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Will this tree fill out?

This redbud has a noticeable whole in foliage on one side. I’ve waited two years to see if a new branch would bud there. If it likely won’t fill in, then I’d likely cut it down and start over. Thanks for any help.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 4 days ago


I'm starting a trellis garden this year to grow vining vegetables. I just planted some pole beans on the inside of a couple trellises I made from cattle panels. Can I plant cucumber along the outside or would that rob the beans of nutrients and cause overcrowding? Thanks

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 6 days ago

Ground cherries

Or Chinese lantern--is anyone familiar with? Trying to find plants or someone willing to sell berries.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 8 days ago

Preferred Trees

I have a large front yard on the corner. I just removed a dying 80 ft.oak tree. I would like to replace the tree but, am uncertain which to try. I receive full sun and would love a fast growing shade tree. There are no utility lines close to my home. I am considering a Cleveland pear, but, am hearing troubling results of leaf rot, etc. Would a nice serviceberry do? Please advise.

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 11 days ago

What is this tree?

Hi! This tree was here when I moved into my house 13 years ago and I have no idea what kind it is or, more importantly, how to take care of it. It has bright green leaves with a red tinge, then is completely covered in small white flowers (5 petals with a little yellow center, I think?) that seem to appear overnight in early spring, then has red berries and then the leaves turn yellow and orange in the fall. It has survived without any help from me, but I think it might appreciate some shaping. Also, it sends up a large number of suckers in the surrounding flower bed and I'm curious if there is a way to decrease or stop them, as I'm assuming the suckers compete with the tree for nutrients. I appreciate any help you can offer! Thank you Jennifer Stagg

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 26 days ago

grass seed question

Need to over-seed my lawn. Have lots of dead spots now where crabgrass grows and I would love to get rid of the crab grass. Have tried pre-emergents and still had the crabgrass. Thought this year i would try seeding again. For a long time, have had interest in buffalo grass. Like the idea of slow growth and drought resistance. Would like to know if buffalo grass is a good idea or if there is other grass i should try to crowd out crabgrass and have slow growth and need little water? I saw a Pennington grass mix, like Smart Fescue, that might be a choice. And can I get away with broadcasting the seed or do I need a power seeder or that sort of machine to do it? Thanks

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 30 days ago


I would like a groundcover under 6 inches high to grow in mostly shade in Michigan. What do you suggest? Color would be a bonus! Thanks!

Wayne County Michigan groundcovers for shade Posted about 1 month ago

Residential soil testing

Can I bring my soil to Juneau drive for testing?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 1 month ago

Fungus on Apple Tree

I have a fungus growing on my apple tree. Do you know what it is and how to kill it. I have attached a photo. Thank you Joel LaRocco

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted about 1 month ago

Mold? Dangerous?

I live in an older building and my ceiling has been leaking for the past year and “repaired” by the rental management company. Above the ceiling is an attic then the roof. I’m assuming this is mold? Could it be dangerous? And the drywall has some fibers in it is it possibly asbestos? I know the best thing to get it tested but management is pretty unresponsive. I may have to do it on my own or look into moving. Any advice or knowledge to ease my mind?

Jefferson County Kentucky mold Posted about 1 month ago