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Dog lice

My 3 dogs were infested with lice. I had first noted a few fleas and ticks. The groomer shaved all 3 and dipped. The vet recommended Frontline ointment but Advantix II with pyrethrins had better reviews. I used diatomaceous earth on the carpets, sprayed furniture they run on, vacuum frequently, wash their rugs & collars with the dip, replaced pillows.
I am worried about the life cycles as combing daily still produces a few nits. Is there an info sheet? I don't recall Anchorage suffering from this in my 35 years here. Also, unable to remove ticks but rubbing alcohol wipe kills them. Some info sources say don't do this. Vet visit planned.

Anchorage Alaska Posted about 4 hours ago

My Lawn has pink spots!

Hello, Over the past few weeks our lawn has developed pink/orange spots. It was thatched and limed in the spring, we mow once a week and collect the clippings. Fertilizer was not used this year. My guess is this is a fungus. What is your opinion and suggested remedy. Regards, Larry Garner

Anchorage Alaska Posted 3 days ago

What are these bugs and the greyish stuff on my leaves

I can see little bugs on the smooth kale leaves and there is this weird matter on them also. The aphids and other small bugs have been horrible this summer. They pretty much decimated the delicate leaves of my kale. I guess I can't attach the video. It would be nice if I could email it to you.

Anchorage Alaska Posted 7 days ago

Mulching winter garden?

Will mulching flower beds and around perennials help plants or encourage voles to stay and munch beneath snow - your experience would be appreciated!

Anchorage Alaska Posted 12 days ago

Anchorage Alaska, Plant, Serviceberry?


I have had mixed reactions to whether this plant is a serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia) or not and am looking for an expert opinion. It is an area of mixed white/black spruce and birch forest with lichen and moss on the forest floor.

Anchorage Alaska Posted 14 days ago

Drooping Dahlia buds

What is afflicting my dahlias flower buds? They are outside, in promix in raised beds on top of the garage. I am in Anchorage.

Anchorage Alaska Posted 14 days ago


We found a small, black bat in my mom's house.

What is the best way to capture and release it outside?

Kenai Peninsula Borough Alaska Posted 15 days ago

Tree fungus?

I have what I believe are some old beautiful white spruce trees on the property we’re renting, and recently noticed that there are large patches of brown needles developing. I’m wondering if they have a fungus or something because of how wet it’s been lately. It’s hard to see the brown in the photos, but it is pretty significant. There are also some that I’m wondering if they have experienced it in the past as well, because they are bare branched almost 20 feet up.

Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska trees and shrubs tree diseases Posted 25 days ago

Is this discoloration bad?

Some of my italian parsley look funny. I have pet rabbits and don't want to give them anything dangerous. In light of the other issues I've had with my crop with bugs and possibly mold, I don't trust this rusty color on my parsley. It's probably nothing. Earlier I sent you photos of my collards. If you need a better picture, I use my good camera. And thank you all for being here for me! I try looking through photos but never really see what I think is the problem. I suppose I'm a bit lazy too!

Anchorage Alaska Posted 28 days ago

Spots on blueberry bushes

Hi, I was picking blueberries in Girdwood over the weekend and I noticed a lot of the plants (including some that I was picking from) had these brownish/ black spots on the leaves. Can you tell me what this is? Is it still safe to eat the berries I picked? Also some of the berries have hard brownish spots on them as well. Any advice would be appreciated.

Anchorage Alaska Posted 28 days ago