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Can bee polen will pollinate

Can bee pollen will pollinates the bloom of the loquea tree if the bees can’t tolerate the cool of Texas

Bowie County Texas Posted 13 days ago

Unknown tiny spider

I’ve had a near infestation of these tiny spiders amongst my chili plants. The webs distort the tips and joints of the plants. Any ideas for what type this is?

Collin County Texas Posted 22 days ago

Pole bean problems

My pole beans were doing fine and then I checked on them today and their leaves looked like this. I know that there is some leaf miner damage, but I'm more worried about the crinkling on the leaves. I have seen some black bean aphids and have been blasting them off with high pressure water. (Pictured are Orient Wonder and Purple Pod. I also have scarlet emperor but they don't seem to have this issue)

Travis County Texas Posted 23 days ago

Strange fungi growing in our garden.

Hello! We have noticed a strange hole with what appears to be a fungus growing in our pebble garden. It’s gotten very large and strange looking. Feel like rubber. We are so confused. Facebook identify plant sites aren’t letting me ask because they think the photo is fake, but it’s not. Please help. We have two small kids and need to know how to kill/rid this growth or fungus.

Travis County Texas mushroom identification Posted 26 days ago

Lavender plant

How much/often should I water my outdoor established lavender plant. It has green growth but is not looking well at all, lots of dry areas and I can see the center area looking dry and woody. Please help!

Montgomery County Texas Posted 27 days ago

clover blooms color

does mini micro clover come in any color besides white?

Smith County Texas groundcovers Posted about 1 month ago

Can I bring Iris bulbs, Blue Mist and Turks Cap transplants from north Texas

I purchased a home in Golden and will be moving there from north Texas. Are there any restrictions against bringing transplants and bulbs from out of state? I'd like to bring some as a reminder of my past and to attract butterflies. I know Irises do well, I visited Chatfield Farms two years ago. If I can bring plants, are there any tips on preparing them for travel?

Rockwall County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Wooly Croton

Hi. I have been battling goat weed (wooly Croton) in my pastures since purchasing my property 5 years ago. At purchase, the pastures were infested with the plant. I have been spraying with 2-4-d amine in spring when the plants are small. This works well to kill the goatweed plants that are there at time of spraying. However, throughout the summer, any rain encourages a new crop of them to germinate and grow. Is there a pre-emergent herbicide that I can apply to my pastures that would help control this? If so, when is the best time of year to apply it?

Cass County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

I have 300 goats, 6 cattle

Where can I buy dung beatles? Do they breakdown goat manure. Also some one said they are not good to have around chickens. I live in Victoria county Tx.

Victoria County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Dallas County Texas Posted about 1 month ago