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Plant ID

What is this plant.

New Mexico Posted about 11 hours ago

What is it?

Sent to me like this,

Kennebec County Maine plant identification Posted 6 days ago

Need help identifying this volunteer flowering plants.

I found a pretty small clump of white flowering plants growing under a tree in my garden last year. This year a large area under the tree is full of this same flowering plant only they are long single stocks about 3' tall with large clusters of the small white flower's on top. I think it could be pearl milkweed but I'm not sure.

Marion County Oregon plant identification Posted 8 days ago

5 leaf vine

What kind of vine is this?

Jefferson County Alabama virginia creeper Posted 9 days ago

What plant is this

I bought the seeds on eBay. They are supposed to be AMLA - PHYLLANTHUS EMBLICA -INDIAN GOOSEBERRY It’s definitely something else. The seedlings have tiny spines

Polk County Florida plant identification Posted 10 days ago

Request for the name of tree/plant

Request for the name of tree/plant. See attachment

Orange County California persimmon Posted 22 days ago

Weed or fern?

They grow everywhere but if it is a fern then I won’t mind

Kennebec County Maine plant identification Posted 23 days ago

What is it?

Think more than one plant

Kennebec County Maine creeping jenny lysimachia nummularia beardtongue penstemon moneywort penstemon digitalis Posted 23 days ago

What is it?

They dug it up and put in this but I don’t know what it is?

Kennebec County Maine hyacynthoides english bluebells Posted 23 days ago

What is it?

Mother in law game me a bunch of plants with out any names, this I planted and it seems to be growing but it’s in mostly shade so thought I should check??

Kennebec County Maine Posted 26 days ago