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Cecropia Moth

We have another cecropia moth cocoon in our dogwood tree. Is there any way we can protect it from enemies. This morning I saw a Blue Jay peck at it before I could scare him away. Shall we leave it alone or can we bring it inside somewhere?

Kent County Michigan insect issues moths Posted about 4 hours ago

Test results for Ann Arbor compost test for contaminants

I would like to know how I can get test results for:

Ann Arbor compost test for contaminants

Ann Arbor now allows grass clippings and flower garden in its compost roadside pick up program.

Other communities have done these tests and found some contaminants like PFOS and RoundUp and other contaminants.

The city advertises its compost is "Organic" fit for use in organic gardens.

My wife and I are members of the local Project Group Community Gardens in Ann Arbor that uses the City of Ann Arbor compost and the gardens are an organic-only garden program. We have stopped using the city compost for our Project Grow Garden and filed a concern with Project Grow.

My wife and I are former and current environmental scientist, she is a Professor of Toxicology at U of M Ann Arbor School of Public Health and LSA Programs.

Thanks for all your great work for Michigan.

Washtenaw County Michigan compost testing Posted about 7 hours ago

Best tomato varieties

I used to grow great tomatoes; however, in the past 5-8 years, my tomatoes plants invariably get yellow leaves that dry up and effect overall productivity. It is usually a "late-in-the-season" event. I have tried various neem sprays and fusarium innoculates, but for the past few years, all my tomatoes eventually get this disease and fail. I would like to get a "disease-resistant" tomato variety. Given the diseases of tomatoes in our area, what varieties would you suggest as the least disease-prone?

Eaton County Michigan Posted about 8 hours ago

Ground cover

I watched a program and it had a list to sow a mixture on the garden. I missed writing it down. Can you let me know or direct me to someone that can. Thank you

Jackson County Michigan ground cover Posted about 9 hours ago

Planting in my yard

I have found online that I'm in zone 6a, and the website said to contact this office for a complete list of plants and vegetables that will thrive in zone 6a. How and where do I find such a list?

Calhoun County Michigan planting vegetables planting zones Posted about 10 hours ago

Apple Tree diseases and pests

Hello! I have five semi-dwarf Apple trees of different varieties. Most years they are full of pests and disease and are mostly inedible. I’m pretty sure I have codling moth, apple scab, and plum curculio, possibly apple maggot as well. I’m tentatively planning on a treatment of dormant oil spray, beneficial nematodes, been oil spray, and codling moth traps. Am I headed in the right direction? Do you have any suggestions? I’d prefer to stick to organic treatments as much as possible, but if I have to stray from that this year I’m willing.

Kent County Michigan apple tree disease Posted about 10 hours ago

Ornamental tree seed propagation

I am interested in propagating Dogwood and Eastern Redbud trees from seed collected from existing trees.
what is the best procedure to germinate the harvested seeds prior to planting seedlings?

Allegan County Michigan Posted about 12 hours ago

Soil testing in Grand Rapids/Kent Count still available with stay at home order?

Hello all,

Wondering if soil testing is still available. We've recently moved into a home (NE Rockford area) that has a plot of land reserved for a vegetable garden and we'd like to get a soil test done on it. Is there an extension office that's still available or alternative soil testing services?

Many thanks,

Brian Wrest

Kent County Michigan soil testing Posted about 12 hours ago

Squirrels and string (holiday) lights

Our holiday tree seems to be an off-ramp on the Squirrel Highway–the utility lines through our neighborhood. The lights were ravaged this spring. I’ve read that squirrels actually intend to detach the bulbs, mistaking them for nuts and it makes sense when I survey the damage to our little acorn-sized bulbs. Whether it’s true or not, is there a way to deter squirrels? I don’t think my yard in Tree Town USA can be made squirrel-proof, but I wonder if there is a deterrent. Signs saying “This Is Not Food” and “Do Not Eat” have not worked.

Washtenaw County Michigan Posted about 12 hours ago

Concord Grape Black Rot Fungicide

Can your recommend the best fungicide and application timing, etc... Have had big problem past two years in my backyard concord grapeing Thanks!! John Kaszyca

Livingston County Michigan Posted about 13 hours ago