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What type of tree is this?

I found this tree on my front yard and I decided to put it in a pot could anyone identify it??? I live in British Columbia Canada.

Outside United States plant identification Posted about 23 hours ago

Orange vine at McKinney Roughs Nature Park


I visited McKinney Roughs Nature Park earlier this week and saw this beautiful "vine" at the visitor center. I asked the person inside if they knew the name of it, but they didn't. Are you able to identify it?

Egídio Leitão

Bastrop County Texas Posted 12 days ago

citrus drop

i have a blood orange tree that produces well. The problem is the fruit falls off before it gets ripe. The tree gets plenty of water and loving care. (fert, spray). Got any idea what i am doing wrong?

Jim Bowden

Marion County Florida citrus drop Posted 18 days ago

No one has been able to identify this plant

Can you please help me identify this plant. It was stolen from a friend's home and I'd like to replace it for her. I've been trying to find it for 2 years.

Thanks for your help.

Fresno County California plant identification Posted 22 days ago

Window sill fungus

Would like to have this fungus type of growth identified and recommendation given for removal or treating, as it is growing on the outside window sill of a historical building.

Shiawassee County Michigan fungus identification Posted about 1 month ago

Is this a dragon fruit?

I got this from a local farm and it has grown a lot. I was told it was dragon fruit but mine doesn’t look exactly like any others I see on the internet.

Collier County Florida plant identification Posted about 1 month ago

Plant Name

Please identity the plant with flowers in attached image. Note: the branch produces a milk-like liquid when cut.

California plant identification Posted about 1 month ago

ID this houseplants

I believe it may be in the Ctsm genus. It’s got bulb like tubers that grow above dirt level Thanks

Jackson County Oregon plant identification Posted 2 months ago

Tree with berries

Tree unidentifiable? Had green berries in fall now they are black. Leaves are turning yellowish from green. Central Florida. Maybe some type of laurel?

Florida plant identification Posted 2 months ago

Name of plant

What is this plant called?

Orange County Florida plant identification Posted 3 months ago