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Something’s wrong with my Snowdrop tree’s trunk

There’s something destroying the base of the trunk of my young snowdrop tree. Do you know what might be going on?

Multnomah County Oregon trees and shrubs Posted 8 days ago

Calendar Of Pest Control

Hi There, I used to use a pest control service and they would come on a regular basis, stay for 5 minutes and charge $100. I have since cancelled and would like to handle the pest control myself. I would like to see if there was a calendar of some sort that would say when to apply and what to apply at different times throughout the year. Basic pest control, I don't have any specific concerns. I had rats/mice 2 years ago but sealed up some areas and didn't have any last year. Though I would like rodent protection especially in the Winter. I've gone to local shops and get conflicting answers at all places. Hoping the experts can provide direction. Much appreciated. Thanks,Scott

Clackamas County Oregon rodents pest control Posted 11 days ago

Oak leaves as garden mulch

Are White Oak leaves too acidic to use as mulch in a Portland garden? I would like to use my mulching mower over the pile of leaves and empty the mower bag around my shrubs. Is this OK? I have Rhodies, Camellias, Azaleas, Laurel, Peris Andromeda, as well as some perennial plants. Thanks for your help.

Washington County Oregon mulch Posted 12 days ago

How to get a good, long lasting crop of lemon cucumbers in Wilsonville, Oregon

Hi, I have raised garden beds. I've had some good long-lasting crops of lemon cucumbers in the past; however, have not in the last couple of years. The plants start out looking great, grow, get lots of blooms, get some cucumbers, keep it watered and weeded well and then the leaves start dying, cucumbers don't get full size and eventually I give up. I'm wondering if lemon cucumers need something special added to the soil. Other people I know have great, long-lasting crop, I have in the past, and don't know why I'm not anymore. Thanks!!

Clackamas County Oregon Posted 12 days ago

Boxelder Beetle infestation

I have an infestation of Boxelder Bugs. This fall and last fall the have made a home under the bark on the south side of my old growth Douglas fir trees. I am worried about damage to the trees - there are 1000's of them. I an using soap-spray to try to control them. On the internet I get mix ratios all the way from 2 teaspoons dish-washing soap to a gallon of water to of 1 part soap to 2 parts water. What ratio do you recommend? Thanks

Washington County Oregon Posted 16 days ago

Spruce tree needles turning brown

We planted a small Fat Albert variety spruce in our front yard several months ago. It gets sunlight for half the day, and before the rains and cooler weather started it was watered frequently. In the last several weeks, it appears to be turning brown from the inside out. Can you point me to a possible reason for this? Too much/little water? Too much/little sunlight? Transplant shock? Any help would be great, pictures are attached. Thanks.

Clackamas County Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture Posted 18 days ago

Please Not Rust

My gorgeous blue spruce was planted a year ago. About 2 weeks after I mulched it with free wood chips, it looks like it is dying of thirst. Did I overdo the mulch, or is this a dreaded case of pine rust? Thanks for your help.

Multnomah County Oregon trees and shrubs conifers Posted 23 days ago

Coffee Grounds

Expert— We have been spading and tilling coffee grounds into compact clay soil for approximately 30 years at three different residences in an effort to create a fertile mixture. Now I am wondering whether coffee grounds might be a viable alternative to bark chips as a ground cover [if the aroma is not off-putting]. I have no trouble coming home with 50 to 100 pounds of used grounds daily by stopping at four different Starbucks on my home from the gym at approximately 11:00 am. Roger Hennagin

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 23 days ago

Astilbe looks rusty

Astilbe looks rusty, this one is in the shade but also happening to the ones with more sun

Clackamas County Oregon flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted 24 days ago

What’s happening to our maples?

The maples have steadily looked worse this year, thinning on one side, seems to be happening in the entire neighborhood, any ideas? The maples run down an entire street.

Clackamas County Oregon trees and shrubs Posted 24 days ago