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A portal for MSUE 'Citizen Planners' and 'Master Citizen Planners' to ask questions related to policy, community planning, zoning and other land use/development related topics. This group does not field questions related to gardening, geology, horticulture.

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Questions asked to this group

Crab apple pollination

I was wondering if my red/pink flowering crab apple tree that produces fruit will pollinate a pink lady apple tree

Allegan County Michigan Posted 2 months ago

What body has authority and oversight?

In a Michigan municipality, does a city planning department exercise authority on the planning commission or does the planning commission have oversight on the planning staff?

Calhoun County Michigan local government city planning cfae Posted 2 months ago

township property tax board of review policies

During a property tax board of review, can the assessor directly address and communicate with the person appealing their property designation? Does the assessor sit with the board after to make decisions about changes? Is the assessor required to contact the person appealing within a certain period of time with actual reasons for not changing a designation? Is the assessor allowed to tell the board of review that a change in designation "will only save him a couple hundred bucks?"

Chippewa County Michigan property tax appeals township property tax Posted 3 months ago

property tax help please

was wondering if there was anyway to help my mother out Patricia Lucas on her property taxes. She is in behind on it and needs help veriy much.

Grand Traverse County Michigan Posted 6 months ago

debt of deceased spouse

Am I responsible for the credit card debt of my late husband? I am not on the account. Do I have to pay this out of a joint savings or life insurance?

Washtenaw County Michigan lefal issues Posted 6 months ago

Updated Township Master Plan

I'm with the Sherwood Township on their Planning Commission. We're trying to FIND our Master Plan.....and it is my understanding that the MP has to be updated every five years........I'm sure we are lacking. What information can you provide to HELP us?

Branch County Michigan land use Posted 6 months ago

Planning and Zoning Board Alternates

Can you please tell me if the alternates to a board sit and listen to the discussions and deliberations, or can they participate? I know they cannot vote, but we need to know if they actually contribute to all board discussions, including site plans, variance requests, etc.

Thank you

Iosco County Michigan community planning and zoning Posted 6 months ago

Planning Commission member/realtor conflicts of interest

Is a Planning Commission member/realtor in a small township (~900 residents), conflicted by the prospect of increased listings from the approval of a large multi-unit development?

Leelanau County Michigan Posted 6 months ago

Eminent Domain and the Master Plan

Can a municipality seize property through eminent domain if it is not in their Master Plan or other planning document?

Oakland County Michigan community planning and zoning eminent domain master planning Posted 9 months ago

Lily of the valley

Is it safe to cut back lily of the valley without having any health issues? I recently had open heart surgery. I’m certainly not going to ingest any part of the flower. Thank you so much

Wayne County Michigan lily of the valley Posted 10 months ago