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Where to get sweet cherry scion wood in Detroit area?

I have a very large mature sour cherry tree in the yard. Would like to experiment with grafting some sweet cherry scion wood on some branches. I was unabnle to find a nursery locally. Nurseries out west seem to cater to large orchards. I am looking to buy 5_6 sticks. Any popular sweet variety would work.

Wayne County Michigan Posted 1 day ago

Hemlock needles turning orange

My hemlock needles are turning orange. I have just recently noticed this and it is February in SE Michigan. It appears the needle tips begin and it progresses to the branch. Inspecting my row of trees I see this in varying degrees. Is this normal or is the tree in distress? Any recommendations are appreciated.

Monroe County Michigan trees and shrubs Posted 2 days ago

Roof deck garden trees

I live in down town Grand Rapids. I want to plant a couple trees on my roof top garden/deck. What trees would best survive in a container up there?

Kent County Michigan trees and shrubs Posted 4 days ago

Parent parcel

I want to apply for a land division. How do I find out if there is a parent parcel and how many splits have already been used?

Bay County Michigan Posted 4 days ago

Identity this bug

Found about 100 of these, but dead, in my food source down there

Kent County Michigan insect issues insect identification Posted 6 days ago

Does the MSU Extension offer water chemistry testing for pond quality?

Hi, I am now managing our HOA's pond system and I'd like to test the pond water chemistry as the system has been treated with chemicals for the last 20+ years. Do you offer a similar service to Texas A&M found here:

If not, I will send samples to them.

Thanks for your assistance,

Washtenaw County Michigan Posted 6 days ago

Walnut Tree

I noticed a “pooling” of discoloration under my tree this morning. I’ve never seen this before. Could you advise?

Washtenaw County Michigan walnut trees Posted 6 days ago

Fertilizer and iron for my landscaping

I've been having s bout with cabin fever and I am thinking about my landscaping plans for the spring.

I live in Lansing and have had success with compost in my beds and mowing in peat moss for my lawn, but I want to go further next year. Is it safe to add a 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer to my beds every week or so? Also, what is a good iron supplement to use in Michigan?

Ingham County Michigan flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted 6 days ago

Araucana Chicken Egg

I have a 4year old Araucana chicken that her eggs always have a jelly opaque (not clear) whites like all the other chickens. Have you ever seen this and if so. What causes this and are the eggs still good? We have just been cooking them and feeding them back to the flock. Any info would be helpful. I could send a photo if need be.

Best regards

Ed Gruss


Michigan poultry Posted 6 days ago

Black Walnut toxins in soil

I am hoping that someone could help me with a dilemma that I have. We moved into our house 2 years and 4 months ago. We have had two summers here. I started a garden the first year that we moved in. Our garden is about 35x55 feet. I am having problems with my tomatoes. It seems that we put in the garden a little too close to a row of black walnut trees. I had never heard of black walnut wilt before I moved here but sadly that seems to be what has affected most of my tomato plants for the past two years. The garden is about 25 feet away from the walnut trees. We are going to be chopping down these trees and planting maples over the summer, hopefully. I have researched and found that it will take about 3 years for the bad toxins (I forgot what they are called) are out of the soil. So we are wondering what to do in the meantime. My husband is thinking that we should bring in a lot of topsoil to put on the top of our garden now and then plant in that. I'm thinking that if we do that, we will still have a problem with the black walnut toxins leaching into the tomato roots. He seems to think we might get a few years of good soil if we do that. I don't agree. I think the toxins can leach in quickly, maybe giving us one year if we are lucky. Please advise us on this! I just don't know what to do about this problem!

Thank You,

Jeanie Martin

Livingston County Michigan black walnut toxicity black walnut toxicity in soil Posted 7 days ago