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Bark problem on the base of a Hot Wing Maple tree

The bark at the base of my 3 year old Hot Wing Maple has vertical brakes. In one place the bark has pulled back and caused an opening that is 3 x 2 inches. See attached photograph.

Kurt W. Webber, Bismarck, ND

Burleigh County North Dakota Posted 24 days ago


I have mushrooms growing in my back yard. I'm not sure how to identify them but I would like to know if they are poisonous or maybe even edible. We have dogs so I definitely would like to know if they are dangerous.

The first two pictures are of the same mushroom. One was taken while the mushroom was still in the ground and the other is after I dug it up so you can see the underside.

Williams County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Purple Smoke Tree

Can a variety of a purple smoke tree grow and thrive in North Dakota? Do they survive in Zones 3-4?

Sargent County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Lily Fruit

I'm wondering if there is such a fruit called "lily fruit" that is edible and comes from a variety of lily. I've seen pictures of it on a Google search, but wondering if any variety(ies) grow in the Upper Midwest?

Sargent County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Invasive weed in tree rows

What is this weed and what product will kill this weed? Nothing seems to work to eliminate this plant.

North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Lawn brown spots

I have round brown spots in lawn. They are 3 to 6 “ in diameter. Had them last year and this year. Not all of the grass in circle is brown.

Cass County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Spotting of leaves on 3 year old honey crisp apple tree


I live in Drayton ND and up to last week it has been extremely dry. I think we have had maybe only one half inch of rain all summer. It has been extremely dry . This is the 2ed year of drought .

I have a three year old honey crisp apple tree that show damage to some of its leaves.

The affected leaves seem to be mostly in the lower branches and one third to one half of the branch toward the trunk of the tree. In many cases there are normal green leaves next to the affected leaf. In other branches most of the leaves are affected by the infection. I noticed the infection maybe two months ago but thought it due to the drought, up to last week have been experiencing.

I am including tree Jpeg photos of the tree. two of affected leaves

Keith Kjelland

412 s 5th st

Drayton nd 58225

701 454 6595


Pembina County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Significant Bark Damage - Maple Tree

My son and a friend had a terrible idea one day on Sunday, August 18, to chop down a tree in our backyard with a plastic axe. I discovered what they were up at about the time when they had torn off a significant portion of the bark on one side of the tree (pictures attached). My husband, son, and I taped the bark back on the next morning after I "googled" how to save a tree. I read that we were supposed to put the bark back on in the same direction to save the phloem so that is what we tried to do. The tree is a maple variety and is about 25 feet tall and has been here since we moved in almost 11 years ago. I'm so worried about this tree so I have a few questions now that it's a month later:
1. Does it look like this tree will survive?
2. Are we doing the right thing to treat the damage? (Taped bark on in place and wrapped in burlap).
3. The leaves started turning red almost immediately after the damage which in my non-expert opinion was a shock-like reaction to the damage. The picture shows the red leaves are on the same side as the damage. Does this seem like a logical explanation or should I be worried? We have a 2nd tree just like this one and it has not started to turn fall colors yet.
4. As part of the treatment, my husband, son and I also wrapped the base completely in burlap which is removed for pictures. Is that something we should keep on?
5. How should I protect the tree during the cold fall and winter months to give it a chance to survive?

Thank you in advance, I really appreciate any help I can get.

Sarah Lindemann

Cass County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Burr Oak Acorn planting question

I read your article about planting Burr Oak acorns. I've just collected some acorns and want to see if I've got this right: plant the acorns in soil in a bucket now being September 2019. Take care of them in the bucket till the fall 2020 and plant them then? So, they will be out in the wintertime 2019/2020 in the bucket? Thanks.

Peg Hutchison

Warren County Iowa trees and shrubs Posted 2 months ago

Trees, shelter belts and how to keep them going

Hello, my husband and I have a farmstead outside Northwood. there are several trees that look dead or are on their way to dying. Some are part of our shelterbelt and we need them as cover. Do you have a list of arborists in the area who might come out and walk around with me, discuss what trees we have, which need cutting down, what I can plant and where? We don't know trees well enough to have a long term plan and know what needs to be taken care of first. thanks!

Grand Forks County North Dakota Posted 2 months ago