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Name of plant

What is this plant called?

Orange County FL plant identification Posted 21 days ago

Can you identify

I've grown this plant for 40 years thinking it was Aspidistra, but I just saw flowers of Aspidistra and they are nothing like my plant. It has Aspidistra "like" leaves, but grows to 3 - 4 feet at which time I cut back. It has flowered 3 times, twice this summer outside and was pollinated and now has red seeds. The flower was ivory white and shaped like a loose, widely spaced hyacinth, extremely fragrant, almost overwhelming. I want to plant seeds, but need ID to plant properly

Starke County IN plant identification dracaena aubryana Posted about 1 month ago

autograph plant

How do I prune an autograph. I have 2 in pots on each side of the garage and they would look better a little smaller.

Manatee County FL pruning shrubs Posted about 1 month ago

Plant identification

Would like to know I’d of red-colored, low growing plant—looks like a tangle, sort of like a plastic scrubber. Have pictures if you need/ would like to see them.

NV plant identification Posted about 1 month ago

What is the name of this flower

Hi. I have been searching the internet but have not been able to identify the flower. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

OUTSIDEUS plant identification Posted about 1 month ago

Is this a cactus?

Can you tell me the name of this plant?

St. Charles County Missouri euphorbia Posted 3 months ago

Plant ID

I was wondering what this plant is?

Outside United States plant identification Posted 3 months ago

Can you help me identify a plant in my yard?

I just moved into this house and this plant is in my yard. The leaves look like a maple to me, but it also seems like it could be a shrub. Can you tell me what it is. The fall colors are beautiful.

Fulton County Georgia plant identification maple Posted 3 months ago

Plant Identification

What is the plant in the attached photo?

Marion County Oregon plant identification toxic plants Posted 3 months ago

What type of palm tree and is there a specific way to transplant?

Hello We just bought our own house and would like to transplant this palm tree to the front yard. My questions are 1. What type of palm is this? 2. Is there a specific way to transplant a palm tree? 3. How deep of a hole do I need to dig to put it in? Thanks in advance!

Manatee County Florida palm trees Posted 3 months ago