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Questions asked to this group

Rugel’s Plantain Seeds

Rugel’s plantain has taken over my yard. I haven’t mowed for awhile because it’s been dry so I’m not sure how long the weed has had the seed stalks. I picked every seed stalk in the front and back yard before I mowed because I didn’t want to chop them up and spread it around. It took hours and hours. Eight plastic grocery bags packed full! Now I’m afraid that perhaps I already missed the flowers. I can’t tell if the stalks have already released the seeds or are getting ready to bloom. I hope you can give me good news that I got the seeds and didn’t work my butt off for nothing.

Genesee County MI Posted about 2 hours ago

Grabgrass and yellow wireweeds

What product can I put on my grab grass now.

Sanilac County MI Posted about 3 hours ago

What's eating my Heucherella?

This is my first year putting in a Heucherella (Foamy Bells). It was doing really well, until suddenly I noticed it has been chewed on quite a lot by something. I notice that my Coleus plants have similar chewing damage, but that happens most years and I usually shrug it off since they're cheap annuals. But I paid good money for this Heucherella and I was so proud of it thus far! A nearby Coral Bells has also been damaged. I wondered about slugs, but I also see gardeners saying Heucherella/Heuchera are not very popular with slugs. I'm an organic gardener and generally very tolerant of a bit of insect damage on my plants, but if there's something I can use to repel whatever this is from my Foamy Bells, I'd be glad to know. (First picture is the foamy bells, second is the coral bells.)

Ingham County MI Posted about 5 hours ago

Gypsy moth infestation

Should I call an expert to get rid of a Gypsy moth infestation in my yard in Warren? If so, who do you recommend?

Macomb County MI Posted about 6 hours ago

Northern Red Oak

My northern red oak has had a disease for 3 years in primarily the east side of the tree. The leaves high in the tree are not effective. The closer to the ground, the worse the disease. The west side of the tree is not affected. Initially the leaves are healthy. Late spring, some of the leaves start to die at the edges. As time goes on, the leaves become dry and crisp.

Wayne County MI gardening holes in leaves tree diseases aabi tree heslth Posted about 6 hours ago

What is this insect?

Can you identify this insect?

Grand Traverse County Michigan insect identification Posted about 7 hours ago

Gypsy Moths - Help!

I just discovered Gypsy moths all along my gutter line and shed, I see hundreds of cocoons, hundred of moths flying around my 50’ black walnut tree and a few caterpillars around my yard. It’s like all hell broke loose in a day. Can I handle this myself? Do I call pest control? Not sure what to do or where to start. Today is Sunday, July 12th 2020. Thank you.

Macomb County Michigan insect issues gardening gypsy moth management aabi Posted about 8 hours ago

Keeping weeds out of seed trays.

I put potting soil in trays, plant seeds water wait and all I get are weeds . How to treat potting soul to eliminate weed seeds and prepare soil for flower seeds.

Oakland County Michigan gardening weed control aabi Posted about 8 hours ago

Shrinking grapes

10 plus years ago I planted 3 grape vines on the back side of my veggie garden. Each year we have had grapes but the birds ate 90% before they matured. But the ones that matured were good grapes. Both Concord and a seedless red. For the last 3 years they have gotten to about marble size then they start to turn brown and shrivel up neither type on any of the three vines mature. I have added a picture of a typical bunch. Can you, please, identify the problem and suggest a resolution?

Genesee County Michigan gardening growing grapes small fruits aabi Posted about 9 hours ago

Canning tomatoes

I'm getting conflicting information about some newer information about needing now to add acid when canning tomatoes? We never did that. We only use kosher salt and sugar. What is this about needing now to add vinegar or acetic acid or store-bought tomato juice or lemon juice to the quart jar before processing? I don't want vinegar or lemon juice in my tomatoes!

Mason County Michigan food safety canning tomatoes hni Posted about 10 hours ago