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Deer antlers growing incorrectly

Hi, we have many young bucks around here (near Conifer) that have their antler or the button growing oddly and out of place and wonder if you could tell us why? The button will appear off-center over the left eye usually, though some are growing out of the front of the forehead instead. Is this due to genetics, environmental toxins, injury, or something else?
Thank you so much, we are all curious!

Jefferson County Colorado Posted 38 minutes ago

What is this spider?

What is this small black spider? (photo attached) He does not seem to build a web but rather hunts for his food similar to a brown recluse. They frequent my garage at 9,500 ft of elevation in Taylor Park, CO. Thanks!

Gunnison County Colorado Posted 2 days ago

White Soil

am a student n we were asked to give why white soils are white n wer could we find it n i hv no idea if u cud so send replay as fast as u can...thnx

Outside United States soil and fertility issues Posted 3 days ago

transplant bearded iris?

Is it too late to divide and transplant bearded Iris in Boulder County?

Boulder County Colorado flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted 4 days ago

Apple Tree planting?

Hi. My name is Matt Darling I am the manager of Cross Orchards Historic Site in Grand Junction, CO 81504. This spring we are planing on planting a dozen apple trees. What is the best time in the spring to plant apple trees? Also are their any nutrients or fertilizers you could recommend?
Thank You


Mesa County Colorado trees and shrubs Posted 4 days ago

What are these?

Hello - I wonder if you can identify these "guests" and tell me what to do about them. We live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and although I noticed one or two last week (when the outside temps go up and down, insects do show up indoors), they have been increasing for a few days. They seem to enjoy the kitchen sink best (I don't see any under the sink), but now they're beginning to explore the house. They look like pint-sized flies. They don't bite or make noise that I've observed. I've heard of drain flies, but I don't know anything about them. I would really like them to end their visit - they don't even have the excuse of being relatives! Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards, (Mrs.) Mary Lichlyter

El Paso County Colorado Posted 5 days ago

Fig leaf plant in Colorado

Hi I recently had fungus knat infestation from a new ivy. It seems to be getting my two fig leaf plants- but I worry something else may be going on. Can you look at pics and give advice? I also am using a dish soap solution- 1/3 tblspn natural dishsoap to 12 oz water.

Larimer County Colorado Posted 5 days ago

Orange hair like growths-poplar tree

Orange hair like growths have sprung out of branches on a live (cotton less) cottonwood tree. What are they and can they be eliminated safely?

Posted 5 days ago

Prickly Pear Cactus Removal

I own 2.5 acres in Westminster, and the majority of the land is covered in Prickly Pear Cactus. What options are we allowed to do it in the least time consuming and least harmful way? We intend to turn portions of the land where there are cactus into an orchard, garden and grass so we are concerned with herbicide use especially with our dogs. We read about burning them, but I would assume that's not option in Colorado's dry climate? Any help is appreciated!

Jefferson County Colorado Posted 5 days ago

Soil amendment in the fall, or in the spring?

I am a Master Gardener who moved from Salt Lake City to Montrose a couple of years ago. I've planted gardens here for two summers now, and have not had good outcomes. I'm going to put in a garden into the empty lot on our property; it will be about 25X35, full sun exposure, with plenty of irrigation water available. The lot has never been planted, plowed, or built upon. We're having a tractor come next week and plow it up for us to get all the large rocks out and to plow it 3 feet down. I'm fairly sure the soil will need to be amended so I want to bring in a couple loads of compost before planting next spring. When is the best time to amend soil here - in the fall before the cold weather hits and before the soil gets too wet, or in the spring when the soil may be muddy and hard to turn the compost in? thanks, I appreciate your help.

Montrose County Colorado soil and fertility issues Posted 6 days ago