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Soil Samples

We collected several soil samples from our yard for analysis. They have been in unsealed individual ziplock bags for approximately two weeks. Are they still suitable for accurate analysis or do you advise getting fresh samples?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 8 hours ago

Landscaper referral

As part of the Foxgate Home owners association that has extensive plantings in the common areas of the home area, we are looking to find a reliable and experienced landscaper for consultation as to plantings, trees, shrubs, and grass. We have relied on several landscapers associated to nurseries, which often had influence with the plantings . As a neighborhood that desire beauty as well as variety we are seeking suggested references of such. Our addition is located between shelbyville road and hurstbourne off ward avenue in middletown KY. This would be a as needed position with payment for services. Let me know of suggestions. Tom Kaye 502-298-4110

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 6 days ago


Why are so many skunks running around my neighborhood? Is there anything I can do to get rid of them? One sprayed my dog in broad daylight in my yard!

Kentucky Posted 8 days ago

Neighborhood weeds and invasive species

Hello, I am interested in helping our neighborhood get rid of a significant amount of invasive species that seem to be choking out a tree line and blocking use of a sidewalk. I know that there are different recommendations for removal of different species, with their different root structures and the like. I am curious if I might forward along some pictures of the various weeds and see if you might be able to help identify some of them so that we could know how best to remove. Would your office be agreeable to having a look? If some can't be identified, we would not hold it against you, and would appreciate your efforts in any event. Thanks!

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 14 days ago

Tomatoes not coming in

Each year we plant 4 tomato plants of different varieties. They get full sun. The plants have grown well but they aren’t producing much fruit. The tomatoes are still small and green. What can we do?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 15 days ago

Any idea what happened to this peach tree?

Any idea what happened to this peach tree?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 18 days ago

What kind of plant is this

Can anyone tell me what kind of plan peices when I bought it I was told it citronella it smells like citronella everybody keeps telling me it's not a citronella plant. These leaves are a bit fuzzy.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 20 days ago

Selecting trees for a residential lot

I would like recommendations on a couple trees that would be appropriate for my backyard. I live in a residential area in Louisville. My goal is to provide all day shade for our backyard where my three young children play. My house is 2 story brick. Morning sun hits my backyard. There is a school yard behind my house. There are not any electrical wires in the back. I would like to create shade for the full day. I am interested in sturdiness, fall leaf pickup, and other droppings from the tree. Also include what size trees I should purchase. Thank You Barbara

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 21 days ago

Replanting after bagworms

Bag worms killed my trees and I have recently cut them down. When is it safe to re-plant new trees? And do I need to treat the soil?

Culpeper County Virginia trees and shrubs Posted about 1 month ago

Tree identity

What kind of tree is this sapling I moved to the verge between our sidewalk and the curb? Also, can you over-mulch a tree like this? Finally, are there any tips or tricks you would recommend in caring for this type of tree?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 1 month ago