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Should I get a rabbit again?

My older brother bought me a five dollar rabbit from the fair when I wasn't feeling well. He carried it in a half broken box and by the look on it's face when it came to me it was probably traumatized. Despite that I tried for months to befriend it. Read every article about traumatized rabbits made it feel safe as best I could fed it only the approved foods and generally cared for it the best I could. I never picked her up because she didn't seem to like the few times I did and I would gently corral it with a blanket back into the cage when I did let it out for exercise. I did everything I possibly could to take care of her but she still found a reason to bite, scratch, and chew me and my stuff. Not to mention her aggressively thumping loudly under my bed and in her cage at night. I didn't know what to do with her honestly I read so many online rabbit articals to figure out what she needed but whatever they said it seemed like I was already doing. Enrichment toys, timothy hay, her own bunny house she could be alone in but she still hated me and refused to let me pet any part of her. After like ten months of this I was really starting to loose hope of us every becoming friends and constantly felt like she was unhappy living with me. So I gave her away to an animal rescue that seemingly had dealt with rabbits before. I hoped they could give her what I simply could not. Now and again I think of her and wonder if I should try again. I never owned a rabbit before her and I see so many people who are best friends with theirs. I don't know if rabbits require even more careful care or if I was doing it wrong or if I just don't know enough to own one. I don't know what rabbits are suppose to be like normally so I don't know. Should I just cut my loses and come to terms with the fact that I may not be good with rabbits or should I try again and possibly be still not be good with rabbits. Can you just be generally bad at taking care of certain animals?

Nebraska Posted 2 days ago


Hi , I am looking for name and addresses of good reputable exporters of Soybeans. Can I get/have membership ? Muhammad Y Patel Patel Marketing LLC

Fayette County Kentucky Posted 15 days ago



Grayson County Kentucky Posted 10 months ago


So we have 2 rabbits in an outdoors pen. There is no way of escaping the hut... there are no sign of them digging a whole. Not sure the sex of one but the other is a female.we have hut for them that's full of straw. For the last 3 weeks or so I can't find one of the rabbits and I'm getting worried.. is she just in the straw keeping warm.. I'm just worried and need an answer. Thank you

Outside United States Posted 11 months ago

soy wax for soy candles

I make soy candles. Is there a soy wax brand grown in KY? How would I go about purchasing a KY soy wax in Kentucky?

Fayette County Kentucky family and consumer sciences fayette county kentucky soy wax Posted over 1 year ago

Soybean stress balls

I am trying to get soybean stress balls donated to my school for Love Your Heart day. I need about 25. Who would I talk to about this?

Hopkins County Kentucky family and consumer sciences stress reduction hopkins county kentucky Posted over 1 year ago

Rabbit in Cold weather

Can a holland lop rabbit survive in a cold night weather around 45-55 degree? I have 2 and always together and there around 1 1/2 to 2months old.can someone tell me? it will help me alot, email me. Thnks

Ventura County California rabbits Posted over 1 year ago

Soy wax distributors

I am looking for a soy wax distributor in the Western Kentucky area. I know Golden Brands has a manufacturing facility in Louisville, but I don't believe that facility is open for distribution. Was hoping you would know of some others.

Lyon County Kentucky agriculture lyon county kentucky soy wax Posted over 1 year ago


My mom recently passed away and I would like to make a quilt out of her clothes for my daughter. Is there anyone who can do this? It would be cutting, piecing and quilting.

Fayette County Kentucky family and consumer sciences quilting fayette county kentucky Posted over 1 year ago

Moles in my yard!

I live in Hopkins county near Manitou, KY on HYW 630. It really got going last year and I see efidence of it even today . I have a growing yard full of moles killing my yard. I have tried several baits to try to kill them , but I sure could use some help eradicating these moles. Please provide any advse you may have.

Hopkins County Kentucky hopkins county kentucky moles in yard horticulture Posted over 1 year ago