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new to farming

I have 51 acres in Adams county. I have had it farmed for me for the last 8 years. I took over the land this spring. I had it sprayed for weeds in June. I only have a 25 hp tractor and my son in law who will help me has a 50 hp tractor.I would like to try the no till farming. Can you give me the proper times to due what I have left. Some guy did make a mistake and disced about 40 acres of my land. What is left, harrow and plant then harvest?

Adams County Colorado Posted about 1 hour ago

needle drop on Spruce

I have about 30 Colorado Blue Spruce on top of Davidson Mesa in Boulder County. Most are doing well but two of them about 15 feet tall have had very sparse needles this year, especially on their west side. Is there a disease that will cause this or is this wind desiccation or ????

p.s. I forgot to mention that these two are near each other with a healthy blue spruce in between them. Also the two failing ones look brown and bare due to discolored and missing needles. I haven't cut them down yet because new needles at the tips look green so I hoped they may be recovering.

Boulder County Colorado Posted about 4 hours ago

Lodge Pole Question

We have several Lodge Pole Pines that are exhibiting stress, including: dead needles, leaking sap and what appears to be mistletoe. Is there anything I can do to save them? Thank you!

Routt County Colorado Posted about 5 hours ago

What kind of spider is this?

I found this on my front porch entrance. I thought it was a wolf spider but it's probably not.

El Paso County Colorado Posted about 8 hours ago

Name that tree!

Can you please tell me what the name of this tree is...
Thank you!

Denver County Colorado Posted about 9 hours ago

Culling Aspen sprouts

We are in Pagosa Springs & have a mature Aspen grove that is producing sprouts the clusters are now about 2ft high. I would like to encourage this new grove,& wonder when/how to cull to allow "managed" growth of some of the suckers.

Archuleta County Colorado Posted about 13 hours ago

Peeling bark and lost leaves on crabapple

Does my tree have fire blight? I’ve read that the lost leaves could be from apple scab. The fruit is doing well, there are still lots of apples all over and none are shriveled. It does have a lot of dead branches that need to be pruned. It bloomed beautifully this spring but has since lost its leaves and the peeling bark looks like it’s really unhealthy.

Jefferson County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Blue Spruce dying

The Ips beetle has attacked our very old and very large front yard blue spruce in old town Loveland.
It has been sprayed for the beetle in August, and the infested part of the tree has been removed.
Will a deep watering device be helpful in saving the tree? Should a fertilizer be spread around the base of the tree? The soil is typical of this part of the country--clay.

Larimer County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

flowering shade tolerant perennial

Please help me find a few shade tolerant perennials that will flower most or part of the summer. I'd love to find some in a variety of colors, heights, and shapes.

Denver County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

What plant is this?

What plant is this?

Adams County Colorado Posted 1 day ago