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Help for Bleeding Hearts

I'm in Georgetown, CO at 8500 feet.
Several of my bleeding hearts did not come back this year so a planted 5 new ones a couple of weeks ago. Used Happy Frog fertizler in the hole with some nice garden soil. The new plant leaves are yellowing and overall much more yellow than the old plants. Any suggestions? I can send pictures if that will help.

Clear Creek County Colorado Posted 1 minute ago

preventing squirrels damaging maple tree

We have a large silver maple that the squirrels have been using for many years. This year, they are tearing a lot of the bark off the tree and we are worried about damage to the tree. How can we prevent this?

Boulder County Colorado Posted 11 minutes ago

tachnids for Japanese beetles

I have heard there is a fly called tachnids, That lay their eggs on Japanese beetles and, when hatched, eat the beetle, Please let me know if these flies live in our area. The article appeared in

Washington Gardener Magazine

Thank you for all your good work!

Denver County Colorado Posted about 1 hour ago

Vanderwolf Pine upper dry

Our Vanderwolf pine has experienced dry damage to the upper half of the tree. The needles are dry but do not seem to be infested with any pest or disease. Is this fatal or will it recover ? What should we do to mitigate the damage? I have attached photos.

Thank you,

Arapahoe County Colorado Posted about 2 hours ago

What causes tomatoes to have variegated leaves? Is there something that the plants need?

What causes tomatoes to have variegated leaves? Is there something I need to do?

Reno County Kansas Posted about 2 hours ago

Using Epsom salts to kill aspen stumps?

I live in Denver, and have five 10"-diameter aspens in my front garden that have reached their use-by date. I want to cut them down and then get rid of as much of the stumps, roots, and myriad tiny clone trees as possible. The arborists that I've contacted propose: cut down the trees, drill the stumps, add Garlon/triclopyr, then wait 6 months and grind down the stump to about 6" below ground level. I'd really like to avoid using such a high-power herbicide, especially since I have three evergreens in the yard, and don't want to risk killing them as well (via communication through roots?). Looking for an alternative, I've found numerous websites that say I can kill a tree stump by drilling several 1" holes, filling them with Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), moistening with water, and covering with a tarp. Supposedly, the Epsom salts draw moisture from the stump and soil, and after a couple months (replenishing the salts as needed), the stump dies and can be dug or ground out. Here's a particularly complete description: This approach seems almost too perfect in its ease and environmental friendliness. Does it work, and specifically does it work on aspen? My yard has no grass and, in addition to the trees, is planted in shrubs, perennials, and a boatload of feral oregano; everything is watered on a combination of driplines and sprinklers. To further stress the aspens, should I wait until the water is turned off for the winter? I'd greatly appreciate your input. Thanks!

Denver County Colorado Posted about 3 hours ago

plants in this area toxic to dogs

I was instructed to contact you by the CSU Veterinary Clinic. We recently adopted two rescue dogs. In the past few weeks we had an episode of horrible serial vomiting from one and subsequent severe diarrhea from both lasting over a week. One dog seems OK after treatment but one dog is still having issues. I would like to hire a specialist/botanist to come and review what is in our yard. We do not have a manicured lawn, it is all wild. I know we have scrub oak and that can be a problem but I have no idea what anything else is or what could have blown in on the wind and begun to grow etc. I really believe there is no good way to examine everything without someone making an on-site visit. I hope you can help me with a referral. I am desperate! There could be any number of variables contributing to our problem, and many vets have differing ideas, but this is one place to begin. Thank you so much for considering my request.

El Paso County Colorado Posted about 3 hours ago

Re occurring ants in front lawn

We have an area in our front lawn that is damaged by ants. Last year Orkin thought they have found the remedy, but they are back this year. We live at 2827 Champa street. Looking for suggestions. thank you

Denver County Colorado Posted about 3 hours ago

Leaf packets

Hi! Which insect folds and silk-glues a rectangle “envelope” (for progeny? Metamorphosis?) at the tip of box elder leaves in mid June- now?

Garfield County Colorado Posted about 4 hours ago

Limelight Hydrangea dying

I have a 6 year old Limelight Hydrangea that has some yellow leaves but half of the plant has died. The dead side of the plant had leaves but they all wilted and fell off. The other side is still green, but I am afraid the whole plant is dying. It is in a flower bed with 2 other Limelights which are OK so far and 3 Annabelle hydrangeas that are putting out blooms. Could this be a watering issue? Why would half of the plant die back?

Larimer County Colorado Posted about 4 hours ago