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Do you know if wisteria can grow in western ND

Stark County North Dakota wisteria Posted 29 days ago

Raised bed for Hedge/Wall/Fence


I have a question that I'm pondering for some landscaping I wish to do this spring or early summer. I'd like to add a hedge to a corner of my lot for privacy and potentially some sound reduction from the street. I'd like to know if its plausible to make a raised be that would be 3-4' wide and 2-3' tall with a hedge planted double (alternating, like a zig zag pattern) in the raised bed. Questions: 1) Can I plant a hedge in a raised bed provided it is that size. 2) Can I plant a hedge in that area and expect it to be full and dense enough to help with sound and privacy (Sunlight/Water) 3) What are the recommended hedge species for this area. For reference the address is 1303 9th st S, Fargo ND. Thanks, Matthew

Cass County North Dakota Posted 3 months ago

Trees and bushes

Can I purchase plants from your agency for our 10 acre farmstead east of Devils Lake? If I can. How do I go about it?

Ramsey County North Dakota Posted 3 months ago

Cavity in Apple Tree

Hello, Earlier this year I removed a large limb on the apple tree in my back yard. The limb appeared to be dying and I did not want it to fall on the neighbor's fence. After removing the limb, I discovered soft wood and decay in the trunk where the limb was removed. Over the summer and fall the cavity grew larger. I can now fit a fist into the cavity. I took a few photos of the damage. My question would be what can I do about the cavity, if anything? I have heard of ideas ranging from filling the cavity with expanding foam, creating a cover over the hole with a piece of aluminum and caulking it to seal it, to using pruning sealer or grafting compound in the hole. Do any of these methods slow the decay or just trap water in the cavity? Unfortunately the cavity is at angle that will collect water. Would it be better to just leave it alone at this point? I really don't want to lose the tree, as it still produces a large apple crop every other year. I believe the adjacent limb is now being attacked by wood peckers, so that limb may also need to be removed if it shows signs of decay. I attached a photo of that as well. Thank you for your help.

Burleigh County North Dakota Posted 4 months ago

Killing nuisance trees

We have volunteer siberian elms along our pasture fence line that we would like to eradicate. My husband has cut them down the last 2 years, and last year he even bored holes in the stumps and put Roundup in them. They grew back. Short of pulling them out by their roots, what else can we do to kill them for good? Salt?

Griggs County North Dakota Posted 5 months ago

Too late to plant grass?

Hi, is it too late to plant grass this late October?

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 5 months ago


I have very alkaline clay soil what kind of trees can I plant around house that r alkaline & drought tolerant ? It would be around my house & around my pasture with 3 horses in it ?

Cass County North Dakota Posted 5 months ago

Planting Strawberries

I would like to plant strawberries in barrels. Can they be planted in the fall and stored in an unheated garage? If so, what varieties of June bearers and everbearers are recommend for the mid-Red River Valley?

Grand Forks County North Dakota Posted 5 months ago

Apple Trees

I have an apple tree, possibly 8/10 years old, that for the past two years is producing fruit that is rotting on the inside. The skin of the apple appears fine and the apple is firm. What type disease causes this, and can it be treated?

Grand Forks County North Dakota Posted 5 months ago

Too late in the year to plant trees?

Good morning,
My son is planning on planting two trees (blaze maple) in my yard. He had intended on doing this earlier in the fall, however it keeps getting pushed back. Is it too late in the year to plant trees now? I want to give them a fighting chance to make it through the winter.

Also, should I plant two different types of trees, rather than both of them blaze maple?

Cass County North Dakota planting trees in fall Posted 5 months ago