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Emerald ash borer larva?

I was splitting and stacking ash wood and came across this critter. Pics on the internet don't quite match this for emerald ash borer larva but I thought I'd just confirm. I don't think the emerald ash borer has been found in ND yet either so I'm even more doubtful it is but thought I'd double check.

Pembina County ND Posted 1 day ago

Florence Crab Apple Tree

I am trying to purchase a couple Florence Crab Apple trees for my farm. Grandma had a branch of Florence grafted on when I was growing up. Makes the BEST pickled apples! Do you know a nursery where I can purchase either the whole tree, or a scion? Thank you very much.
Melvin Pierce
Scranton, ND
NDSU BS 1976

Slope County ND Posted 3 days ago

Gardenias under Glass

I'm interested in growing gardenias indoors. While I believe my building's atrium receives adequate light for them, I understand they are sensitive to drafts and require a humid environment. Will they grow under a bell jar/cloche? Are there varieties small enough to be contained under a bell jar?

Cass County ND Posted 7 days ago

Newly Planted Magnolia Tree

We recently planted a magnolia tree in the backyard with buildings and a fence nearby to provide shelter. A few leaves have turned brown and we don't know how to judge the tree's vigor except that it hasn't changed in any significant way in the 2 weeks or so since planting. It has terminal buds and what look like blossom buds at the ends of branches. We watered it deeply twice since planting.

Are we just having new tree anxiety?

Dan Buchanan

Jamestown, ND

Stutsman County ND Posted 14 days ago

what's this

So this spider is outside my house on my deck and I have no idea what it is

Ward County ND Posted 15 days ago

Garden cover crop

What can I use for a fall winter cover crop in sw ND. I would like to till it under in spring. This is for my garden

Stark County North Dakota cover crops Posted 16 days ago

Cantaloupe is turning to mush

I have had at least 3 cantaloupes that I can poke my finger through on one side, then the wall collapses and the inside is liquid; any ideas?

Burleigh County North Dakota Posted 18 days ago

Black hills spruce - small holes at top of tree trunk

I have a 5 foot tall black hills spruce we transplanted last year from a nursery. It's been struggling all year. The top of the tree is dead but there is some new growth happening below the top of the tree. I just noticed some small holes at the top of the tree. Insect or some sort or bird? Can this tree be saved? If so, What steps should I take to save it? Thank you.

North Dakota Posted 21 days ago

Is my tree dying?

We have a huge, old, I think Maple tree in my back yard. It's just lovely, but the bark has black patches and is broken and peeling in many places. I'm afraid it's dying. Is there anyone in the Fargo area to call to look at it? It'll take out a few houses if it dies and falls.

Cass County North Dakota Posted 26 days ago

curling leaves on Ash and Oak Trees and brown circles with green centers in lawn

Hello, I have few different things occurring in my yard I could use some advice on. I have 2 - 15 year old Bergeson Ash trees that have always done well in my yard, but both seem to be thinning and the leaves are curling this year. I've included pictures. I also have a young Oak tree that is losing it's leaves. It does this every year at this time and I suspect it may be getting overwatered. Both the Ash trees and the Oak is in an area covered by my sprinkler system and I have been watering daily. Finally, once again this year in late summer I am experiencing brown circles with green centers in the lawn. Most of the lawn is really thick except for these spots. I do have a lawn service that applies 4 fertilizer applications per year. I haven't done a soil sample before. The last time I aerated was approx. 5 years ago. I suspect my soil may be pretty compacted and it is bumpy in certain parts of the lawn. The mature trees in the yard are doing well (mixture of large Oaks and Ash trees). I live in the River Oaks development of Horace, ND. Thanks for any advice you can provide!

Cass County North Dakota Posted 27 days ago