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Pursley...or not

Is this pursley and is it edible or not

Liberty County Texas Posted 4 days ago

What is this plant called

I noticed this plant along the road and it looks so unusual.

McLean County North Dakota plant identification Posted 5 days ago

Are these wild cherries?

What type of bush/berry is this?

Arkansas plant identification Posted 9 days ago

Identifying of Maranta plant


I have this plant for maybe a year and I still do not know what plant it is. I am a little bit frustrated about this situation. :D I did not find anything on the internet. Nothing about the species, price etc.

I heard it could be Maranta black or Maranta Noid, but this is all what I found out and still not sure about this.

Could someone please help me to identify the plant ?

Warm wishes,

New York plant identification Posted 17 days ago

5 leaf plant

There is a vine growing through my fence with 5 leaves and thorns all over stem. What can it be?

Virginia Beach Virginia Posted 21 days ago

What type of plant is this?

What type of plant is this?

Green, vine, 3 leaf,



Washington County Tennessee plant identification Posted 28 days ago

marsh plant identification

Hello! What is the name of this plant with white flowers? They grow in muddy marsh area of the edge of a pond connected to a tidal river. I see them only when I cut back some invasive giant phragmites.

Suffolk County New York plant identification Posted about 1 month ago

marsh weed / vine - please help identify

Please help identify this vine weed growing along the edge of a tidal pond / marsh on north side of Long Island. The pond is connected to a tidal river therefor the water is brackish. It seems to be very invasive. I never noticed this plant before. Is it something I should pull out?

Suffolk County New York plant identification Posted about 1 month ago

Annual name

What is this annual called?

Brevard County Florida plant identification Posted about 1 month ago

Help with forest plant identification.

Hi! I'm hoping you can help me identify this plant (see photo attached). We came across it on a recent backpacking trip at around 7500 ft elevation, in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. Thanks!

Wallowa County Oregon plant identification Posted about 1 month ago