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2 Raspberry questions

1. This year my raspberries (summer bearing) produced small and often crumbling fruit, and some of the canes have yellow intervein areas. I read that this could potentially be a virus or perhaps a micronutrient deficiency. The symptoms actually began last year, and slowly spread to most of the crop. I don't think its a N deficiency because the new primocanes are 10 - 12 feet tall! Should I send my leaves to be analyzed? If so, where? Or? (Note my plants are probably too dense - would thinning them help?) 2. I read in one of your pubs that one should not top primocanes in the summer. Why is that? I've done that in previous years because they are so tall and tend to droop over other plants - would that have caused problems? Thanks!

Multnomah County Oregon raspberries Posted 4 days ago

What is this?

What is this? I was watering the strawberries today when I saw this yellow stuff spreading across the top of the soil, I was weeding this patch about two weeks ago and it wasn’t there at all. It seems to be spreading fast. Thank you in advance. Teresa

Clackamas County Oregon Posted 4 days ago


This rhododendron's leaves have been turning brown and crispy, despite being watered regularly. What could be causing this? Is there something that I can do to treat it? I would like to prune it back, to take off the dead parts and shape it. How much should I take off at this time of year?

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 4 days ago

What is this

I just noticed i have a tree in my yard thats growing fruit on it . I dont think its wild , it has a pit and it smells so familiar i was going to taste it by instict. but im pragnant and dont want to risk it .
What is this ?! & is it safe to consume .

Clackamas County Oregon fruit identification Posted 5 days ago

Mystery plant

We are trying to identify this plant which appeared in our garden while we were out of town. It’s now 25” tall, 45” across the whole plant, and has leaves that are 7-9” long. All stems come from one point, and each stem has only one leaf apiece. It is thriving in full sun, and has no sign that it plans to bloom.

Washington County Oregon plant identification Posted 6 days ago

Ground cover flower

I came across the pictured flower while hiking Angels Rest trail. It was in abundance from approximately 800 to 1000 feet elevation. The plant is found in 12 to 16 inch clumps. The narrow leaves are approximately 4 inches high and the flower adds another 3-4 inches. What is it? Your help in identifying this plant will be very helpful. Sincerely, David S. Legg

Clackamas County Oregon plant identification Posted 6 days ago

over powering sweetish scent source?

There must be something blooming in NW Portland that is giving off an overly sweet scent that is close to being nauseating. Anyone know what it is?

Multnomah County Oregon horticulture Posted 7 days ago


I moved into this home five years ago. In the garden next to a sidewalk my 37 year old pink dogwood is dying. A couple of years ago I took some branches to a reputable Portland nursery. I was told tat the tree is dying due to lack of water. For the next couple of years I made sure to water the tree well; it has not recovered. I called an arborist and was told that the tree is dying due to too much water. We have a high water table here and when I took into the sprinkler turn on spot there is generally standing water; the plastic cover floats when there is lots of rain so that could be the case. Additionally, the tree receives direct sun from dawn until dusk (I think that dogwoods do not like direct sun all day long). The tree is scheduled to be removed later this month. Please recommend something ( shrub or small tree) that likes lots of sun yet doesn't mind wet clay soil. The new shrub or plant will sit between several rhodies and three viburnum davidi. I would like something attractive all year long, that attracts birds, and that is fragrant. That is asking a lot but you folks do have great ideas! Thank you. Bev Curtis PS: I see that my old friend Heidi Nichols is among those whose photos grace your website. Please give her my greetings.

Clackamas County Oregon Posted 8 days ago

Are oak tree wood chips ok for veggie garden?

Hi Master Gardeners! First, thank you so much for this amazing resource of being able to ask you a question!! I really appreciate it!! I recently moved onto a beautiful property that has many large white oak trees. There are piles of fallen limbs and strewn about are lots of small limbs and bits. I want to chip them into wood chips to create a mulch layer for a veggie garden, like in the Back to Eden method. My plan is to lay down the mulch and then start planting veggies and such there in a year or two. However, I have come across various commentary online warning that oak wood chips are too allelopathic to use for a veggie garden. What is the correct answer? Thanks so much! Morgan

Clackamas County Oregon mulch vegetable gardening Posted 9 days ago

soil testing

I have dug out 6 inches of soil from around the foundation of my home which was built in 1906. I would like to use the soil in my raised vegetable garden beds but am concerned about contamination of the soil, especially with regard to lead. This house had asbestos siding which we covered 4 years ago with new siding rather than remove. It has had asphalt shingles as long as I have owned it (1991.) I know I can get the soil tested for lead but are there other contaminants I should test for? I have had soil elsewhere on the property tested by A & L Western Ag. Should I use them or is there another lab you'd recommend? I would appreciate any comments or advise you might be able to offer. Thanks, Pat desChene

Multnomah County Oregon soil contamination lead Posted 9 days ago