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commercial goat dairy

How do I find out what the regulations are for opening a commercial goat dairy farm, where I could sell goat milk and milk products?

Jackson County Michigan Posted about 1 hour ago

woodlot health

I have a 4 to 5 acre woodlot and I think a lot of the smaller trees should be culled. A lot of them die back anyway. Is there anyone to turn to for advice on why this might be a bad idea? Is there any help available for selecting which trees to thin out? This property is at the north end of Jebavy Dr. in Ludington.
Thank you

Mason County Michigan forestry woodlot management Posted about 4 hours ago

Bonsai houseplant

I was given this Japanese Juniper bonsai as a house warming gift. It's from Meijer's. Directions say it does best outdoors on a bright patio or under a shade tree. "Can be indoors for a few days, then set outside for fresh air and natural light". Really? In Michigan in the winter? Also says to water to saturation daily, which I have been doing, but keeping it indoors. I don't have a south window that gets a lot of sun, so it would be in an east or west window. What do you recommend? I'd like to keep it alive if I can, and maybe I can learn how to prune it as it grows. Thanks for your help! Janet

Kent County Michigan bonsai plant Posted about 5 hours ago

Woodchuck problem

Hi there! Yesterday I discovered while tearing out some overgrowth of vegetation next to my house, that a bold woodchuck has dug a hole along my house foundation. It's deep and I have a crawlspace. I know that they've gone into hibernation at this point. Any suggestions on how I may eliminate this highly destructive problem while it sleeps??

Livingston County Michigan Posted about 6 hours ago

Insect indentification

Can you tell me what the name of this insect that I had in my garden this past August? Is it native?

Macomb County Michigan Posted 1 day ago


Is this a brown recluse spider? I snapped the photo on the outside of my garage

Wayne County Michigan Posted 1 day ago

Identify Please

Can you identify?

Macomb County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

How can we get rid of 1000s of tiny flies in a NW window corner

Hello, Some friends of mine who live in an apartment complex in Kalamazoo have been plagued for the last several months by an infestation of tiny flies that cluster and die in the corner windows in their ground-floor, NW corner bedroom. The flies are NOT drain, fruit or fungus flies. They are tiny and slender - smaller than 1/8". They only appear in these NW windows, but by the hundreds and thousands. The apartment complex has told them to cover their garbage, try to trap them in dish soap, or use a Hot Shot pest strip - but none of this has worked. The family thinks the flies are coming from outside: they put wet paper towels in the corners of the windows between panes, and within hours they are covered by flies. The kids who sleep in the room say they sometimes bite, but I'm not 100% sure of that. Please suggest a way to eliminate these pests. Thank you!

Kalamazoo County Michigan Posted 2 days ago

Identify Please

I took this at stony creek

Macomb County Michigan plant identification Posted 3 days ago

Weed Removal

Suggestions regarding the removal of the weed Field Horsetail, equisetum arvense L., Equisetaceae. I have identified the weed through the Michigan State "Got weeds Remove them before seed" Thanks for your help. Any treatment will be implemented next spring.

Leelanau County Michigan weed issues Posted 3 days ago