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Sod or Hydroseed this late in year

Hello- we are building a home and the builder wants to lay sod still within the next 2 weeks or hydroseed since we are closing on the home mid November (they do not want to escrow this item fir next spring). What is your suggestion for sod vs hydroseed and tips for this late in the year? I look forward to hearing back. Thank you!

Cass County North Dakota Posted 6 days ago

Xeric plants looking bad

Hello, I have a number of xeric plants that I got through the garden in a box program that are a couple of years old now. This year they have been looking terrible and I can’t figure out what’s going on. I was watering them once/week and tried more often and less often with little change. The only thing that changed was a new sprinkler - I started using an overhead oscillating sprinkler to cover more area. It did seem like I had to increase the time it ran in order to get enough water to soak in past the surface. Are they dying? Thanks!

Denver County Colorado Posted 8 days ago

Christmas cactus failing

Hi, I have an heirloom Christmas cactus with wrinkled leaves or stems. I have repoted it twice and I’ve watered it and left it dry. I am at a loss what to do next. It’s in the same place it’s always been , this has been about 9 months . Help!

Cass County North Dakota Posted 9 days ago

Trimming trees

I live near Devils Lake. Can I trim lower branches off my buckeye tree now without harming it? It is an Ohio Buckeye. Should I even trim lower branch’s off or leave it be?

Ramsey County North Dakota trees and shrubs tree pruning horticulture Posted 13 days ago

ephraim crested wheatgrass

Can you tell me what a good seed rate would be for ephraim crested wheatgrass that would be mixed with 100% bluegrass lawn? The bluegrass will go down around 100 lbs/A and the homeowner would like the wheatgrass in the variety.
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cass County North Dakota lawns and turf horticulture Posted 15 days ago


Which Apple tree should I place on the height of 9000.

St. Thomas County Virgin Islands of the U.S. trees and shrubs apple trees horticulture Posted 15 days ago

Planting Time for Lily and Ranunculus Bulbs

I got caught in the Wuhan flu quarantine and am spending until next spring in San Francisco. When should bulbs for Belladonna Lilies and Ranunculus be planted in the Bay Area-spring or fall?

San Francisco County California Posted 19 days ago

2 questions

I have weeds in the garden, not really pulling kind. Have tried weed b gone, done nothing. Not sure I want to try super toxic stuff. Ideas? How do you trim a dogwood? With a hedge trimmer or lopper and how far can you cut down from top, it’s probably 8 feet tall. Thanks

Barnes County North Dakota Posted 20 days ago

Bushes that survive ND winters

I want to purchase medium size bushes for my property line, 2 acres. I would like bushes that have fall colors of orange, yellow, red, brown and purple. Plus they have to survive the ND winters. Any suggestions?

Burleigh County North Dakota trees and shrubs horticulture Posted 24 days ago

Honey locust, no pods

We have a large mature honey locust tree that, every year for at least the last 10 years, has produced a huge number of pods that fall on our lawn and are a great nuisance to pick up when they fall during fall through early winter. For some unknown reason, this year our tree produced no pods at all. Is this a sign of ill health for the tree? Despite the crazy amount of work picking up the pods, we love our honey locust and hope it is not a sign of it dying. Please advise and give us an idea of what to do, if this lack of pods is a health problem.

Michigan trees and shrubs horticulture Posted 25 days ago