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Questions asked to this group

Establishing one year lawn

I live in CamIllus and I’m having issue with bear spots in my new last year lawn. I had a lawn service try to aerate and seed but soil was too hard. Should I pay again or is there something I could do myself. I would also like to know the location of the nearest extension office to have my soil tested. Thank you Dan Randolph

Onondaga County New York Posted 1 day ago


I did use the growth stick with the 50 that I planted. Three years and they were 25 footers , now 40 feet ... 16 years later. They are thinning ? I am on Long Island, I also think that using the growth fertilizer sticks , need them too big too quick to root well ... your before last, I lost four to the wind and snow weight ... what do I use now just to make some more Full & Lush

Nassau County New York Posted 3 days ago

crab apple tree

Last year my crab apple tree started having its leaves turn brown and fall off in the summer. I don't know if it was apple scab or not how can I treat it now so it doesn't happen again? With what product would you recommend and how often?

Erie County New York Posted 5 days ago

Protecting bees with ultrasound

Is using ultrasound in a bee yard to deter animals from entering detrimental to the health of the bees? Thank you for your answer.

Erie County New York Posted 6 days ago

Little brown bug

Little brown bug shiny with an exoskeleton as big as a cumin seed. What is it?

Kings County New York Posted 9 days ago

Honeybees during Mating flight

Good Morning, Do honeybees follow the Queen during her mating Filght? Since the bees are attracted to her pheromone, what will prevent a worker bee from leaving the hive with the drones during the mating flight ? Thank you

Westchester County New York Posted 9 days ago

What did I do to my peace lily?

Hello, I recently transplanted my lily about two weeks ago to a bigger pot. Since then the leaves have been droopy so I have been watering it and it looked like it was coming back but they are still drooping and now the tips of the leaves are turning brown. What did I do and is there a way to fix it?

Albany County New York Posted 12 days ago

Small leaf Rhododendron

I took my small leave rhododendron out of garage been in the high 30s at night almost 50 60 during the day
now the leave at the end are browning they looked perfect in garage
any ideas

New York County New York Posted 12 days ago

Fungal infection in Alocasia?

Hi there, about a month ago I purchased a relatively large alocasia zebrina, and for the first few weeks she was doing fine, she has been unfurling a new leaf, and therefore dropped her oldest which I wasn’t concerned about, but now she is beginning to drop another leaf, with some rather strange browning which formed on it. Now that the leaf of concern is completely yellow she’s also started to yellow on the tip of the next leaf in line according to age. I should also add I did find and treat her for spider mites upon investigating what might be wrong, I also know alocasias can go dormant, but I feel like this unusual browning is due to something else? Thank you, and I hope I can save this plant! She’s one of my favourites :(

New York Posted about 1 month ago

Peach tree problem

Do you know What this is growing on my peach tree. And how to take care of it. Thank you

Nassau County New York Posted about 1 month ago