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A tree I can't figure out.

Hello, I live in the little town of Fairchance and often hike in the Forbes forest. I came across a single specimen of an unusual tree that I am finding difficult to identify near the old Rand powder mill ruins. I was looking for Paw Paw trees in the area and the very large leaves of this tree caught my eye. The simple leaves are all approximately 12 inches long and nearly 6 inches wide, clearly veined, ovoid, alternating, non-serrated and more on the glossy side. The veins are reddish in color (though it is fall). The tree is approximately 30-40 feet tall, it's trunk is about a foot in diameter and the bark is most like vertical strips. I didn't notice any sort of fruit or seed on the tree. I have included 2 photos, one of a leaf and one of the trunk. It is the only one of it's kind I have ever seen up there on the mountain. Any clue what it is?

Fayette County PA Posted 3 days ago

crepe myrtle

I have planted 3 times a crepe myrtle in the same spot in garden each time they have died what could be wrong

Bucks County PA Posted 6 days ago

Are my peonies going to survive what my Gardner did?

My Gardner decided to cut back my 6 peony bushes in July, leaving only 6 inch stalks & denying them the foliage I expect was needed for them to set up for next years blooms. Will they survive this? Is there any way I can aid in feeding them? They have been blooming magnificently and I am heartbroken to think he has killed them or denied them the two or three weeks of glory when they blossom

Montgomery County PA Posted 6 days ago

moldy birdfood

How and where do I dispose of moldy bird food?

Berks County PA Posted 8 days ago

moldy birdfood

How and where do I dispose of moldy bird food?

Berks County PA Posted 8 days ago

Identification of a Woody Shrub

I discovered a patch of these woody shrubs in an opening along an old logging road in a remote part of Lycoming County PA. It does not appear to be a native specie and given the density of the patch, it seems to have "invasive" qualities.
What is it?
Thank you.

Lycoming County Pennsylvania Posted 11 days ago

nostoc algae

this slimy stuff has a pretty good start in my stone driveway, best way to get ride of it?

Union County Pennsylvania Posted 15 days ago

What, if anything, should I do to prevent aphids from damaging milkweed for Monarch butterflies?

Hello- In May, I planted 30 swamp milkweed seedlings that grew pink flowers and 1 that grew white flowers from University of Kansas’s Monarch Watch program. I live in PA, 15146. I haven’t seen any Monarch caterpillars on the 31 swamp milkweed plants since September 21st. Should I use the following Monarch Watch directions, which came with the milkweed seedlings in April, on all of the plants to remove visible aphids from the plants and also aphid eggs that might be on the plants without visible aphids, and/or cut all of the plants down to whatever height you would recommend to prevent the aphids from adversely affecting the milkweed plants? I bought a wooden bee & ladybug house, and as soon as I can find marigold plants next spring, should I plant marigolds among the milkweed plants to attract ladybugs and aphids to reduce aphids on the milkweed plants? Kind regards, Kristine “If the plants have aphids, now is a good time to spray them with the following solution to kill them, and rinse after 10-15 minutes: 1 oz Blue Dawn 1 oz Isopropyl Alcohol 1 oz white vinegar 1 gal water”

Allegheny County Pennsylvania Posted 17 days ago

Pruning a young crepe myrtle tree

My crepe myrtle tree is going on 2 yrs old. How do I properly prune it?

Northampton County Pennsylvania Posted 18 days ago

Did Flower store van make us Ill?

Recently my son and I attended an event. His farther in-law drove us there about an hour in van each way. Within a week my son came down with breathing problems and a several days later I also became very I'll.

His condition ended.up diagnosing as pneumonia and a few days afterward my condition is going downhill and one lung is obviously crackling and filling up. Is it possible as we both have allergies to cats and flowers in the house, we were overloaded with this pollen an that which may have settled in our lungs is the culprit? His van is used mainly.for.delivering floral.arrangements.and.they do many weddings and church functions with the high end arrangements.

Lancaster County Pennsylvania Posted 19 days ago