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Shriveling Morning Glory Flowers

Alright, about 6 or so months ago I got a packet of morning glory seeds, and up until recently they've been growing perfectly fine (I have them indoors). However, now that I'm starting to get flowers to bloom, right when they're about to open up, the petals instead seem to bind together, shrivel up and die. The vines are doing extremely well, I water them about once a week, and I cannot pin point a problem. At first I thought it was because I turned on an oil diffuser in the same room as them, however it's been turned off for about a week now, so I don't really see that being an issue. The flowers grow absolutely fine until they're just about to open up. I'm just confused on how to fix this problem because I can't seem to find anything online.

York County PA morning glories Posted 1 day ago

Rhododendron- horizontal stripe on bark

We recently notice horizontal lines on the truck of our rhododendron. It’s about 5’ from ground and occurred in the fall. This is on every trunk at the same height. The line are quite small and looks almost man made its so precise. We live in the bucks county area. Thanks

Bucks County PA Posted 2 days ago

Lawn care

Our lawn in Mercersburg PA is about 3 to 4 inches high now, on November 8th. Is it too late to cut it before winter? Is it best to leave it unmoved until Spring?

Franklin County PA Posted about 1 month ago

Quick service

How can we get our food to the customers quicker

Franklin County PA Posted about 1 month ago

Thinning leaves

I have three very large Holly trees in my yard the one in the middle looks to be much thinner in leaf Mass then the other two. I started noticing this about a year ago in around that same time some bark broke off the very bottom of the trunk of that tree. I'm wondering if it's anything I can do for that tree it shows no other signs of disease and maybe there's nothing wrong at all but I'm not sure I don't want to have this holly tree die if I can help it. All three of these trees are at least 50 foot high. So if you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you

Lebanon County PA Posted about 1 month ago

Tree or Weed leaf identification

Hi, I have spent my whole life working outside and have a good idea of what kind of trees there are. However on a recent job in Philadelphia I came across a leaf design I have never seen before. Any clues as to what it is? Thanks Bill

Delaware County Pennsylvania Posted about 1 month ago

Bug on my friends dog

Can you identify this Bug

Erie County Pennsylvania Posted about 1 month ago

No mow lawn

What are the best grasses/clovers/flowers/etc to use for a no/low mow lawn in the Philadelphia area? We are trying to stay with native varieties of all plants inn our yard but realize that isn’t a always possible. Thank you.

Montgomery County Pennsylvania Posted about 1 month ago

Spruce trees are all dying

Our property has 15 spruce trees each over 50 years old. They are all dying at the buds. We are desparate to find the cause if anyone can assist. I have photos and can describe what I have found. The bud tips seem to have a fungis (white film). The neeedles turn a brown and drop. The stems are greyish and brittle. The 8-10 inch trucks dont appear to have infestation under the bark but the bark is dry and flaking.

Adams County Pennsylvania Posted about 1 month ago

Is Rhus aromatica 'Gro Lo' female?


None of my over 50 Rhus 'Gro Lo' produce berries, but I've seen them on Gro Lo in other areas. After researching this issue, I learned that Rhus aromatica is often dioecious and Oregon State University (only place I found that references this) lists Gro Lo as female.

Can you confirm this? I strongly desire the berries and will source and plant male Rhus aromatica if necessary, but it won't be easy to find and I don't really have the space...

Thanks, in advance, for your insight!


Bucks County Pennsylvania Posted about 1 month ago