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mold and gnat issues in apt

I have 3 apartments which I rent out in Haines. I'm having a moisture issue in one of them. Since 2007, I have used a dehumidifier in that apt to remove excess moisture from the air, in the winter, and this has taken care of the problem. This winter, the person renting that apt bought a second dehumidifier and they still had a problem with black mold on one of the bedroom walls about a 10" circle of mold which was behind a piece of furniture. In the other bedroom, there was a line of mold above the baseboard about 6' long. Also, the renter complained of gnats, or very small flies in the apartment. I am thinking to put a couple bug bombs in the crawl space under the apt. I would appreciate any suggestions you can give about how to -clean up the black mold from the walls in a way to minimize its return -any better suggestion about eliminating the gnats--do you recomment bug bombs, if so any particular type, or possibly another way to deal with it. Thanks for your help and suggestions. Ed Hays P.O. Box 98 Haines, AK 99827 cell: 907-314-0305

Haines Borough Alaska Posted 2 days ago

Spruce bark beetles

In October 2019 we cut down a very old white spruce tree that was infested with bark beetles. We had the wood milled, then stacked (with ventilation) and stored it over the winter on pavement. Do you think the winter in Anchorage was cold enough that we don't have to worry about a new crop of beetles? If not, when do you recommend bark removal and how should we dispose of the bark? Do you have recommendations on how best to remove the bark? Thank you.

Anchorage Alaska Posted 4 days ago

Unknown seeds found in a garden recently (March, 2020)

Can anyone help us ID these seeds. They were found near the area where tomatoes were growing in my niece's garden in Eagle River, Alaska. I have tried the seed morphology ID and it didn't come close. Google image search said it was "wood." I guess the image doesn't show the seeds clearly enough. But after staring at lots of photos of close ups of various seeds, I realized I needed to ask someone who knows or who knows where to find someone to answer our question. My niece has six children and is trying to help them learn.

Anchorage Alaska Posted 6 days ago

COVID-19 not PPE Facemask

Please provide simple face mask pattern for adults.The Anchorage Fire Department has requested masks made by the public.

Anchorage Alaska Posted 7 days ago

Facemask pattern

Please provide a simple face mask pattern as the Anchorage Fire Department has requested the public to make them

Anchorage Alaska Posted 7 days ago


I overwintered my Begonias. The bulbs are actually growing a little with good size sprouts. Should I snap those off or just tray the bulbs and get roots started??

Anchorage Alaska Posted 7 days ago

Petrowski Turnip seeds

I understand that Petrowski turnips are somewhat resistant to root maggots. I have been unable to find any seeds for this variety. Does anyone know where to obtain/ purchase some for a home garden?

Thank you

Matanuska-Susitna Borough Alaska seeds turnips growing turnips Posted 12 days ago

Disgraceful answer to that poor girl needing help for bites, itching,seeing...

Disgraceful answer to that poor girl needing help for bites, itching,seeing the blighters responsible. Saying shese delusional! I’m horrified ! You awful company! How dare you insult her this way! Shese suffering! Shame on you!!! May you and your associates suffer same!

Alaska Posted about 1 month ago

PRESSURE cooker Dried strips salmon

I would like to jar all of the strips, haven't done it for a while because the jars are light in weight, how do I begin? Plus have a freezer full of frozen salmon, can I find some one to help me?

Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska home food preservation salmon Posted about 1 month ago

Spruce Species Identification

Hi UAF Cooperative Extension,

I'm hoping you can help me identify the species of tree these cones are from? A top of my neighbors 50+ foot tree broke off back during a November storm and was loaded with these cones. From the 1-1/4" long, stiff, very sharp needles and the cones my guess is its a species of spruce, maybe a muture blue spruce, but I really haven't been able to make a clear determination from my research so far. Any ideas? I've dried and collected some of the seeds and hope to try my hand at starting some seedlings this spring. Thanks so much for your help!

Anchorage Alaska Posted 2 months ago