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can I get a tree from acorn from kindred spirit oak

Is it possible to grow a tree out of an acorn from my kindred spirit oak? We planted this summer and we already have a decent sized acorn. I’d love to try my hand at planting if this is at all possible. Where would I find information on the process, and how long would it take to grow into a tree?

Broomfield County CO Posted 11 minutes ago

New Grass or is this a Weed?

We overseeded with this grass see purchased from Poudre Valley Coop in Fort Collins - it's called Water-Less Turf Blend a 3-way Fescue Blend. It was growing well and after 6 weeks we thought good to fertilize and weed kill by TrueGreen lawn service. However, it seems like it died, or is this grass really a weed. Please let us know your thoughts.

Weld County CO Posted about 1 hour ago

New Gladiolus corm not forming

I just pulled up my Glads for the winter. Some plants did not produce flowers. Will the old corm produce another plant? I'm attaching a picture of a pair that show a small new corm. Will the new corm produce a plant but not necessarily flower? This isn't my first winter with these corms and I've had great success in replanting and multiplying my stock.

CO Posted about 1 hour ago

Planting Juniper and Blue Spruce in Fort Collins

Hi, I’m having landscape work done in my yard. I would like Juniper and a blue spruce planted along a northern exposure. Is now an okay time to plant, or should I wait until the Spring? Thank you

Larimer County CO Posted about 2 hours ago

Contaminated Soil

3 years ago a lawn maintenance company accidentally sprayed our trees and shrubs. Since they have all dies. The company denies any wrong doing, and will not tell us what they sprayed. We have not planted anything in the affected area since. Is it possible to find out if this has dissipated, and if it is ok to replant?

Mesa County CO Posted about 5 hours ago

What is this?

My brother found it and nobody knows what it could be . Do any of you?

Salt Lake County Utah Posted about 20 hours ago

newly planted (in Spring) 12' honey crisp apple tree with watering questions.

We're confused about watering our new 12' honey crisp apple tree (planted in May this year in Boulder).
Should we avoid watering now? What should our watering outlook be for Autumn into Winter?
We plan to mulch soon...8" of leaf mulch? We'll also be wrapping the little tree soon.
We'd appreciate any other advise you may have for us as well.
Thank you !

Boulder County Colorado Posted about 23 hours ago

Wintering Fruit Trees


I purchased 5 bare root fruit trees this past Spring; 2 pear, 2 apple and 1 peach. I planted them in 5 gallon buckets because I needed to work on my yard to make it ready for planting. The summer passed me by and they are still in their 5 gallon buckets. I have watered and fertilized them regularly during the summer, so they are in good shape. How should I winter them over?

1. Keep them outside and restrict the watering
2. Move them into my non-heated garage and restrict the watering
3. Plant them in the ground mid-Nov
4. What would your recommend?

Thank you....
Dave Pelto
6699 W 13th Ave
Lakewood, CO 80214

Jefferson County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Watering Blue Spruce

We planted in our yard two 8 ft blue spruces in late June. Watered once a week during summer to saturation. How much should I water during the winter months? Thank you

Weld County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Chokecherry suddenly oozing sap

In east Boulder, Canada chokecherry tree that's 20+ yrs old, has been healthy over its lifespan, had an abundance of flowers this year and a bumper crop of fruit. Tree is in a planted perennial area with drippers on a regular schedule. The sap appeared after the cold snap this week. It is on the south side of the trunk. I don't see insects in the sap nor any borer holes in the trunk. Could the sudden freeze cause the sap to ooze out? Or is it cankar? Haven't ever seen the sap before now.

Boulder County Colorado Posted 2 days ago