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Weed control

Is there a safe weed control for use in wetlands area? The weeds are mixed but lots of thistle.

Oakland County Michigan Posted 38 minutes ago

Weed control

Is there a safe weed control for use in wetlands area?

Oakland County Michigan Posted 39 minutes ago

Plant growth

Will vegetables growth rate be faster in water, or in soil?

Wayne County Michigan Posted about 20 hours ago

Zinnia problems


We have planted Zinnias successfully for many years but this years group is not growing as tall as before and the flowers are not very vivid. Looking at them a little closer today, I noticed holes in the leaves and flowers as well as some brown patches on the leaves. Do you have any ideas on what the issue might be and how to treat it?

Oakland County Michigan Posted about 21 hours ago

Planting lupine, sweet pea, daisy from seed in Norther mi

Hi, I moved to harbor Springs last summer from southern US so I’m trying to figure out zone 4 gardening vs zone 7! I have a nice sunny slope that is grassy and natural and I’d like to introduce some of the wildflowers I see along side the road....lupine, sweet pea, black eyed Susan’s, oxeyed daisies perhaps ( not sure what the wild daisy is). But my question is, should I wait till spring to sow the seed or is there enough growing season left to do it now? Caroline

Emmet County Michigan Posted 1 day ago

Oak wilt?

2 years ago we trimmed trees in early summer. We started losing a tree later that summer. We removed it and hauled away the wood last summer. We did not trim any other trees. This year we lost a few more and the others are dropping leaves. How can we save the other trees?

Berrien County Michigan trees and shrubs oak wilt Posted 2 days ago

Weed or Flower?

Are the attachments pictures of a weed or of a flower. It is a very tall plant.

Emmet County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

Kent County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

Green Beans

My green beans plant are growing too long and with too much foliage. What can I do to get more blossoms?

Oakland County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

What are these caterpillars?

We recently had two large lilac bushes trimmed back and about a week later they are covered in these caterpillars. Would like to know exactly what they are, please.

Wayne County Michigan Posted 2 days ago