels. What trees should be considered for those areas. What recommendations would make for the other areas of the course? Would the new elm varieties be a good choice for that area?

Wells County ND Posted 9 days ago

Earwigs--Why are they so prevalent?

This year we have seen many earwigs, finding some in our homes-at kitchen sink, in bathrooms, and basement.
I was familiar with these insects years ago when growing up in Massachusetts. We are surprised to see them in abundance now in North Dakota
What is happening and what do we do about keeping them out of our home?

Thank you

Cass County ND integrated pest management insects earwigs Posted 10 days ago

Vanderwolf pine 15 months old. Looks a bit stressed. Was not kettled

Wondering what might be affecting this vanderwolf pine. It was not kettled and planted appropriately 10 inches above the ground . It is still quite subtle but has browning in the interior. It seems to have moist soil and is not dried out. Opinions very much appreciated.


OUTSIDEUS Posted 10 days ago

spaghetti squash vs. deer

The deer have eaten approximately half of the leaves off of the spaghetti squash vine - will the actual squash fruit still continue to mature? They are currently baseball to softball sized. Thank you.

Ward County ND Posted 15 days ago

Autumn Blaze Maple has turned reddish/brown by July 1

Our Autumn Blaze maples were planted about 15 months ago, in the spring of 2019 by a local nursery. They are about 9 - 10 feet tall, and big around as a 50-cent piece. We watered them every week last year. We have been doing the same this year, turning the hose on them really slow, for about 1/2 hour.

We live in W. Fargo, in a new development south of 52nd Avenue, so it is new soil for trees - definitely a corn field three years ago. Very heavy sticky gumbo type soil. When our guy planted them, he put in a lot of lighter mulch however - he didn't just put back the heavy soil originally there.

The two maples leafed out and seemed to flourish last year. But then, starting in late June, they turned reddish/brown, first the one in front (east side) then the one in back (west side).

By July 1, the front maple was entirely reddish/brown, and by July 15 the one in the back had turned too. They didn't die though, and retained their odd-colored leaves. But they began to drop them in August, which seemed way too early.

This year, 2020, the two trees have done much the same. In the front yard, the maple greened up nicely in the spring, but by mid/late June, it was reddish brown. The one in back has been slower, but is showing the tinge of red/brown now (mid-July). It seems to me that the south facing leaves were the first to turn (does it have to do with sun, I wonder?).

My nursery guy is great, but he doesn't really know. He says the soils here are a bit troublesome. He thinks they will eventually come out of it. He has recommended against fertilizer so far. He is right that they put out leaves in the spring and have increased in height. It's not like they died.

One other bit of info: our neighbor planted his own Autumn Blaze maples from a different nursery last year too. His did the same thing as ours - turned reddish/brown by midsummer. I notice his have not done that this year, though.

I appreciate any ideas how to treat them. Maybe it is just a wait-and-see game.

Cass County North Dakota Posted 21 days ago

Linden tree . Brown on one side

Linden tree many years old. This year still has lot of brown leaves facing south. Some greenery but slow. Never happened before. Located Canada prairie province.

Outside United States trees and shrubs Posted 22 days ago

Pruning clematis vines

I know about the 3, or is it 4, clematis groupings for pruning. My question is not about that. My question is - due to lots of water last fall, this spring and my fertilizing, my clematis vine has grown beautifully and has grown beyond the top of my trellis. It is blooming now and is a beautiful crowded mass of solid flowers at the very top and hanging over, with about 4 to 5 feet of green vine below. That is not the look i want. Would it have been okay for me, as it was growing so tall, to cut that growth back? I don't mean that I would wait until I saw how tall it was going to get and then chop it off. I would start pruning it back gradually as I see it looking like it would be growing really tall. That type of pruning would probably encourage it to put up more stems from the base of the plant. Or would that result in no blossoms now? I bought it with the tag missing, but I think it is the Jackmanii variety. Just wondering - hope you can shed some light on this. Or maybe next year I can cut it back and experiment to see if it will still bloom. Thank you for any help you can give me. Bonnie

Barnes County North Dakota Posted 22 days ago

Maple tree

The two maple trees in my Fargo, ND yard have dropped a few leaves. How do I assess if there is a disease or a lack of water issue? I have not watered the trees. Is this common in the summer? Thank you.

Cass County North Dakota Posted 24 days ago

Garden thief

Last year I had cantaloupe went harvest and they were hollow. The fruit had holes in the earth side . Sweet potatoes and beets had nice healthy tops both were eaten . Have no evidence of a mole or any burrowing critter any ideas.

Burleigh County North Dakota Posted 25 days ago