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What is this berry

Can someone figure out what kinda berry/Bush this is?? Its growing in my front yard.

California plant identification lantana Posted 7 days ago

What kind of plant is this

My great grand mother died. I took in her plants. Never saw a plant like this and was wondering if this is how it is suppose to look or if i can help it grow better some how? Strange looking plant to me. Thanks

Lancaster County Pennsylvania plant identification golddust dracena Posted 11 days ago

Tree with red berries

Please help me determine the type of fruit on this tree. The fruit turn red with white insides, roughly the size of a large marble. Sweet smelling.. Thank you! Maria

Santa Barbara County California plant identification strawberry guava Posted 12 days ago

Weed Identification

I've never seen this one before and I can't find it anywhere online. Any idea what it is? Other than what kale haters picture at the mention of the k-word.

Washington County Oregon plant identification weed identification Posted 13 days ago

Can’t figure this thing out?

I don’t know if you even do indoor plants. I got this as clippings. I cut it back but it just keeps growing like this, not multiple vines just these two. It got so heavy it pulled out some roots. I can’t find any photos of it but think it’s a Mostera Philodendron? I really appreciate anything at this point I am very frustrated! Thank you for all your help in the past and probably more in the future.

Kennebec County Maine plant propagation Posted 13 days ago

Help with plant ID

Hi! This plant popped up in my garden this year and I’m curious what it might be. It’s a little over a foot tall.

Clackamas County Oregon weed identification Posted 18 days ago

What is this plant with purple flowers?

What is this plant with purple flowers?

Kalamazoo County Michigan plant identification sedum stonecrop Posted 20 days ago

Plant and Berry Identification

What kind of plant is this? Are the berries edible?

Seward County Nebraska plant identification Posted 21 days ago

What is the plant?

This little plant popped up in my garden today. Do you know what it is ? Seems to have some buds but hasn't bloomed yet. It is about 7 inches high.

Beaver County Pennsylvania Posted 26 days ago


We see these trees a lot on our property, what type are they

Ulster County New York plant identification sassafras Posted about 1 month ago