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Questions asked to this group

Harry Lauder Walking Stick

I bought this beautiful and interesting shrub about a month and half ago and started to notice that the leaves have dark brown spots and drying, some has holes on it. Please I need some advice to how get rid of this issue, I’m not sure what kind of pest is causing it and how to treat it. Thank you. Jeny

New York Posted 12 days ago

Green Giant Abrovitae have yellow branches with black tips

Hi- we planted a few Green giants in our backyard in June-July of this year. They seemed to be doing pretty well until now . I see some of the leaves yellowing and some have some weird black tips too.
Our trees are planted in area that's lower ground and natural slope of the backyard results in lot of water to these trees during rains.
What needs to be done for this issue? is yellowing natural in fall in new jersey ?
Thanks for your response in advance!

New York Posted 17 days ago

Autumn joy sedum

I think my autumn sedum has an insect. Tiny black dots all over stems and leaves. There was a big web at the base of the stems. I just cut them back for fall but want to make sure they’re ok for the spring. Any suggestions of shag it is or what to do?

Erie County New York Posted 18 days ago

fungal issue on trunk of skip laurel

One of my skip laurel has white powdery substance {fungal} on the base of the trunk, and the effected branches are drying out.
How can I cure it? Can this be reversed, or the all bush will slowly die?
Please help.
Thank you.


Nassau County New York Posted 19 days ago

How can I help my birds of paradise plant?

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. How can I help my plant from browning and improve the roots? Is she being overwatered or underwatered?

New York County New York Posted 29 days ago

Blue Spruce White Needles

I’m looking for advice on a dwarf blue spruce we planted in March. It’s now late September and I noticed some off white needles. Is this normal? I love my tree and am a little worried. I’m also not sure what type of blue spruce this is.

We water it twice a week with a garden hose. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

New York Posted about 1 month ago

Is this a mulberry tree?

I found this growing in my backyard and Was wondering if it was a mulberry tree. If not then what is it?

Suffolk County New York Posted about 1 month ago

Service berry tree is falling over

My service berry tree is about 14 years old and 12 feet tall. It's staked but is falling over to the east side. Prevailing winds come from the west.
Is it possible to straightened this tree so it doesn't fall over? How and who can we call? It was originally planted by a nursery. They won't straighten it.

Erie County New York Posted about 1 month ago

Poison Sumac or hickory?

Hi! I was walking my dog today and he walked through this shrub that grows on my lawn. we do not live near any marsh, bog, or swamp and this plant has been here for some time. I’m not sure if it is poison sumac or if it is some sort of hickory tree, such as the bitternut. I would really appreciate any help you’d be able to provide. I need to know whether or not I should bathe my dog and prep for a terrible rash or calmly watch a new tree grow.

Rockland County New York Posted about 1 month ago

Stuff on jade plant leaves

Hello! I noticed white/grey clusters of "stuff" on the leaves of my jade plant that weren't there before. I wiped the leaves off with a damp cloth, and found that the marks didn't go away, but revealed dark grey/black underneath. I'm worried this will harm/kill the plant. Is this cause for concern? What should I do? Do you know what is wrong?

New York County New York Posted about 1 month ago