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What bird is this?

Forgot to attach photos to my previous question of the little black bird, it's the bird on the right:

Kalamazoo County MI Posted 20 minutes ago

What bird is this?

Saw this one feeding on my porch with the other birds. Size, one and a halve sparrow's. Short beak, all black, dark eyes, dark legs, beak was black too. Fed nicely with the other winter birds but new to me.

Kalamazoo County MI Posted about 1 hour ago

Small insects found dead in house

A scattering was found be the back door, front room, and front door. The house was built in 1914 and has old cast iron radiant heaters. We just bought the house and want to make sure we don’t have a problem we need to take care of before we move in.

MI Posted about 21 hours ago


I have a garden. It is sandy soil and gets full sun. Can I grow peppercorns in Michigan? Thank You.

Wayne County MI Posted about 21 hours ago

Looking for a program presenter at the Paw Paw District Library

I would like to get in touch with someone who can come to the library to present a one-hour program in March on home gardening, native plants, composting, and/or pest control.

Donna Dluge
Program Manager
Paw Paw District Library
Paw Paw MI 49079

Van Buren County MI Posted 1 day ago

Hay mixture

I am planning on planting hay for miniature horses as well as quarterhorses. I have 5.5 acres available. I would like to feed a mix of orchardgrass and timothy. What would be a good percentage mixture? I'm thinking 75% orchard grass and 25% timothy. Am I in the ball park? Thank you.

St. Clair County Michigan horse hay Posted 2 days ago

bug Identification - #2

OOPs, email address on previous email was incorrect. Can you please id the insect in the attached photos? Thanks. Please CC Genesee County if possible so we know what the insect is as well. Thanks,

Genesee County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

bug Identification

can you tell Mike Sunday and us what the bug in the photos below is? Thanks. Dick Moldenhauer Genesee County Lawn & Garden Hotline

Genesee County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

Pine borers (beetles?) - Ada, Michigan

Hello Tree Expert! We live in Ada, Michigan with a lot of beautiful tall norway/red pine trees in our yard and surrounding our property. They are all probably 30-50+ years old. We have lived here 14 years, and that is when the builder cleared much of the woods for our lot and built our home. We had a tree cutting crew out to cut down some of the dead pine in the yard. The tree service said that they believe we have pine borers in some of the trees - clearly indicated by small 1/8-1/4" holes in some/all of the dead trees' bark (of course, the needles were all brown, or the needles had all fallen off). They didn't think we could do anything about the pine borers except remove the trees that were dead to keep the borers from moving to the live pine. Again, our property is surrounded by all these pine, so we can't "fell" every tree that gets the borers. Questions: (1) How can I be sure of the type of pest that might be killing the tree (or are the pine just getting old; or were the pines disrupted from when the builders cleared much of the land/woods), and (2) if it truly is pine borers/beetles, is there an insecticide that can treat for it? If yes, (3) recommended insecticide service to do so? Would love to have you come out to look at the living trees. the pic attached is of healthy trees - for you to see if they are norway pine, red pine, or some other sort of pine..... Thank you! Claire

Kent County Michigan Posted 3 days ago

Kid Goat Feedings

Hello. I have 100 goat kids that will be 1 day-1 week old coming to my farm in February from Wisconsin. They are dairy, boer and mix goats. I am planning on starting them on Land O' Lakes milk replacer and wanted to mix in Holstein milk along the way. I am having a hard time finding appropriate resources to find out how much milk to give the goats daily and how to titrate them to higher volumes of milk. Additionally, I would like to know if Holstein milk is appropriate in this situation and how much to use if so? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!

Gladwin County Michigan goats Posted 3 days ago