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Questions asked to this group

Plant turning black

Hi! I have this house plant that I get maybe a year ago I water it ever Sunday because when I searched up the plant it said it needs very little water. I came home to day and saw that the leaves where turning back. The color change did not start at the beginning of the root though My plant is most of the time placed on my stairs but when I come home at 3:20 I will put my plant in my bedroom and let it get sunlight But for some reason I put it on top of my heater I am really sure that it never gets hot. And when I got home that’s when I saw color change

New York County New York Posted 15 days ago

trimmed by neighbor

my neighbor trimmed my 32 year old White Pine on two sides all the way up that was hanging over her fence- effectively leaving 3-4' bare limbs on two sides. I'm just devastated! Is this going to kill my tree I planted from a seedling?

Nassau County New York Posted 17 days ago

Allium bulbs

Hello. I purchased allium bulbs and never planted them. They were left in the wrapping from company in a dark cabinet. Is there anyway they can be used for blooms this summer? Maybe in paper bag in refridge for a few weeks? I live in Long Island.

Suffolk County New York Posted 17 days ago

Respiratory question

I'm wondering if there can be any respiratory troubles that could come from the cactus Christmas cactus could it cause problems for humans to have respiratory troubles I have a father that has COPD and it seems like he keeps getting episodes of going back to the hospital he's got oxygen that he uses so I'm just curious if a plant could cause any troubles

New York County New York allergies Posted about 1 month ago

Seeet black cherry

I planted sweet black cherry tree 7 year ago Still not giving fruits Last spring I had on the tree Only 25 cherry What can I do to make my sweet cherry tree produce fruit? Can sour cherry tree pollinate sweet cherry tree? If I plant sour cherry tree next to sweet cherry tree ? Thank you.

Queens County New York Posted about 1 month ago

What is the name of this plant?

Can someone help me with the name of this cactus and how to care for it ? Some of the ‘branches’ dry out in the middle causing it to dry out ,wither and droop Thank you

New York County New York Posted about 1 month ago

Norway Maple Mulch

Along with our neighbors, we had a 60+ year old Norway Maple removed. The stump was ground out as well. Is it alright to use the pile of mulch left behind to mulch the beds around our home? Do we need to 'season the mulch' in anyway? The company that removed the tree said, " there was not much rot."

Monroe County New York Posted about 1 month ago

Any ideas, found this in creek in Berkshire, not

Any ideas, found this in creek in Berkshire, N.Y.

Tioga County New York Posted about 1 month ago


I will receive my rootstock in end of march put them in cold storage and then in may will plant them in the nursery.
The rootstock supplier suggest that we can do the grafting at the second part of august, can I collect the sions that summer

Oswego County New York Posted about 1 month ago

Money tree sticky leaves

I have had a beautiful money tree for a few years now. It had direct sunlight and I water once a week. Last Month I placed it into a slightly larger container and the leaves began to drop but I wasn’t too alarmed until I began to see the sticky sap on the leaves. I’m concerned now that my lovey tree may be sick please help me protect it’s life and beauty and understand the reason for the glue on the leaves. Thank you Deborah Olivo avid grower

Nassau County New York Posted 2 months ago