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Tailless raccoon

A raccoon in Massachusetts was seen in the winter with just a tuft on the end of its tail. The rest was hairless. He has reappeared with no tail. How does this happen?

Berkshire County Massachusetts Posted 5 days ago

Coffee (Liquid, Black)

I know coffee grinds are good for compost bins. Can I pour black coffee, without sugar in the compost bin?

Providence County Rhode Island Posted 6 days ago

Never saw anything like it!

I live in northwest massachusetts and observed a bird in my neighbors tree which I can't identify. I'm not a border and I didn't get a picture. After some research it looked to be a piliated woodpecker. It looked like an exact match... EXCEPT it's body was solid blue. Not like a blue jay, but the brightest blue you can imagine! The head was bright red with a ribbon of white somewhere under the eye. I can only describe the bright colors as something you might expect in a exotic tropical bird! im just curious to know about what I saw? Anyone know?

Berkshire County Massachusetts Posted 8 days ago


how do i get rid of the skunk under my house

New Haven County Connecticut Posted about 1 month ago

Please ID

These little pests just appeared on 2 side tables that had lamps on. I thought they were mouse droppings all aver the table but they moved and fly!
* note it was unusually warm today and had window open (screens in).

Im itchy until I know what these are!

Rockingham County New Hampshire Posted 3 months ago

Pressure treated lumber for raised vegy beds

I know CCA treated lumber is not acceptable , is the new ACQ treated lumber acceptable for raised bed vegetable gardening?

New London County Connecticut Posted 4 months ago

Black widow

I live in Whitman Massachusetts and doctors believe(they were very hesitant to tell me) I was bitten by a black widow in my garage....They even had a biologist look at the bite and she confirmed
I was bitten by some sort of widow...I have been going through treatment for eight the spiders really live around here???

Plymouth County Massachusetts Posted 5 months ago

Black/brown mushrooms with horrible stench

My front lawn which is green and healthy is covered with large head short stem mushroom. Lawn gets morning shade and afternoon sun. Tried anti fungal spray to no avail. The smell is stench like decaying animal. I appreciate any information

Kent County Rhode Island Posted 5 months ago

soil rhubarb is grown in

Is the soil I have grown rhubarb in for 50 years fit to grow other vegetables in after I remove the plants (roots included), or should I remove the old soil and fill the space from my compost pile which never had rhubarb leaves deposited?

Worcester County Massachusetts Posted 5 months ago

Cherry Blossoms tree

12 year old Cherry Blossom tree has had beautiful blooms every year since we moved in three years ago, also bloomed beautifully this past Spring (April 2019 ). Now, in October, I've just noticed that the bark has come away from the tree trunk and there are large deposits of hardened sap on the opposite side of the trunk. Wondering if there is any treatment/whether this tree can be saved.

Fairfield County Connecticut Posted 5 months ago