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Pachysandra burning up

I noticed our pachysandra leaves browning at their ends in the last few weeks. I supposed it was the extreme heat. Last week I found whole patches of pachysandra completely brown and dead. See pictures. The patches are about a foot square. The vinca that grows among the pachysandra is unaffected.
Yes, it does get a lot of sun. I can't change that. I've watered, but that doesn't seem to help.
What do you recommend I do?
Thank you

Delaware County PA Posted 1 day ago

Stunted growth of tomato plants

Help,plants stopped growing, look stunted. Pulled up several and roots look healthy. I added an iron supplement several weeks ago. Seeds started indoor. Planted 5/23 outside. Clay soil amended with leaf mulch and 10/10/10 fertilizer tilled into soil. Same fertilizer added 7/1. With temps in 90s watered every two days then every day. No change in plants.

Delaware County PA tomato plant problem Posted 1 day ago

Blossom end rot on tomatoes

What is the best treatment for blossom end rot in its early stage?

Washington County PA tomato blossom end rot tomatoes Posted 4 days ago

No radishes or carrots

Hello - I have a vegetable garden in which I successfully grow lettuce, spinach, snap peas, tomatoes, and beans. However... while we have radish and carrot plants with nice foliage, they have only spindly roots. (We got one(!) round radish...). I did a home soil test kit this spring, and found that our soil was generally depleted in N, P, and K

Delaware County PA radishes and carrots Posted 5 days ago

Rising Sun

Good day. I have a 4 year old rising sun redbud. Tree has been looking great Pink yellow green just beautiful. About 20 ft high. Went away for July 4 weekend came home and noticed 3 branches with brown sickly looking leaves. Maybe I didn’t see it coming but what can be done at this point. Remove or spray for mites or other insects. Did not notice leaves eaten now just brown. Thanks

Bucks County PA Posted 5 days ago



Philadelphia County Pennsylvania Posted 5 days ago

white splotches on green giant arborvitae leaves

Hi, I have an increasing number of whiteish deposits on my arborvitae leaves. The only pictures I could find online lead me to this site. On 4/24/16 someone sent the picture for Nassau county NY of the exact same condition that I have on many of my newly planted 12 foot high green giant arborvitae. Someone answered the question on 4/25/16 and said it was not a insect or disease and only bird excrement. But, it does not wash off like bird droppings would, and a expert at a garden center nearby said it contained insect eggs/larve. I was told to spray all my trees w/a systemic insect control solution that contains Acephate.

Bucks County Pennsylvania Posted 6 days ago

Lilac dying

I have a lg lilac bush of about 8 yrs of age that is dying. Lg branches and seems to be spreading. Now today I note white oval spots on trunk/bark only. Not powdery mildew. Adjacent Area Close by has a history if bearded iris rhizome rot about four years ago but the rhizomes were removed immed.

Delaware County Pennsylvania Posted 8 days ago

Viburnum leaf wilt

Hello. I have a leatherleaf viburnum that has seen better days. The leaves at the top of of one branch began wilting in mid June. The wilting progressed to affect all the leaves on the branch in about 3 weeks. The wilting is now beginning on adjacent branches. I planted it in early May and did some serious damage to the roots as it was an extremely rootbound containerized plant. I have attached photos of the plant and the branch after removal.

Northumberland County Pennsylvania Posted 10 days ago

Moving a Purple Leafed Sand Cherry

I have two purple leafed sand cherry shrubs that have been in the ground in mostly shaded area for 3 yrs. I want to move them out in to the yard area and let them grow to look more like an ornamental tree. When is best time to transplant and how deep might the roots be now. Both shrubs are very near to foundation of house in front. Thank you

Blair County Pennsylvania Posted 11 days ago