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Pear tree fungus

There is a grey fungus all over our pear tree, the tree stoped producing fruit.

Orange County Texas Posted 1 day ago

Improving Clay soil

Hi I have clay soil in zone 8b , Clyde, TX. Can I add only old grass clippings( hay) to my soil to build the tilth of it? If so will it rob the soil of nitrogen? Thanks.

Callahan County Texas soil Posted about 1 month ago


I was told sulfur Pellets applied in January help keep webworms off the pecan tree. Is this treatment correct?

Bexar County Texas Posted 2 months ago

Japanese maples, branches dying

Death is associated with a black area on the bark, with an orangey fringe. Photo attached. I suspect pseudomonas syringae? We are in Austin TX. This particular tree is Chisio Improved, but the same symptoms are infecting other trees in our grove. This one has the most damage.

Treatment possible?

Travis County Texas japanese maples Posted 2 months ago

Strange layer on top of apple cider vinegar while fermenting

At the aple cider vinegar I am making a layer of something turned up, it is not mold and the vinegar tastes very nice but I have no clue what is this thing!

Texas Posted 4 months ago

How appropriate to ask a nearby farmer if you could do volunteer work on his/her farm?

I live in a subdivision that is surrounded by nearby farms? How appropriate would it be to ask a nearby farmer if they could ever use some volunteer work on their farm? If so, how would you go about doing that for correct channels of contact? :)

Travis County Texas Posted 4 months ago

Question about botulism

I recently made jalapeno jelly. The recipe consisted of apple cider vinegar and lots of sugar. I have now stumbled across "botulism" and I'm scared to death to eat my own jelly! Should I eat it or throw it away?

Texas Posted 5 months ago

Help identifying spider

I found this little guy last night in my house. I want to make sure it's not a brown recluse. Any help would be very appreciated.

Thank you.

Travis County Texas Posted 5 months ago

Winter onions & garlic

I live in central Texas and have just planted winter onions and garlic for the first time. Do I need to put a mulch over the sprouts for the few times it freezes? If so can I just use tree leave to cover them.? Thank you

McLennan County Texas Posted 5 months ago

Spider bite.

Is this a spider bite and if so should I go to the doctor. It's been really painful the past few days. It is located on the upper side of my neck, behind my ear.

Wichita County Texas Posted 5 months ago