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What type of Vine is this?

We have been unable to identify this vine that started growing in our landscaping this year. I've never seen a leaf like it. We've been here 3 years now, and this is the first time I've seen this particular leaf shape.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 24 hours ago

Best dwarf apple trees for our area

Best dwarf grafted apple tree for our climate

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 1 day ago

Best dwarf apple trees for our area

Hello, I was hoping you could recommend a few varieties of grafted dwarf apples best suited for our climate? Thanks. Kaitlin Sabie

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 1 day ago

Tomato Critter

What is this critter that likes tomatoes and what to do?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 4 days ago

Early Leaf Drop

My mature zekova’s leaves have turned brown and dropped. The tree started loosing leaves about four weeks ago and has now lost just about all of its canopy by mid-September when it’s usually one of the last in the garden to do so. Am I in danger of loosing this tree? Is there any thing I can, or should do?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 5 days ago

Japanese Beatle Control

We purchased an echo friendly grub control from Jared’s Nursery. When is the best time to use this type of product? They seemed to feel that now and in Spring were best.

Why is this being assigned to someone in Jefferson County, KY?

Jefferson County Colorado Posted 15 days ago


Hello I have bees in a decaying wood box near my house. The internet says they are carpenter bees because they are shiny. But the internet also says they are bumblebees because there are many of them going in and out of the same hole. So I need a more regional assessment:) I would like to coexist with these bees and not move the decaying wood box until a time when it would be the least disturbing; they don’t seem aggressive, and they like my flowers. Here are screenshots from a slow mo video I took of one - could somebody take a look and tell me as specifically as possible what kind of bee they are and any resources for helping me move that box without killing them?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 18 days ago

Raised Bed

I just made 2 raised beds for a fall garden. My bed is covered in this gray plant. Is it harmful? Should I remove it?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 20 days ago

Identify green flower found in L’ville garden

I have come across an unusual plant I’ve never seen before. Neither the owner of the inherited garden, nor any experienced gardeners I’ve asked, have been able to help me identify it. May I send you photographs and obtain some help trying to identify it?

The plant grows in a small garden, near a sidewalk on a shady street in St. Matthews, zip code 40206. The stem is slightly hairy. Initially, it produced a simple flower, about 1+ inch diameter, with 13 petals which were slightly curved upward at the sides— like a zinnia. The center, about the size of a dime, was fuzzy little green things. The flower seemed to expand slightly in size over several days (or maybe I was just paying attention to a different flower), but the most remarkable thing about it was its strong green color. A few days later, I noted several little, green stalks growing up from the edges of the center, and then they developed a fuzziness and more tiny petals. After a week or more, the tips of some of the original green petals seem to drying out a little and fading. I have not detected a fragrance. Thank you. I can’t wait to read your answer and to share it with my friends!

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 24 days ago

Browning leaves on arborvitae

Leaves browning from the bottom up on 3 on the 13 arborvitae around my fence. I have included pictures. I recently fertilized with Miracle Grow all purpose liquid fertilizer. Any thoughts, pictures attached

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 1 month ago