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Skip Laurel Hedge

Why is my skip laurel hedge dying? I had a landscaper plant a skip laurel Hedge last year at the end of September. It did ok until the end of February and then the leaves of one shrub at the end of the hedge starting turning yellow and then brown and the shrub died. This continued down the hedge. The landscaper replaced the first 5 shrubs and already two of them are doing the same thing.

Kentucky Posted 1 day ago

Roof container soil

What’s the best soil mix for 3’ square 18” deep container? Would like to plant dwarf red maple. Located on 2nd floor patio. Thanks

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 3 days ago

Holy Mole'ly

I have had moles in my front yard for years and I have literally tried everything to get rid of them, from home remedies to professional removal. Do you have any suggestions on ridding my yard of the moles that I may have not known about or tried as of yet. Thank you kindly.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 7 days ago

Slimy black mold on edge of lower tomato leaves

Can someone identify the leaf problems that have suddenly appeared on lower leaves of most of my tomato plants..hours later these leaves are curled up dead..not sure if regular attrition or another problem

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 9 days ago


How do I get rid of it? I live in Jefferson County, Ky

Kentucky Posted 12 days ago

Chiggers in yard

Chiggers in our yard and flower beds seem to be particularly bad this year. What is the best thing to spray on the yard and flower beds to get rid of them?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 16 days ago

ID this fungus growing on my apple tree

I have this fungus growing on my apple tree I was wondering if there may be a way to clean it off with some sort of a chemical and a soft brush. If I wet it down I can scrape it off with my finger.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 19 days ago

Rose becoming wild

This year my roses produced beautiful at first. 30 petal count and tight formation. All of a sudden it’s producing tons of wild flowers. This change happened over the last month. What do I do ??

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 23 days ago

Soil Test

How do I obtain a soil test kit?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 25 days ago

What are these plants?

We’re going to be tearing out out deck this year and I wanted to find out what these plants are and if any are poisonous/cause rashes. And what is the best way to handle them if they are poisonous. Thank you!

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 26 days ago