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How do I save my spruce from the over-watering of all the rains we've had. Tree is about 4 ft. tall and was doing well until the last few days. Last week we got 10 inches of rain an the tree is loosing it's needles..

Please Help


Faulkner County Arkansas Posted about 16 hours ago

Coral bark Japanese maple

Our coral bark maple leafed out this spring and immediately turned fall orange color. Now the leaves are dry and crisp. The limbs have white spots and lines on them. Can this tree be saved. It is about five feet tall five feet across.

Garland County Arkansas Posted 21 days ago

odd hen behavior

We have 3 hens and a rooster, recently the cock has started chasing our large black marans away from food and does not let her on the roost. This hen now puffs her feathers at thhe other two hens but the will all feed together. I am trying to figure out what to do for this hen, all are good layers. Thank you for helping

Faulkner County Arkansas Posted 28 days ago

no acorns on chinkapin oak

why don't any of the chinkapin oaks in a group of five trees have any acorns

Calhoun County Arkansas Posted 7 months ago

Emerald green arborvitae

I have had 3 10 foot tall emerald green arborvitae for 16 years. All of a sudden one has died and the second one is dying. There are no bag worms at all. They start wilting and turning light green and eventually turn brown and die. I have been spraying 3 in 1, but to no avail. We have had rain, so it’s not drought.

Independence County Arkansas Posted 8 months ago

Browning Leaves

I have a 5 foot tree in a pot, I’m located in western Arkansas. Some of the leaves are turning brown, some on the edges, some in the middle. They eventually fall off and the limb starts turning dark brown.

Sebastian County Arkansas Posted 8 months ago

What is this

I found this tear drop unique rock in the woods

Independence County Arkansas rocks and minerals rock identification Posted 8 months ago

Please help!

My Pink Lemonade Blueberry, or Vaccinium, looks like it has the chicken pox! It does not affect the stems. It has shown up in the last week and all 3 of my plants have it. I fertilize with Miracle Grow, manure, and compost.

Saline County Arkansas blueberries Posted 11 months ago

Two baby birds abandoned

We have found 2 birds in our bush. We have not seen any adult birds for 2 days. The babies put their necks out with mouths open for food. We have not touched the birds or the nest.
what should we do?

Pulaski County Arkansas Posted 11 months ago

What is this please??

I habe been trying to figure this out and im completely bumfuzzled

Perry County Arkansas Posted about 2 years ago