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Questions asked to this group

What is this in/on my tree?

I have these black things on my tree, looks like egg sacs. Not sure what they are. They are in multiple spots on the tree. Also, I think my tree is dead. Has not bloomed at all this year.

Nassau County New York Posted about 20 hours ago

What is wrong with my Honeysuckle plants?

We bought 2 honeysuckle plants about 2 months ago. Not long ago I started noticing some black specs on the buds of both plants. I read they were aphids so I sprayed the plants with a Neem Oil solution. They looked like they were doing better. In the last week, they look absolutely awful. I don't know what to do for them. They get about 6 hours of sun and plenty of indirect sunlight, the soil is sandy, I'm not sure about the drainage but everything else in the area does well (mint, lilies, tickseed, black eyed Susan's, etc). I'm just at a loss for what I can do.

New York County New York Posted 1 day ago

Deadly or Not?

I found this brown colored spider in my baby’s room. Was wondering if it’s the brown recluse or another venomous breed?

Kings County New York Posted 1 day ago

Type of plant

Can you let me know what the name of this plant is and how to propagate it? Thank you.Diane Leon

Queens County New York Posted 5 days ago

Heart-shaped leaf from a vine

Can you help identify this plant? Is this plant invasive?

Suffolk County New York smilax rotundifolia common greenbriar Posted 5 days ago

Wild berry rows struggling

Hi, I recently put some rows together of wild black, red berries as well as some black berries... I know a few years back they did much better and now the leaves are looking sickly and the berries aren’t producing many, or are small, any ideas for me? Thanks for any help there

Saratoga County New York Posted 8 days ago

Maple leave problem

Hi my name is Luis, I need help trying to identify the problem in my tree, the leaves even the young ones start becoming brown on the edges and inside the leaves, and look dry, I haven’t seen any bug or insect around, thanks for your help.

New York Posted 11 days ago

Wooly aphids

I found out that my cherry tree has wooly aphids which I saw after trimming. Can I use lady bugs to get rid of the aphids or should I use Neem oil? Do you have any other suggestions

Queens County New York Posted 11 days ago

Pea Problems

I planted a row of peas in my raised bed around a month ago. They’ve been doing great until about 3 days ago; they started getting yellow leaves at the bottom and now I see the stem is turning yellow and thin. They used to have thick sturdy stems all the way through. There is a slow release fertilizer in the soil And I “believe” I have been doing a good job watering. I say that because last year I had a tendency to overwater, or so I thought because we also had issues with yellowing plants then too. The raised bed Was built for last years crops. It also has good drainage. The broccoli to the right and cucumbers to the left have lower yellowing leaves as well but not as strongly as the peas. I’m fairly new at this and just need some success to keep my new passion alive. Haha! Any suggestions?

Montgomery County New York Posted 11 days ago

Is my clematis dying ?

Not sure if I over watered my clematis - it’s the 2nd year we’ve had it. Last year the chipmunks ate it so this year we put moth balls around it to keep them away. It is growing but now it looks like it’s wilting ...

Monroe County New York Posted 11 days ago