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Laurel leaf willow not thriving

In 2009 we planted a laurel leaf willow in our north Fargo yard and it did well. In the last 3 years or so, the canopy has thinner out and is now quite sparse (see attached photo). What can we do about this? It was such a nice tree.

Cass County North Dakota Posted 4 days ago

Aspen tree is not leafing out

We have 4 aspen trees in our back yard. 2 of them are fine and 2 have not leafed out. This is the first year this has happened. See pics.

Kidder County North Dakota Posted 4 days ago

Aphid trouble

We have two large trees in front of my house that have what appears to be an aphid infestation - like raining sticky goo 24/7 onto everything around them! I’m having trouble finding someone that can help treat this issue or something we can apply on our own to get ride of this issue. It has been an issue for the last few years. Any help or advice?

Mercer County North Dakota Posted 10 days ago


Could someone tell me if the preventative herbicide Preen, is toxic to bees? I am thinking of using it in my flowerbeds if not.

Thank you!

Cass County North Dakota Posted 15 days ago

white fluffy/powdery mildew like substance on cotoneaster hedge

we have a cotoneaster hedge that develops a white fluffy/powdery substance on the stems during the Summer. It eventually kills the stem. We had this hedge cut back to a foot high a few years back hoping it would regrow healthy. it has now reached 4-6 ft. We try to trim the hedge to a more narrow profile one time in the season but the mildew/fungus reappeared again last year.
Do you have suggestions for us as to how to treat and prevent this disease? We live in Fargo and would like it if you could come out to look at the hedge as well.
Thanks!! Monica Sagaser-Siggerud

Cass County North Dakota trees and shrubs Posted 19 days ago

Plum diseqae

What disease is this? It looks like sap. Early this season I killed a big group of caterpillars with sevin, before they matured.

McKenzie County North Dakota Posted 24 days ago

What's wrong with my Black Hills Spruce trees?

I have recently planted some Black Hills Spruce trees and it looks like the ends of the new growth needles are starting to turn a yellowish/tan color... they are not dry to the touch, but actually soft. Am i over watering? Under watering? is this a soil type issue? too much sun? I just want to make sure i don't kill these. Please help if you can.
ALSO, the rubber mats around the tree DO allow for water to pass through, they are basically like a rubber multch. But i could try wood chips instead if you think this is an issue?

Cass County North Dakota Posted 26 days ago

Maple problem

I planted 2 sienna glen maple trees in the boulevard in front of my house about 6 weeks ago. They have both seemed great until lately. I water both regularly (3 times weekly). About a week ago I noticed that the leaves on 1 of them were looking a little limp. I bumped up the watering a little and bought some fertilizer spikes that I drove in the ground about a foot from the trunk. Since then it never really rebounded and 95% of the leaves on that tree shriveled, turned brown, and fell off. The other tree still looks fine. Is this normal for some transplanted trees? Is there anything I can do?

Cass County North Dakota Posted 27 days ago

weed maintenance around apple trees

I use roundup around my home and driveway to eliminate weeds. Have 3 apple trees at the home we purchased 5 years ago. There is some landscaping around these trees in the form of rock and landscaping bricks that extends out about 3 feet all the way around each apple tree. This area gets pretty weedy including shoots coming up from the apple tree. Every so often I weed wack or cut off any shoots coming up from the apple tree. Is it safe to spray roundup in this area after the shoots have bee cut off?

Ward County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Peony Problem

I have a hundred year old peony plant that has leaves that are curling and looking like I have a problem. I have looked for possible insects and have found nothing besides the ants that normally visit my plant. I have not sprayed any chemicals in the area. I have two different peony bushes in the same garden (about 6 feet away) that are not showing the same problem. I am looking for some ideas of what might be going on.
Thank you.

Cass County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago