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Double Layer Greenhouse

I want to build a double layer greenhouse for year round usage, I live in MA and gets pretty cold in the winter. I have 2 simple questions: 1. I have seen the blower set up in contradicting ways, first I watched a grower set it up so the intake was inside the greenhouse at one end, with the exhaust pointing back into the greenhouse at the other, but I have also read that the intake must take in air from outside the greenhouse... Not sure which is the best method or the appropriate method. But one thing does concern me, during the night when the sun is down and its freezing cold, why would you want this cold air getting in between the plastic? 2. I love this double layer set up for winter usage, but what about during the summer when it gets hot? Is this still acceptable or does it need to come down?

Bristol County Massachusetts Posted 2 days ago

What species of insect

I have these bugs all over my house. They are small and the fly and apparently multiply very quickly.

Middlesex County Massachusetts Posted 5 days ago

new soil

I have just made a new fenced in garden area i had 5 above ground gardens before Im thinking that i should remove the soil from the above ground gardens and start with fresh soil My vegatables have not done well for the last 2 years What would your suggestion to have the best garden soil The ground is kind of sandy thank you for any help you can give me

Plymouth County Massachusetts Posted 6 days ago

tomatoe sauce

I canned 12 jars of sauce and forgot the citric acid.Do I have to add it and reseal the jars. Thanks

Providence County Rhode Island Posted 10 days ago

cutting back raspberries after growing season

How much do I cut off on the stems after growing season on my raspberries ?

Worcester County Massachusetts Posted 17 days ago

Abnormal Pumpkin Plants

Hi! This is my first time growing pumpkins and unfortunately we only got one successful pumpkin but we have one plant thats odd. I've scoured the internet but can't find anything. This one plant produces males and females that are on the same stem. We've been calling them twins. Has anyone seen this before? Any idea why this happens? I decided since it's so late to let it go and see what happens and the most recent female looks abnormal. Thanks!

Worcester County Massachusetts Posted 19 days ago

Is this slime mold?

I have been noticing that my lawn is getting overwatered, as evidenced by lots of mushrooms in July, and now discoloring of the grass, grass dying and really wet soil in August. I have since significantly reduced our irrigation schedule and time. But now that the weather is hot and humid, this white mold keeps appearing on the lawn. It seems like it is killing the grass, but perhaps it's just settling in areas that are already dying. Can you please confirm whether this is slime mold? It looks similar to other photos I've seen online. If not slime mold, what else could it be? Thanks!

Norfolk County Massachusetts Posted 20 days ago

Transplant shock?

I transplanted my 3-4 year old rhododendron about 2 weeks ago. I dug a trench about 18”-24” around the base, and then dig down about 12-18”. I prepared the new site with 50% native soil and amended with 50% rotted cow manure/peat moss, and the diameter of the new hole gave about 4” around the transplanted root ball. I then mulched well and watered deeply. Our soil is sandy and drains well. I have been watering every day to every other day, but the rhodie seems very unhappy. Before I water I stick my finger into the soil and it is not bone dry, but not soggy either. Is this transplant shock? I transplanted another Rhodadendron with exactly The same protocol, and it is perfectly happy. Am I overwatering? What can I do to save the plant? I included a picture of the perfectly happy rhodie for comparison.

Norfolk County Massachusetts Posted 20 days ago

Spider movement

Hello, Is there a studied reason as to why spiders either move in rapid bursts or in that “spider stereotypical” Slow methodical way? Is it as simple as hunting mechanics or is there more to it?

Massachusetts Posted 21 days ago

FALL Fertilizing of Hay? ?

Can you get any benefit from Fall fertilizing of HAY for the spring crop in New England

Worcester County Massachusetts Posted 22 days ago