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Questions asked to this group

peach tree

I have a 5 year old peach tree , we had a house fire , and our house burnt down this tree was over from the fire , the trunk of it got a little black , and it is cracked , it was full of very nice peaches last year , but this year it bleed all down the trunk of the tree , it leafted out very nice , but no flowers on it , and not one peach , how can I repair the tree this fall so it want bleed this spring , forgive some of my miss spellings .

Montcalm County MI Posted 36 minutes ago

White Mold?

I've attached images of a white gummy substance that grows. Contact says its almost like a marshmallow substance. It is in their flower bed under rubber chips and goes quite deep in places. It is also growing on the wood on the barn and near the gardening tools. (Note the shovel image.) She did not notice it until we started getting all the rain in September and October. She lives near Lake Michigan just south of Bay Shore. She would like to know what it is and how to get rid of it. Thank you for your help!

Emmet County MI white mold on stems Posted about 3 hours ago

Financial Counseling

How to chose a financial counselor.

Ingham County MI Posted about 4 hours ago

hydrogen peroxide

I am a Michigan Master Gardener and a non-MG asked me this. "If you soak your seeds in about a cup of water with a teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide, it helps with germination??" I would want to give them the correct info. Thank you

MI seed germination Posted about 22 hours ago

when to plant

I just bought a potted spruce tree for a table top Christmas tree. When should I plant it and what care should I give it over the winter to keep it alive, especially if I have to keep it indoors?

Ingham County MI tree planting planting christmas trees Posted 1 day ago

Mushrooms that grow under white pine trees

We have thousands and thousands of these mushrooms that grow under our white pine trees every year. I think they are edible and are called Russula. I tried a small piece and it seems ok but before I give to my family I would like to make sure. Would you have any idea about this mushroom. The cap is a light brownish leathery look to it and the gills are a white to very light tan with no veil the mushroom when squeezed falls apart in pieces.

Shiawassee County Michigan mushrooms mushroom identification Posted 1 day ago

Insect pest

I have small white organisms that show up on my furniture. We are getting insect bites. What are we infested with?

Iron County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

bark off a large Maple tree

Someone had an accident in front of our house. The car hit our large Maple tree and took a good sized piece of bark off the tree. Do we have to treat the "bald" spot in any way to avoid getting anything in the area without the bark? If so, what do we do? The tree has been there for years and years and is healthy. We don't want to lose it, so do we treat it or not?

Kent County Michigan tree bark damage Posted 2 days ago

Putting in wildflowers on 2 acres

I'm thinking of putting in wildflowers on 2 acres. Is there government money available? Government help? Presently the 2 acres is in hay, slightly rolling ground.

Barry County Michigan wildflowers Posted 2 days ago

Expanded Master Plan initiatives

Are there statutory limits to the types community visions and associated plans that may be included in a Michigan community Master Plan? Examples? For example: Vision: The profitability of downtown seasonal businesses and property owners is sufficient to assure retail buildings are safe, clean, well maintained and exceptionally attractive to quality oriented summer visitors. Goal: The current downtown June-August prime retail season will be expanded to include weekends September-New Yeas Eve by 2030. Champions: Primary: Acme Economic Development Foundation. Support: Ajax Chamber of Commerce, Aville DDA.

Oceana County Michigan community planning and zoning Posted 2 days ago