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What to do about lesser celandine?

For the last 2-3 years we have had lesser celandine in the grass and now in a bed of pachysandra. I do not want to use herbicides. I have dug up a lot of them in the past, taking out what I thought were all the bulbs, but they were even more abundant this year than last year. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

Montgomery County Pennsylvania Posted about 4 hours ago

Feeding arbavities

What can I feed my arbevities? They are turning brown and thinning.

Luzerne County Pennsylvania Posted about 13 hours ago


This Cherry Laurel in the ground 5 years.....this Spring leaves are showing round yellow dots with dark round centers...then the leaf slowing turns yellow and drops to the ground. I took all yellow leaves off a week ago...these are all new yellow leaves a week later. HELP! I do not want the bush to die!

Chester County Pennsylvania Posted 1 day ago

Are these brown spots killingmy bush

What is this bush. 20 some yrs doing well. Last few years brown leaves and bare spots. This spring I noticed these brown looking berry type things.

Delaware County Pennsylvania Posted 2 days ago

Yuki cherry blossom shrub died all of sudden

I planted 5 yuki cherry blossom one months ago and they were growing healthy and producing more green leaves. But two days ago, I found out one of them were dried out and the other two started to show some of dry leaves. I don’t know what is going on. I am worried about all other plants in my front garden now. Is there some disease or is there any way I can save my cherry blossom?

Montgomery County Pennsylvania Posted 5 days ago

mold on my fig tree and it dies every year

why does my fig tree get mold on it every year when i unwrap it and it dies

Northampton County Pennsylvania Posted 5 days ago

Can you identify this flower?

I found this flower blooming on the banks of a creek in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I don't know if it is a wildflower or a wild flower. Can you identify it for me?

Luzerne County Pennsylvania Posted 7 days ago

What kind of spider is this

Found in son's basement bedroom? Allentown pa. He has a girlfriend who visits from Williamsport pa area. Found on her bag.

Lehigh County Pennsylvania Posted 9 days ago

Is Poa annua edible?

Is Poa annua (annual blue grass) safe for humans to consume? In an extensive Google search, edibility is either not listed, or listed as "edibility unknown". The only source that lists Poa annua as edible is "The Wild Wisdom Of Weeds: 13 Essential Plants", a book by Katrina Blair, under her writings for grasses.

Lancaster County Pennsylvania Posted 10 days ago

Found this thing in my yard, what is it?

I found this in my backyard in Acme, PA. Any idea what it is? It has a bit of a blueish sheen to it. No legs or anything just a round thing, little things like a mouth on the end of it. Probably about an inch long.

Fayette County Pennsylvania Posted 10 days ago