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How to recondition lawn after removal of large cottonwood tree?

I had a large cottonwood tree removed last Fall and have been out of town since then. The stump was also ground down.
I need to recondition the area as roots are producing small branches and mushrooms. I don’t know who to call to help - or what I should be doing.

Larimer County Colorado Posted 11 minutes ago

Removing Invasive Aspens

A mature aspen tree planted too close to my house is threatening the foundation and must be removed. I already have a problem with aspen shoots throughout my lawn. What is the best way to remove the aspen and its root system?

Boulder County Colorado Posted about 8 hours ago

Winter and dipladenia

I live in Aurora Colorado if I plant my dipladenia in the ground will it come back in the spring like other perennials?

Arapahoe County Colorado Posted about 9 hours ago

Pine Tree Foaming Around Wound

The original owners of my home left tree straps tied around the attached Australian Pine. When I bought this home two years ago, the tree's bark had already started growing around the tree strap, so there was not much I could do. Well, yesterday i noticed the attached foam forming around the wound and even dripping onto surrounding branches. Is this the tree's healing process, a disease, or insects? Thanks in advance.

Douglas County Colorado Posted about 10 hours ago

Japanese beetles

Help, please. What, besides hand picking (which I'm doing), will kill these infernal pests?

Denver County Colorado Posted about 10 hours ago

What will cause serpentine dead grass trails in back yard

These trails of dead grass have appeared over the past 3-4 weeks (see photo). I can pull out the dead grass easily and there is no disturbance in the soil underneath. They are about 10 cm wide and vary in length up to about 3-4 meters. The remainder of the lawn is in good condition. Is there something living underground that does this? Thanks.

Broomfield County Colorado Posted about 11 hours ago

What is this bug?

Hi, there were a few of these flying around me outside today. They were a little aggresive. I've never seen them before. Is it a young black wasp of some kind? What places do they like to nest? Should I call a pest control professional? Thank you.

Broomfield County Colorado Posted about 12 hours ago

Information of Becoming a Cloverbud

Do all clubs have clover buds?

How do I go about enrolling my child in clover buds?

El Paso County Colorado Posted about 13 hours ago

Golden Locust Tree being chewed

I planted a Golden Locust about 35 years ago. It has been storm damaged but has recovered to become the focal point of our back yard where it is planted in the middle of our deck. This year, for the first time, something appears to be drilling holes in it because we find sawdust under it and occasionally witness a flurry of it falling from above. I can't see any damage but the tree is at least 35 feet tall.
Can you tell me what the culprit might be and how best to combat it?
Thank you,
Jackie Parker, Lakewood, CO

Jefferson County Colorado Posted about 13 hours ago

Bee hives in greenhouse

I would like to know if anyone has tried building hives for indoor/outdoor egress for hives in greenhouses? Also if anyone has mixed honey bee with bumblebee hives in the same area and if that might work in a greenhouse? From what I have heard, bumblebees are better for pollinating but don't live very long or produce honey and honey bees live longer but don't see well in greenhouses so don't pollinate as well.
Also, if you have bumblebee hives in a greenhouse would they keep reproducing?
Thanks for any input that anyone can give me.

El Paso County Colorado Posted about 14 hours ago