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What kind of insect eggs are these?

Eggs on our clumping bamboo last week. What kind of insect will hatch? Maybe stink or shield bug? Are they good or bad for garden?

Washington County Oregon insect identification slime mold Posted 3 days ago

Chalky dirt

Hello - When digging holes for planting in some parts of my yard (1/3 acre lot in SW Portland) I've been finding soil that is very chalky-looking. Seems like it's a "new" phenomenon that I've seen only in the last couple of years and it appears more prevalent in the areas of the yard that have the most clay (but I'm not 100% sure about this). Is this mold? Will improving the soil with amendments help? Is it safe to plant in these areas?

Washington County Oregon soil and fertility issues Posted 3 days ago

Replanting a smoke bush

Being home so much I noticed there is a house-created shadow over the smoke bush planted two years ago. It does not seem to be thriving in any case. I am willing to risk transplanting it to see how it does in a spot with more light. It is about 3 ft tall. How far out and down should it be dug out?

Multnomah County Oregon transplanting Posted 3 days ago

What is this?

We have an abundance of this low growing ground cover in the back section of our yard. It’s only one to two inches high at most, and grows in shady areas (under our Doug Fir stand). What is it? Thanks so much!!!!

Multnomah County Oregon weeds shiny geranium Posted 4 days ago

What type of grass is this?

Hello! I could really use expert help with this. Two years ago I put in “oregon tall fescue” sod in an area that is difficult to grow grass. Sandy loam is the soil base. (Difficult because it is pretty shady, is a low point, so has constantly wet soil and is under some Doug Fir trees) Sure enough, it’s not doing very well after the second winter but another species seems to be patching in quite nicely (see photo’s). I would like to find out what grass this is so I can seed with it. Can you help me? Thank you so much! -Eric Lake Oswego, OR

Multnomah County Oregon lawns and turf Posted 4 days ago

box wood disease or pest

I went to prune my hedge and noted it was dying back in a couple spots and Many of the leaves had yellow spots on top of leaves.
When I shake the plant , lots of white particles fly in the air.
I don't see any caterpillars. There are lots of clusters on top of leaves of what look like tiny eggs. Backs of leaves look ok. I don' know what it is or how to treat.

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 10 days ago

Holes in Strawberry leaves?

Hello ~ What is causing these holes in the strawberry leaves?

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 12 days ago

Holes in lawn

I have a lot of 2-3" wide holes in my lawn that I suspect is from mice or vole activity since we live in an orchard area. What's a good way to get rid of them? Thanks, Paul.

Multnomah County Oregon lawns and turf moles voles Posted 17 days ago

Using chicken manure for fertilizer

I remember from class that there was a reason not to use chicken manure for plant fertilizer. Please clarify.

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 18 days ago

Dying Southern Magnolia ( Magnolia Grandiflora) Tree

I have a 15-20 year old Magnolia tree, about 30 feet tall, and that has been extremely healthy until this year. Attached are several pictures. I believe it is a Southern Magnolia ( Magnolia Grandiflora) and is in full sun. There are no competing plants near it and nothing has been disturbed in its root system. Thank you for any advice you may have, as I really don't want to lose this tree. There is also another identical tree in another part of our yard that is doing very well...

Multnomah County Oregon trees and shrubs Posted 18 days ago