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Unknown grass/weed?

Can anyone tell me what type of grass/weed that is shown in the attached picture, is? It's growing in patches throughout my lawn, and nothing seems to kill it. It's definitely not Kentucky blue or Rye grass.

Thank you!


Berks County Pennsylvania Posted 3 days ago

Black seeds inside raspberries?

There are black seeds inside my raspberries! What could be the cause? They're not bugs, because they are still. Are they edible?
This question has been asked before, but has not received an answer.

Pennsylvania Posted 4 days ago


Why does my tropical indoor hibiscus have blooms with 4 petals and some with 5 petals on the same plant? Is this rare?

Franklin County Pennsylvania hibiscus Posted 6 days ago

Cleveland pear tree

Does trellis rust affect this type of pear tree?

Erie County Pennsylvania Posted 15 days ago

Lambs Ear

I have a lambs ear plant that I kept inside for 2 years. Each year I replant it in my garden and then bring it back in. Well this summer it got infested w a bug I couldn't see at first. Attacked its fresh young leaves and had black in it. Now I see worms that look like maggots all over it. Still even in November. The plant is suffering bad. I can take a picture so maybe u could identify what is afflicting it.

Lycoming County Pennsylvania Posted 17 days ago

How do I help my cherry laurel?

This past spring I noticed white stuff growing on the branches of my cherry laurels. It eventually kills the leaves. I had used vinegar every other day for a while and now been oil. Nothing seems to help. What can I do to help them? I have a bunch and it’s been spreading.

Montgomery County Pennsylvania Posted 30 days ago

Pale smart weed?

Is this pale smart weed? It is native or invasive in PA? Should I remove it or encourage it?

Chester County Pennsylvania Posted 30 days ago

Getting rid of Zoysia grass

We have Zoysia grass spreading in our West Chester backyard. Several years ago we had it all dug up and new sod put down, but it has returned and we didn't notice it in time to mitigate, and now is has spread over good part of our backyard and we are concerned with it spreading to the neighbors' yards.

I have researched getting rid of Zoysia on the website, reading many labor intensive suggestions. Can you advise the best (and maybe least expensive) way to get rid of it and stop the spread?

Chester County Pennsylvania Posted about 1 month ago

Fungus attacking oak tree bark

Hi and thank you for your attention to this question. I have many oaks in my back yard and a lot of them are loosing their bark. Underneath the peeling bark is a black viney looking growth that looks like it is climbing up the tree under the bark. I did some research on this earlier in the year and found some photos that were exactly it and now I can't find the article and photos. I thought that it was a fungus called aspergillus. Would you please direct me to an article on this topic? It is not Oak Wilt, a canker or bugs. Thanks, Virginia

Carbon County Pennsylvania Posted about 1 month ago

What is this white spongy ooze on my maple trunk?

I live just East of Philly and have a large 40 foot tall maple that once had 3 trunks but one was cut a few years ago. Just recently it has this white spongy stuff suddenly appearing on the bark. It's soft but also tough. Sort of like gum. Is this a concern? I'm worried about the rest of the tree. It is only on the cut trunk's bark not the other 2 trunks of the living portion of the tree but I'm worried it is a disease that will effect the rest of the tree if not my other nearby maples.

Pennsylvania Posted about 1 month ago