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My cedar tree has brown patches. Happening rapidly. The patches have appeared...

My cedar tree has brown patches. Happening rapidly. The patches have appeared in the last month or so. We have had lots of rain. Please advise.

Monroe County Georgia Posted about 1 year ago

Rat scratching in my closet

So I live in Atlanta Georgia off the road surrounded by woods. I believe a Rat came in frrom outside and is now stuck in my closet. It has been a little over a week when we saw him and closed him into the closet... I have dropped bait in...Apparently he wont eat it because he is still scratching at the door. Not sure what to do.. I was honestly hoping by now he would be dead or went back thru the hole it came in but i hear him every night in my closet which I havent opened in over a week. Not aure what to do

DeKalb County Georgia Posted over 1 year ago

Japanese Maple

Hello. My husband transplanted my dwarf (about 4-5 feet tall) Japanese maple that has been in the pot for many years. One huge root had poked itself out at the bottom of the pot. This one root is deep into the ground and impossible to dig out as it went under the driveway. The tree had to be moved. My husband had to cut the root. It is now in a more suitable location. My fear is losing this tree. Is there something I can do to give it a fighting chance? Thank you.

Cobb County Georgia Posted over 1 year ago

Identify bug

In clearing papers out of my office, I pulled an envelope from a box and this bug was on it. His hind feet adhere as though they have a sticky substance on them.

Fulton County Georgia Posted over 1 year ago


Where would one find Hemlock mulching?

Camden County Georgia horticulture Posted over 1 year ago

What are these pods growing in grass?

These pods appeared in my yard this winter...what are they?

Hall County Georgia Posted over 1 year ago

Plum Tree Disease

Our plum tree has some infestation and seems to be dying. Is there any remedy to kill the infestation and save the tree?

Forsyth County Georgia Posted almost 2 years ago

Ruby Red Crabapple Seedling

My seedling was doing really well. Suddenly, the leaves began to turn brown and fall off? I live in Georgia so we haven't had any cold weather since I planted this tree in a container that has drainage. Any thoughts?

Barrow County Georgia Posted almost 2 years ago

Best fall/ winter cover crops in southern Appalachia. Soil test great but phosphorus a little low.

After spring soil test, planted buckwheat in rows amongst pole & zipper beans, & summer & winter squash.& corn, What cover crops best next? Should I reseed buckwheat or plant more purple hull crowder?

Towns County Georgia field crops gardening vegetable gardening Posted about 2 years ago

What could this be?

Invasive thorny vine, new growth is soft and rubber like, roots look like red potatoes growing in clumps, mostly at base of a tree, root vines grow widespread across my yard and when cut they just grow back from extensive vines under the soil, not very deep but grow fast and are overtaking trees. Thicker than grape vines

Georgia Posted about 2 years ago