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weed killer

is round-up poisonous to dogs

Maricopa County Arizona Posted 41 minutes ago

Why does my tree have tumors?

Hello - I have a tree in my back yard (unsure of species) that is covered in odd shaped "tumors". These shed from the tree periodically and are very painful to step on when barefooted. Can you help me understand what these objects might be and if possibly, if there is any "tree-tment" available?

Thank you!

Denver County Colorado Posted about 20 hours ago

Fertilizer requirement

What are the actual nitrogen requirements for deciduous trees. Express the formula based on tree caliper (preferred) or tree height (exact tree height hard to measure).

Elbert County Colorado trees and shrubs Posted about 20 hours ago

Turf for Church Soccer Field and Playground

Good Afternoon ~ Our church is seeking information on turf varieties that would stand up to neighborhood use by children of all ages as a soccer/football/baseball field. Some consideration has already been given to artificial turf. Currently there is not an irrigation system on the area intended for the sports field. Can you please recommend some options we can research and which would help in the church's decision for improving the area. Thank you.

Colorado Posted about 23 hours ago

Best Cukes

Last year we had a bumper crop of cucumbers from our garden - however, most were extremely bitter. So bitter, that we ended up composting most of them. I did look online for tips and learned that irregular watering could cause this but also some types of cukes are more prone to becoming bitter than others. So now I’m wondering which cukes are best for flavor and sturdiness here in our Boulder Colorado garden. Thanks so much!

Boulder County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Treating cedar planter boxes for organic gardening

I have purchased raised cedar planter boxes for vegetable gardening. I am treating the inside with vegetable oil. However, I would like a product that gives more protection to the box for weathering on the outside. Can you recommend a product that is natural and will not leach through to the soil inside the box or is safe for the vegetables?

Larimer County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Pruning Tam Junipers

We live in Denver. Our backyard has ten lust (4 feet tall and sprawling) tam junipers that border the fence. They need pruning. I have instructions on how to do this and avoid dead spaces and encourage new growth. When should I begin the pruning--now, first part of May, last part of May, or June?


Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs Posted 2 days ago

Is this a fungus

Is this a fungus in my soil or something else

Elbert County Colorado Posted 2 days ago

Tomato virus in soil?

We have been growing tomatoes in a small garden for many years (supplemented by compost). The last 2 years production was stifled by leaves wilting and drying. My spouse thinks it's because a virus lays dormant in the soil and wants to remove the top layer of soil (3-6").

Your thoughts?

Jefferson County Colorado Posted 2 days ago

Buffalo Grass weed control

I have searched and searched to find the best product for weed control on Buffalo grass and can’t find a solid answer. Is there a specific product you could recommend? The weeds are out of control this year. Thank you. Susi

Boulder County Colorado lawns and turf Posted 2 days ago