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Emerald Green Arborvitae

I have a row of arborvitae 20 yrs. old or more . I am experiencing them turing brown and completely dying. Why is this happening ? It isn't every one just some {4{ in .a cluster next to one another/

Cumberland County Pennsylvania Posted 4 days ago

Domingo limber pine

I had purchased 2 Domingo limber pines and planted them on the hill behind my house 6 months ago. The front of the trees which receive full sun are doing well but the back of the trees are dying and the needles are falling off. I watered them regularly through the summer. Is it normal for the needles to die where the sun doesnt

Monroe County Pennsylvania Posted 6 days ago

Yellow "blisters" on sedum


My partner and I planted what should be Dragon's Blood Sedum in our backyard. I say "should be" because the plants the grew, look nothing like the succulent-esque, low to the ground plants that were on the package. But we were trying to fill the space with something pretty that would be able to overpower the abundant weeds that like to grow there.

We are first time gardeners and so did a lot of research before choosing dragon's blood, but we're still learning. When we planted them, we planted far more seeds than necessary for the space, thinking that they might overpower any sprouts that start to crowd them. We prepped the soil by tilling and mixing in compost.

The plants grew quickly and they looked healthy. They're even bigger and sturdier now than the picture I've attached. But we've started noticing small yellow spots appearing on many of the leaves of the plants. Some leaves appear to be dying or burned on the edges or right at the middle of the leaves. The spots themselves appear almost like pox or little blisters that bubble outwards.

We're not sure what's wrong. We've had alot of rain lately. We noticed them drooping a little and assumed they needed to dry out. After a couple days they seemed to perk up a bit.

The only other issues we know of is that there is a tree stump that, since we had it cut over 6 months ago, continues to try to regrow. We've seen that the roots are massive and spread through the entirety of the plot. Both the stump and the shoots that keep trying to grow out of it and the roots attracts Lantern flies... tons of lantern flies at that, but they seem to be leaving the plants alone, for the most part.

We've been unable to determine what the cause of the spots are and are worried the plants may be getting sick. Any help would be massively appreciated!

Kind regards,

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania Posted 15 days ago

Red Clover

Every summer when the grass gets stressed this weed that looks like red clover pops out. It goes dormant in the winter. In the spring and early summer you think it’s gone, and my yard looks awesome. Then it comes back. Now it has a yellow flower in the middle of it. Any suggestions

Cumberland County Pennsylvania clover type plant Posted 16 days ago


I have mushrooms growing around the base of potted rose bush Sept. 1st, 2020 I've grown roses for a while never seen this before. A bad for roses? B can they be consumed and 3 why is this happening

Pennsylvania mushrooms in potted roses Posted 18 days ago

Tomato Leaf Problems

Hi, I have been fighting with septoria leaf spot for weeks, trying to extend the life of my plants. I have been spraying with potassium bicarbonate and horticulture oil to try to slow the spread. I now have a new problem. Some leaves have these brown spots as seen in picture 1. I've looked online to try to match the spots, but I'm still not sure what it is. Any advice? Is it another disease?
Picture 2 is what I thought was septoria, but maybe it's a different kind of spot. I'm not 100% sure what picture 3 is. Thank you!

Bucks County Pennsylvania Posted 20 days ago

Lots of small black bugs with white wings around window

I left the window to an upstairs room open during the weekend while out of town, I came back to lots of dead black bugs with white wings all around the window. My girlfriend told me she recently sprayed some insect killer after seeing a few bugs. It’s lots of them but luckily they are all dead. I cleaned it up and yesterday left the window open again, they are back.... still dead though. I’m not sure if they are coming in the window and touching something with insect killer on it and dying or just hitting the end of their life cycle. There is some water damage to the wall that window is on and some of the wood slats in it are damaged too. It’s not by any trash can, food or plants. Any ideas on what the bug is?

Allegheny County Pennsylvania Posted 22 days ago

pin oak branch tips

For the past two weeks my lawn has been littered with the tips of my oak tree branches. The twigs are the very end of the branch and contain several healthy green leaves. The branchlets seem to have been cleanly cut on the diagonal. There are no other signs of eating or infestation. It does not seem to be weather related. There are a lot of squirrels in my yard and in the trees, but why would they snip off the branch tips?

Montgomery County Pennsylvania Posted 23 days ago

bush identification

I sent a question in yesterday. Here are the identifiers for the answer

Your Ask an Expert question has an answer (Question:680392) PAJeanneQ

I am enclosing some additional photos

Cumberland County Pennsylvania Posted 24 days ago

Small black insects

We have an infestation of small black insects we assume are some kind of gnat. They fly and are attracted to light. They are on windowsills, tv screens, etc. We do not see them around our houseplants.

Allegheny County Pennsylvania Posted 27 days ago