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digging near tree roots

Hi - I have 3 evergreen trees approximately 10 feet tall in my backyard relatively close together planted in a triangle. I wanted to add edging and mulch around them to make mowing easier and to make it look nice. I started digging a trench for the edging about a foot away from the dripline and ran into a few bigger roots that were only a couple inches deep. Will my trees be damaged? Is there anything I should do to treat them?

I appreciate your advice!

Cass County North Dakota Posted 2 days ago

Is this a weed or flower ?

This is at my mother's house in Barnesville. She's wondering if this is a weed or flower ? Thanks

Clay County Minnesota Posted 16 days ago

Worm cocoons on shrub

Hello! I have a Tor Spirea that has worm in a cocoon on the end of the branches. The cocoon fold the leaves at the end of the branch. I first noticed them last year but didn't think much of it. Well the worms are back this year and seem to be more than last year. Any ideas on what worm or insect it could be and how do I treat the shrub to get rid of these worms? The plant continues to grow and otherwise seems health, but it has not bloomed for 2 years now.

Clay County Minnesota integrated pest management trees and shrubs horticulture Posted 17 days ago

canadian thisle in lawn we our locataed in at 6-mile bay, Scoobys point

our lawn is producing much thistle, it is growing faster than the lawn, during this dry period. lawn does not need cutting, , but the thistle is growing. how do we get rid of it. w/o a liscense applicator.?

Ramsey County North Dakota lawns and turf weed issues horticulture Posted 17 days ago

Ash tree leaf damage

Over a dozen of our ash trees have yellow spots on the leaves and others have little black bugs on the underside of the leaves. A couple ash trees have already lost all of their leaves and others are starting to wrinkle up pretty severely. The ash trees are in a row between rows of spruce and lilacs and are roughly 15 years old and 20-25 ft tall.

Burleigh County North Dakota Posted 18 days ago

Advice on building a drought tolerant, perennial landscape around Fargo house.


My husband and I moved to Fargo this past year and we recently purchased a home in downtown Fargo. I have an extreme dislike for grass, so when we lived in Minneapolis, I sought the resources of UMN Extension for consultation (for our former yard) on drought tolerant, native perennials. Now that we are in the prairie, the landscape has changed, and I was wondering if you could help me with resources for native, drought-tolerant perennial plants for this area (and also the best place in the area to purchase these plants)? I also wanted to know if you had an opinion on Buffalo Grass, or if you had other suggestions to grass-alternative groundcover? Any insights that you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time! ---Kirsten Peterson

Cass County North Dakota Posted 21 days ago

Raspberry disease

Last year & this my raspberries have white spots on them & seem to just dry up! I did take a picture of a few of them. The neighbors just across the fence don't have the same problem.

Cass County North Dakota Posted 22 days ago

rust in hollyhocks

I love hollyhocks but the are a pain to maintain. Most of their leaves have rust in them, turn yellow to brown then dropped off. Very unsightly. I try to cut the deseased leaves. too much time consuming. I tried bonide . fungisides. neem oil. Nothing works. I am desperate for help

King County Washington horticulture Posted 25 days ago

Mount Royal plum

My tree has sap coming out of the center limb-- what's causing it and what can I do about it ?

Dickey County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Red insects on caragana

These red insects with black legs and white stripes are all over my caragana. The caragana hedge is infested with them. What are they? Are they harmful? If so, how do I get rid of them? Thank you!

Ward County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago