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Ponderosa Pine needles browning

Our Ponderosa Pine tree has developed brown needles beginning from inner branches gradually moving towards the outer portion of the branches. Still producing pine cones. Is this A fungus, beetle or temperature shock?

Douglas County Colorado Posted about 9 hours ago

Ponderosa Pine looks to he drying out

We had this 14.5 foot ponderosa added to our backyard about a month ago. I have been using a 20 gallon water bag every other day but it seems to be drying out. We had another ponderosa and watered that one with about 50 gallons every other day as instructed by the nursery but their installers told us we over watered it.

I just dont know what to do at this point...any help would be greatly appreciated!

Douglas County Colorado Posted about 9 hours ago

Lodgepole Pines Being Killed

I live near Red Feather Lakes, CO. This year I have had a few Lodgepoles die very quickly. They turn an orange color, the needles die, and then woodpeckers start taking off all the bark and boring countless holes. I'm not getting any sap like I did back with the Beetle Kill. The trees are my favorite thing about the property. Im worried about losing them. I posted pictures of the tree and woodpeckers. Thank you! -Will

Larimer County Colorado Posted about 10 hours ago

buckthorn vs chokecherry

how does one tell the difference between a buckthorn and a chokecherry.

Denver County Colorado Posted about 10 hours ago

This season planting, late season flower buds

I planted a Joseph Robe this spring. I expected to nurture root and vegetative growth in the main canes, however, now in mid September, there are several laterals with buds forming. Do I let them mature and bloom or prune them back now before expending too much energy just prior to overwintering?
Thank you in advance for y9ur advise.

Fremont County Colorado Posted about 12 hours ago

Is this honey locust or black locustlo

This locust was in Denver and was cut down. Need to know if it is black or honey locust. Both pics are from the same tree near the base. I think they are honey, but need to know for sure. Thanks.

Arapahoe County Colorado Posted about 12 hours ago

Autumn blaze maple leaves turning yellow

I have an Autumn Blaze maple tree that we planted 17 years ago. It has been doing great but this year we noticed that the leafs are starting to turn yellow around the edges. I noticed this in mid-summer 2020. It seems to be mostly on the north side. I read that it may be low in iron and magnesium because it may be too high in alkalinity so the iron and magnesium restores the soil to the proper PH.


1. To determine if this is actually the problem... Is there a test that I should have done to see what the problems might be? Who can do the test?

2. What is the best way to add the iron and magnesium to the treeā€¦ Liquid, solid, deep root, and how much?

3. What is the best time of the year to apply the treatment, fall or spring?

4. Unrelated but also for this tree, we have squirrels chewing the bark of the lower branches. How do we stop this destructive activity?

If you have any other information please advise.

Thank you

Denver County Colorado Posted about 14 hours ago

Pinocchio northern New York chlorosis

15 year old Pin Oak, In rough shape suspect chlorosis. Has all the symptoms. Is there anything we can do immediately this fall to help it through the winter?

Ontario County New York Posted about 21 hours ago

pressure weight

I have a pressure canner that goes up to 15PSI with weights. I live at 8000 feet and need to can everything at 15 PSI, however my weights will "wobble at 10 PSI but not at 15 PSI. is there something wrong with my equipment? is it still getting up to temperature even if it isn't wobbling

Colorado Posted 1 day ago

What is this tree?

Hi! This is a volunteer tree in our yard. Can you identify it?

Montrose County Colorado Posted 1 day ago