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Clematis in pots?

Last fall I planted several clematis in large pots, necessary because I want to grow them up columns which sit on a paver patio. I chose two “bulletproof” varieties, Montana Frida and evergreen jasmine...pictured. Neither are dead nor doing well although the jasmine appear ready to pop with several blooms even though the leaves have a lot of brown. At plant nerd night, I was told clematis don’t like to be in pots!

Multnomah County Oregon container gardening clematis Posted 5 days ago

Beneficial babies or offensive offspring?

Hello there!! We have found what I believe is a nest, or egg sac of some kind. I am super curious what, if anything, is going to scurry out of it. Good bugs? Bad bugs? Slithery, slimy, hairy, mutant bugs? I've attached photos and hope that someone can tell me and my housemates what we may have here (I voted spiders) and if I should do anything about it. Thanks so much for your time! Cheers!! ~H

Multnomah County Oregon insect identification Posted 5 days ago

Golden barrel cactus for zone 8?

I have a a golden barrel cactus living indoors that I would like to acclimate to living life outdoors. I have heard from different sources that these cacti can live in USDA zones 8-11, and I live in zone 8 (Portland metro area). I already have some opuntia, cholla, sempervivum, and sedum living outdoors doing just fine, but I wanted to get an expert opinion before I made a decision. So can golden barrel cacti live outdoors in my area?

Multnomah County Oregon cacti Posted 10 days ago

Soil testing

Where can I get my soil tested?

Clackamas County Oregon Posted 11 days ago

Flowering Dogwood

Hello, I have a dogwood in my yard and the leaves this year turned brown and haven’t fallen off. In addition the snow this winters has caused some branches to break off. The tree gets a lot of sun in the summer and I do water it regularly. It is also covered in a lichen. First question is it a good time now to prune the broken branches. Also what other things can I do to help diagnose the tree. Joe Sheahan

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 11 days ago

succulent is dying

succulent was in great shape before i moved into a new house (I personally took plant by car to new house - move was only several miles). After several months not doing well. Leaves dying, shoots dehydrating. Repotted and cut off some suspect roots. Dipped roots in dilute peroxide solution briefly, rinsed and repotted with new soill. Soaked pot in bleach solution and rinsed well. After couple of weeks, plant still dying. What can I do to save it? Photos attached.

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 21 days ago

sun exposure

I am wondering what the ranking is for sun exposure from best to worst? N ,E,S,W, NW, Etc.

Washington County Oregon Posted 21 days ago

Mystery vine

I have moved to a new house and would like to have a vine growing on the garage identified. The vine has tendrils and the leaf has 5 lobes and is not serrated.

Multnomah County Oregon plant identification Posted 29 days ago

Wet compost

How can I fix?

Multnomah County Oregon compost Posted about 1 month ago

Sod over Bark Dust

We have small backyard in our townhouse where they put down bark dust but we have two dogs and they track in the bark dust whenever we let them out, could we lay sod over the bark dust?

Washington County Oregon lawns and turf Posted about 1 month ago