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Large surface area plantings

Hi. We just built a home centered on a 2-acre lot that used to be a horse pasture. It is essentially a 2-acre dirt patch at present. In the spring, we will likely landscape a small area immediately around the house, but will need some sort of plantings to keep dirt from blowing everywhere on the rest of the lot (>1 acre).
We are looking for advice on what to plant that will not require irrigation, be pleasing to view (maybe green) and will reseed itself. Thanks!

Larimer County CO Posted 6 minutes ago

Tomato Fusarium Wilt Resistance?

Hello. I believe I have had Fusarium Wilt in some of my tomatoes. I have been reading a lot and it appears that Race 1 (F resistance) is likely the issue for plants in Colorado. I am looking at seeds and see some that have resistance to Race 2 (FF) or Race 3 (FFF) or Fusarium Crown and Root Rot resistance (FCRR). I am wondering if I get a variety that is FF or FFF (resistant to Race 2 or 3) will it still protect against Race 1 (F), or are the resistances totally separate? Or is an FFF also resistant to FF and F? Thank you in advance.

Boulder County CO Posted about 21 hours ago

Best Windbreak Trees in 2020

We'd like to plant a windbreak for a rural property, due north of Fort Collins about 15 miles. I've read a lot of publications online and have a pretty good idea for spacing and location. Many of the publications suggest different species to use, however it seems a lot of the information may be out of date with respect to diseases and insects that are prevalent in 2020. For example, many recommend using Austrian Pine or Blue Spruce, but are these still wise considering the Zimmerman Moth, Mountain Pine Beetle, Ips beetle, etc? I'm considering a 3-row windbreak, starting with Rocky Mt. Juniper, then Eastern Red Cedar and finally I'd like a taller conifer tree but I'm not sure what to use here. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, I'm considering trees like Norway Spruce, White Spruce, Concolor Fir, Doug Fir, White Pine etc.

Larimer County CO Posted 1 day ago

Winter watering

I live in the foothills at 7200 feet. Theres been no precipitation for about a month. Should I water my perennial shrubs / plants / trees, or will the water just run off since the ground is frozen?
Thank you!

Jefferson County CO Posted 2 days ago

Emerald Ash - Trunk injection -- How often should I treat my tree?

In 2018, I preemptively had my 22-year old Emerald Ash treated for Emerald Ash Borer by trunk injection method (by a local professional tree service). At the time I thought I was told that the treatment would last 2-3 years. I've now received a notice from the tree service that this spring it is time to do the next 2-year trunk injection. Given the cost of treatment, I don't want to over treat my tree, nor leave this tree overly vulnerable.
1. Given that the Emerald Ash Borer has reached Berthoud, CO which is 16 miles from my Fort Collins home, has the time come to actively protect our Ash tree?
2. If I wait the additional year (3-years between treatments) does my tree still have protection from the injection application that was done in the spring of 2018?
3. Is there more than one type of injection treatment? What would make the treatment last 2 years as opposed to 3 years?

Thank you for your assistance.

Larimer County CO Posted 2 days ago

Arable Land in Teller County


I am interested in a map or more information on areas within Teller County that has arable land.
My wife and I are planning to relocate to the Colorado Springs area and are interested in properties located in Teller County.
Any information would help, Thanks!

Teller County Colorado Posted 2 days ago

Weeping Blue atlas

Hello! I put a weeping blue atlas in my front flower bed as a focal point where it gets good drainage. It shows like its getting new buds on the ends, but never grows in the almost 2 years iv had it. It isn’t dying, however, it’s not doing anything! Does anyone have any suggestions? I really like this tree and want it to do good. Can someone help me?

Virginia Posted 2 days ago

Yellow leaves on silver maple

My silver maple is showing a lack of nitrogen and probably other nutrients. What is the best form of fertilizer, what method of application and what is the best time of year to do it? The tree is approximately 50+ years old. It is not in the lawn and gets watered regularly, the soil is not over watered. We are located in Centennial and the soil is sandy.

Arapahoe County Colorado maple trees Posted 3 days ago

Mesa County, Redlands, best nut growing treessuccessful Nut Baring

We have 2 acres of ground in the Redlands near the Monument. We would like to start a tree farm to help fund our grand childrens education. What would be our best options?

Mesa County Colorado Posted 3 days ago

termanation of live in aide for a disabled person or let bygones be bygones.

a live in aide is almost an employee even if they are not compesated and are not required to pay rent. if unfair practices occur the aide may terminate the agreement but an officer told me that even if there is unsafe living conditions for the disabled the disabled person has to file with the courts to evict the live in aide. why cant the disabled not also be able to terminate the arrangement ? at will? when hud states that they have no right to live here when the tenant termainates the dwelling? i shouldnt have to give up my place just for them to leave? there should be rights of the tenant if the caregiver has threatened the disabled person why do the police policy not protect the disabled person? instead side with the aide in landlord tenant rights? the live in aide has been given a evaluation months before on attitude towards the disabled person needs improvement or termaination and aide would have to move. the officer told me i would have to take it up with housing authority, even when told i had a letter stating i could remover aide from lease. they await all night because aide theatened disabled bodly harm while sleeping. aide has been asked to talk about whats bothering them yet puts off conversation. they would only act if bodly harm happened besides being slapped upside the back of the head, lighter thrown at disabled person breaking screen of computer. etc. officers need training in this area to serve and protect. in my opinion. a sleepless night in colorado, bulging disc in lower back bothering me, and tired of f** off attitude from aide. hate to lose a friendship but its hard to rebuild trust when aide dont seem to care. and expects dishes to be done when it gives me great pain to stand for even 5 minutes. have numerous times tried to conversate with aide only to be told to shut up. friend or foe? meanwhile nothing is done to protect me and my belongings disapearing slowly while i suffer without funds for a decient meal.why should she and her friends live high on the hog while i suffer?we havent even dated in her opionion.yet she and her friends expect the royal treatment with out a title.or a relationship status? be careful when not using an agency the aide reports to like a family member or short term friend. anc check how quickly they can respond in case of an emergency. and find out about tenant and even occupant laws. and rights once they have gained entrance and trust. what kind of bird is this?? i think its a golddigger

Weld County Colorado Posted 4 days ago