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What type of flower is this?

I’m trying to figure out how to prune it correctly to bloom more flowers.

Parker County TX Posted 1 day ago

Miniature Pine trees

Sending pictures of two miniature Pine trees, I’m sure they were planted by my mom probably in the 70’s! I would love to identify they are hardy little trees but quite small! Any guesses?

Klamath County OR plant identification Posted 3 days ago

sick cactus

what happen to my cactus

Lake County CA cactus Posted 6 days ago

Perennial or weed

Can someone help identify if this is a weed or a perennial?

Suffolk County NY plant identification Posted 8 days ago

identification of plant

Could you please identify this plant. When I bought it at the Master Gardner's sale a couple of years ago it was identified as Trachyspernum arido nishiki. Upon looking this up it does not match as it is not a tree or bush. It grows by trailing and changes colors throughout the seasons, also depending on light. It's quite beautiful. Thank you.

Lane County OR plant identification Posted 11 days ago

What is this plant?

Do you know what this plant is? I have found it very commonly growing around where I live.

Kalamazoo County Michigan wildflowers and native plants plant identification Posted 20 days ago

What is this?

Trying to figure out what this is please help!!

Buncombe County North Carolina plant identification Posted 20 days ago

What is this plant

Found several of these in the garden. Not sure what they are. A type of hosta?

St. Joseph County Indiana plant identification Posted 21 days ago

Flower name

Can you tell me flower's name in the picture? Thanks,

Nassau County New York plant identification Posted 27 days ago

Mystery plant

Please identify this plant for me. I have never seen it before and I very much like it's leaves, color snd flowers. Thanks, Bob Grossman

Multnomah County Oregon plant identification Posted about 1 month ago