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Native Plant ID Help

I would appreciate your help in identifying a few plants that are currently growing on my property in Pueblo West, CO. The first is a clump grass with purple/burgundy tips. The second is a yellow flower, and the last I understand is some type of artemisia.
Thanks so much!
Mary Lavan

Pueblo County CO Posted 32 minutes ago

Growing pumpkins in Colorado

I'm looking for tips on growing pumpkins in northern Colorado. Any info you can provide regarding varieties (I'd like to grow some large ones), how much and how frequently to water, etc would be greatly appreciated! Thanks- Kirk von Bernuth

Larimer County CO Posted about 2 hours ago

Residential Soil testing

I have had difficulties growing grass in various locations in my suburban lawn. Where can I get my soil tested to determine what the deficiencies and over abundant chemicals are in my lawn?

Arapahoe County CO Posted about 6 hours ago

Onion storage

How can onions be stores other that refridgerator

Brown County TX fruits and vegetables Posted about 8 hours ago

How to remove bees in a very large maple tree in Denver

We see small swarming bees in a large Maple Tree in our front yard.
They've made a hole in a branch ... the hole is @ 5-7 inches in circumference.
We presume that we'll need a professional to handle this but don't know who to call.

Denver County CO Posted about 8 hours ago

Bees in a Maple tree in Denver

How do we find someone in Denver who can remove a hive of bees in a tall Maple tree

Denver County Colorado Posted about 9 hours ago

Norway Maples losing bark on trunks and some branches and having some dead branches

I have two 15 year old Norway Maples. Both are losing bark & have branches dying from the top & south side. This has occurred for about 3 years or so.

One tree still has about 1 foot of growth on most branches but the bark has come off about half of the lower to mid trunk (equally on both sides, East & West) and on about 1/3 of the branches. About 10% of the branches mostly on the top middle & south have dried up & died (the recent snowstorm & freeze may have been a factor. On the other tree, half of the bark on the lower to mid trunk (all on the South side). The top 1/3 of the tree has or is losing branches and bark. It has about 6 inches of growth on most good branches.

What are the likely causes? A tree expert 2 years ago suspected root girdling and winter sun scald with the freeze of 3 years ago also a major factor. I am wrapping the trunks each winter now. We did have metal around both trunks from about 8 to 4 years ago to keep the squirrels off the branches but removed them. I do feed them spring and fall with ross root feeder pellets. The nursery said to trim off dead branches.

Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs Posted about 9 hours ago

Braburn apple tree

Why are the leaves curling on my apple tree. I am quite sure it is not a water problem

Fremont County Colorado trees and shrubs Posted about 11 hours ago

flower bed over grown with crabgrass

Help! I have several flowerbed which are being consumed by crabgrass. I have tried everything short of digging up the whole bed or killing off all vegetation and re-planting Any suggestions you have on how to get the crabgrass under control with out killing off the rest of the plants would be greatly appreciated.

Douglas County Colorado Posted about 23 hours ago

Pine Wilt Nematode

Hi there

We have a tree that has started turning brown at the top. One arborist insists that it is from Pine Wilt Nematode, One says it might be, and one says probably not. The two that say maybe, are trying to sell us on topping the tree and trying to save it with spraying and fertilizer. We're trying to figure out if thats only going to end in removing the tree anyway. We do not know when it started, as we noticed it the first time we sat on our deck this spring. Thoughts?

Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs Posted 1 day ago