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Type of spider?

What type of spider is this? Found in house in Kelowna BC. Body is approx 0.75cm, with legs approx 1.5 cm. Red markings in top, black/dark underneath. Lighter 'stripe' along sides of abdomen. Very fast, can climb walls. Was not in a web.

Alaska spiders spider identification Posted 5 days ago

Propagating larch

I have tried unsuccessfully to grow Larch trees from seed an most recently from cuttings. What is the best procedure for cloning? When to take cuttings? Best rooting hormone to use? And any other pointers you give to an amateur tree grower.

Matanuska-Susitna Borough Alaska trees and shrubs larch trees Posted 6 days ago


My lilac leaves are getting brown spots on them. What can i do?

Matanuska-Susitna Borough Alaska lilac bushes Posted 11 days ago

Lilac tree concerns

The tips of the leaf’s on our Lilac tree are changing from green, to light brown, to darker brown. The dry brown leaf then curls and looks dead. The picture is representative of our entire tree. At first we thought aphids and used ladybugs to no avail. Can you Identify the cause and treatment to prevent this from happening next year? Any help would be most welcome. Best Regards

Anchorage Alaska Posted 12 days ago

Spruce beetle - alaska forest fires

Can a foreign predator be introduced at regular intervals to eat these beetles to offset a cost of global warming. Like maybe Preying Mantis?? Just a thought. Ps - I’m from NY area so I don’t know what could be introduced to your habitat with minmum negative impact but would eat those beetles.

Suffolk County New York Posted 12 days ago

Lynx Spider?

Is this a Lynx spider? If so, I thought they only lived in Southern states and Africa. It’s on the side of a lawn chair. Tiny, and neon green colored with a light brown center.

Anchorage Alaska spiders spider identification Posted 14 days ago

Plant ID Request

I have a plant with broad leaves with well defined veins and small yellow flowers. I wondered if it was in the mustard plant family and whether the leaves might be edible in salads, but did not want to try it before confirmation. Thanks for any info that you can provide. Larry

Anchorage Alaska Posted 20 days ago

Rose Tree of China dying

Our RTofC is dying after 25+ years of good health. It is turning brown quickly. Our neighbors tree looks like it is going also. There are small holes in the leaves that are still green like it is a bug eating it. Is there a known cure to save this beautiful bush?

Anchorage Alaska Posted 21 days ago

Best flowering plants, trees, shrubs to attract pollinators and birds?

I live near Russian Jack Park and want to plant things that will attract pollinators and birds. My front yard faces south, the backyard is partially shaded. I prefer to use native species, and species that won't spread out of control without constant pruning.

Anchorage Alaska Posted 23 days ago

Is this a moss?

I have this in my garden plot (C Street community garden). I've been told that it is a moss.

A few years ago, I had a little of it. Now I have a lot of it. I pull it up, and it takes a slab of dirt with it.

I don't have much in the pathways where I walk. I lay strips of cardboard between the rows to try and keep the weeds down, and it doesn't grow under the cardboard.

Is this a moss? I have a little regular moss here and there (I'll call it fairy moss), but this other moss (I'll call it smurf moss) is really spreading. Is it helpful to a garden?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Anchorage Alaska Posted 25 days ago