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Fuzzy caterpillar

Can you identify this caterpillar. Thanks, Dean Rothgeb

Genesee County Michigan Posted about 4 hours ago

What is this plant?

Our client brought in this plant for identification. It is taking over her yard and she is wondering how to get rid of it. She said it normally has purple flowers on it. Thanks

Alpena County Michigan Posted about 4 hours ago

New deck came with Teeny Tiny UNwelcome visitors~

Help please! We had a small deck (a landing and a few steps) installed at our new patio door last week. While sitting out last evening I noticed little bugs crawling (very fast!) all over. They seemed to be coming out from between the cracks in the wood. I have never seen these bugs before. There were dozens of them! They are very hard to identify as they are so fast and tiny and killing them tends to destroy the specimen. They are shaped a BIT like a tick with antenna(?), light brownish to reddish coloring, I believe four to six legs? My strongest magnifying glass is inadequate to visualize the legs well. Perhaps what I feel may be antennas are legs? Please, someone point me in the right direction to identify them so I can wipe them out. The deck faces directly east so there is bright sunlight in the AM. They are more active in the evening than they were this morning. They are sensitive to the sun's heat?? I don't know but this wood is FULL OF THEM! So much for enjoying our new patio door and exit steps! Are they a wood tick? Maybe a mite? What do I use to decimate this population of creepy crawlies? Thank you in advance for any info you can provide. I live in northern Oakland county.

Oakland County Michigan insect issues Posted about 7 hours ago

Selling Meat


We want to process a cow and sell the meat. We have a USDA facility picked out. What do we need to do as far as licensing to sell to the public.

Washtenaw County Michigan meat processing Posted about 7 hours ago

pine trees

We seem to have pine trees dieing in our front yard. we planted trees about 20 years ago. Lost about 5 of them within years. We have 2 left one is large and doing good. The other one is so much shorter and is been dieing off for the past year. We have no idea what and why this is happening. Please any info would be nice. L Kish I will try and send pics

Genesee County Michigan trees and shrubs evergreens conifers Posted about 10 hours ago


Was watching national geographic wild on giant centipedes. The narrator had said they eat bats and i was wondering if centipedes can carry rabies? I know they don't live in Michigan, but i was very curious. Thank you for your insight.

Lenawee County Michigan Posted about 13 hours ago

Odd pin like bug bites

I have more than a dozen pin like bug bites they are itchy and red but not constantly itchy. I live in Canada directly across from Michigan (Windsor,Sarnia) I got them when I was outside they are about one inch apart.

Michigan Posted about 16 hours ago


So I have these beautiful hostas and they usually do really well but something is terrible wrong with them this year I'm taking the MSU class and they sent me to you guys I really hope you can help me I don't want to lose anymore thank you

Macomb County Michigan Posted about 22 hours ago

Residential tree harvest

Hello! I have 1 tulip popular and 2 maples about 60 - 80 feet tall on my property. They have straight trunks. Is tree harvesting an option for me?

Wayne County Michigan Posted 1 day ago

Asian Jumping Worms

I live in Berrien County. I have Asian Jumping Worms in my compost piles at my home. Other than picking hundreds of them out, placing them in a zip lock bags and leaving in the sun (they die in 15 min), I have heard of no other ways to eradicate them. I have woods right next to the compost plies and so far they have not moved there These worms are voracious eaters of leaves and mulch and will eat weeds/plant/tree sprouts on the floor of the woods and can eventually kill the trees.The eggs can survive the coldest of winters and hatch in the spring. These are prevalent in IL, WI, MI, PA other states and as far as Oregon. HELP!

Berrien County Michigan Posted 1 day ago