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Questions asked to this group

alberta spruce

several alberta spruce on a property, various locations in the yard are dying back; some it's the bottom half of the tree and others it one side . What is green appears to be very healthy and I don't believe wind is an issue as it is a fairly well protected area. There are some spider mites present but not many and the ground is quite moist and heavy clay content. whats your opinion?

Oneida County NY Posted 2 days ago

Green Giant Arborvitae

We have a row of 20 arbs we planted on a burm 3 years ago. We are noticing that all the tips are turning brown. The new bud groups have turned brown and are dried out. We have fertilized this spring already. They get plenty of water and have good drainage. They have been well cared for.. I’m not sure what to do so we do not lose them.

Monroe County NY Posted 6 days ago

Elm fall?

I've seen tons of Oaks split and Maples fall from wind, but never seen an Elm go down. Any feelings about how often that happens? Got a huge one near enough to the house to consider it.

Suffolk County NY Posted 7 days ago

What kind of plant is this?

Hi! I rescued this plant from a neighbor's trash and last fall. It's doing fine now, and I've shared loads of cuttings with people, but have no idea what it is. It's very viny and I thought it might be a strawberry begonia, but it doesn't really flower like one. Could you help identify it? Thank you!

New York County NY plectranthus purpuratus purple swedish ivy Posted 9 days ago

Dwarf Cherry Tree

Can you please identify this growth on the bark . My tree is about 3 years old and was healthy untill last summer. Thank you !

Putnam County NY Posted 10 days ago

Pesky wild onions!

May years ago, I received a load of topsoil to help with my shrubs, etc. around my home in Oswego, NY. Oswego County is nationally known for its production of onions, and I think the topsoil I received was from "the muck" where those products are grown. The landscaping on south face of the home - in full sun - is overrun with wild onions EVERY YEAR. I've tried carefully digging them out to no avail. I tried a commercial weed killer and the weeds came back, Plus I must have accidentally sprayed some on the new shrub, because it's dead now. I'm afraid to apply another weed killer that goes to the roots because I don't want to destroy a beautiful dappled willow that is very happy there. Suggestions on how to get rid of this nuisance?

New York County New York Posted 12 days ago

Dead lawn

I have zero grass on my lawn ! I do have 2 dogs , I've fertilized and reseeded last spring ! Now its empty just dirt !!!! HELP

Montgomery County New York Posted 13 days ago

Plant identification

Please identify the plant in the photo. I live in Jersey City, NJ and have this plant growing in my garden. I would greatly appreciate your expertise in this identification so I will know how to handle this plant.
Thank you sincerely for your help.

New York japanese hops humulus japonicus Posted 14 days ago

White spots on branches killing cherry laurel

I have white spots on the branches of my cherry laurel killing them. I have lost 3 bushes in the last year. What can I do to save the remaining cherry laurels that I have?

Suffolk County New York Posted 16 days ago

What's wrong with my lilac bush?

Hello, I'm hoping you can help me determine what is wrong with my lilac bush. It has very few buds this year and the branches look as though my have some sort of disease.

New York County New York Posted 17 days ago