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Raised Boxes

I use Styrofoam boxes,- 16x24x12D - with the bottom cut out. I loosen the soil where the boxes are going to sit with a fork. I fill the boxes with a mix of peat moss, compost, Black Kow, perlite and worm castings. I use a 20 gallon container as my water source. Can I run black plastic hose with a couple of drippers under the boxes at ground level and water that way. Trial and error will determine how much water is needed in the reservoir. The rows will have ten to twelve boxes each. It will be tomatoes and peppers with herbs, flowers or small things in every other box to space the tomatoes far enough apart to help deter disease.

Norfolk County MA Posted 5 days ago

cutting grape vine

how low to the ground i could cut those grape vine. i need to rebuilt the trellis

Middlesex County CT Posted 8 days ago

Inside RVmoter home

will these hurt breathing the smell of mothballs ?

Plymouth County MA Posted 24 days ago

Maybe a spider cocoon?

Why do I see spiders encased in a web in the corner of a room? What are they doing?

Hartford County CT Posted about 1 month ago

Japanese red maple trunk bark splitting

Is there a salve or cream that can be applied to the areas affected? Thank you

Hartford County CT Posted about 1 month ago

Special rock?

My son found a rock around our house and would like to know what kind of rock it is.

Hartford County Connecticut rock identification geology Posted about 1 month ago

Unknown slug with tentacles?

I found this thing crawling out of a bucket of water the day after a rain storm at first I thought it was a leaf but then it started moving, it moves slowly on land but is faster in water I’m not sure what this thing is was wondering if anyone else knows?

Cheshire County New Hampshire Posted about 1 month ago

Bugs on my zucchini

I'm from Washington County in Oregon, but I'm visiting my Dad in NH and found this mystery bug just on his zucchini... I told him I'd ask your expert team about it! Thank you!

Grafton County New Hampshire Posted 2 months ago

Chipmonks and squirrels have declined in S. Maine.

I live in S. Maine in the summer and have noticed a decline in squirrel population and have yet to see a chipmonk! First year I have actually had blueberries on my low bushes. What has happened to our little creatures?
My friend thinks the deer ticks have killed them. They are killing the young moose.
Could this be possible. Mice Population also down.

Oxford County Maine wildlife Posted 2 months ago

Birch tree growing on boulder rock?

Hi I bought my home 4 years ago and the tree was already growing here on this rock. It seems healthy, but I feel that there is no space for the roots. How is this tree growing on a dry rock? Is it possible for me to transplant it without hurting its roots? Do I need to cut it down before it grows too tall and falls on the groun

Fairfield County Connecticut Posted 2 months ago