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Girdled Apple trees

The rabbits girdled 100% circumference of all my 2 year Apple trees about a foot above ground. Is there any grafting of any kind that can be done to save them? A couple of websites said you can cut young trees off at 45% angle and they will regrow and train one to be main.

Any advice beyond wrapping better??

Richland County North Dakota Posted 2 days ago

Honeycrisp leaf mottling

Hi- I have 5 Honeycrisp trees. All planted in the same area. All are about 6 years old. One is vibrant and has produced a good crop for the last two years. The other four all show leaf mottling and are not really growing well. The four stragglers have trunks about that are two inches in diameter and the healthy one has about a 4 inch diameter trunk. The four start out with new leaf growth looking good and then mottle throughout the season. I also have 5 Zestars that are three years old, planted in the same area, are very healthy and four of them produced last year. I have not tested the soil. The UMinnesota did not have any real answers when I sent leaves in to them to review, more water and nitrogen. How do I know if they are in need of calcium or other nutrients other than the normal 10-10-10 for example. Thanks

St. Croix County Wisconsin Posted 6 days ago

White 'Things' on Indoor Plants

I have been getting these white 'things' on my indoor plants. Is this a fungus or a pest? Any recommendations on getting rid of these as it appears to be spreading to other plants in the house?

Cass County North Dakota Posted 21 days ago

pods on honey locust trees

I have 2 honey locust trees that produce large pods that fall early winter through early spring (female?, thornless). I also have one tree that bears no pods (male?). Is there a way to stop seed pod production to these trees?

I've heard to spray the entire tree with Ortho Sevin during budding time. Don't want to do this due to very tall (maybe 45-55 ft )and possible harmful drift. Maybe a heavy concentration of Sevin/H20 watering to the tree's base during the spring sap run?--the 2 female trees, not the male? Or any other ideas? Thx.

Burleigh County North Dakota Posted 24 days ago

Planting a bur oak I started

I picked up these acorns at Sullies Hill at Fort Totten. I have noticed we do not have oak trees on our property which is only miles away, along the lake. Unfortunately I had not read your answer to the fellow from Cass County till today. I have started these acorns in regular potting soil. Will i have trouble replanting them this fall? I also will have to repot to larger pots, should our soil be used to repot?

North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

re: frozen grass seed at big box stores in Fargo/Moorhead

Lowe's, Home depot, and Menard's store grass seed outside during the winter. Should I buy this seed or postpone ? I plan to buy $200 of Kentucky Blue Grass.

Thank You

Clay County Minnesota Posted about 1 month ago

Wanted to plan fruit trees at 3500m altitude in Tibet

Which fruit trees are best to grow at 3500 altitude? Is it possible to bear fruit?

Outside United States trees and shrubs high altitude Posted 3 months ago

Identifying Chestnut Tree Species

Sir/Ma’am, I purchased a house in Williston early this summer and it appears to have a chestnut tree on it but I haven’t been able to ID it. I love chestnuts and just want to find out if these are edible! I have lots of pictures of the leaves and fruit. Also, I tasted them because I read that horse chestnuts are bitter, these were not I appreciate any help, Thank you!! Joe

Williams County North Dakota Posted 4 months ago

Bark problem on the base of a Hot Wing Maple tree

The bark at the base of my 3 year old Hot Wing Maple has vertical brakes. In one place the bark has pulled back and caused an opening that is 3 x 2 inches. See attached photograph.

Kurt W. Webber, Bismarck, ND

Burleigh County North Dakota Posted 6 months ago


I have mushrooms growing in my back yard. I'm not sure how to identify them but I would like to know if they are poisonous or maybe even edible. We have dogs so I definitely would like to know if they are dangerous.

The first two pictures are of the same mushroom. One was taken while the mushroom was still in the ground and the other is after I dug it up so you can see the underside.

Williams County North Dakota Posted 6 months ago