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Looking for instructions on starting my first garden


I am a native Coloradoan who is looking to start my own garden for the first time. However, I am really not sure how to do this.

I have been reading through the gardening basics publications on the CSU Extensions website and have found lots of valuable information. Still, I am not sure where to start and when to start different things - I still need to construct the garden, pick the plants I want to grow, etc... Do you know where I might find a publication that has more step-by-step instructions for a total gardening beginner?

Savannah Dixon

Larimer County Colorado Posted 6 minutes ago

preventing return of squash bugs

We had a terrible time with squarsh bugs last year. We are moving the location of this years planting, destroyed last year plants and now want to prevent the return of the bugs. I read that an insecticide before planting will help and that there are other steps to prevent the bug before they get extablished. And you give some suffestionsl

Mesa County Colorado squash bugs Posted about 1 hour ago

Wood chips, Bark mulch

Hi, can we use any type of wood for Bark Mulch? Ash, Elm, etc., are they ok to not attract pests that could contaminate. Any recommendations? Does wood mulch attract rodents & insects? Are there any downfalls or things to avoid when using Bark Mulch? Thank You, Lee

Arapahoe County Colorado mulch Posted about 11 hours ago

chipmunk in Fort Collins

We have a chipmunk living around our back patio in SE Fort Collins. From the few glances we have had, he looks like one we would normally see in the mountains. Are chipmunks common in East Fort Collins?

Should we do anything about him?

Thank you


Larimer County Colorado chipmunks Posted 1 day ago

Instant Pot high altitude adjustments

My old pressure cooker called for adjustments to cooking times due to our high altitude. Can you give me some guidelines for adjusting cooking times with an Instant Pot cooker? Thanks.

Jefferson County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Small Farming of Ginseng in Colorado

I do not currently live in Colorado, but I am considering moving to Colorado.
I have not decided on a county, but I am leaning toward Boulder County or Denver County.
Is small farming ginseng in Colorado legal? Feasible? Benefits outway costs?
Can you provide any informational or educational resources?
Thank you.

Colorado Posted 2 days ago

Tree recommendation in Colorado

I'd like a plant to put in my backyard that will provide shade and privacy. Therefore, it should have somewhat thick foliage, and ideally, would keep some of foliage throughout the winter (shade/privacy). Max height more than 25' and spread maybe around 20-40'. I'm thinking a spruce? Any suggestions?


Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs Posted 3 days ago

plants that prairie dogs don't eat

Hello. We live on the edge of an open space that is inhabited with prairie dogs. The land is stripped of all vegetation by the time winter sets in. It looks like a nuclear war site. Are there native plant seeds that could be sown in the area that would be left alone by the prairie dogs but be beneficial to other insect and animal life in the area? Thank you.

Boulder County Colorado Posted 3 days ago

Emerald ash beetle quandary

How can one effectively evaluate tree services when dealing with Emerald Ash Beetle control? We have 3 ash trees in our yard, the largest being 25 inches in diameter, the next about 14 inches in diameter, and the smallest about 10 inches in diameter. After asking for free estimates from several companies here in Longmont, we have received varied recommendations. One said cut down the largest and smallest tree, another said keep the two larger trees, and so on. In terms of treatment, some say treat every year, some say every two years, some every three. Plus pricing is all over the map, the only common element is all are expensive. How can one make an informed decision when there seems to be little commonality in the recommendations. By the way, the City of Longmont's forestry department is telling us to cut all of the trees down and buy replacement trees from them. Thanks for any help you can give. Fred Jurgemeyer

Boulder County Colorado emerald ash borer management Posted 3 days ago


Ivy has taken over approximately 110 sq. Ft of my garden on the south side of my garage. It has also started to grow up a tree. I want to get rid of it. What are the best, easiest method to eradicate the ivy?

Adams County Colorado invasive ivy removal Posted 3 days ago