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Strange layer on top of apple cider vinegar while fermenting

At the aple cider vinegar I am making a layer of something turned up, it is not mold and the vinegar tastes very nice but I have no clue what is this thing!

TX Posted 5 days ago

How appropriate to ask a nearby farmer if you could do volunteer work on his/her farm?

I live in a subdivision that is surrounded by nearby farms? How appropriate would it be to ask a nearby farmer if they could ever use some volunteer work on their farm? If so, how would you go about doing that for correct channels of contact? :)

Travis County TX Posted 12 days ago

Question about botulism

I recently made jalapeno jelly. The recipe consisted of apple cider vinegar and lots of sugar. I have now stumbled across "botulism" and I'm scared to death to eat my own jelly! Should I eat it or throw it away?

TX Posted 22 days ago

Help identifying spider

I found this little guy last night in my house. I want to make sure it's not a brown recluse. Any help would be very appreciated.

Thank you.

Travis County TX Posted about 1 month ago

Winter onions & garlic

I live in central Texas and have just planted winter onions and garlic for the first time. Do I need to put a mulch over the sprouts for the few times it freezes? If so can I just use tree leave to cover them.? Thank you

McLennan County TX Posted about 1 month ago

Spider bite.

Is this a spider bite and if so should I go to the doctor. It's been really painful the past few days. It is located on the upper side of my neck, behind my ear.

Wichita County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Green tomato pie filling

How long should I cook the filling before freezing to make pies later?

Karnes County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Laurel berries

Two questions . First, let me explain my mistake . I have two berry trees (bushes) that popped up in my yard. I saw my chickens hopping up and down , up and down trying to reach these yellow berries. I decided to try one, or two. Handful . Sweet as can be. My mother said they are laurel bushes. The next two days, I was having some serious problems breathing . Researching the tree (bush) , it seems I've eaten some poisonous berries. Cyanide is the toxin which explains why I couldn't breathe . I'm not sure tho if this is laurel . It also favors YAUPON holly .
My questions. Are laurel berries harmful to chickens ? And looking at the pics I've included, is this laurel or some other known bush ? The berries are sweet , very tasty . Now that 2 days have gone by since my tasting, do I need to be seen by a doctor ?
Thank you for your time.

Galveston County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Why isn’t my black widow black?

My black widow is more of a burgundy rather than shiny black. It’s almost as though it is completely red underneath with a brown coating on the outside. Is that normal?

Williamson County Texas Posted 3 months ago

Hard Red Winter Wheat

Can you grow hard red winter wheat in China, TX? If so when is the best time to plant? I would be starting with seeds. Thank you, Pam

Jefferson County Texas Posted 3 months ago