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Pinion pine needles turning brown during winter

I live in El Paso, TX. My tree is about 8ft. It’s a dry Jan. now and I noticed dry brown needles about 6 inches from each branch extending towards the inside truck. Is this normal or do I need to water it? Haven’t watered the tree since late Oct. I love my tree. It faces the west and is unobstructed. What can I do? Please help.

El Paso County Texas Posted 2 months ago

mistletoe tree

How long should I wait till I can use the mistletoe tree as firewood, once I cut the branchs off?

El Paso County Texas Posted 3 months ago

Avocado leaf stems bending/twisting

My avocado tree’s leaves have started twisting around the trunk as if it’s diseased? The leaves of the older leaves also appear to possibly be burnt as they are developing brown areas around the edges. Not sure what to do- does anyone have any advice? I read that the brown spots could be from salt burn so I’ve just soaked the soil with water to try and rinse out any possible toxins in there.

Tom Green County Texas Posted 4 months ago


My azaleas have some sort of fungus, scales, white or frosty looking. The underside has dark specs. How or what do I treat? They still bloom and have some growth. I live in the

South East part of Texas. Azaleas grow abundantly here all over town.

Can you help me?

Smith County Texas Posted 4 months ago

Unique specimen

I need help to identify whether this is specific kind of stone I found it with the pile of polished petrified wood. But I'm having trouble trying to find what are you actually is I need to see if you could help me identify it.

Atascosa County Texas Posted 4 months ago

Identifing my rocks

Can you pleas ed help tell me wut these ar ed

Ward County Texas Posted 5 months ago

Identifing my rocks

I have this rock I found its 1foot 2 inches , weights 21 pounds and is just very strange. Can you help me identify them.

Ward County Texas rock identification Posted 5 months ago

What are these black flying bugs hanging out on my window screens?

These black flying/jumping bugs that only hang out on my window screen keep showing up lately. I never really see them move unless I agitate the screen. Then they sort of jump at me or fall to the windowsill. I'm on the second story apartment with a Texas Pine, Live Oak and Oak tree right next to my windows. What's weird is they only go on my living room and sliding door screens, but stay off my bedroom screens which are on the same side and just a few feet away.

Tarrant County Texas insect identification Posted 5 months ago


Hi, I live in zone ten. I have a garden site that I planted gladiolus about three years ago. This past year I added more bulbs to the same area. It appears that they did not do well this past summer. My question is, should I dig up that area and amend the soil before the next season. Maybe just start over?? Thank you so much for any advise you can give. Sherrie

San Patricio County Texas Posted 6 months ago

Can bee polen will pollinate

Can bee pollen will pollinates the bloom of the loquea tree if the bees can’t tolerate the cool of Texas

Bowie County Texas Posted 6 months ago