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Questions asked to this group

crop production in Colorado

Where would I find crop production cost per acre for corn and alfalfa? More specifically fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide.

Wood County Texas Posted 11 days ago

Odd dirt nest

Can you identify this odd mud nest?

Angelina County Texas Posted 12 days ago

I think I ate plum maggots or worm

I noticed I have a little white Maggot looking things in my plums after eating them will it make me sick do I need to do anything to get rid of them In my stomach?

Hunt County Texas Posted 17 days ago

Newly planted tree problems

I planted two flowering bare root trees in March. I live in San Antonio Texas. After we planted, my husband put a nitrogen spike by each tree. Right after trees started getting leaves, they would droop, turn brown and eventually drop off. Don't know if I should prune them now, or just wait till August? One is an Eastern Redbud and one is a Kwanzan Flowering Cherry. Did a good job planting, amending soil and watering. Have planted many trees before, but in Washington state. Help!

Bexar County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Vinca minor problem

Is there a spray that I can use to kill close to a quarter acre of vinca minor without killing the natural wild grass interspersed? And will it kill it permanent or will this be a constant fight?

Hood County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Baby Spiders & Tube Cocoons

Hello, I found these spiders on one of our outdoor chairs. These seems to be baby spiders but I am not sure they were newborns that came from the vertebrae-shaped cocoons shown in the image or not. I noticed there were 7 spiders and 7 small “tubes” lined up (except 1 that is detached). I tried to search it but was not able to find anything even close to that. Does anyone know what kind of spiders are these and whether they came from these tubes? Appreciate any help!

Bexar County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

bark falling off tree

I have a mt Fuji cherry tree. Some of the bark is split and broken. I don't see any insects and the tree flowered beautifully this spring and looks healthy. Should I be concerned and if so, what measure should I take?

Tarrant County Texas Posted about 1 month ago


Is there anything that will kill aphids but not caterpillars?

San Patricio County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Sweetest Cherry Tree

Is there a chart that shows the sweetness level of cherry trees?

Bell County Texas Posted 2 months ago

What spider is it ?

Is this spider poison ? Have a lot of these in my house

Texas Posted 2 months ago