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Bugs on my zucchini

I'm from Washington County in Oregon, but I'm visiting my Dad in NH and found this mystery bug just on his zucchini... I told him I'd ask your expert team about it! Thank you!

Grafton County New Hampshire Posted 7 days ago

Chipmonks and squirrels have declined in S. Maine.

I live in S. Maine in the summer and have noticed a decline in squirrel population and have yet to see a chipmonk! First year I have actually had blueberries on my low bushes. What has happened to our little creatures?
My friend thinks the deer ticks have killed them. They are killing the young moose.
Could this be possible. Mice Population also down.

Oxford County Maine wildlife Posted 11 days ago

Birch tree growing on boulder rock?

Hi I bought my home 4 years ago and the tree was already growing here on this rock. It seems healthy, but I feel that there is no space for the roots. How is this tree growing on a dry rock? Is it possible for me to transplant it without hurting its roots? Do I need to cut it down before it grows too tall and falls on the groun

Fairfield County Connecticut Posted 15 days ago

Invasive plant eradication

I have some of the tall cow- parsnip type invasive on my land. It burns the skin. What is the best way to eradicate it?

Champaign County New Hampshire Posted 23 days ago

Oak wilt

Is oak wilt as Far East as vt

Connecticut oak wilt Posted 25 days ago

Rust on serviceberry

I just learned that I have about 20 serviceberry plants on my property and many of them have orange powder on some of the leaves and spikes coming out the the berries. Are all berries now inedible or just the ones that are orange and spiky?

Tolland County Connecticut Posted 2 months ago

Pet Friendly Products

I need to purchase a pet friendly product to help remove moss from my patio bricks.

Providence County Rhode Island Posted 3 months ago

No leaves on "Maw Maw"

We have a pair of Paw Paw trees planted about 4 years ago (now between 3 and 4 feet tall). This year "Paw Paw" leafed out and now has flowers. The 2nd tree "Maw Maw", however, has not produced any leaves. The tree branches all appear resilient, and not breaking when bent, with the small black specks on the branches. They are planted in rich farm soil, but in an area which stays wet longer in the spring than the rest of the field but dries up nicely with the warmer summer weather.
Is "Maw Maw" gone? (the trees are commemorative for my parents who died a few years ago).

Worcester County Massachusetts Posted 3 months ago

Why are my Rhodoa turning brown?

So many are turning brown?

Hartford County Connecticut Posted 3 months ago

Raspberry bush

I planted a raspberry bush in my front yard yesterday. I woke up this morning and found that something ate all the leaves off of it leaving just stems. Will it recover or is it done

New London County Connecticut Posted 3 months ago