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eponymous turning bright yellow

They have been in the same location for 2 years, and had been fine until the last month or so.

Multnomah County Oregon horticulture Posted 8 days ago

Philadelphius lewisii native mock orange

Transplanting a native mock orange from a shady location to a sunnier spot. Any specific things I should do to make it work. It's been in my garden for over 10 years, blooms every spring but is stunted in height. Thank you in advance

Clackamas County Oregon trees and shrubs mock orange philadelphus Posted 11 days ago

When to harvest winter squash?

Hello, I am a first time winter squash grower and have very nice looking butternut, spaghetti and delicata plants in my garden. I am confused about when to harvest. The skin on many squash cannot be dented or pierced with a fingernail. Colors vary but many are looking like what I see in the grocery store. But the vines are still mainly green. Some sources say wait to harvest until vines are brown and dry. Other sources give numbers of days. Can you direct me to information that will help me definitively know when my squash are ready to pick? Thank you! Susan

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 22 days ago

Rhododendron Diagnosis

Should I be worried about what I am seeing? If so, is there anything that can/should be done? Thanks.

Clackamas County Oregon integrated pest management rhododendrons Posted about 1 month ago

Is this a fruit? What is it?

I found a climbing bush on a fence in N. Portland. I have lived here my entire life and have never seen anything like it. The harvest or the fruit maybe that it puts off look like loquats almost. Can you Identify?

Multnomah County Oregon plant identification horticulture Posted about 1 month ago

Tent caterpillars

I have a large nest of tent caterpillars very high in my birch tree. It is impossible for me to get to it. Whom would I call to have it removed? Or do I need it removed? Will it just disappear in the winter and they’ll be no problem? Do I call a tree person or a pest person? Can you give me a recommendation for someone in Multnomah county please Thanks

Multnomah County Oregon tent caterpillar Posted about 1 month ago

question regarding backyard plant maintenance and pest management for shaded area

Specifically how to manage the plants I have currently, what sort of soil and pest management techniques should I consider etc. additionally we are observing black spots on our rose plants and have tried different solutions without much success. I would like to connect with a master gardener to understand how to manage the backyard plants if possible.

Washington County Oregon shade gardening horticulture Posted about 1 month ago

Why is my elderberry growing shriveled leaves?

I planted two blue elderberries (and two red) in the spring and for many months they all grew very healthily. At a certain point (Perhaps around June?) all new leaves on one of the blues started growing in shriveled up. Many of these leaves eventually unfurled but retain a crinkled texture. The other blue elderberry only just now started doing the same thing, and the reds are both unaffected. Can you explain why this is happening and what I can do to fix it? Insufficient water was suggested as a cause, but I’m skeptical, because the older leaves were not affected. All four plants have received similar soil, light and water conditions as well. Thank you for any input you can offer.

Multnomah County Oregon plant diagnostics elderberry horticulture Posted about 1 month ago

How to care for raspberry canes

How to care for raspberry canes? I was given several thornless raspberry canes a few years ago, and this year they produced loads of berries, so I was thrilled. However, they had multiplied considerably, and are not in the best location. I had cut them all back a few days ago, leaving in approximately 5 inch stem so I could see where they are for now. I noticed that Some of the stems were green and some of the stems were brown, if this is relevant. The fruit appeared around June, And they have been turning brown for a while. I went online and saw that there are two varieties, in the sense of when they produce fruit. Mine fruited in spring, And do not produce more fruit in fall. So I have two questions: 1 I would like to move these raspberry plants to another location. When is the right time to do so, and what else do I need to know about moving them? 2 did I make an error in cutting these back 5 inches from the ground this week? What is the correct way to treat raspberry canes after they have a fruited in spring? If there any other things that you feel would be helpful for me to know about getting the most out of my raspberry plants, I would be very grateful to learn more. Thank you very much for your help. Sincerely, Anne-Louise Vernon

Multnomah County Oregon Posted about 1 month ago

Peach Tree - Young

Good afternoon,
My son bought me a peach tree (I live in Portland, OR) I want to do the best I can to make this tree thrive. However, when I received it today, I noticed a bunch of leaves had dropped and they all had little perfect holes as if someone to a hole punch to them. Is this something that can be cured by a pest/bacterial soap? He had ordered it through Home Depot so I'm not expecting that it is very high quality but he was so proud to give it to me as a gift. Also, can this be maintained in a large container? I have a lemon tree that is kept in a container..........Thank you for your time.

Washington County Oregon trees and shrubs Posted about 1 month ago