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Can anyone identify this spider? It’s about an inch and a half long, and grapelike protrusions at the back.

Bexar County Texas Posted 8 days ago

Unknown spider

So i dont know what this spider is, and ive never seen it in my house before. It's a small spider like really small and it has lines going across the abdomen and an oval shape on its head but not connecting at the bottem and the legs are short and stubby. Its like light brown and the legs close the bottom it turns black. If it was one color it would look like a big ass tick. And I just im afraid if i kill it that baby spider will come out and i hate spider i dont want to have to kill one if i dont need to. What do i do?

Lubbock County Texas Posted 23 days ago


I’ve had this rock for years, what is it?

Galveston County Texas geology Posted about 1 month ago

Neglectful use of roundup

Where in the corpus Christi, TX area can testing be done
Have mayor neighbor & roundup problem
Mothers got severe copd & also killed two cats I believe

Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Spider Name

What kind of spider is this. Found in East Texas and I can not find it on the internet.

San Augustine County Texas Posted about 1 month ago


Can’t figure out what kind of spider this is.

Montgomery County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

What type of spider is this?

What type of spider is this and is it dangerous? It is shiny and is only white and black!! No dots on back more like a black line with spaces !! It’s webbing is white and an funnel shape..

Harris County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

What in the world is this little plant?

While hiking, my family ran across this plant in a meadow... any idea what a it could be? Curiosity is getting to us... thanks for being there for us.....


Texas Posted about 1 month ago


Hello, I am growing a grape mix of Texas green and California Concord and these little things have ABSOLUTELY destroyed my crops. How do I kill these filthy pests? I pruned my vines and I sprayed the removed vines with 409 Multi Cleaner and still NOTHING. They’re crawling about and breeding on top of my trash can. P.S. they sting if you touch them and they’re so tiny, they can be anywhere

Harris County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Is this a black widow?

Found this black spider with a red orange rectangle and I’m not sure if it’s a black widow spider. Help! Can anyone tell me what kind of spider this is?

Travis County Texas Posted about 1 month ago