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lawn fertilizing

Is today (March 23) a good time to fertilize the lawn before the predicted snow?
Thanks, Bob Kosiba

Denver County Colorado lawns and turf Posted about 14 hours ago


What type of plants are these?

Adams County Colorado Posted about 14 hours ago

fruit trees that squirrels don't like

We have lots of squirrels that come into our yard. Are there any fruit trees that do well in Weld County that squirrels do not like the fruit?

Weld County Colorado trees and shrubs Posted about 16 hours ago

Lawn fertilizer

What is a recommended fertilizer for grass

Denver County Colorado lawns and turf Posted about 17 hours ago

Wasp Control

Last summer the wasps in our yard were so prolific that we were unable to be outside. Are there any suggestions to contain/minimize/get rid of wasps this coming season? We live in a neighborhood called Wildgrass in Broomfield, Colorado.

Broomfield County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

canning with out salt

Is it possible to can and pickle with out the use of salt. I now need to stay at 1500mg a day, and would love to keep the salt out of everything possible, is there something else I need to add?

Thank you so much for the help.

Larimer County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Denver lawn - starting over

I am buying a Denver house that has nothing but dirt and weeds for a yard. This is a golden opportunity to draw up a great landscape plan and really improve the place!

My question is about types of grass for the lawn. We will be installing a sprinkler system, killing the weeds with an herbicide, and preparing the soil.

I found your publication, "Renovating the Home Lawn" ( to be very helpful. Still, I am not sure what types of seeds to use.

I'd like a variety that can tolerate sun and some foot traffic. A nice, thick, even, green turf would be lovely, but I am a realist about living in a semi-arid place. I don't want to water too much, and if the grass could withstand a drought period, that would be good, too!

In other words, I want it all! Any suggestions?

Denver County Colorado lawns and turf Posted 1 day ago

evergreens small to medium

looking for evergreens to go in front of stone wall. lots of sun , dry area can water . need to be less than 10 feet are less.thought Mugos would be good but looking for other suggestions. Area is 80104. Castle Rock

Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs Posted 1 day ago


My neighbor has been thatching her grass and suggested that I could use her rake. I have not watered my grass, just trees and perennials, so my grass is wheat colored. After reading online I read that it is harmful to do so. I am asking for your expert advice on this subject. I don't want to stress the grass and end up with damaged roots and many weeds that might occur.

Arapahoe County Colorado lawns and turf Posted 1 day ago

OK to turn off continuous exhaust fan when on vacation?

The exhaust fan in our laundry room runs at a slow speed, 24x7, even when the switch is off. If you turn on the switch, it runs faster. The builder said the fan runs continuously to draw in fresh air, since the house is so well-sealed.

If the house is tightly sealed, how is air drawn in when the negative pressure is created by the slow-running fan? Would there be an intake pipe somewhere?

Also, we sometimes leave the house for 3-4 weeks at a time. Is there any downside to turning off the 24x7 fan while we’re gone? (I'd rig some other switch for that.) We’d leave the heater/AC on at reduced/higher temperatures respectively, just turning off the exhaust fan.


Weld County Colorado Posted 1 day ago