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Questions asked to this group

Why isn’t my black widow black?

My black widow is more of a burgundy rather than shiny black. It’s almost as though it is completely red underneath with a brown coating on the outside. Is that normal?

Williamson County TX Posted 26 days ago

Hard Red Winter Wheat

Can you grow hard red winter wheat in China, TX? If so when is the best time to plant? I would be starting with seeds. Thank you, Pam

Jefferson County TX Posted 26 days ago

Ironiting new Princess 77 lawn

I just planted Princess 77 four weeks ago and my lawn is greening up quickly . Can I apply liquid Ironite at this time ?

Montgomery County TX Posted 26 days ago

Black beauty Micro clover

I live north west of Houston, Texas. How does the Black Beauty micro clover grass do in this area?

Montgomery County TX Posted 29 days ago

Food plot

I recently tested my soil at my deer lease in bronte Tx, the PH level was 7.5 and the nitrogen was almost 0, potas was almost 0 as well. It’s red dirt and I’m trying to grow some wheat, turnips and clovers. I bought all purpose fertilizer 16 16 16. Is there anything I can do to help grow the plot? Thank you for any help

Coke County TX Posted about 1 month ago

remedy herbiside

how long does it take to be absorbed with diesel mixture to mesquite folage. put on at 8am rained at3pm. 91 degrees

Guadalupe County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Bell peppers are not producing fruit.

I started organic gardening 3 years ago, since then health of the vegetables have started declining. For example , bell peppers that are planted three months ago have not producing fruits. Flowers opens up and falls off from the plant next day, leaves look rusty , patchy and curls in almost all of the plants. I have used a lot of different type of compost for the soil and and organic fertilizers last three years. Soil texture has improved but I have other issues came up.I have attached the picture and also added another picture that belongs to mustard green, leaves have powdery white spots. I have noticed root knots in tomato roots and eggplants last year, most likely due to nematodes that came with composted soil. I have used neem oil and thyme extract for treatment. It appears to help for reduction of root knots but this year these issues popped up. Not sure what fungicide I need to use, I am in the point that I will be start using chemicals to get rid of plant or soil problems.

Tarrant County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

What kind of spider is this?

I found it in my shower

Aransas County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Lots of dead spiders

I have had lots of dead spiders turning up of different sizes and kinds. The ones I have seen die come out of hideing, run around erraticly the just drop dead.what is causing this?

Austin County Texas Posted about 1 month ago


Can anyone identify this spider? It’s about an inch and a half long, and grapelike protrusions at the back.

Bexar County Texas Posted 2 months ago