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Pear Tree & Maple Tree Problem

Both these trees are only 1 year old. Any ideas what is going on and how can it be treated?

Isabella County MI fruit trees Posted about 4 hours ago

Lawn weed identification and control

Can you identify these 2 flowering plants (photos attached) that are quite abundant in my lawn this Spring? What would be suitable control measures? Thank you.

Barry County MI plant identification Posted about 6 hours ago

Mystery Malus

I am seeking to identify 2 different "wild" apple trees. They are not grafted but both have wonderful fruits. I understand that identification by observation is next to impossible...especially in this situation. Do you have a resource for a person or place that will/can do genetic testing, that may be able to identify if it is a recognized cultivar ?

Jackson County MI fruit trees Posted about 7 hours ago

Covering Seedlings

Hello. I am from southwest michigan (49015) and am planning to plant carrots, tomatoes, bush beans, and cucumbers this weekend. Next weekend the nightly temperature will be about 50°. Should I cover any of these planted seeds overnight with straw so that they don't die? Especially should I cover the non-cold hardy cucumbers? Thank you.

Calhoun County MI fruits and vegetables Posted 1 day ago


My pachysandra leaves have brown spots, brown leaf ends, yellow leaves (then they die), but I see new growth in the dying areas. We have had a sprinkling system two years now--too wet? See photos. Thanks for your help!

Kent County MI plant disease gardening flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted 1 day ago

Honey crisp apple trees

I would like to find out if Bonide fruit and nut spray is harmful to honey crisp trees. I sprayed my trees and the leaves wilted up on them, from what I see sulfur is not good for them. I used 3 oz in 1/1/2 gallons of water, not to hot out the day I sprayed. If I can't use that spray,what spray can be used if i didn't kill the trees.


Barry County Michigan fruit trees Posted 1 day ago

Is it a Bumble Flower Beetle?

Found this bug on my Goatsbeard May 24...a bit smaller than a Japanese Beetle. Mostly black with tan markings.

Oakland County Michigan Posted 1 day ago

Identify plant please? any Poison Ivy?

This plant is growing under my yews around my swimming pool. Before I try weeding it, I would like to know what it is. I am very allergic to poison ivy, so just want to be sure of what it is. I have included pictures below.
Thank You!

Oakland County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

Tree Pruning - Controlling Direction

When we look at the branch of a tree, we see a terminal bud at the end of each limb and that is the direction of growth. Once the terminal bud is removed (to control size/length of limb) the bud next down would be the new dominant bud (or a duo of buds at the same location of the limb would each start growing). Since it would be on a side of the tree limb, it would start growing out at an angle to the limb and we would start to see limbs "curving" and looking less natural.

A few years back, I pruned a sargent crab's limbs back because they were too long (note that sargent crabs tend to grow horizontally rather than up). Sure enough, the new growth grew at an angle to each of the original limb directions and it looks silly with all of the new growth curving up or curving in other directions.

Is there an alternative, so it would look more "natural" or does it mean that once a limb is pruned I am stuck pruning it each year?

Frank Allen

Wayne County Michigan pruning Posted 2 days ago

Cats using garden for a potty.

Is there anything to keep cats from using my garden for a potty?

Shiawassee County Michigan gardening Posted 2 days ago