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lawn brown patches


My lawn developed brown spots almost over night and it seems to be spreading. How can I find out what this is and what to treat it with. It appears it is dying. Any help would be appreciated.

Cheri Conklin

Larimer County Colorado Posted 10 minutes ago

pruning my plum shrubs

My plum shrubs are growing further out and up and are not very shrub like anymore. What is the best way to prune them to get them back into shape? When is the best time to do this? Also, one of my plum shrubs is sending out a lot of suckers - is there a way to prevent this?

Douglas County Colorado Posted 41 minutes ago

Dying tree branches

I have what I believe is a dogwood, I have several dead pieces. Pictures attached. I do not see bugs, but I could be wrong.

Weld County Colorado Posted about 1 hour ago

Trying to identify a particular weed in my yard

I will upload a couple pics of seedlings that are showing up in my garden this year, that I have been unable to I.D. - I want to know if I should pull them or if they are something beneficial.

Jefferson County Colorado Posted about 2 hours ago

Invasive tree from neighbor's yard

My neighbor has a tree in his yard that spreads like wild fire. The roots have gone under our 6' rock barrier and is popping up all over our yard. Help! ( I have pictures but couldn't get them to send : ( ))))

El Paso County Colorado Posted about 3 hours ago

chinese elm pests

how do I treat my chinese elms for yje beetles and worms that are killing them

Morgan County Colorado Posted about 3 hours ago

Shade Bushes

Can I plant lilacs in a location that receives morning shade and afternoon sun?

Denver County Colorado Posted about 4 hours ago

Prevent Ponderosa Pine Beetle, etc.

(Arvada) we have 10 mature Ponderosa pine on our new property and I'm wondering how to care for them, including possible spraying. Thanks!

Jefferson County Colorado Posted about 4 hours ago

Redleaf Rose Concern

Can you please help me identify what is growing on my one-year old Redleaf Rose?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Boulder County Colorado Posted about 4 hours ago

Growing at 10,100 feet

We live at 10,100 feet above Idaho Springs and are curious what veggies, and perennial plants we might add to our yard that will be easy to care for.

Clear Creek County Colorado Posted about 5 hours ago