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Potatoes vining?

Hi my question is about my potatoes that I’m growing in a potato bag. I have about 6 plants in a bag and they are doing so well they are hanging over the porch railing. I’ve cut the flowers off to hopefully entice more energy to the potatoes. I’ve never seen vines like these on a potato plant. Should I cut the plant down to about 1 foot height?

Fairbanks North Star Borough AK Posted about 24 hours ago

Garden Growth

One of my garden boxes has growths forming that have a hard surface and roots that hold a wad of soil nearly 1 inch thick when removed from garden. They form each year. I would like to know what it is and how to prevent it from forming. Two photos show one in place and larger one that was removed.

Anchorage AK Posted 1 day ago

Tomato leaves

My first year planting in a greenhouse in Homer. The leaves on all my tomato plants are curled up.. I see no evidence of insects and they have plenty of water. Is this from too much heat?

Kenai Peninsula Borough AK Posted 5 days ago

AK Posted 5 days ago

Dock seeds as flour extenders

A pal is trying to harvest dock seeds. Too much debris, chaff. Do you have ant advice for those who might wish to harvest dock seeds for use as a flour extender, or any other use?

Anchorage AK Posted 6 days ago

Wasp on the Prowl

We have a wasp nest under our deck where we can't get at it. They attack us badly. Just hatched a new batch seems like. What can we do to get rid of them without getting harmed badly?

Anchorage Alaska Posted 7 days ago

missing dragonflies

hi. i live in anchorage on the far south end of hillside. i'm about 1000' in elevation above potter's marsh. last year we had a few different varieties of dragonflies and damselflies in our yard. at any given moment all day long there'd be 3 or 4 passing through or clinging to the side of the house. for the several years prior to that the number of dragonflies steadily increased each summer. so far this year i have seen exactly 0. i spend several hours in my yard each day, so it's not due to a lack of being out there. do dragonflies go through a boom-bust cycle similar to the snowshoe hare? any idea on why they're suddenly gone? only thing i can think of is that the temps were considerably and consistently colder for much of the winter than the several years previous. i enjoyed watching them and appreciated that they kept the mosquito population down.

thanks. hope you got to enjoy a 3-day weekend.


Anchorage Alaska Posted 9 days ago

What’s going on with my cucumbers?

I left town for the weekend and spent a couple days sick when I came home. When I finally made it out to my enclosed greenhouse where all my veggies are grown in containers, I found this whiteish clear slimy stuff on a lower stem of my bushing cucumbers. A couple of the nearby stems were browning and soggy like an overwatered cacti and their leaves were brown with an almost dusty look and texture. I can’t find any answers online or in my gardening circle, but my leaves look similar to Gummy Stem Blight except my stems are slimy like a jelly fish instead of dried out like how the articles I’ve read say it usually presents itself. After an excessive pruning job and monitoring it the past few days, I’ve noticed another stem in the container next to the original one has also become affected too. I’m not sure if it’s spread recently or if I just missed it the first time. They are still producing nicely and have beautiful maturing cucumbers so I’d love to save it if at all possible. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated

Anchorage Alaska Posted 9 days ago

Transplant trees

When should I transplant spruce trees? I have several one, two, and three year old spruce trees growing wild on one part of my property and want to move them to another part. Should I wait till fall or is now an ok time?

Matanuska-Susitna Borough Alaska Posted 10 days ago

Spruce bark beetle tree removal time frame

I have an apartment on a large lot in Anchorage with six very large mature spruce trees. One of those trees, which is in close proximity to another large spruce, is obviously infected with spruce bark beetle. Should i remove the infected one immediately or wait until the likely possibility of removing them all if/when they get infected? I've been watering the trees regularly.
Thank You,

Anchorage Alaska Posted 11 days ago