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Orange juice?

Can you can orange juice

Cameron County Texas Posted 6 days ago

Bitter Meyer Lemon Marmalade

I made a batch of Meyer Lemon Marmalade and it is too bitter for my taste. It’s my tree so I know it’s a Meyer. I cooked to 220 deg F and it set nicely. It’s also dark in color. Any suggestions??

Galveston County Texas Posted 9 days ago

Transplanting A Issai Kiwi

I just purchased a Issai kiwi plant from a nursery. It was shipped in a 3” pot and appears to be a very small dormant stick. I currently live in zone 8A. When is the best time to plant the kiwi in the ground? If winter is not a good time to transplant, what is my best option for care until the spring? Should I continue to keep the plant dormant or should I wake it up?

Smith County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Viable dessert agriculture

I am currently working for a non-profit organization Operation Resiliant Warrior. Our attention is to transition veterans from the life of service to civilian life. Our farm is located in the dessert of Texas and we are currently growing bamboo. I am now looking for ideas and suggestions for viable dessert agriculture.... plants, livestock etc..... Thank you very much Marijane Christner

Texas Posted 2 months ago

recently acquired poulets

Hello, I bought 3 young chickens from Brazon Farms (middle TX) one was discovered flailing and unable to support her body to walk falling over. I helped her to the food and water and she did eat, I then quarantined her with access to food and water. Have you encountered this and what should I do, is it a disease? I am concerned re my other chickens and the 2 other new ones.
I have tried to get a response from Brazon Farms to no avail.

Fannin County Texas Posted 2 months ago

pearson square

what exactly is pearson really meant for???

Bexar County Texas scientific measurements Posted 2 months ago

Railroad cross ties

How long until they are safe for raised vegetable beds?

Ector County Texas raised bed material Posted 3 months ago

Altitude adjustment on bundt cake

I am preparing to make a cake from the Better Homes and Garden Magazine Nov. 2018-- the Apple Maple Spice Cake on page 132. I need to know how to adjust the cake recipe for use in my altitude of 3600 feet. Can you please advise me?

Also I would like to substitute all-purpose flour in place of the whole wheat flour the recipe calls for.

Potter County Texas Posted 3 months ago

healthy maple tree with leaf rot or scale?

My parents live in Dallas and this beautiful maple has doubled in size in about 3 years. Although healthy, this fall, a few leaves have turned yellow.

I've read that it could be verticillium wilt that could kill the tree or anthracnose?

Can you give us guidance on how to diagnose and treat the tree?
Thank you!!

Collin County Texas Posted 3 months ago

What is this insect?

I have asked both of my teachers in high school what this insect I found outside my house in north Texas and neither of them knew what is was. I’m very curious as to what it is.

Grayson County Texas Posted 4 months ago