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Is this a garter snake?

Found this little guy outside one of the buildings at my work, just wondering what it is. Thank you!

El Paso County CO Posted about 3 hours ago

Planting Bulns

Greetings! I am new to zone 5 gardening. I have several dozen bulbs arriving next week, and realize now it is probably too late for planting. Is that accurate?

An alternative available to me is to plant them in old pots and leave them in the garage. On warm winter days I can lift the door, and they receive several hours of morning sun. Then give them permanent homes after blooming next spring.

Thanks ahead for comments or recommendations. Nola

El Paso County CO Posted about 4 hours ago

Cornbread at 5500 ft

I’m living at 5500 ft in Midway,UT. I need to bake cornbread today. What adjustments should I make? Increase oven temp by 15 degrees? Reduce baking time? Decrease the 1T of bkg pwd by 1/4 to 1/2 t? Decreased 3T of sugar to 1.5T? Increase large egg to extra large? Increase 1C milk by 1T? Thanks for your help?

Denver County CO Posted about 6 hours ago

compare water needs of two plants

Does the whirling butterfly bush need less water than the snowy spirea? thank you

Montrose County CO Posted about 7 hours ago


What vine type plants grow well in Montrose, CO?

Montrose County CO Posted about 23 hours ago

planting western wild flowers and poppy seeds

I live in Eldorado springs (80025) we have had a killing frost, but the weather is so unpredictable here in co. Is it safe to do my fall planting of western wild flower seeds and poppy seeds yet? If not when should I?

Boulder County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Question about Canning Jam

I made peach jam a few days ago. It took longer than I thought it would and thus I didn't have time to give the jars a water bath after filling & sealing them. They have been sitting undisturbed on my counter ever since. All of the jars sealed. Can I still give them a water bath, several days later?

Larimer County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Honey Locust Leaf Drop

I just had our big honey locust trimmed by a pro and days after, it dropped all of it's leaves. All of them are green, it didn't change color or anything, and now it's mostly bare.
Is this normal? I'm a new homeowner and we have SO many trees. They all bounced back from the trim fine. I would really hate to lose this tree.

Adams County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Shady Side Yard

I have a side yard 40' X 14' shaded by a large locust. I have been fiddling with this space for 16 years. First there was sod, then flagstone, then sod. There is some dog traffic. The sod looks good for about a month, then dies. I over seeded with deep shade grass seed and mini-clover, but that didn't help. I want something green in the space, but it seems to be too shady and damp to support sod. I need advice on what ground cover might work. Blue Star Creeper? Are there natural grasses that could survive the conditions? Thank you.

Boulder County Colorado Posted 1 day ago

Pruning Indian Magic crabapple

I have an Indian Magic crabapple perhaps 10 years old. Modest pruning happens every year in late winter. The tree has exploded with growth and I now have a situation where low limbs are blocking a walkway and the tree really needs to be "sized down" overall.
I understand there are risks involved in pruning a tree at times other than those recommended but wonder if I'm running a risk by doing some aggressive pruning perhaps in November when, hopefully, most of the leaves will have dropped and fruit begins to dry and harden.

La Plata County Colorado Posted 2 days ago