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How to overwinter a potted 'Brown Turkey' fig

Dec. 11, 2018
Our 20+-year-old fig plant just finished its late-fall crop. It is currently indoors for the season, in a warm sunroom. Does it need to rest for a while? We have a garage where it wouldn't freeze. Is it true that we should lift it from its pot and trim the roots?
Thank you!

Boulder County CO Posted 1 day ago

winter watering for perennials

Would like to know how often and how much to water cone flowers, potentilla, and other perennials during our dry winter in Denver area. Thanks.

Arapahoe County CO Posted 1 day ago

Beetle kill wood contamination

If cut trees are drier when felled is beetle kill less likely to affect other trees if left for firewood?

Jefferson County CO Posted 1 day ago

Maple tree needs in CO

I was told by my arborist that I needed to use this item (see attachment) in the soil for my Autumn Blaze Maple. It has been in the ground for about 10 years. Is he correct? If so how much? Is there anything else I need to give my tree?
I live in west Boulder right up against the side of Dakota Ridge, and the soil is rocky and has a lot of clay. I do not know the pH.
Thank you.

Boulder County CO Posted 3 days ago

Indoor Bug Identification?

Can you identify this bug? It's less than 1/4 inch long, maybe 4 or 5 mm. It's a pale tan, kind of looks translucent in the middle, and is darker brown/tan on its head and rear. It has little hairs (?) on its rear. Every once and a while I'll find one in my house, usually in a cabinet or drawer. I get pretty freaked out, and try to do a deep clean of whatever area I found it in. Sometimes I'll find one or two more, usually dead, but sometimes I don't find anything beyond the original one. Other than being more vigilant about sweeping & cleaning off counters, and making sure all my dry food is sealed tightly, is there anything else I can do to prevent these things from showing up?

El Paso County CO Posted 4 days ago

Pruning asters

Should I cut back my asters in the winter after each growing season? If so, how hard to prune? Thanks

Jefferson County Colorado Posted 5 days ago

Help identifying the artist

Can anyone help to identify this artist. This has been an ongoing search for the past 7 years. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted 8 days ago

witch hazel

Would witch hazel be a viable plant in my area – Cotopaxi, Colorado @7200’ elevation. I’m a beekeeper, and with our frequent warm (bee flying) days during winter, I’m hoping to find things that help the bees out. My understanding is that witch hazel provides pollen but not nectar, and blooms during the winter.

Thank you!

Fremont County Colorado Posted 9 days ago

Restoring or replacing my lawn

I have a rental property I have recently taking possession of where the lawn is in disrepair. We are in the process of overhauling the home (lots of money) to put on the market for sale in February or March. The back lawn had waste deep weeds which we mowed down. There is still grass, but the lawn doesn't look good. I have been looking at replacing or overseeding the lawn and am getting mixed information. Some are telling me to do it now and others are saying to wait. Some are suggesting a full spectrun of services like aeration, fertilizer, power raking, liquid moisture manager, insecticide, slit overseed, and organic compost for around $928. Others are suggesting only aeration, fertilizer, broadcast overseeding, and organic compost for around $315. Others are saying to scrape and resod for $2,800. I'm not sure what I should do or if i should do anything. I am also not sure if I should do it now or early next year. I am looking for suggestions.

Arapahoe County Colorado lawns and turf Posted 9 days ago

Relative green-up dates for different grass and legume species


I'm looking for spring green-up dates for pasture grasses and legumes. I realize that exact location makes a big difference in date; I'm more interested in relative dates, "a month after species A" or "once soil temperature reaches 40 degrees" etc.

Do you know if there are resources online that deal with this?

Arapahoe County Colorado Posted 9 days ago