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best variety for Tenakee area ?

Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon Census Area Alaska Posted about 17 hours ago

What's that plant?

Is it some type of weed?

Alaska plant identification Posted 5 days ago

Why no answer?

Back on February17th, I asked Ask an Expert a question(544196). I received a reply on February 18th, telling me to contact Julie Riley at the UAF Cooperative Extension Service here in Fairbanks, and giving me two different telephone number. I have made a phone call to each of the different numbers, one to each number. Both times I connected to an answering machine telling me that I had reached Julie who wasn't available at the moment but that I should leave her a message and she'd get in touch with me. There has never been a return call so actually, my original question remains at this time, unanswered. I would still like to get a response to that question

Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska Posted 20 days ago

Extension Internships

I am studying Agricultural Sciences and am looking for an internship in the cooperative extension. I am interested in becoming an extension agent at some point.

Matanuska-Susitna Borough Alaska Posted 24 days ago

insect damage inside this bark

I'm in Fairbanks and have woodpiles which are several years old. The photo shows the inside of spruce bark. What insect caused it? Is this pest new, spreading? My biologist relative in MN is asking me about this topic.

Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska pests wood Posted 24 days ago

Best pea varieties for Alaska Southcentral

So many pea varieties out there! Can you recommend some that stand out? I know peas in general do well in Alaska, but which ones really shine? Not interested in snow/sugar snap varieties.

Anchorage Alaska varieties Posted about 1 month ago

Frozen Geranium

Dear Extension Center, My geranium was outside and got really cold. I'm curious if it dies because the roots freeze or the top freezes? If one but not both freeze can it still survive? Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Jennifer Lekisch

King County Washington geraniums flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted about 1 month ago

Garden Seeds for Juneau

Hello, We are new to Juneau, and hoping to have our first garden this spring. As I am looking through seed catalogs, how do I know which seeds to choose for Juneau's climate? Many varieties are listed by days to maturation, how many days for Juneau? Also, when should I be starting the seeds inside, March, April, May? Thank you so much! Megan

Juneau Alaska gardening seed starting Posted about 1 month ago

Palm dying maybe

Any ideas what to do with this Palm please. I've cut all the bad leaves off it. Its struggling got new leaves in middle growing but really slow

Alaska houseplants palm trees Posted 3 months ago

Growing berries.

My sister and family just moved to Juneau. I visited and love it! They have a fenced large backyard. Can they grow a berry bush? What kind of berries would you recommend for Juneau?

Juneau Alaska berries Posted 3 months ago