2013duckstampsm_medium Hunter Education and Shooting Sports

This group will focus on answering questions regarding:
1.  Hunter Education (HE) programs.  These programs vary by state, but tend to cover safe gun handling and hunting ethics.  HE instructors in particular are encouraged to utilize this group.
2.  Shooting Sports.  Although all shooting-related questions are permissible, the focus here is on target shooting, not personal protection.

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Questions asked to this group

Hunting for someone else

I recently had the question come up in conversation, "if I buy someones tag to have them go kill a deer for me, and pay them, is it illegal?" I said you cannot pay someone to hunt for you, and you cannot sell venison in Michigan as this was my understanding of the law. Am I correct or is there a law that I'm not finding? I have more than a few people convinced that you can pay someone else to hunt for you. One thing a person said, "well I'm not paying for the venison, I'm paying for them to process it for me". I am under the impression from my 20+ years hunting and reading the books every year that, that is also illegal. Any insite or links to the laws about this topic would be great

Oakland County Michigan wildlife hunting Posted over 3 years ago

Feral Hog Hunts

Hello, I am wondering if you have any contacts for Feral Hog Hunts in Colorado. I have a group of Sr. High School gentlemen who for various reasons have not had any availability to get into the Sport. They have all purchased their Rifles of choice and I am sending them to Hunter safety and then we will be scouting out some terrain and talking with Farmers, Ranchers, Bureau of Indian Affairs etc. to see if there is in fact a need for some eradication. Depending on the success of the hunt 90% of the meat will be donated to locals, food pantry’s or whatever the land owners wishes are. Any reliable info you have would be appreciated. Feel free to contact me at this email address co_wart_hogs@yahoo.com Thanks in Advance. Dwayne Seibert Colorado Springs CO.

El Paso County Colorado feral hogs hunting hunter education Posted over 5 years ago