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transplanting blueberries

Hello! I own a farmers market and I want to expand into more blueberries. I've had okay luck making enormous containers, maybe holds around a cubic yard worth of soil, filled with half peat moss and soil from native blueberry land that a friend owns. They resemble a short row and I stick about 3 plants in each. This is not a bad way to go but it is a ton of work. Is there an easier way? Can I just forgo the pots and have a equal mix of native soil, peat moss, and pine bark in a 4x4 hole that is one foot deep? I would then use something like sulfur (i hope I'm thinking of the right thing) to make the soil have more acid and put the sulfur on once a year to make sure my alkaline soil doesn't leach through. Would this plan work? My native soil is practically a PH of 7. I have spots on the property with decent soil and then I have some very sandy soil that nothing but moss grows on. Since I am replacing the soil could I plant blueberries where it is really sandy and mossy? Thanks!

Lake County Michigan Posted about 7 hours ago

Cover Crops For Small Gardens And Starting Seedlings


I'd like to get started on my garden preparation soon and I wondered if there were any cover crops you would suggest for a small garden. I know they are typically planted in the fall and I'm not sure if there are any you can do in Spring? I will be putting early veggies in as soon as possible (peas, etc.), so it would be either something I could plant and till in before then, or something I could plant in the areas of the garden which get the later crops.

Also, I'd like to start some seedlings inside this year, flowers, tomatoes, and peppers. So any resources on that would be appreciated. If I want to do melons and squash is it better to directly sow the seeds or are these also good started indoors?

Lastly, are there any products you'd recommend for this, grow lights, heating mats, etc? I won't have a lot of room, but hope to do 4-6 flats.

Thank you!

Alpena County Michigan Posted about 13 hours ago

moss in raised beds

Hello, I have moss starting to grow in my raised beds. Why is this happening and how can I prevent it? I noticed it last year toward the end of the season and now in spring they are fairly covered.
Thank you.

Ingham County Michigan Posted about 19 hours ago

Horse stable mushroom

Can you please tell me what kind of mushroom this is?

Bay County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

Bareroot trees and other plants on their way

In early March I received part of my order of bareroot tree's. The ground was still frozen. Now that it's warmed up a little, can I go ahead and plant them outside? Will the next coming cold weather from now to May kill them?
Also, they shipped the rest of my order yesterday. I doubt it's all bareroot, some are shrubs, some flowers. The company says they ship when it's time to be planted for my area. But I have a hard time believing that! Please help me with your knowledgeable team!

Oakland County Michigan Posted 3 days ago

tree ID help

We have two of these in our backyard, about 50 feet tall. Might not be native, they look like they were planted 15' from the house. The trunk bifurcates multiple times, at a low angle (V shape, not U shape, which I know can lead to issues). What kind of tree? In a tree ID book, I don't see anything that looks right, maybe Eastern Hemlock (but no droopy terminal leader, and the leaves / needles look a bit long, more than 1").

Ingham County Michigan trees and shrubs Posted 3 days ago

Maple Tree Insect Damage

I have a maple tree in my back yard that appears to be dieing from the top. The trunk of the tree is 18" to 20" in diameter. A central branch near the top about 6" diameter is dead or dieing. I see what appears to be insect damage. A Wood Pecker is making a nest in this branch, also. Is there anything I can do to save the tree? Other Maple trees in the vicinity have died. I was thinking of cutting off the dieing limb and sealing the cut but do not want to disturb the wood peckers. What is the environmentally healthy course of action?

Thank you. Michael E. Horgan

Ottawa County Michigan birds trees and shrubs Posted 4 days ago

what species?

I had three of the bushes I believe they are called rhododenrons . One of them died a few years back, my backyard isn't the same when spring rolls around. I want to replace it, but can't identify what kind it was.

Wayne County Michigan Posted 5 days ago

Improvised Produce Crisper

Greetings! I rent and my fridge doesn't have a place for crispers. Is there a way I can store my fruits and veggies so they stay fresher longer? Thank you! -Barb

Genesee County Michigan home food preservation Posted 6 days ago


Gray square stink bugs keep getin in house.

Genesee County Michigan insect issues household pests Posted 7 days ago