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Wolf spider
Is this a brown recluse or a wolf spider? You used the same photograph for both on your website. I just killed one in my bathtub in Arvada.

Jefferson County Colorado Posted about 7 hours ago

Blue Green Algae in Backyard Pond?


With the recent blooms of blue-green algae, I am wondering if that is what I have in my backyard pond. If so, how do I safely control it as I have Koi fish in the pond and two dogs? I am finding conflicting info online. I can easily keep the dogs away but am worried about the Koi. I tested my water today and the nitrate and phosphorus levels are at 0 and the ammonia is .25 or less. I have both a waterfall and an aerator running.

Thank you!

Douglas County Colorado Posted about 8 hours ago

Pale Basil leaves

These pants are in pots, potting soil. Good sun. Pots are in a place where sprinklers reach them. Sprinklers run about 15 minutes every day in this heat. Less often depending on rain. What might be wrong? Plants in garden soil look much better.

Larimer County Colorado Posted about 12 hours ago

Orange areas on grape leaves

As I was picking off some Japanese beetles, I noticed some orange areas on some grape leaves. I am assuming it is a rust of some sort. I am not sure how to treat it.

Arapahoe County Colorado Posted about 14 hours ago

safety of grubGone

I purchased the product grubGone as mentioned in your treatment section for Japanese Beetles. We are concerned about using it around domestic animals. The package says not to be used around humans or domestic animals.

What is your recommendation regarding the use of this product?

Denver County Colorado Posted about 15 hours ago

Japanese Beetles

I live in Aurora CO in 2018 my Rose of Sharon was infested with Japanese beetles. I collected as many as I could and killed them with dishwashing detergent. There were almost no flowers. This spring I sprayed the lawn and soil around the shrub for lawn insects. The Rose of Sharon is just starting to bloom and I found several fornicating Japanese Beetles and earwigs in the blooms. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the Japanese beetles other than pick them off by hand to prevent them laying eggs? Spray with concentrated dishwashing detergent? or other pesticide?
Thank you I found links to Japanese Beetles on Roses from Michigan State Univ.

Denver County Colorado Posted about 15 hours ago

soil testing

exactly how do I go about having my garden soil tested?

thank you!

Denver County Colorado Posted about 21 hours ago

Aspen leaves turning brown after early summer snows

Our aspen trees in Grand County took a beating from a snowstorm that hit in late June 2019 after all of our trees had leafed out. Last year they were stressed by drought. Could these be the reasons our aspen leaves are turning brown beginning at the leaf tips and they are falling off during high winds? And can the trees recover from this or is our whole forest dying? It is only mid-August.

Another clue - in June, there was "cotton" flying everywhere and our aspens looked like they had seed pods hanging from them. Some of my neighbors said they had cotton coming from their aspens as well, and now their trees look sick. What could be wrong with our trees?

Grand County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Sharpshooter leafhoppers

I have hundreds of sharpshooter leafhoppers all over my yard. There are so many that you cannot sit in the yard without having them all over you. Is there anything I can use that's not harmful to pets, people and the environment to get rid of them. It makes me also wonder if they are the cause of lightened, yellowing and dying grass. Thank you R.Harvey

King County Washington Posted 1 day ago

no fruit

I have 2 blackberry bushes side by side on a trellis, one side is full on fruit the other has never produced fruit they are both 2-3 years old, both are growing and look healthy

Adams County Colorado Posted 1 day ago