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Is it the policy of the 4H to show open discrimination towards a child who is currently in the program but has occasional PTSD issues at home but never at meetings. And when brought to the attention of the volunteers was told she could not come back.

Sanilac County Michigan Posted about 7 hours ago

Growing grass under 9 trees

Can I grow grass in the back of my yard under all nine of these trees,as the pictures show will the lack of sunlight at times produce no results.
What I want to do is eliminate the constant weed issue with grass,remove the lawn edging,till and level the whole backyard even,then have only grass covering the whole backyard.I have a huge problem on my hands,what is your advice to start.

Oakland County Michigan Posted about 10 hours ago

Carrot and beet seeds will not germinate where pine tree drip line used to be

We have carrot and beet seeds that won't germinate under where a large pine tree canopy once stood. Peas, beans and peppers seem to be unaffected. The tree was pruned back last year so that pine needles won't fall in the garden space. The tree is north (about 17 feet away) of our garden plot and therefore does not restrict sunlight to the garden. The carrot and beet seeds germinate just fine outside of where the tree drip line stands. Fertilizer and water is supplied adequately throughout our garden so I doubt that is the cause unless the pine is sucking all the nutrients out of the soil. Is there something about pine trees that inhibit germination of root crops? Is there something I should do to rehabilitate the soil in this area of the garden? Attached are 3 pictures showing lack of germination at the end of the row(s) and orientation to the pine tree in question.

Emmet County Michigan Posted about 11 hours ago

What is this?

What is this bug? Is it harmful and how do I treat it? Thank you!

Macomb County Michigan Posted about 11 hours ago

Frog inquiry

A friend is trying to identify this frog. It was near a creek, on the Lake Michigan shoreline, Northern Muskegon county. Approximately 5" long. Can you guys help us out? Thanks, Fatima Nieves

Muskegon County Michigan Posted about 11 hours ago

19th century farm cistern

I have what I believe to be a cistern associated with the farm that existed on my property long ago. It is about five feet across and six feet deep, lined with limestone. in the bottom, there appears to be an input from drain tiles, and an output line to the original home on the property. I would like to fill this in, but I am concerned about blocking flow on the inputs and/or making a sink hole as there is an output. Is there anyone that can provide some guidance? My township engineer, just said that it is on your property, you can do whatever you want.

Wayne County Michigan Posted about 12 hours ago

Gypsy moths

Our neighborhood has a horrible infestation of gypsy catepillars. we along with many of our neighbors have had a serious defoliation of our oak% trees (our neighbor is part of an old oak forest). One of our neighbors has almost total defoliation. Other of us have over 75% on many of our trees. Is there anything that can be done. This happened about 20 years and the township spray by low flying planes but they stopped before all the pests were killed. Now they say that they cannot spray because it is not environmentally friendly. We live in Georgetown Township.

Ottawa County Michigan Posted about 13 hours ago

What kind of bug is this?

I was working in my flower beds around the house and all of a sudden these started coming out like I had disturbed some kind of nest. I found them coming out when I watered another bed that had red mulch in it next to the house. There was also some of these that were all bright red and crescent shaped. This is the first time I have seen these.

Genesee County Michigan Posted about 16 hours ago

Aloe Vera leaves keep breaking

As you can read from the title my Aloe vera leaves keep breaking.
I just got it today and planted it as I noticed that a few leaves started to fall to the sides. I thought they were just heavy but then I noticed that they were breaking.

My dad suggested to tape them together so they don't completely break in half so now my question is: is it okay to tape them together and will they grow together or should I just cut the leaves off?
Thank you in advance for your help

Michigan Posted about 16 hours ago

What is on my pee wee hydrangea

How can I treat this problem. And should it have buds by now?

Eaton County Michigan Posted about 18 hours ago