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How to keep rabbits out of the garden?

Are there any safe & effective flower garden repellants after first choosing plants rabbits tend to enjoy less and securing a fence as best as possible?

Boulder County CO Posted about 10 hours ago

please identify this plant

This plant was growing in the Canon City Colorado area. Took pictures today.
Thanks, Jacque

Fremont County CO Posted about 16 hours ago

Planting Apple Tree before a frost

It is late April. We just bought a potted Cameo apple tree. We'd like to plant it right away. The weather forecast if for snow and temperatures dropping into the 20's by the end of this week. Will it be harmed if it snows and freezes after its in the ground? We live in Northern Colorado Springs, elevation 6,500.

El Paso County CO trees and shrubs Posted about 18 hours ago

Care for mature crabapples

I have two beautiful crabapples in my front yard and I'm concerned that the leaves are reds and yellows, without much green. Is that typical for these trees in the spring? It bloomed early, in February. This is our first spring in this house and I want to make sure I'm caring for them appropriately. They also need to be pruned, but should I wait until early next year to do this?

Larimer County CO trees and shrubs Posted about 20 hours ago

Voles or Gophers?

I live in a mixed coniferous forest at 8000' near Evergreen. The property is ENE facing with a gentle slope. About half of our 2.5 acre property is meadow. Along the edges of the meadow, all the young trees and shrubs have been girdled and are now dead. Some sort of burrowing rodent has dirt mounds and dirt tunnels in the sunnier and drier areas and around the south side of the house and garage. On the north side of the house and where it is a bit cooler and damper, the rodents have left cleared paths that go into burrows that have some mounds of dirt piled near by. I have caught glimpses of rodents in both areas and my Saint Bernard is quite good at catching them under the snow. Their bodies range in length from 4-8 in, with short (1-2") tails, small ears and are dark with lighter colored bellies (some gray, others more yellowish).

Do you have any idea what I might be dealing with? Or, suggestions of how to get these little monsters under control without hurting the fox, hawks, and other wildlife?

Thank you!
Science Rocks :)

Jefferson County CO Posted about 21 hours ago

Spring grape pruning

I have attached a photo of my grapevine. As you can see, I was lucky I trained the vines to follow-ish the guide you shared. My question is, which vines should I remove now to improve the harvest?

Thank you for your help!

Scott Pinkney

Adams County Colorado Posted about 22 hours ago

fertilizing flowers

My tiny violas (Johnny jump-ups) come up very healthy year after year. However, should I be fertilizing them? Should day lilies be fertilized? Both these flowers have done well without help but perhaps they would be more vigorous with fertilizer.

Weld County Colorado wildflowers and native plants flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted about 22 hours ago

Suitable hydrangea for Broomfield, Colorado area

i am trying to buy a hydrangea that will grow year to year in my area. I have gotten them before and sometimes they return but the blossoms are small

Broomfield County Colorado flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted about 23 hours ago

Lawn fungus?

My back yard is a mix of lush green grass around the edges, but look terrible in (growing) patches of brown in the middle. How do I verify the issue is a fungus? And more importantly, how do I get rid of it??

Broomfield County Colorado lawns and turf Posted 1 day ago

Emerald Ash Borer

I have two Green Ash trees in my yard. Should I be immediately concerned about infection of the Emerald Ash Borer? If so, then what treatment would you recommend?

Thank you,

Forrest Shoemaker (CSU 1960)

Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs Posted 1 day ago