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Plumb trees

G'day mate, I have a 3 year old plum tree. Some of the leaves are sort of starting to curl, and some have tiny red spots on them. I'm guessing I need to spray with something, there is no fruit on there. I'm a winemaker (oenologist- b. Ag science ) so I know a bit about grapes, but I'm not sure how to do plums. Copper surface? Or

is there a better option?

Outside United States Posted 4 months ago

Japanese Sky Pencil Holly

Hi there- I have 2 sky pencils planted in my front yard. They were both planted back in June or July. One of them is doing great but the other we have just noticed has some leaves turning. They aren’t green anymore and more of a light green/gray. We are worried they are dying. Is there anything we can do to prevent this or rectify the branches?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 5 months ago

Stone identification

Found in the California desert hardness of about seven real flaky
Blue grey with inclusions

Orange County California stone identification Posted 5 months ago

Tree Damage

Hi, I have a Maple tree in my backyard and it looks like the trunk has some damage or might be starting to rot by the ground. Is there some type of sealant or something I can put on it to help protect it? Thanks, Martin

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 5 months ago

Insect ID

Any idea what this insect is? They are all over my patio and I can't get rid of them. Thanks for any info!

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 6 months ago

Growth on our tree

I figure this is some kind of fungus on our tree. Is it? Is this harmful?

Jefferson County Kentucky trees Posted 6 months ago

Black Sooty Leaf Mold Fungus

My deck and surrounding yard and plants have been desimmated by this fungus all summer and fall. The leaves of my Maple tree are black. What can I do to prevent this scourge next year?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 6 months ago

Insect damage

Can you tell me what ate my otto luken laurel and how to prevent it next year. Should I remove damaged leaves now. Thank you!

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 6 months ago

Problem with one of my azaleas

There are red and bronze leaves on some of the branches of one of my azaleas, some of the branches to which the leaves are attached are dying. How do i treat this condition? PS: I had a problem with one of my other azales back in the spring, I got advice from agency, now it is healthy and beautiful, thank you.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 6 months ago

Tree roots

We have mature trees at the back of our yard. They have created large, bumpy roots throughout the yard. These are likely dangerous as we age. Hackberry and black walnut. Can i cover the roots with soil? In other words, raise the level of the yard a few inches?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 6 months ago