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Bud loss

I purchased a Christmas cactus that had many buds but wasn't blooming yet. After I brought it home, most of the buds fell off. Why? And what do I do now?

Racine County Wisconsin Posted about 5 hours ago

Winterizing roses in whiskey barrels

Hello. I have regular roses planted in whiskey half-barrels. To keep the bushes from freezing, since they are aboveground, I thought to wrap the barrels in a couple layers of bubble wrap and then black plastic, and mulch them thickly. Does this like a good idea? Do you have any other ideas?

El Paso County Colorado Posted about 11 hours ago



I live in Northern Colorado, and I like my garden to be just full of coneflowers.

Since you are an expert on this which method is better to germinate and plant coneflowers:

1. To put the seeds in the ground at the end of Fall or beginning of winter.

2. To stratification the seeds by putting them in fridge during wintertime and plant then in the ground in Springtime.

Thank you so much for your kind help.

Wishing you all the best.

Weld County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Expiration date on commercially canned food

We have a case of Kirkland canned green beans with an expiration date of July, 2017. The cans have no bulges or visible damage. Are these beans safe to eat?

Jefferson County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Arizona blue cypress

What is the mature size and shape of Arizona blue cedar in Colorado?

Arapahoe County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Honey locust tree

my tree leaves have turned yellow. It's new, five feet tall, I bought it four months ago. Is it dying?

Riverside County California Posted 1 day ago

Water Table Depth Park County

Looking at the possibility of building in Park County, trying to get a general idea of the water table/geology of the area so I can have a better ball park of possible well costs.

Specifically the Harris Park community north of Bailey and Valley of the Sun/Placer Valley near Alma.

Park County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Benefits of liquid aeration vs core aeration

I've been researching the pros/cons of liquid aeration vs core aeration after our lawn care company switched to this method. I would like your professional opinion.

Thank you very much.

El Paso County Colorado Posted 2 days ago

Digital Pressure Cooker above 7,500 Feet


Just bought a Breville BPR700 digital pressure cooker....which has a maximum operating pressure of 12 PSI [0.8 ATM]. It has an automatic altitude compensation feature, but it has no settings above 6,000 feet and the manual clearly states: do NOT use cooker above 6,500 feet. Reason: under-cooked food ? Explosion hazard ? Is there a work-around ?? My altitude is 7,750 feet. Thank you !!

La Plata County Colorado Posted 2 days ago

RACOON on my property

Hello! I’m getting nightly visits from a raccoon. I need advice, help figuring out what to do... I know they can be destructive and he’s beginning to chew my Christmas lights. I’m in the Indian Peaks West neighborhood, Lafayette. Would love advice! Thank you!!

Boulder County Colorado Posted 3 days ago