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Problem with azalea bush

My name is Shirley Parker, I have an Azalea bush that is at least 25 years old and is very large, the branches has a white substance on them and some of the branches are brittle, some leaves are brown or have brown spots, bulbs are present but appear to be stunted and unhealthy, the white substance resembles powdered sugar, except it will not rub off. I am hoping that it maybe just a fungus, parasite or some other infectious agent that is treatable. I would hate to loose the bush, if you could diagnose the problem and recommend a treatment, I would be most grateful, I am pleading for help. Thanks

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 2 days ago

Insect or disease ID on Burning Bushes

We have a disease or insect forming these webs that are taking over our burning bushes. Before we just apply a generic treatment we would love to know what it is and specific treatments. It is eating its way through our 6 foot high hedges.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 3 days ago

Replacing a Shed with a Garden

I have an old, termite infested shed in my back yard that I'd like to tear down to make room for some raised beds. Will I need to make any changes to the ground underneath before building beds and planting? I'd like grass to grow between the beds and I'm concerned that the ground under the shed may be in bad shape since nothing has grown in it for a long time. I'm also worried about leftover termites from the shed eating the beds, or worse, migrating to my house or garage. Any advice?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 6 days ago

Going native in my lawn!

I live in the City and my front yard has more weeds and moss than grass. It also has a patch about 5' diameter of monkey grass that Mother Nature provided. Since my grass is barely surviving I think it's probably best if plant some shade loving native plants. Trees in my yard are: 25' tall ornamental Magnolia Starfire, 50-60' tall Yellowwood, 50' tall Katsura and 20' tall dogwood. The Magnolia and dogwood are within landscaped areas vs within the grassy areas. About 20' in front of the Yellowwood and Katsura trees are 2 Little Leaf Lindens that are between the public sidewalk and curb. Do you have any suggestions of plants (native preferred) that I can put in where I won't be disturbing the tree roots? Thank you, Joyce Connor

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 13 days ago

Tree Fungus?

What is the best way to get rid of the green mold(?) on the trunks of our trees? We are located just south of Iroquois Park. Thanks for your help, John Reinstedler

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 15 days ago

4h camp

What are the dates for 4H camp for Jefferson County students and how much does it cost?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 28 days ago

Strawberry varieties

As I am planning what to grow in my backyard garden, I thought strawberries sounded great. However, there are so many to choose from. Can you suggest a few more suited to Louisville's weather? Thank you, Tess Faust

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 1 month ago

Community garden plot

I’ve been on waiting list since last summer for a garden plot near the Louisville Highlands, where I live. Can I get a garden plot this year?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 1 month ago

my garden health

last year during my growing season in my family garden my tomatoes and squash had fungus (leaves died out from the bottom up) and squash had borer. I guess my question is can I have my soil tested for treatment recommendations or what can I do. Thanks

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 1 month ago

Emerald Ash Borer

We have 2 ash trees that have been treated throughout the ash borer infestation. Is it necessary to continue treating in 2020?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 2 months ago