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Indoor summer squash starts

I live in Hillsboro, in Washington county. I started some summer squash (Slick Pic YS 26 F1 from Territorial Seed) in peat pots on June 27th. They sprouted on the 5th day. I have them in a plastic starter kit (tray and clear dome) on a heat mat. They began to grow taller immediately. They are about 4 1/2 inches now, and are starting their second set of leaves. I'm keeping the soil moist, but 2 days ago they began to lean to he side, forming a long graceful "S" while continuing to point their leaves upward toward the grow light. My soil temperature outdoors is 62 degrees as of today. Are the plants telling me that they want to live outdoors now? Sorry for being long winded-- just don't want to needlessly kill plants. Thanks for your help. Dana

Washington County OR Posted 3 days ago

Ailing evergreen tree

My small evergreen in my porch box has been yellowing out for a few months. Any clues? It's probably 7-10 years old. Thank you for your excellent advice, always!

Washington County OR Posted 5 days ago

Aphids on Italian Plumb tree

We have an Italian Plumb tree with a pretty bad infestation of what I think are aphids. The leaves are getting crispy with all the fluid sucked out, and the pests seem to be secreting something sticky on the ground around the tree. It’s now attracting flies. I have sprayed the tree with the hose several times but I think something else is needed. What do you recommend?

Multnomah County OR fruit trees pest management horticulture Posted 6 days ago

What is Eating the Leaves on My Plants?

I have a couple of plants that are getting hit hard with some kind of leaf eating pest. My Chinese Lantern/Flowering Maple is especially vulnerable. My Dahlias are the other plant getting a lot of munching. (Pic attached, Lantern R, Dahalia L). I suspect the Dahlias are being attacked by slugs because they are low to the ground but the Chinese lantern is 6' high. I can't see an evidence of bugs, larvae, nests, web, slim trails, or basically evidence of anything. I have looked both night and day and cannot find anything munching on the leaves. Also need some clues on how to get rid of this pest.

Washington County OR pest management pest identification horticulture Posted 6 days ago

Soil testing

I recently planted a bunch of edibles along the side of our 1908 house, close to the building (peppers, tomatoes, beans, peas, basil...). I realized today that I should have checked the soil first for lead and contaminants. I have a 3 year old who likes to snack from the garden, so I'm especially concerned for his health. Is there a kit I can order or a service you recommend that can test our soil before we harvest?

Multnomah County OR soil testing soil and fertility issues Posted 19 days ago

Help! Ants & Aphids on Elderberry

Help! I noticed this morning it looks like ants are farming aphids on one of my elderberry plants. What can I do to get rid of them? I sprayed them with neem. Appreciate your advice, Amanda

Multnomah County Oregon integrated pest management insect issues Posted 20 days ago

gummy stuff on ficus

We are having a problem with this ficus (?) plant. For years now all of the leaves get covered with gummy, sticky stuff that also spreads to nearby furniture and carpets and is hard to clean. Do you have any suggestions? Is this a seasonal thing? Is there any way to prevent this from happening? is there some stuff you recommend to clean it up? Thanks for your help in advance, Gretchen

Multnomah County Oregon integrated pest management pest control Posted 20 days ago

Garlic - Like to know What This Is

My garlic plant has small garlic bulbs at the top. Any idea what this is ? Is it edible? I've attached a picture . Thanks

Washington County Oregon fruits and vegetables Posted 20 days ago

Is My Garlic Ready To Harvest

A few of my garlic are lying on the ground from the bottom. I'd like to know if they can be harvested. I've attached a picture for your reference Thanks !

Washington County Oregon gardening Posted 20 days ago

Brown spots on my orchid leaves

My orchid came up and looked great, now brown spots...are they water or pest or fungal? Gets about 2 hours of sun per day. Thanks!

Clackamas County Oregon abiotic issues flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted 23 days ago