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Peach and Nectarine Leaf Curl

I bought a peach tree and nectarine tree from Home Depot ten years ago. They have grown, but have never produced fruit. They have leaf curl, and lose their blossoms and leaves in April, but come back with new leaves shortly after that which sustains them to the next year. I have tried spraying them with off the shelf chemicals (copper-based) from Home Depot and a nursery, but that hasn't worked. I'm wondering if I've used the proper chemical, proper spraying amount, and timing of application. I was going to stop by an orchard to see what the orchardists use to produce their peaches around here, but haven't done that yet. I should also mention that my prune trees (one is multi-variety) seem to have a similar leaf-curl problem. My sour cherry tree drops almost all of its cherries prematurely. Can you tell me what exact chemical I should spray with (and where I might buy it), and when and what conditions I should spray? Thanks, Gary

Multnomah County OR trees and shrubs fruit trees Posted 6 days ago

Galvanized trough planters

Hi, I'm considering using the galvanized water troughs from my local farm store as raised vegetable garden beds. Is there any risk to using these for vegetables? I have read differing opinions on the potential of zinc leaching into the soil that would be taken up by the plants and whether the levels would be toxic in the resulting vegetables.

Clackamas County OR food safety horticulture Posted 7 days ago

Moss in Lawn

I have a constant problems with moss in my lawns especially on the north sides of the house. I used Moss control stuff from Home depot. It kills the moss and leave black patches. In summer I spent several days scraping it out from one side but the moss is back in the same ares. I moved from sunny Santa Barbara area and this moss stuff is new for me. I can deffinately use some advise. Attached are couple of photos taken today. Thank you. Kuldip

Multnomah County OR Posted 7 days ago

Two specimens of one species?

Are they viburnums? Which one specifically? Thanks!

Clackamas County OR plant identification Posted 8 days ago

Need recommendations for reducing water use in yard

We moved into our house in May and had a really high water bill over the summer. I wonder if it is due to watering our yard. It is nicely landscaped with shrubs and small trees and no grass. Would replanting with native plants would allow us to water less? If so, where can we get help with that? Or maybe we can just water less. How can we find out how much we really need to water? If you can't help with this, we appreciate any direction you can give to those who could. THANK YOU

Multnomah County OR Posted 11 days ago

Can you identify this caterpillar?

I am wondering what this caterpillar will become...it is out at night and is over 2" long, quite large.
It looks like an army caterpillar or maybe the final instar of a blister beetle, but the colors aren't quite right for the latter. Plus it is winter, rainy and low 40's, so not sure what to make of it. There are quite a few, so my curiosity is high.

Clackamas County Oregon insect identification Posted 14 days ago

Port Orford Cedar has white fungus looking growth climbing up the bottom of trunk

I’ve seen a post from 2017 on this but no answer was given. The poster had paid $250 to an arborist who did t know what it was. The tree looks healthy but I’m worried about it. It’s also on the ground at the base of the tree. I included a photo of that too.

Washington County Oregon forestry trees and shrubs Posted 15 days ago

Nocturnal Black Beetle Identification

There has been a large abdomen black beetle show up at night on the property. It is not out in the daytime, and I suspect it is ground dwelling. The large ones are over an inch long and appear to be gravid. While they are active (over a dozen easily spotted slowly ambulating in the grass) it is wet and in the mid-40's, quite normal for this time of year.
I am unable to spot anything that quite matches in the image files online. Black Blister Beetles don't seem to have the segmented abdomen, and this variety is all black. Anyone know this critter?

Clackamas County Oregon insect identification Posted 17 days ago

Vine Maples Dieing?

Two of our three 25-year-old Vine Maples have died and this one isn't looking good. Thoughts?

Clackamas County Oregon trees and shrubs maple trees Posted 23 days ago

Yellowing Boxwood Hedge

Our boxwood hedge is likely 50yrs old, with some newer infill. Several areas but not all of the hedge are turning yellow-orange this fall. What's the probable cause and what can we do to reverse this?

Clackamas County Oregon trees and shrubs hedge plants boxwood Posted 23 days ago