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Questions asked to this group

Money Tree

Good afternoon. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me on this question.

My 15-20 year old money tree is having some problems recently, but I do not know what the problem is. In September, we repotted the tree from a 12 inch container to a 16 inch container. We repotted it using a mix of compost, topsoil, peat moss, and vermiculite. We sterilized all the ingredients using a microwave and doing it in batches before cooling it and putting it into the pot. We water it about once a week or when the water meter tells us that the soil is dry.

About two months ago, we realize there were some honeydew or sticky substance coming out of the stem and leaves of the top leaves. However, I do not see any scale insects on the plant. The plant has always been indoors. From the internet, I learned to put 1 tsp of neem oil in 1 quart of water and spray it on the leaves. The leaves are still a little sticky on the underside of the leaves.

Then about two weeks ago, the leaves are turning yellow/brown around the edges of the leaves. This is happening throughout the top, middle, and bottom leaves of the tree. The center vein in some leaves are turning lighter in color or yellow. Around 5-10 leaves are dropping to the floor every day. I have never seen it drop so many leaves in such a short amount of time in the many years we had the plant. Some of the leaves also are growing, but the leaves are deformed. Some leaves are bent down in the middle, or distorted at the edge.

Is this a sign of the tree dying? I really want to save my tree as we have preserved it well over the years. It is currently a little over 6 feet tall. If you have any insight of what I should do next, please let me know. Thank you and happy holidays.

Kings County NY money tree Posted 19 days ago

Japanese Maple Trees

I'm looking for a list of Japanese Maples that will grow in Zone 5
The Latin names of the trees ... Thank You in advance for your halp ~Ron Cosser

New York County NY japanese maples Posted 29 days ago

Hello May I ask what kind of plant is this?

I found this weird plant and I tried to search via app by capturing a photo but zero result. The fruit of the plant looks like mustache of man. Sometimes one part of it, sometimes it’s a mustache, the fruits definitely looks like mustache. If u know this plant, please email me. I would be so happy if someone or an expert answer me. Thank you

New York County NY Posted about 1 month ago

FICA plant

My fica leaves are turning yellow I moved it Because I thought that’s why it was turning yellow. It got worse so I moved it back and it keeps loosing leaves. I haven’t watered it and it’s not because of over watering. Will it recover from stress of moving ? It’s very tall. Can I break the branches and replant them ? What fertilizer should I use as well. I hate to loose it. I had it for a while

New York County NY Posted about 1 month ago

Dawn Redwood Squirrel Attack

My young dawn redwood appears to have fallen foul of some bark peeling by a squirrel. It seems only to have removed a small area of bark (although quite deep). I was wondering if the tree will recover in the long term and grow as normal, or if this is going to cause some serious issues long term? Is there anything I can do to help the tree and stop it from getting worse?


NY Posted about 1 month ago

Pruning my indoor avocado tree

I'm pruning my plant just above leaves with buds. i've done it twice, but in both cases, one of the branches grows straight up, so the tree just gets taller and taller. I'm growing it with a gro light, and it's apparently healthy, but I do NOT want it to get any taller. What am I doing wrong? Jan Ewing

New York County New York Posted 2 months ago

Burning bush plant

My dog ate 2 of it's seeds. I know it's poisonous. Are 2 seeds enough to make her sick?

New York County New York Posted 2 months ago

Spider identification

Can someone identify this spider I found in my basement this evening?

Cattaraugus County New York Posted 2 months ago

What kind of bug is this

Please help...I have no idea what they are. Found then mostly hidden in totes I had clothes in.

New York County New York Posted 2 months ago

Cyclamen care

Do you have any information about care of cyclamen plants (indoors)?

Kings County New York Posted 3 months ago