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Questions asked to this group

What kind of bug is this?

This is the second one I've found in my bathroom. I've had no luck finding anything that looked similar enough to it online.

Erie County New York Posted 1 day ago

Booklice or bedbug nymph?

Hello, have been finding these little bugs in our bedroom and at first thought they were bed bug nymphs but now thinking maybe booklice? Picture is a little blurry, had to use a magnifying glass to get a good shot: they are very small. Any help would be much appreciated!

Saratoga County New York Posted 3 days ago

Linden trees

Hello. Every year at this time my 2 Linden trees drop about half their leaves at the same time their seeds ripen and drop. Some yellow leaves remain on the trees for about another 2 weeks until they fall as well. The trees remain that way until fall. In the spring they’re normal and healthy looking as they get their foliage. Any thoughts?

New York Posted 6 days ago

One cactus growing through another?

My saguaro cactus was a rescue plant. It was tiny when I got it many years ago. As it grew I repotted it etc. This other "cucumber" cactus or succulent just appeared about five years ago and has been spreading and growing like crazy. Just this spring these sprouts of what appear to be saguaro seem to be growing out of the sides of the cucumber cactus. My guess is that the saguaro was grafted on the other which served as a base. The base started growing separately and now the saguaro is sending shoots through the inside of the cucumber cactus. Is that possible? I live in Upstate NY and take the cactus inside during the winter. It gets plenty of sun and rain during the summer and seems to be doing very well.

Cortland County New York cacti Posted 8 days ago

Japanese Maple Leaf Curl?

Hello, We have a Japanese Maple, but the leaves have been curling up as shown in pictures attached. This is happening throughout the entire tree rather than just a single area. Is this due to disease? If so, what is the best way to treat it? Thank you!

New York County New York Posted 8 days ago


My hibiscus flowers one bud at a time. It opens for one day then closes up and falls off. Is this normal?

Bronx County New York Posted 14 days ago

Mugo pines dying

I have multiple mugo pines that have been growing well for the past four years. This season they all seem to be browning/dying. I’ve lost one already; as they were expensive plants, I’d like to try to save them. Thank you for your help.

Westchester County New York Posted 14 days ago

fruit tree diseases

I work at a tree farm and our fruit trees are displaying dead tips on leaf ends-they turn black on the leaf tips

New York Posted 16 days ago

PD growth and Bloom

My peony bloomed last year and was beautiful, this year it didn't bloom and the growth seemed not as robust, why ? I have another peony in the same bed about 4 ft away from this peony and it was fine.

Nassau County New York Posted 17 days ago

Marguerite in trouble!

Hello, I was wondering if you could help! My marguerite isn’t looking so great - look like a fungal infection of some sort? Could you advise what I should do to save it?

New York Posted 18 days ago