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What is it?

This has been growing in part of my yard. I think it is some kind of fungus but not sure. It is sort of hard. In one of the pictures, it shows wood chips stuck to it. I tried to take the pieces of wood chips out but couldn't. Any info on this would be appreciated. I don't want to destroy it with out any information on it.

Clackamas County Oregon Posted 1 day ago

Balcony Herbs

I just moved here from the northern midwest. My wife and I live in a third floor apartment in Oregon City with lots of afternoon sunlight. I am interested in growing some herbs for cooking. What are some herbs that would grow well this time of year on our balcony? Should I start from seeds or try to find small plants?

Clackamas County Oregon herbs container gardening Posted 3 days ago

Geranium Problem

I have zonal geranium plants in pots in full sun. They have always been adequately watered. They never did very well. The leaves turned a sort of red and eventually browned out. Could it be the soil in the pots, or do you have any other ideas?

Clackamas County Oregon container gardening geraniums flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted 3 days ago

Non Blooming Raspberry

I have a single raspberry plant that I bought this Spring. It never had any flowers. Does this mean it is sterile and I should dig it up?

Clackamas County Oregon fruits and vegetables raspberries Posted 3 days ago

Powdery mildew on Oregon Oak

Hello Master Gardeners! I planted an Oregon Oak about 1 1/2 years ago and this summer it seems to have developed powdery mildew on its leaves. How do I treat this? Please see attached photo to confirm this is actually powdery mildew. The tree otherwise seems to be growing well (new growth, it has doubled in size since we planted it). I live in southeast Portland. Thanks! Nicole

Multnomah County Oregon trees and shrubs Posted 4 days ago

Please identify this shrub as I do not know what it is

Hi, Can you help me get identify this shrub/plant. It grew in my side fence area and just don’t know what it is. Whether is is a beneficial to keep or I should just yank it out. Thank you so much Warren

Clackamas County Oregon plant identification Posted 5 days ago

Dogwood tree anthracnose

Hi, My dogwood tree has anthracnose and I know I need to dispose of the leaves and spray the tree. My questions are: when do I spray it? is there an organic option to that spray? When is the best time to trim branches on a dogwood tree? Thank you, Holly

Clackamas County Oregon trees and shrubs dogwoods tree diseases Posted 5 days ago

Fruit tree trunk damage

I have several dwarf and semi dwarf fruit trees planted in containers. Most of them have developed open weeping (like drops of pitch) wounds in the lower part of the trunk, but still produce fruit. What causes this and can it be treated?

Multnomah County Oregon fruit trees Posted 7 days ago

Leaf discoloration on new Gingko tree

Hello Expert, I am so grateful for the chance to reach out to you. I have a young Gingko, Put it in last November in a berm. There are some heavy water needs plants near it and I fear I may have over watered. Not all leaves are affected but at top and east facing side are the worse maybe about 30% of leaves damaged . Some are dropping now. We had a temperate Spring and Summer here in Portland Oregon this year, still this is all new landscaping so I was on it, deep watering twice a week. There was one day I let it water from hose slowly for hours, forgetting I had it on. I am hoping against hope it is over water versus disease. There are many in the neighborhood all turning yellow now, mine still green except on damaged leaves and none showing the signs mine is. Kindest Regards and thanks for your expertise and time !! Susan

Multnomah County Oregon trees and shrubs irrigation and water management Posted 7 days ago

Wigelia flowers

I have Wine & Roses Weigela planted along the front of my house in full sun---they have been a marvelous plant providing, copious Pink flowers every year-- until this year. They just grew new foliage about three feet BUT NO flowers nor any buds. We pruned them back every year (for 11 years) and never had any problems, until now. What can I do to recover the flowers??? Would greatly appreciate your advise.

Washington County Oregon Posted 11 days ago