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Raspberry plant pathology question

I have lots more photos I would love to share concerning the raspberry plant pathology issue. This is been a long term. Five years ago we had an extension agent come and look. Our production have gone from 1200 pints to 50 pints over the five years. At that time she said it was excess of weed problem. Through talking with the top pathology person in Alaska I am wondering if there’s more at stake than the weeds. I would love to share more photos and plant material if that would help us get to the root of the problem. If it is resilient I need to remove the infected material before the winter.The winter is close upon us. Looking for answers. Anne Hayes 907-803-0445. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Alaska Posted 1 day ago

Plant Raspberry pathology

I have a raspberry patch by 1200 plants with what looks like a wilt. It looks like from a verticillium wilt. I do not see the blue in the canes stems or roots. Is it possible to send plant matter to have it examined and diagnosed? My name is Anne Hayes. My phone number is 907-803-0445. Would love to hear from you

Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska Posted 1 day ago

Spaghetti sauce with sausage and bacon allowable?

I am going to whip up a batch of my favorite spaghetti sauce. As I live in an area with frequent power outages, I am wondering if it might be okay to pressure can at the time/pressure okayed for sausage. It does have some bacon in it and I don't know if that would affect the ability to can it as I don't recall seeing bacon in any canning recipes before.

2 T butter, 1 T olive oil, 1/3 c. onion, 2 links sausage, 3 slices bacon, 1 c bell pepper, 3 cloves garlic, 1/2 c chicken stock, 3 c tomato sauce, 1 t red pepper flakes.

There are a couple extra items I would not add until right before serving at dinner time.

Would canning this for 90 min at 11 pounds (for quart), like for sausage, make it safe? Is this too long to keep the quality of the other ingredients good? What says Oregon State Extension Service?

Mendocino County California food preservation Posted 1 day ago

Spruce trees loosing needles but not bark beetle

Some of our spruce trees r loosing Lots of needles but sport new growth. This is not a bark beetle issue. See attached pictures. What can be done to help these trees out?

Anchorage Alaska Posted 3 days ago

Ornamental grass with a hole in the middle.

I have five small stands of ornamental grasses (Karl Forster) growing in my front yard to provide an architectural framework to a small round garden of perennials. Several of the stands have developed holes in the center. Can I dig out these dead spots and expect that the grass will spread in to fill them?

Anchorage Alaska Posted 5 days ago

insect infestation on kale plants

We have a heavy infestation of indects on our kale crop. Red Russian, white Russian, and Siberian kales are all affected. We've grown these for decades and this is a first for us. Can you identify and possible offer an organic remedy? Cabbage aphids maybe? Photos attached. Thanks as always, John

Anchorage Alaska Posted 8 days ago


The night before last I found a spider crawling into my sleeping quarters. The spider was black with a light brown striped down the middle of its back. I didn’t think anything of it until last night when I was in the laundry room. I looked at the wall and there was a black shiny spider on it. I also carefully picked this spider up and placed it outside. Being curious, I looked around my bed and I found five baby spiders crawling around my bed. I’d like to know what type of spiders these are.

Alaska Posted 12 days ago

Yellow Jacket or Wasp nest under my deck

I watched stinging insects enter my deck all summer (not sure if they were wasps or yellow jackets) and I left them alone, Now they seem to be gone. No activity for 2 weeks. How do I get rid of the nest so they don't return next year? I only got stung 3 times, but it hurt! Don't want to use harsh chemicals.

Anchorage Alaska Posted 13 days ago

Raspberry canes

When is the best time to trim down raspberry canes? I have always done it in the spring but I heard someone in Wasilla, where I live, cuts hers right down to the ground in the fall. What is best?

Matanuska-Susitna Borough Alaska Posted 16 days ago

cook book/recipes/canning

Hello, I am just getting into canning. I was wondering if you had any cookbooks or info on canning. I remember my mom had a green cookbook (years ago) that we would use often. Do you still make those? Thank you, Colleen

Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska Posted 17 days ago