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Beet greens turning brown

1st time raised bed gardner. I planted beets and the greens have been turning brown at the edges then moving toward the center. Admittedly, I did plant them pretty close together. Other plants around it (not beets) are doing fine. However, another beet plant planted a good distance away is also affected. Soil is 70% mushroom compost/30% topsoil. I water 30 minutes every night by drip irrigation. My research says this might be Verticillium wilt. Thoughts? If so or if something else, what can I do about this? Is my entire soil bad/infected? Thanks!

Montgomery County Pennsylvania Posted about 5 hours ago

Weeping cherry

Noticed a bump on tree early spring it started oozing Not sure what to do!

Dauphin County Pennsylvania Posted about 22 hours ago

Too much rain for many months. My Dogwood did bloom Good this Spring, but it looked like it is dyii

Pink Dogwood Tree did bloom good this Spring, but now the leaves are yellow ad brittle. Some branches are bare. It is the end of June now and had many months of excess rain

Lackawanna County Pennsylvania Posted 1 day ago

Clematis blooms

My Jackmanii clematis blooms are faded to a light violet color. What's up? Other than that, there are plenty of blooms and nothing else harmful happening. Lots of buds, too. I just happen to love the deep purple color that they are supposed to be -- and always were. I thank you so much.

Schuylkill County Pennsylvania Posted 8 days ago

Leaning arborvitae

I have a row of 5 mature and healthy t rees, but an end one is leaning at about 30 degrees. Can we replant it with no harm done? Bracing it has not helped to upright it..

Erie County Pennsylvania Posted 10 days ago

My locust tree

Last fall I installed French drains installed from my gutters about 20 ft on two sides of the base of my large locust tree. This spring, the locust for the first time, has dramatically reduced leaf production and leaves appear only on the centers of the branches. There are no other obvious disease discolorations or bug infestations on the trunk or any of the branches. This tree is without exception yearly densely packed with leaves and dripping with white flowers. What could be the cause of this issue and will the tree produce normal leaves and flowers next season?

Wayne County Pennsylvania Posted 10 days ago

Mom’s beautiful tree

My mother has a beautiful large tree which is losing leaves. What can we do to save this tree? Can I send a picture?

Jefferson County Pennsylvania Posted 10 days ago

Spots on cherries

Most of the cherries on my sour cherry bushes have black spots on them. Do you know what this is? Are they safe to eat?

Perry County Pennsylvania Posted 12 days ago

Type of beetle

What is this dad said its a beetle but it was in my bed

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania Posted 14 days ago

Poison sumac tree

Poison sumac tree. I have a tree that looks like a poison sumac. Could you show me a picture of that poison sumac tree that grows PittsburghPennsylvania ?

Allegheny County Pennsylvania Posted 14 days ago