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plum trees Minot

hi my name is Rebecca, I would like to know about plum trees that grow in Minot,. My grandson is 7 years old and last week he planted a plum pit. I would like to know where i can purchase at least 2 trees and get them for him. i live in panama city florida, and have no clue. if the extension office in minot sells or know of a local nursery to help me. thank you. They live in town. please contact me by email

Ward County ND Posted 5 days ago

S. vanhouttie spirea

Can I trim this each year to control size and shape?

IA trees and shrubs horticulture Posted 7 days ago

What is eating my apple blossoms?

Hi, I live in Bismarck, and just noticed that some kind of insect is eating the blossoms on my apple trees. It seems to be worst on my Honeycrisp tree, which has several clusters of blossoms. Only one cluster is developing normally, and the others seem to have the insides eaten from each blossom. I’ve noticed a couple of tiny extremely mobile insects in the affected blossoms - they are maybe 1-2 mm long, and very hard to see. I have two other apple trees about 100 ft away that are less affected. There is a Sweet 16 that is in full bloom and unaffected, and a snow Sweet that is slightly affected. I also have a cherry and plum, neither of which seem to be affected. I’ve attached a photo of an affected blossom cluster. Do you know what this is, and how to treat the tree? Thanks!

Burleigh County ND Posted 8 days ago

chemical inquire

What chemical is most effective for killing creeping charlie in summertime, ill be spraying just before frost in the winter hits as well...

Grand Forks County ND Posted 10 days ago

Sick Colorado Blue Spruce

Hi we live in Richland county, ND. We have around 300 Colorado Blue Spruce trees that 3 years ago were very healthy and green. The last 2 years we have noticed there needles have thined down tremendously. We have even lost 25 this spring. What could be going on? See attached photos. Thank you. Brandi Anderson

Richland County ND Posted 12 days ago


When is a good time to apply a pre-emergent for crabgrass? Does the soil temperature need to be stable at 55 degrees before the pre-emergent is applied? I think according to DAWN the soil temperature in Jamestown is about 46 degrees.

Thank you

Stutsman County North Dakota Posted 22 days ago

Grass around trees

Is there a spray to kill grass around trees. I mulch but grass still grow through and makes a mess

Clay County Minnesota Posted 22 days ago

weed and feed lawn

What time of the year should you put weed and feed on your lawn?

Pierce County North Dakota lawns and turf horticulture Posted 24 days ago

temporary ryegrass lawn

Greetings from western ND!
Last year I used glyposate to dessicate my farmhouse lawn and then tilled it. After reading your publication on home lawn care (H1311 revised) I decided to wait till this fall to plant it. I would plant a temporary stand of perennial ryegrass. Does it need to be covered with straw or wood chips too? Should I dessicate the perennial ryegrass before seeding the lawn this fall? What blend of grasses would you recommend for a hardy lawn in my area?
Thanks, Aber

Slope County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

field bindweed

chemical (s) to control field bindweed in garden

Burleigh County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago