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White soil or dirt

What is the characteristics of black, white, red, yellow & brown dirt/soil

Fulton County GA Posted about 6 hours ago

Concolor Mystery

I am responding to a request from John S. who requested photos of affected limbs

Denver County CO Posted about 11 hours ago

Concolor Mystery

I am responding to a request from John S. Who requested a few more photos.

Denver County CO Posted about 11 hours ago

White stuff under the soil on potted plant.

I lifted my bonsai tree from its pot to see how wet or dry it was, but found a surprise. I watered the plant a couple of weeks ago and no white stuff was there then, so it must have come during these few days. The plant looks healthy as of now, but I want to make sure that this residue won't hurt it.

OUTSIDEUS Posted about 17 hours ago

Plant identification

I would like to know what type of plant is the one in the circular pattern in the attached photo. There were a large number of these in the field at the base of Flat Top Mountain near Sanford, Colorado.

Conejos County CO Posted 3 days ago

Shady Trees Kills Turf

At our property the trees have matured and the canopy has created so much shade the turf below is not receiving sunlight. What are some options we have to allow more sunlight to the turf area? Could we replant a specific type of tree, trim the tree regularly or put down a new type of grass?

Larimer County Colorado Posted 3 days ago

Current agriculural land lease rates

Do you have a list of average ag land lease rates for Phillips county Colorado?

Phillips County Colorado Posted 4 days ago

Benefit to root pruning l-p pine volunteers prior to move?

At altitude of 8900’ & sitting on (avg?) 18” of sand/decomp granite... on top of generally solid pink granite... I’ve read about the benefits of root pruning - ...but are all the other challenges that trees in such an environment face going to allow for the expected benefits? I’m looking to move more Lodgepole pine volunteers Thanks! BR

Grand County Colorado Posted 6 days ago

Cleaning chicken eggs

How do you clean chicken eggs? Is it advised to use bleach solution. If so what is the dilution?

Jefferson County Colorado Posted 7 days ago

Sudex refuses to grow

We planted 3.5 acres of Sudex Haygrazer May 1st w/high germination rate. Crop grew to about 6",
fertilized, watered 3 times, but, never progress. What could be the problem?

Fremont County Colorado Posted 9 days ago