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Unidentified Shrub

Can someone identify this shrub? I've found no match in several online databases during the past 2+ years. Baker City extension office staff were unable to identify it in 2018 & 2019. I've found dozens of plants along Cracker Creek Road near Sumpter. I've never found flowers on any plants but now know they bloom in Apr-May because I found berries on a plant for the first time on 16June2020 after 3 years of searching; they are very small, initially green with gray spots, turning red in July; there is a single seed about 1/3 of the berry. Four bracts on the end of the berry suggests the flower has 4 petals; berries are mostly in pairs and grow at top of previous year wood. Leaves are deciduous, opposite; each new pair emerges 90 degrees from last pair. The plant grows 1-4 feet tall, 1-5 feet broad; most plants along the road grow in partial shade. Used by deer for browse; the only plants found on the mine are heavily browsed, less than 1 foot tall. Leaves and 1st-year stems have many dark spots, assumed to be stomata. See attached photos of stems, leaves and berries. I have more photos. I do reclamation work at Eureka Mine near Sumpter. I've been unable to grow starts from unrooted cuttings, and transplanting cuttings of rooted limbs to pots causes so much shock they usually die. I'll be collecting seeds to see if I can grow them from seeds.

Baker County OR plant identification horticulture shepherdia Posted 4 days ago

Obnoxious grass

I have a very invasive gass that looks individual but acts like a rooting plant.

Washington County OR weed issues Posted 6 days ago

What is this berry?

Hello. I found these berries at Pine Bush Preserve in Albany. They’re growing close to to ground like strawberries. I haven’t been able to identify them, any ideas? Thanks.

Albany County NY plant identification rubus Posted 7 days ago

vine with small purple flowers

Hi, this vine is growing on and around a large bush in my garden. I wondered what type of vine it is. It has small purple flowers with yellow centers. Thanks so much for your help!

Niagara County NY bittersweet nightshade Posted 8 days ago

Is this a Daphne?

This plant produces white/pink flowers 2 or 3 times a year and has a very fragrant smell Also how would I take cuttings or split it into several plants Thank you

OUTSIDEUS plant identification daphne Posted 10 days ago

Grape vine or poisonous vine?

Hi! This suddenly started growing in our front yard. Some people are saying it’s a grape vine... im not sure because it looks like some poisonous ones ive googled. I live in Repentigny, 10 minutes from Montreal, Quebec.

Outside United States plant identification toxic plants Posted 17 days ago


What is this? Its beautiful.

Multnomah County Oregon plant identification Posted 20 days ago

Please ID this house plant.

Please ID this house plant.

Franklin County Maine plant identification fittonia Posted 21 days ago

New York plant identification Posted 22 days ago

Tree with small green fruits?

I recently just bought a house and there's a tree in the backyard, but we don't know what it is. Does anyone have any clue of what it could be? Based on what we saw it doesn't seem to get any bigger than 2 inches in diameter and is relatively green.

Kings County New York plant identification callery pear Posted 23 days ago