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Killing nuisance trees

We have volunteer siberian elms along our pasture fence line that we would like to eradicate. My husband has cut them down the last 2 years, and last year he even bored holes in the stumps and put Roundup in them. They grew back. Short of pulling them out by their roots, what else can we do to kill them for good? Salt?

Griggs County North Dakota Posted 21 days ago

Too late to plant grass?

Hi, is it too late to plant grass this late October?

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 29 days ago


I have very alkaline clay soil what kind of trees can I plant around house that r alkaline & drought tolerant ? It would be around my house & around my pasture with 3 horses in it ?

Cass County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Planting Strawberries

I would like to plant strawberries in barrels. Can they be planted in the fall and stored in an unheated garage? If so, what varieties of June bearers and everbearers are recommend for the mid-Red River Valley?

Grand Forks County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Apple Trees

I have an apple tree, possibly 8/10 years old, that for the past two years is producing fruit that is rotting on the inside. The skin of the apple appears fine and the apple is firm. What type disease causes this, and can it be treated?

Grand Forks County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Too late in the year to plant trees?

Good morning,
My son is planning on planting two trees (blaze maple) in my yard. He had intended on doing this earlier in the fall, however it keeps getting pushed back. Is it too late in the year to plant trees now? I want to give them a fighting chance to make it through the winter.

Also, should I plant two different types of trees, rather than both of them blaze maple?

Cass County North Dakota planting trees in fall Posted about 1 month ago

new lawn/crabgrass

We built a new house, put in sprinkler system etc- End of June we had it hydroseeded. It hasn't really come in very good- landscaper and seed guy came out and looked at it and said it was "stunted" because we had a hot spell beginning of July. Anyway- now we have tons of crabgrass.... I spoke with a different landscaper because I wasn't confident in other. He came out and looked- said the crabgrass was a problem and other guy should have killed it all and put a pre-emergent down.. at any rate he said we could kill everything with round up, put down a pre-emergent and then seed this fall for growth next Spring. OR- we could spot kill with Round Up, put down a pre-emergent and seed and see how it looks next summer. I am getting pretty frustrated with so many different options/opinions and have already spent so much money on it...but I'm tired of messing around and having it look awful even after spending so much money on it. I just want it done and done right. What is your recommendation?

Thank you. Kari Score

Cass County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Emerald ash borer larva?

I was splitting and stacking ash wood and came across this critter. Pics on the internet don't quite match this for emerald ash borer larva but I thought I'd just confirm. I don't think the emerald ash borer has been found in ND yet either so I'm even more doubtful it is but thought I'd double check.

Pembina County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Florence Crab Apple Tree

I am trying to purchase a couple Florence Crab Apple trees for my farm. Grandma had a branch of Florence grafted on when I was growing up. Makes the BEST pickled apples! Do you know a nursery where I can purchase either the whole tree, or a scion? Thank you very much.
Melvin Pierce
Scranton, ND
NDSU BS 1976

Slope County North Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Gardenias under Glass

I'm interested in growing gardenias indoors. While I believe my building's atrium receives adequate light for them, I understand they are sensitive to drafts and require a humid environment. Will they grow under a bell jar/cloche? Are there varieties small enough to be contained under a bell jar?

Cass County North Dakota Posted 2 months ago