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Lawn Care

My lawn grass is a mess. Different colors, bare spot and brown spots. My neighbors lawns do not have these problems. Can someone from the Extension office stop by and give me advice? Thanks.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 6 hours ago

Slaughter livestock on my property

I have a client that wants to raise cattle, pigs, chicken, sheep, and goats on a farm in Jefferson county and sell the meat to a processing company. Can he do that? If yes, what government licenses does he need and what depts does he need to contact. Thanks, Scott

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 4 days ago

Rust on serviceberry

I just learned that I have about 20 serviceberry plants on my property and many of them have orange powder on some of the leaves and spikes coming out the the berries. Are all berries now inedible or just the ones that are orange and spiky?

Tolland County Connecticut Posted 6 days ago

Dividing jasmine?

I bought a small jasmine in California 15 years ago, and it is now a monster. I have transplanted it 4 times into bigger and bigger container so I can overwinter in the greenhouse. I was wondering if I could cut it in half at the root, or if that would kill it.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 8 days ago

Oak tree with a large hole

Add on for 3rd picture: looking at this picture i could cut of a large part on the right and would open up the hole without damaging the main branch on the left ?
So i have large established oak trees in my yard. As you can see in the pictures one has a big hole on a place where a large limp must have come off at one point. It's at a diameter of 4 to 5 inches and about 4 inches deep. Just noticed it yesterday. So as it's filled with water I'm planing on sucking it out with a sohop vac today and scraping out the soft faul wood. From here on there a different opinions on the wep dealing with holes in trees. Some suggest filling it with foam from a can which expands, others suggest screwing an aluminum or stainless lid on top sealing it with silicon. I know I have to do something to prevent water from getting in there. What would be your suggestion. Thanks for taking the time considering my problem. Michael

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 11 days ago

Weeping Cherry Dead Limbs & Some Thinly Covered with Leaves

I live in eastern Louisville and have a 12 year old weeping cherry tree. In the last few months it seems to have more dead branches and thinly leaved branches. I have never fertilized it. If that is what it needs, how do I fertilize it and what do I use? What else needs to be done to make the tree heathy?
Thanks. Andy Rawls

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 14 days ago

Is this safe for bees

I plan to dust my vegetable garden with Captain Jack's deadbug garden dust. Its supposed to be organic but will it cause harm to bees? Its active ingredient is spinosad. Am I better off using the liquid than the dust or does it really matter. Thank you. I await your response. Tom Gephart

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 15 days ago

Wild Violets taking over Black Raspberry Patch

I've been battling - unsuccessfully - wild violets in my black raspberries. I weeded them last year by untangling their roots from the plant roots and mulching with newspaper and leaves. This year they are back again like ground cover. I called our extension office and the suggestion was to transplant the berrie s to a different bed. Since I started weeding, I now have 3 beds: 1 weeded and mulched, 1 unweeded and thick with violets, and one new bed with transplants.
My question is, do they harm the berries by taking away nutrients and water? Or left alone, are they a natural mulch? Possibly even symbiotic?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 16 days ago

Bacterial leaf spot on peppers.

Is it possible for this home gardener to submit diseased plant samples for confirmation of disease diagnosis? If so, how do I proceed?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 16 days ago

Green fungus on tree bark

I have a Cleveland parer that has green fungus on the bark I've just noticed that the past 3 weights I am attaching some pictures of it can you tell me what I can do

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 20 days ago