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Correcting meeting minutes

I am hoping to get some guidance on making corrections to meeting minutes. I have reviewed the answers available and have some questions that do not seem to be addressed yet

The OMA provides that the public body shall make any corrections in the minutes at the next meeting after the meeting to which the minutes refer and make approved minutes available for public inspection within 5 business days after the meeting at which the minutes are approved by the public body.

I also read that if minutes are not "approved" at the next meeting then the draft version is then approved.

Part 1, if the minutes are not approved at the next meeting and instead are tabled to the following meeting to give the board more time to propose changes, does that violate the statute?

Hypothetical example: Members of the board found numerous deficiencies and errors within the minutes that would take up too much time to handle that night and would need more time to look at so the board decided to deny the acceptance of the draft minutes (or not approve, or postpone approval, etc) and have corrections and additional information added to the draft and brought to the next meeting for approval. Is this an appropriate action or is there another way to accomplish this?

Part 2 of the question regarding minutes relates to corrections and additions to the draft minutes and how to properly make these changes. For example:

What is the proper procedure if the draft minutes lack a important detail or word in the motion which alters it meaning from what was stated in the motion at the meeting.

Hypothetical example 1: relating to what the draft minutes state was said in a MOTION : Assume that a motion is somewhat complex, was not pre-written and not read word for word exactly how the motion would appear in the minutes. The draft minutes are presented for approval at the next board meeting and the members agree that a pivotal word or detail was left off the draft and that it should be added to make the motion comply with what the members thought was actually said. Can a motion to approve the minutes with the inclusion of the word or information be made, or is there a different procedure for doing this?

Hypothetical example 2: relating to the draft minutes lacking detail to which the board feels is important: As in in the example above, the board feels that the draft minutes are lacking details that are important and decide that the additional information about what transpired at the meeting should be added. The board makes a motion to approve the minutes with the addition of the information. Is this the correct procedure?

Hypothetical example 3: relates to a situation where a board member or a few board members feel that the dreaft minutes do not accurately portray what was said or what happened at the meeting. For example, a member states that the motion as stated in the minutes is not what was said at the meeting and is inaccurate or misleading. What is the normal proceedure for handling the following situations:

Situation 1: There is no recording of the meeting to verify what was said but the member or members feel strongly that the minutes are inaccurate
Situation 2: There is a recording and the recording shows that the minutes do not accurately reflect what was said and the board agrees with this
Situation 3: There is a recording and the recording shows that the minutes do not accurately reflect what was said but the board refuses to consider changing the minutes to accurately reflect what was said

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated

Oakland County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

I have these two bites, one of which just appeared overnight and the other...

I have these two bites, one of which just appeared overnight and the other two nights ago, they’re both blisters and one is big. I was just wondering what I was bit by.

Kalamazoo County Michigan Posted 4 days ago

Shelf life of dried legumes

I have a stash of dried Great Northern beans, Black Eyed peas and lentils that are 2+ years old. I was planning to soak them overnight and cook them in a pressure cooker, but my wife thinks they will taste bad, have lost their nutrition and possibly have gone rancid. What is the expert view?

Wayne County Michigan Posted 5 days ago

Beef Farm Start-Up

My name is Cody and I currently reside on 40 acres near Millington. I’m looking into starting a beef farm raising a certain breed for slaughter. My question is what is the best breed for supply and demand in my area? I also would like to know what the ratio would be to figure how many beef cattle my land can support with rotational graissing? Around 30 acres is pasture and 10 wooded. There are two large ponds and a creek on the property as well. Need the best advise for what to do to set up the property so that in the spring I’m ready to buy calves to raise. My goal to start was around 20 calves. Wondering is I should go larger or not to start as I’d like to turn this into my full time employment. Also if there are licensees I need to obtain before I start. Thanks for your time! Any and all advice is greatly appreciated and considered.

Tuscola County Michigan Posted 7 days ago

MMFL Application Document Checklist - Municipal approval notice

Good morning,
I am looking at the State's MMFL Document check list and it says that besides our Ordinance, we need a copy of a "Municipal approval notice".
We are treating these facilities as Special Land Uses and applicants would go to our Planning Commission, once we accept their local application as complete. Then issue our local license, once the applicant can show their license from the State.
What would a "municipal Approval Notice" be? A form signed by the Planning Commission chair for the Special land Use?

Iosco County Michigan Posted 7 days ago

Red Plant Identification

Can anyone identify this plant?

I know its family is characterized by swollen nodes and a lack of petals. Also, this plant has a square stalk and has been red the whole time I have been growing it. The plant is being grown in a greenhouse setting so it may or may not be native to Michigan.

Oakland County Michigan Posted 8 days ago

Skates on grass

My neighbor is building an ice rink in his front yard. Should I be concerned about the neighborhood kids walking across my lawn with their skates on to access the ice rink?

Michigan Posted 8 days ago

Annual Rainfall

What are the annual rainfall measurements in Berrien County Michigan for years: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

Thank you for the help.

Berrien County Michigan Posted 10 days ago

large scale tomato trellis

Hello! I have struggled over the years on how to trellis my tomatoes. I own a farm market so I like to do a couple thousand tomato plants each year. I can generally get tomatoes trellised in one of my gardens, maybe 50 plants, but the rest usually go untrellised. What kind of trellis system do most big tomato farmers use? I would like to use something that is both economical, easier to keep up with, and that will last multiple seasons. Also, where would I find the material to do these trellises?

I suppose another question would be trellising smaller determinate plants. I like to grow the Mountain series of tomatoes that are generally smaller bush type tomatoes. Do these need to be trellised? Is there a way to keep them somewhat off the ground without a trellis? I've decided most of these would be sold for canning tomatoes so they don't need to be perfect, but I find most people still like them to look good.


Lake County Michigan Posted 11 days ago

budding trees

It is Dec. 1 and I have noticed that my trees are budding. Is that going to damage them come spring?

Livingston County Michigan Posted 13 days ago