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Wasp like insect 2

I have a couple better pictures to go with my question.

Antrim County Michigan Posted about 23 hours ago

Wasp-like insect

A wasp like insect embedded itself in the side of our portable garage. It is a couple inches long with a long, hard stinger on the end. It went through the lining of the garage and got stuck. Any idea what it could be?

Antrim County Michigan Posted about 23 hours ago

Can anyone tell me what species of hydrangea this is?

I have a hydrangea in my yard. It has never bloomed. I don’t know what kind it is. Can anyone help me with identification by a pic?

Wayne County Michigan Posted 1 day ago

Vine identification?

There's a large amount of this Vine growing along the back side of our property. I am clearing out the beds for the fall. This looks like Virginia Creeper to me, but I thought I'd double check before getting hip deep in it.

Wayne County Michigan Posted 1 day ago

Deer damaged fruit trees

We just came to our cabin in northern lower Michigan (Alcona county) to find our deer fences smashed in and branches eaten and broken from our three year old fruit trees (apple, plum, cherry, pear). It's so close to winter, I'm afraid to trim off the broken branches, should I try splicing/grafting? And with what? Help! (We ARE planning to install our taller fence around them).

Alcona County Michigan Posted 1 day ago

Japanese beetle control

Is it too late to apply grub control for the Japanese beetle? I live in Auburn, Mi, near Bay City, and we have not had any cold weather yet.

Bay County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

Which Primer to Use?

My exterior paneling has developed fine, vertical cracks in the paint. It appears to me that the surface beneath the paint is what is causing this as the cracks seem more than paint deep. I'm thinking maybe the wood or OSB (probably the cheapest wood paneling that the contractor could find) needs to be sealed from water with primer before I paint it again. What do you recommend?
Thanks in advance for your work on this.

Michigan Posted 2 days ago

Spotted green beetle

Over the last few days I have experienced an infestation of the spotted green beetle. It has attacked various plants in my vegetable garden , primarily the late spinach, chard, rhubarb leaves and basil. Also, they have totally decimated the petals of all of my mum plants. Besides picking them off and putting them into soapy weather, is there any other way of control? Do they overwinter? I’m located in SW Michigan, in the town of Union Pier. Thanks for any advice. Marge Spears

Berrien County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

Poisonous Trees

So I'm making some caramel apples for a Halloween party and I was planning on using sticks from my yard as the handles (I'm dying the caramel black so it's part of the feeling, think Snow White). I have a bunch of sugar maples, a few Chinese elms, and a Walnut tree in my yard. Are there branches from any tree I should stay away from using that might make my poisonous apples actually poisonous?

Wayne County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

Internet Use and Open Meetings Act Violations

What type of internet posts would violate the Open Meetings Act? Can municipal board members post opinions on issues without violating the OMA? Or can councilmembers only express their opinions on issues during public meetings?


1) A councilmember expressing their opinion on their campaign website regarding a possible zoning issue.

2) A councilmember answers a question from a resident on social media regarding their opinion on an ordinance.

3) Two councilmembers running for re-election as a slate hold a townhall type session to answer questions from residents.

Thank you.

Oakland County Michigan Posted 3 days ago