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Issues with my Asian pear tree.

Can you tell me what these white scale looking things are on the tree. They are everywhere. Also why would I have this splitting on several limbs. These are both new this year. The tree was planted 2 years ago and has good sun.

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 3 months ago

Is it worth replanting a wisteria that had it's main trunk cut off at ground level?

I recently dug out the root mass of a wisteria that originally had a 2-inch diameter trunk until the power company cut it down to the ground. It had sprouted long new vines that were once again climbing the supports of the power pole, which is why my client instructed me to dig it out completely. First I cut all of the new vines back to 3-feet in length, then I dug out the root mass, which was growing in among the roots of a tall Douglas Fir tree, so it came out pretty much bare-rooted. I wrapped it in a wet sheet, took it home, and healed it into my compost pile for now. My questions are, is it worth re-planting? And, will it ever bloom again? My client told me it had only just bloomed for the first time the year the power company folks cut it down.

Washington County Oregon Posted 4 months ago

Squirrels eatting my bamboo shoots - Help!

Almost 2 years ago, I had a 78-foot single row of bamboo (Fargesia Robusta Campbell) planted in my backyard as a privacy screen. (aside: in anticipation of the inevitable concern re: bamboo....... yes, I did extensive research on how quickly bamboo grows and can spread before choosing this plant). My question is how can I protect new bamboo growth from squirrels? They seem to Love the new shoots and gnaw them to the ground! Thank you, in advance.

Washington County Oregon Posted 5 months ago

Horse Safe Pasture Trees

Hi! I am hoping to plant some trees along our pasture fence line to help screen the traffic and dust from the gravel road beside it. We would love a mix of beautiful fall color deciduous as well as evergreens. They need to be livestock safe as well as modestly sized. Prefer them to not be too wide or too tall. Any favorites that would fit the bill? We live in Washington County, Oregon.

Washington County Oregon Posted 5 months ago

Well-being through outdoor pursuits

I am interested in volunteering with an organization that promotes mental and physical well-being through connect with nature and others. Does such an organization exist around the Portland area? Thank you, Katy Lange

Washington County Oregon social and emotional development master naturalist Posted 6 months ago

plant identification and whether it can be transplanted

Can you please identify this plant and let me know whether they can be divided and part of the plant transplanted to a different location?

I really your assistance.

Thank you,


Multnomah County Oregon plant identification horticulture Posted 6 months ago

Zinnia powdery mildew??

Hello - I got a powdered issue on my zinnias this year, before the smoke - any ideas? I’ve grown zinnias in my vegetable garden in the past and this is the first year I’ve seen this problem. Will try to upload a picture. Thank you

Clackamas County Oregon zinnias Posted 6 months ago

Dogwood tree berries

Our Dogwood tree is about 64 years old and still in good health. Every Spring it has white blossoms in abundance before it leaves out but never has had any berries. We were not aware that Dogwood trees normally have berries since ours never has had them. But this year, after all these years, it blossomed and leaved out as usually, then to our surprise last week was suddenly and completely covered with berries at the time when its leaves are starting to fall off! I looked at videos on YouTube and this does not seem to be the proper order for berries to appear, but what puzzles us the most is that, after all these years, it would have berries at all! And to top off the mystery Robins came and stripped the tree clean of the berries in just a couple of hours just after we discovered them! Do you have an explanation for this mystery? We would appreciate any information you can send us. Thank You!

Clackamas County Oregon Posted 6 months ago

Stunted Growth of a Trident Maple Bonsai

I have grown Trident Maples as bonsai for many years, but in the last 2-3 years I've encountered a problem that has me stumped. Normally, the branches elongate and by the end of growing season my Trident Maples will many branches. Most would be a few inches up to 15 -20 inches. But over the last few years, these trees have very little growth. Instead, there are clumps compacted leaves and the leaves are small. In the fall they tend to dry up and fall off before my other deciduous trees shed their leaves. I'm suspicious that the tree may have some sort of fungus or disease. I'd greatly appreciate any help on how to go about diagnosing the problem and any suggested solutions. Best regards, Andy

Washington County Oregon Posted 6 months ago

rust on pear tree

Hi there...I have a very small espaliered pear tree and it has several leaf spots which are pear rust. I understand there needs to be a juniper nearby for this disease to continue. I was wondering how near that might need to be becasue i dod not have any juniper. And...whether or not this can be treated successfully. I can easily replace my pear with an apple to avoid the problem but wanted your advice first.. thank you so much and thank you for the wonderful work of the master gardeners extension service.

Multnomah County Oregon fruit trees pear trees Posted 6 months ago