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CREEPY CRAWLERS and other insects

WHY ? I've become a cat magnet since i moved to my curren residence and have been here for over 7 years (I don't mind the cats ) , but i also become a magnet to creepy crawlers n other insects .. Including spiders ... no matter where i go outsdie or insdie they always follow me and come in my general direction (or even worse when they pop out out the blue really close to me ... Ireally dont like spides (mainly the really big ones) (the smallar fuzzy jumping spiders i actualy dont mind being around ) ~ it's t he rest of the creepy crawlers that bug me .. what do i do about it? (not sure which specices of jump spider it is but it was a black one with a white circle on it's nback with green fangs and red eyes ) .. he was cute ... it's the grey blue and all of the brown ish ones that freak me out , along with the daddy long legs folowing me in my backyard when i 'm trying to clear out the weeds ~ what do i do about em i really dont want to kill em but if the ones i DON'T care for get too close I will ~ expecially the poisonous ones ) what should i do

Oakland County MI Posted about 1 month ago


found this trying to identify what it is

Oakland County MI Posted about 1 year ago

Is this berry poisonous

This plant grows on my property line. Do you know what it is and are it's berries poisonous? I have small children so I'm thinking about removing it. Thanks

Oakland County MI trees and shrubs poisonous plants buckthorn Posted almost 2 years ago

Possible Tooth?

I found this while looking for river rocks in lake Huron and i found this. It looks like a tooth. But would like an expert opinion.

Wayne County MI fossil identification Posted about 2 years ago


What kind of spider does this look like?

Oakland County MI insect identification Posted almost 3 years ago