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box elder and elm seed bugs

Is it possible box elder and elm seed bugs are interbreeding?

Utah County UT Posted 6 months ago

Tiny bugs found in bed

Found this in my bed. No clue what it is. If you could give me an answer asap that'd be great because it is the middle of the night.

Salt Lake County UT Posted 7 months ago

Pear varieties

Is the tree Stark Bros calls Srarking Delicious also known as Maxine?

UT forestry Posted 11 months ago

insect eggs?

We have several shrubs that have leaves covered with these little white things. I think it could be insect eggs but have not been able to find an image that matched. We have had an infestation of beetles for the past few years. They look like miniature box elder bugs. I showed them to a pest control professional. He said that the bugs were Chinese Elm bugs but gave little hope of getting rid of them. Could this be where they are coming from? If they are not insect eggs, what are they? What should be done about it? Thanks a bunch, Denise E. Lambert

Salt Lake County UT Posted about 1 year ago

Evergreen tree health

I have a beautiful (and rather large) evergreen tree that is beginning to display dead branches and needles within the inner part of the tree. This recently began and is now spreading throughout the entire tree. Is there a way to correct this? (see attached pictures).

Davis County UT Posted about 1 year ago

Brown tips on rose leaves

I live in Utah. We've had excessive rains for months. Some plants have brown tips on the leaves. I use systemic treatments every 6 weeks. What do you think is causing the browning?

Utah County Utah Posted over 1 year ago

Apache plume won't go to seed

I have had an apache plume for 4 years. Every year it flowers, but never produces any seed. We live on the Chinle layer near Zion, so do have a good amount of clay in our soil. However, the plant itself seems healthy. Any idea why it won't go to seed?

Washington County Utah Posted over 1 year ago

Weeping Alaskan cedar

My Alaskan weeping cedar has slowly delevoped a yellow/brown middle branches and I noticed what look like tiny bugs on the leaves. We have had them planted 10-11 years ago. The two on the front yard are watered by spray sprinklers and the one on the back yard we use a drip system. The two on the front yard are unhealthy and the one with drip system is doing great. Could water be the problem? I also noticed that the lower branches are developing roots. Should I cut them out?

Salt Lake County Utah Posted over 1 year ago

Garden soil organic matter = 5%, but raised bed organic matter = 50%? Why?

Hi there, Why is it that for garden soil it's recommended on have no more than 5-8% organic matter, but then for raised beds the recommended recipe is to use 50% compost. I understand why you want to limit the amount of organic matter in garden soil (soil can have too much phosphorus, compost is high in salts, etc). But then when look at university publications on raised beds, I'm seeing recipes the recommend anywhere from 35-50% compost. How do crops in raised beds not suffer from the same negative effects of too much compost that crops planted in traditional garden beds do? Thanks so much. Bethany

Utah County Utah Posted over 1 year ago

Lambert Cherry tree near death

We have a 25 year old Lambert cherry tree with two large trunks. This summer, The west half is completely dead and the east is 1/2 gone. The soil is a Utah Lake Bonneville "Quick-silt" collapsible silt clay that farmers don't bother to grow crops in. Now we see why. It is alkaline and when dry in its native state can "stop a pick" The soil won't let the roots absorb iron. a ph meter read about 7.5 [a low cost stick probes in the soil type meter]
We have gotten hundreds of pounds of cherries off this tree. When it had brown leaves in areas we watered it too much. We were told it had Iron Deficiency Chlorosis

We have sprayed 3 times last year and this year with "EDDHA Iron Chelate 6.0%" by Growmore. That has helped. We recently applied an Iron Sulfur product to soil "Iron Plus Soil Acidifier by Hi Yield co. This is 11% Nitrogen , 13% Sulfur , and 16% Iron. [not chelated Iron] Applied at about 2 pounds per 100 square feet.
The cherry leaves look dark green and healthy except now they have a 1 millimeter brown edges.
I was told at the nursery that the brown edges are caused because the roots can't keep up with the leaf demands. I will water more and deep.

We also put in some "Iron Tree Treats" by Biacor Co. 4.5% Iron. We drilled 3/8 inch holes in the trunk about an inch deep and pushed 7 plugs. in 7 holes.

Question 1: Brown leaf edges . will send photos tomorrow.

Question 2. Nursery man said tree has Coryneum blight One upper trunk has a dozen holes with sap extruding out. On ones side. Is this Coryneum blight or shot hole borers? I could carefully cut one open and see if there is a borer.

Thanks Gary Wallace Delta Meta Solutions R & D

Update: There are a dozen large sweet cherry trees in the neighborhood. they are all healthy. Why is mine so sick?
Will send photos tomorrow, I will try some foliar spray on leaves.

Utah County Utah Posted over 2 years ago