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What type of weed grass is this?

Can anyone please help identify what type of weed grass this? I have a big patch and some smaller patches in my back yard. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Please see attached photos.

also how to get rid of it.

Many thanks

Washington County Pennsylvania Posted about 21 hours ago

What is this plant?

I have a bush growing in my yard and I have no idea what it is. Help?! Thanks so much!

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania Posted 1 day ago


Is Holly Tone a good fertilizer for fine line buckthorn

Centre County Pennsylvania Posted 2 days ago

Sale of black walnut tree

I have one very large black walnut tree in my back yard that sheds multiple walnuts each year. Would like to sell it ASAP. Philadelphia area

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania Posted 4 days ago

What is this type of bug? (No picture)

there is this type of bug I want to know what it is. It is black and like small like its sort of circular and it has a yellowish orangeish strip on its back just one. It has 6 legs. I dont know what it is

Blair County Pennsylvania insect identification Posted 5 days ago

Holly Tree

I have 3 very large Holly trees, all at least 40' tall and at least 20" round. The smaller of the 3 is within 8 feet of a larger one, this smaller one had gotten dark damage at the base, which a section of bark came off about 2 years ago. Since then it has lost 65% of its leaves, the leave it has are dark green and healthy looking. I do not believe this tree is dead or dying just in distress I hope. Please please help me in you can! The picture of the base is black from tree wound paint I applied last year. The other pictures I am sure you can see the thinning tree on the left.

Lebanon County Pennsylvania Posted 5 days ago

How do I grow pomegranate, orange, lemons and mango in Elizabethtown PA and...

How do I grow pomegranate, orange, lemons and mango in Elizabethtown PA and where and how do I get those plants

Lancaster County Pennsylvania Posted 7 days ago

Peony Leaf Blotch

Could you recommend a fungicide for control of leaf blotch/measles/Cladosporium on peonies? I’m using Camelot, would like to have another choice.

Butler County Pennsylvania Posted 14 days ago

Hazelnut trees

At what age do hazelnut trees produce nuts?

Delaware County Pennsylvania Posted 14 days ago

Lawn of Tall Fescue

I"ve had a lawn of what I think is clumping tall fescue that I think may have been sodded over ten years ago (we've been here for ten years). Last summer, for unknown reasons, maybe grubs, about half of it died - see the pictures. It looks and feels like a cow pasture. Last fall I planted what I thought was a match - another fescue, but it does not match at all. Not sure what to do. I would like to plant more matching clumping tall fescue and would like to know where to buy it and what it is called. (I could not download a picture.) Thank you.

Delaware County Pennsylvania tall fescue rhizoctonia Posted 18 days ago