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I have a23qrt presto pressure canner can you callobrate my dial gauge?

Oakland County MI Posted about 2 hours ago

Exposed Tree Roots

What is the best way to remove exposed tree roots? Will it damage the tree if the roots are cut out?

Wayne County MI Posted about 3 hours ago

Excess runoff water + planting

Our yard gets flooded with every rain. Our neighbor raised their property and redirected downspouts toward our yard. Since we are not able to do anything about it, we are looking for plantings we can use that will tolorate wet feet. We are also looking for shrubs that provide winter food for the birds. Any suggestions you have would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance. Renee Vance

Oakland County MI Posted about 22 hours ago

deep root fertilization w/ Arbor Green PRO

I have lived at my current address for 34yrs. For the past 20 yrs, I have paid an arborist $264 for this service to my scrubs and trees. My husband and I are now both retired and wonder if we need this service. I attended the Master Gardener Class and it appears that my established yard does no require this service.

Wayne County MI Posted 2 days ago

pitch mass borer

My arborist detected this borer on one of the three blue spruces in my front yard. The trees are over 40 yrs old. They applied a systemic insecticide soil app last fall and are recommending the same application between march and may. The cost is $551.00. Should I continue to pay for this service or just cut them down when the tree dies? I live in Wayne County-Plymouth Michigan

Wayne County MI borers dying trees Posted 2 days ago

township meeting.

Can you be forced to speak at a podium and on camera rather than at you chair in a township meeting?

Monroe County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

Nutrition education for someone with Celiac Disease

Does MSU Extension Services have nutrition education resource(s) to assist individuals with Celiac Disease? Particularly interested in meal preparation of permitted foods.

Ingham County Michigan human nutrition nutrition celiac disease Posted 2 days ago

When to prune

When is the best time to prune a white pine?

Livingston County Michigan pruning evergreens Posted 3 days ago

Could someone tell me what this is ?

This was growing where we did not what a tree. It is currently about 3 ft tall and perfectly "tree shaped". We dug it out carefully in late November and decided it would be a nice Christmas tree and now are trying to decide where to re-plant it. But to do that we need to know what it is like to become in the future. We have many spruce both Norway and other on the lot and this does not look like any of them. I am familiar with most, but do not have any clue what this is. Thank You, Matthew Colie

Wayne County Michigan tree identification Posted 4 days ago

Tree planting after selective tree harvesting

What should be done to promote regrowth after selective cutting of old aspen and dead ash? Replant? Let it regenerate on its own? Type of trees that would take in roscommon area?

Roscommon County Michigan forestry trees and shrubs horticulture Posted 5 days ago