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Canning Tomatoes

I accidently tipped a couple quart jars when removing them from the pressure cooker. It appears that a small amount of the tomatoe juice leaked out of both. Although the seem to have sealed. I'm afraid of botulism, should these be refrigerated and used asap? Ty so much.

Eaton County Michigan Posted about 5 hours ago

Japanese Maple branches are dying

Hello! We have a Japanese maple that was transplanted about 3-4 years ago, and until recently appeared healthy. Over the past few weeks, leaves have quickly withered on entire branches. Initially it was some small branches, and I removed them once I saw them. I also started doing supplemental watering in case it was the lack of rain in the area causing the withering. Lately, however, it has started affecting larger branches (see photos below). Can you suggest a cause, and a potential course of action to protect the rest of the tree? Thank you! Cory E.

(Edited to add a photo of the cross-section of one of the cut branches.)

Washtenaw County Michigan Posted about 12 hours ago

Fall Soil Amending for Veggie Garden

MSU did a soil test for our veggie garden (soil test #29C47Z). It showed below Optimum for P, K, & Optimum for Mg. Soil type is MINERAL, sand, pH is 5.4, Lime index 69 & Organic Matt 1.4%. What can we do organically this fall to improve the soil for next year? Our garden is approx. 35' x 35'. Would a cover crop be helpful?

Mason County Michigan Posted about 13 hours ago

Wilted new growth on newly planted Dogwood

I planted a new 7' Dogwood in a shady (spotty sun) area of my backyard but the new growth is wilted. Does it need more sun or treatment?

Oakland County Michigan Posted about 14 hours ago


My 10 acrea field seems to be infested with aphids this year. It's on my squash, eggplant, cukes, and eggplant. It makes the vegetables extremely sticky. I have never had this problem before. How do I solve this problem and why r they so bad?

Monroe County Michigan Posted about 17 hours ago


We got to our summer home late this year. I found this weed well established in my day lilies. What would be the best way to get it out of the lilies? If it is Knot weed, I understand the you need to be careful with how you dispose of it.

Menominee County Michigan Posted about 24 hours ago

Help for an old oak

Does anyone know of an arborists group or society that would be interested in helping diagnose and possibly treat an old oak tree on my family property? Im no professional, but i think its a Northern Red Oak, circumference is approximately 15 feet. Looks like it failed to leaf this year, and what very few leaves did grow look rather sickly. Any help would be appreciated.

Clare County Michigan trees and shrubs Posted 1 day ago

Cantaloupe Foilage problems

My cantaloupe leaves are affected by something, and despite my own research, I am still not sure what it is. They have brown spots with a yellow halo, which quickly turn to larger irregularly shaped brown patches. It affects the older leaves first, eventually turning them yellow and dying. The fruit seems to not be directly affected. It looks like there may be spores on the bottom side of the leaf on a brown patch. I will include photos. Vine stems seem to be okay. At this point, do I bother treating, or is it too late? Considering the use of a fungicide. Thank you!

Saginaw County Michigan plant disease cantaloupe Posted 1 day ago

non pod bearing catalpa

Wondering why our large catalpa tree hasn't born any pods for the last two years?
The tree is probably nearly 100 years old.

Isabella County Michigan trees and shrubs Posted 1 day ago

Need to choose a new tree

I have four mature white pines in a row. One is now dead. I am told it has the Sawyer Beetle. The other three trees are not showing any signs of dying (yet). Is it worth getting the remain three trees pretreated to resist the Sawyer? And, what kind of tree should I replace the dead one with? I would prefer some type of fast growing, hardy evergreen. Thank you!!

Wayne County Michigan Posted 1 day ago