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Young Eagle

I believe this is an immature eagle, but at the same time I'm not really sure, beak is more rounded than an eagle and it has a darker eye. I think this may be something else but can't identify. Looking for help.

Union County SD Posted almost 3 years ago

Bear or horse?

A local posted this as bear scat, but many have doubts

Tuolumne County CA Posted about 3 years ago

Hummingbird nests.

Do Hummingbirds return to the same spot to rebuild their nest year after year?

Sacramento County CA Posted almost 4 years ago

I recently had an incident involving a large owl (possibly a great horned)...

I recently had an incident involving a large owl (possibly a great horned) while bow hunting in a tree stand in north central WI. I reached the seat of my 16' stand at 6:20 am. It was still very dark. It took me about 5-6 minutes to preparing my harness, seat and bow. I turned around and sat down, now just able to see the silhouetted trees from the lightening sky, however no other detail. Then about 10 seconds later,no more than 10' from my face was a clear black silhouette of a large owl in a tree in front of me. I have read about large owls and needless to say I was startled. I immediately waved my arms in the air and it didn't even flinch. I then stood up and again waved my arms and then yelled at it. I slowly lifted off the branch only to fly and land in another tree only 20-25' away. I again waved my arm yelled at it. It still sat for about 3-4 minutes before it flew off passing within 10-15' from my position. It certainly was not intimidated by my size and had likely observed me preparing my stand from where it was perch well before I turned around. Was this owl inquisitive, or territorial or was he sizing me up as prey?


Price County WI Posted about 4 years ago

Scat Identification

Central California location. Urban setting. Trellis with a mature wisteria on the outside of bedroom. Animal/rodent seems to be moving through the wisteria at night only. Scat dropped from wisteria/trellis and when hits ground spreads out as shown in attached picture.

Stanislaus County CA human-wildlife issues wildlife Posted over 4 years ago