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Back wLnut

iI have a very large black walnut tree about whT is it worth

Leon County TX Posted 3 days ago

Drooping elephant ear plants

Hi, I put my elephant ear plants out this morning during new flooring. It was under an umbrella for protection under the sun. Now they're totally drooping. Help

Dallas County TX Posted 4 days ago

I have black soldier fly inside

Hello I have a little problem ...I actually been seeing a different type of worm coming out where I have my washer and dryer I have remove alot of them ... I research them they look like a soldier fly .... I cleaned.... I even got things ,spray so they can go away but eventually they have not stop coming out I've moved everything but i just cant find where they are coming from I'm so stressed out already this has been two weeks now I've been seeing this & also the fly please help what should I do next

Webb County TX Posted 4 days ago

Elephant ears and grasshopper problem

Grasshoppers attack my elephant ears at the end of every summer here in Dallas Texas. What can I do to protect them.

Dallas County TX Posted 4 days ago

Spring blooms, now just growth

Weather today 93° feels 107• dew point 78. The top of a rose bush died. The next spring was going to dig up, but it had a green sprout. Nursed it thru last year. No blooms, but multiple stems out of ground & 3-4 foot long. Come this spring it busted out with 30-40 blooms in bunches of 4 or 5. Beautiful. Trimmed off flowers when dead hoping for more blooms. Again it shot out multiple branches 4'-5' long. Read if plant gets "leggy" branches w/o blooms, cut the ends of branches off. I did after the last 5 leaf branch. Now each of those cut branches are themselves have 3 to 5 new branches growing, now at about a foot long each with no signs of blooms or slowing down. Plant looks Great! But still no more blooms. What to do.

Henderson County TX Posted 4 days ago


Hello! I am new to gardening and this is my first tomato plant ever!! I just wanted to understand what I am dealing with. I think I have a fungus? Can I still eat the tomatoes? Only one tomato looks like this, the rest are normal with no spots. The leaves look like the attached photo.

Travis County Texas Posted 4 days ago

Gecko and lizard repellents

How to safely repel lizards/geckos from my front porch and patio. They range 1 inch to 12 inches long and everywhere. They are getting in my home and setting my Ring doorbells off. Also, could large lizards be harmful to my 4lb chihuahua? Thank you Susan

Tarrant County Texas Posted 4 days ago

Sodium Tripolyphosphate

I have headaches after ingesting. I also have issues with fluid retention. My stomach swells badly. How long does it take for it to leave the body and is it stored in fat cells?

Brazos County Texas Posted 11 days ago

Dark brown covering strawberry

  • We had beautiful BIG strawberries in April,May, then stopped producing. Now it's the beginning of July and we have a few,small berries mostly bitten or bad in spots. There are other berries that look like there are green sprouts growing out of each seed on the berry. As they "ripen" or stay on vine longer, the green sprouts turn to dark brown. The entire berry is covered in a dark brown covering.

Montgomery County Texas Posted 11 days ago

zinnias dying

hello I have a beautiful zinnia bed , all of the sudden I am loosing adult plants one or two a day . One day they have 3/4 flowers over night they are dried up I have sprayed with neem oil, there are no bugs ,nothing i can see, it looks like something is chewing on the stem just below ground level ? Please help if you can Thanks

Johnson County Texas Posted 13 days ago