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Questions asked to this group

Silver Maple Leaf

Large tree in my backyard that looks pretty rough. The woodpeckers have also done a number on it. I need input as to clean it up or cut it down. Preferably keep it up. The bark is distorted a bit and it's over 70ft tall. Picture attached.

Cass County ND Posted 16 days ago

Honeycrisp apple tree diseases

Hi, My name is Mike and I have 2 honeycrisp apple trees that are more than 6 years old that look fine in the spring and do blossom but by mid summer the leaves have curled and browned and the resulting fruit doesn't amount to anything. Should I remove the trees ? I do spray them when I start to see this with fungicide but to no avail. If I remove them will they infect other trees? Thank you for your advice.

Dane County WI Posted 22 days ago

Spider? Webs on house

I have many tiny clusters of webs on my house in areas of shade. On the south side there is a pergola shading the house. The north side of the house is just covered with them. Do you have any suggestions on how to eliminate this problem? I brush them a couple of times a year but the north side is 2.5 stories high. Thanks. Amy

ND Posted about 1 month ago

Quince “ crown gall”?

Does this look like crown gall to you. I have many other varieties of fruit tree but this is only on my quince

Ventura County CA trees and shrubs Posted 2 months ago

What is this vine?

I've watched this vine spread along over the past years along the Red River at Trollwood and Trefoil Park. What is it? Is it kudzu or a form of it? Can anything be done to get rid of it or stop it from spreading? You've probably answered this question many times before but I couldn't find any information on the Extension website.
Thank you.

Cass County ND Posted 2 months ago

Spouting and planting burr oak acorns

Do you ever remove the shell covering the acorn

La Salle County Texas Posted 2 months ago

What is the ideal grass height for winter in ND?

What height should the grass be for the final mow of the season?

Burleigh County North Dakota Posted 3 months ago

storing carrots and beets

Can carrots and beets be stored in containers using small grains [wheat or oats] as filler between the vegetables instead of sand, sawdust or wood chips?

Morton County North Dakota food safety food storage Posted 3 months ago

Sod or Hydroseed this late in year

Hello- we are building a home and the builder wants to lay sod still within the next 2 weeks or hydroseed since we are closing on the home mid November (they do not want to escrow this item fir next spring). What is your suggestion for sod vs hydroseed and tips for this late in the year? I look forward to hearing back. Thank you!

Cass County North Dakota Posted 3 months ago

Xeric plants looking bad

Hello, I have a number of xeric plants that I got through the garden in a box program that are a couple of years old now. This year they have been looking terrible and I can’t figure out what’s going on. I was watering them once/week and tried more often and less often with little change. The only thing that changed was a new sprinkler - I started using an overhead oscillating sprinkler to cover more area. It did seem like I had to increase the time it ran in order to get enough water to soak in past the surface. Are they dying? Thanks!

Denver County Colorado Posted 3 months ago