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Questions asked to this group

Small brown bugs in my house??

Hi, I’ve been finding these bugs around my house for the past few days now. I’m positive Ive seen one flying, they’re very small I’d say around 1-2mm in length. But I’ve found a few on my window ledges, my living room, one on my bed!! And some on my walls. On average I’m finding between 1-3 per day so I’m slightly concerned. I don’t have a pantry or anything like that and everything is washed and cleaned regular so I’m baffled. Any advice would be great

New York County New York Posted 3 months ago

Starting a No till garden in spring!

Can you start a no till garden in spring? If so, what layering materials should I use how long before planting to allow for proper material breakdown supporting veggie root growth?

Schenectady County New York Posted 3 months ago

Do you know the name of this vine?

This is an indoor vine.The leaves are thick and glossy. Sporadically it flowers in the summer with delicate white flowers. I want to properly take care of the plant so that it can flower every summer. Thank you.

Nassau County New York Posted 3 months ago

Avocado Plant - Potted and Leggy!

Hi from the UWS! I sprouted an avocado seed in June ‘20, then tossed it in a pot on my balcony and forgot about it. A couple of months later it had grown into a lovely little plant! When it got tall enough I trimmed it (per the internet’s suggestions) in an effort to make it shorter and bushier, but that didn’t work. Now that it lives indoors for the winter it’s grown a tall, spindly shoot with leaves on the top. I’m afraid to cut it again because I want it to live. I read an article suggesting I bend it and weigh it down, which would encourage leaves to sprout along the side of the long stem. Would that work? Open to any and all advice. I know it will never fruit but I love it and want to keep it healthy. Thank you!!

New York County New York Posted 3 months ago

Guzmania pup

The bottom leaves on my bromeliad guzmania PUP are drying and turning light brown. It also doesn’t grow as fast as other pups that I have. What is causing dryness of bottom leaves of a pup? Thank you.

Queens County New York Posted 4 months ago

What kind of bug is this?

About a month ago, we started getting these little black winged bugs only on our stove top. They die there.. What the heck are they? I keep the surface clean. Is something inside the oven walls? Help!

New York County New York Posted 4 months ago

Planting requisites for evergreens on a berm

We have a 4' berm on one side. We wish to plant evergreen trees (e.g. Norway Spruce) to screen view and sound.. Can it be done? How is erosion prevented? How deep should the holes for four year seedlings (12")? What causes trees elsewhere on top of berm to die? What plantings do you recommend for a berm? Thank you bunches?

Chautauqua County New York Posted 4 months ago

Potted Italian Cypress Trees

Hello, I could use some help, my potted Italian Cypress Trees seems to be dry at the tippy top. Not turning brown. I have three of them, about two years old, bought them as seedlings. I’ve kept them outside in the summer and I keep them inside in the Winter. I was told they can’t be outside under 60 degrees. They were potted together and I separated them a month ago and planted them In their own pots. Did I cause damage???

Westchester County New York Posted 4 months ago

Orange spots on myrtillocactus

Hello, My myrtillocactus geometrizans fukurokuryuzinboku has these orange spots and light brown splatters. What could it be? Is it a rust fungus, cold damage or something else?

New York County New York Posted 4 months ago

Holly bush problem

I believe I have an American or English Holly bush that isn’t looking healthy. It has been next to a Boxwood for at least 19 years. It just started looking this way about a month & 1/2 ago. We had a maple leaf weed that was growing inside the boxwood that got removed today. What is wrong with it? We really don’t want to lose this prickly beast.

New York Posted 5 months ago