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How deep should soil be in a planter

We would like to plant carrots in our waist-high planter box. How deep should the soil be? Any other recommendations? Thank you, Alder

Anchorage AK Posted about 16 hours ago

native species - ground cover

Hello, I purchased a home with a large (20x60) garden plot that is full of grass, dandelions and is generally just a mess. I would like to tear out the weeds and plant groundcover this summer. Is there a quick growing local species I can plant as ground-cover? Thank-you!

Matanuska-Susitna Borough AK groundcovers Posted 4 days ago

Ground cover ID

I would like to identify a ground cover that has the appearance of many tiny spruce trees that are about 1/2-3/4 inch in height and have a tap root about 1 inch deep. While it is attractive, it also seems pretty invasive and could choke out desirable plants. Removal requires taking the mat of 1 inch deep soil to get all the roots. Any information on this ground cover is welcome. Thanks... Larry

Anchorage AK plant identification ground cover Posted 8 days ago

Rosa rugosa

Yesterday GVEA was giving away bare root plantings of Rosa rugosa. The literature they provided clearly stated that the plant is invasive and will compete with wild roses. I am wondering about this species and our wild Alaska rose, Rosa acicularis. Is rugosa a potential problem here in interior AK?

Fairbanks North Star Borough AK invasive species Posted 10 days ago

Best time to cut white spruce, Fairbanks

I'm worried about all the nesting birds that may be in our white spruce during May. Tree needs to go due to previous advise from a tree person a couple of years ago and my husband wants to cut down now. I need to know when would be best to cut it...fall? Thanks!

Fairbanks North Star Borough AK trees and shrubs Posted 12 days ago

Moose Stripped Tree

I had a moose strip the bark on my mature Scotch Pine this winter. The stripped area is about 2-3 ft in length and just short of 50% of the circumference of the trunk. Is there any action recommended to help the tree recover other than giving it plenty of water?

Anchorage Alaska Posted 14 days ago

Mayday tree

I think that there are some mayday trees in my neighborhood and know that these are invasive and bad for moose. Can you identify them by the bark on the trunk or do you need leaves or other features to identify for sure? Trunk is spotted as shown in the photos.

Anchorage Alaska Posted 14 days ago

Voles in garden.

Is there anything that I can use other than poison or traps to deter voles in my garden. I am an organic gardener and have the use of someones back yard that is infested with voles.

Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska Posted 14 days ago

Spiders in the Home

How do I prevent spiders from invading my home and biting me? I am concern about the spider bites that I sometimes experience while sleeping in my bed.

Anchorage Alaska spiders Posted 22 days ago

resting my garden

i am wanting to give my 25'x25' vegetable garden a rest this year. It has been producing well for about 10 seasons now. Is it good to let it rest? Is there an annual I should plant in it to help? Any other advice?

Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska Posted 23 days ago