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White fuzz on ornamental peach tree

There is a fuzzy substance that has appeared on several limbs of my ornamental peach tree. I am trying to figure out what it is and how to treat. I have attached two pictures - one of the limb and one of what the fuzz looks like when I remove it.

Jefferson County KY Posted 8 days ago

Arborvitaes need help!

We have a row of 11 arborvitaes in our yard. They are 9 years old and 6 feet tall. Our neighbor hates our trees and has let us know. He recently power washed his fence drenching the 5 that are in front of his fence. Shortly after those turned completely brown while the rest are still green and beautiful. I believe he must have used a cleaner. Is there any hope for them? I have attached a photo.

Jefferson County KY Posted 13 days ago

Do you know what this is?

We were cleaning out our very unfinished basement and came upon this growth in an area we have likely not accessed for years. The concrete is crumbling away and this has grown. It definitely has not always been present. We have not yet abated it and are curious what it may be and how cautious we should be when removing. Fungi of some sort?

Jefferson County KY Posted 17 days ago

What are ways to get free seeds?

Me and a few students at my high school are planning to start classroom gardens so that we can share the produce being grown to students who need it and so that we can promote healthy living. Also, we were thinking to use recycled bottles as our pots to hold the seeds, so that less waste can be out there in the streets. We researched the benefits of plants in our classrooms and we wanted to really continue our plan. We decided that seed libraries would be a good place to start, but we don’t know for sure. We don’t have the budget to acquire seeds, since we have just started, so any advice on getting seeds would be nice and how to grow them in a classroom environment.

Jefferson County KY Posted 19 days ago

pork loin in crockpot with power outage

I put a refrigerated pork loin in the crockpot at 5:50 am to cook for 6 hours on low - there was a power outage at approximately 11:30 am and the power was not restored until around 1:30. My daughter turned the crockpot back on low for another hour and then it will turn to warm. Is it safe to eat?

Jefferson County KY Posted 20 days ago

Brown arborvitae

I planted arborvitae anlut two years ago we have had a hot summer and the arborvitae have yturned brown is there anything i can do to save them some of my older arborvitae have turned brown also

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 24 days ago

Screening Plant for Shady Area

Hello, I have a shady area between my neighbor's house and mine where I would like to create an evergreen screen of some sort. I'm looking to find a tree or shrub or variety of trees and shrubs that would work in this area and would prefer native plants if possible. Is there something you can recommend?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 29 days ago

Genetically modified American Chestnuts

Where can I find American Chestnuts to purchase that have back crossed several generations ago that are blight resistant. I desire to reforest a section of my property in Pendleton County. I heard there are 1/64 chinese Chestnuts available

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 1 month ago

bush just died, water pours into base

I have (had) two dwarf blue spruce either side of the front porch of my house that I planted three years ago. One of them sudden turned browned over a one week period and appears to have died. Since we are in a draught, I tried watering it, but no amount of water that I provide is sufficient to cause run off; the water just goes down the center of the plant and disappears. I'm planning on replacing this plant, but I'm concerned this will happen again.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 1 month ago


What are the best perennials to plant in Louisville I am new to the area and I come from a warmer area and I would like to plant flowers that will survive the Louisville winters.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 1 month ago