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Weedy dry land pasture management ...

I read the article and saw the charts, diagrams and all, but not one mention of soil conditions was offered. I would ask or I would question is the soil hard, soft, sandy or loam, is the soil pH high or low? Is there a dominant mineral issue like alkali, iron, aluminum, or is it low in calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium. Is the soil carbon low, is microbe activity present . Does the soil drain or does it puddle after it rains? All of these physical issues determine a soils ability to grow quality forages ...

Delta County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago

Reseeding Pasteur Used For Growing Grass Hay

What month is good for reseeding a 2 acre Pasteur, and what type of seed should I use.

Can I spread the seed by hand or should I have it drilled?

Broomfield County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago

Young maple did not drop leaves

Is there anything I can do now or in the spring? I am new to Colorado and snow.

Boulder County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago

What is digging in my yard?

Hello, I have just recently noticed these mounds of dirt in my yard. There doesn't appear to be anything under them, such as an entry to anything deeper. I have also found holes in other areas and my irrigation system has been dug up and chewed apart. Whatever it is appears to be nocturnal as I have not seen anything during the day and when I have removed the dirt mounds they usually reappear the next day. Can you tell me what this might be and what I can do about it. Thank you

Douglas County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago

Drought tolerant (low water) Turf grass

Is there somewhere near Longmont where I can see and compare turfgrass. I want a drought tolerant grass, but would like to see before I buy something

Linda Katalenich

Boulder County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago

Starting seeds for vegetables and flower gardens

It’s been several years since I started my garden from seeds.
Heatmats or not heatmats. What type of lights? LED? Or standard grow lights.
Best composition of seedling soil? Etc.
Can you make recommendations for the best way to start? From websites, reading resources, etc.
Thanks so much for your time.

Larimer County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago

Kochia Eradication/Mitigation

I am currently getting my plan of attack ready for Kochia this February and March.

According to this page: Identification and Management of Kochia and Russian Thistle - 6.314 - Extension ( I should use Dicamba + Fluroxypyr post-emergence.

Not sure what is good pre-emergent that is sold locally (Mesa County)? Is the pre-emergent typically a granule or liquid? This will affect what spreader and sprayer I am about to purchase.

Also, how will this affect planting of my native grass mix?

Any insight or direction on this and where the best/cheapest place to purchase these chemicals is appreciated.

Mesa County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago

Wildlife sanctuary in need of vegetation

I was referred to you by Kelly Uhing, Program Manager/Naturalist, Denver Parks.
Turning an open space into a prairie dog sanctuary on about a half acre of land where approximately 100 reside. The area is surrounded by residential townhomes with no chance of expanding. here are about 100 dogs maybe less. Grass grows in summertime that they feed off of but not great quality. Don't know kind of grass but we're looking to add to it and need recommendation on what seedling will take with just the water from rain. No irrigation in this space... Want to add some sage brush and any other type of vegetation to this area, Recognize its a challenge with lack of water but hope its not an impossibility.

Can someone help me please?

Denver County Colorado plant selections Posted about 1 month ago

What is the parent material of Denver soils


I was wondering if you have any information about the parent material of Denver-area soils and its impact on soil pH and soil type. Thank you!

Denver County Colorado soil Posted about 1 month ago

How should I get this mandarin tree to get bushy and is there any secrets to have it grow fast

I bought this Owari Satsuma citrus mandarin. I am wondering how to train this into a bush. I am also wondering if there is anything I can give it to make it grow faster. I am currently giving it miracle grow citrus fertilizer and have it in happy frog soil.

Jefferson County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago