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Can you identify this

I found this on my arm. It is very tiny; like a spec of dirt. Would you know what this is? I also have a Quaker parrot and a cat.

Michigan Posted about 3 hours ago

What is this?

Do you know whatthis is

Muskegon County Michigan Posted about 10 hours ago


Found on you know what it is?

Muskegon County Michigan Posted about 10 hours ago

Maple Tree with black spots on leaves

I have a maple tree that is now 15 years old. The past four years in late summer early fall the leaves develop black spots. Is it dangerous to the tree? Do I need to treat it and if so with what?
Thank you for your time.
Kimberly Groce

Washtenaw County Michigan maple tree Posted about 12 hours ago

Berry Identification

What kind of berries are these and are they poisonous?

Monroe County Michigan berry identification Posted about 12 hours ago

Health of residential lake

Who can we contact that is qualified to assess the health status of our lake, and prescribe steps to take to make it swimmable and attractive? Gary Richards 248-705-7841

Oakland County Michigan pond and lake management Posted about 13 hours ago


We are about to purchase 10 acres in Newaygo County, Michigan. I've been wanting to plant chestnut trees mainly for deer, I doubt 10 acres is profitable for selling the nuts. I realize cultivars are the way to go but which tree would be best and where can I purchase them. It's now 09-20-2018 so I believe I can still plant trees. Any help would be appreciated.

Newaygo County Michigan chestnut trees Posted about 13 hours ago

Is this a Hentz orb weaver?

What kind of spider is this beauty?

Washtenaw County Michigan spider identification Posted about 13 hours ago

Water testing for disease

Where can I send a water sample to test for disease (ie Phytophthora)? We'd like a second opinion from our local university

Ottawa County Michigan water testing and interpretation Posted about 14 hours ago

Austrian Pine - Spray or Inject?

Our two mature Austrian pines have diploidia, but they have continued to thrive with bi-annual injections of a product called Sheppard's. We recently got a tree-maintenance bid from a company that claimed that spraying an "insect/disease treatment" would be comparable to the injections. This is the same spray that would be used on various deciduous trees on our premises. I have always understood that injections are the only effective treatment for diploidia. What do you say?

Oakland County Michigan Posted about 15 hours ago