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Sick blue spruce

I have 2 blue spruce trees that are losing needles. One is very bare except at the top. I realize they are sick and have been trying to find out what is wrong and what to do about it. What is really puzzling to me is that the bare one is showing new growth that looks to be healthy from the trunk. The new growth is from about 5 feet off the ground and up the tree. What should I do? I love these trees.

Lancaster County PA Posted 3 days ago

Tired of killing plants not understanding their needs for their types

Please, help me to find out what type of plant this is,;what's wrong with it, and what type medium is best for it. I'm tried of killing plants not understanding what their needs are. It's growing and dying at the same time. Such a gorgeous plant. I know they do not like direct sunlight so, I have it by a window where it gets morning sun filtered through a sheer curtain. It's been blooming so beautifully now it's getting dark spots on even baby New leaves. See pictures. Please, tell me plant is doing this just because it needs to be repotted as it is root bound and roots look healthy.

Montgomery County PA houseplants anthurium Posted 5 days ago

Fruit Tree questions

I live in Levittown PA zip code 19057. I want to purchase a few fruit trees for my yard. They will all be grown in containers , I'm looking at the Smart Pot fabic pot. I want to purchase plum, cherry, and pear. I already have a peach tree, but I don't know yet if it has survived this winter. I was considering the dwarf varieties due to smaller size. I was considering purchasing the 50 gallon smart pot, but that is not written in stone. I looked online to see which trees would be good for my area and found the following ones.


Black Ice


Mount Royal


Bryon Gold





Asian Pear:

Twentieth century








Summer Crisp




Red Haven





Black Tartarian

Evans Bali



Rainier Sweet


I am still doing research on the different trees above. Any advice you have would be appreciated.


Apologies for the lengthy message. I have been doing research and I think I may have it narrowed down. The Plum Tree may end up being the Black Ice Plum Tree. Pear Tree, Summer Crisp. Peach Tree, Contender and Reliance. Cherry Tree, Rainier Sweet. I am finding that they only fruit tree on my list that are self pollinating are the peach trees, but sadly the cherry, plum and pear all need a pollinator. Is there anything that I can do so that I won't have to buy two of each fruit trees?

Thanks again.

Bucks County PA Posted 18 days ago

Indoor mini rosebush

Have a mini rosebush .mom had for 5 yrs on windowsill. S.facing..plant food spikes.never went dormant.bloomed beautifully.(red with white streaks blooms)
Mom has passed away &I am struggling to keep this gem alive.i just bought a plant bulb.i chase the sun all day with it.bright green growth just falls sad.please help.i don't think I am watering improperly..I wait til it's somewhat dry..leaves don't yellow.please help me keep it alive.thanks

Susquehanna County PA Posted 30 days ago


I'm in the southwestern part of PA, near the Greene County/Washington border. I have had several pine trees die over the past 18 months including blue spruce and japanese evergreen. My across-the-street- neighbor also appears to have dying pines. There are no pests apparent but the trees are within the same vicinity. Without sending you a sample, I was hoping that you could tell me if you've had other reports about this problem and hopefully tell me what I can do to save the ones that are still alive.



Washington County PA Posted about 1 month ago

What kind of spider is this ?

Could you please tell me what kind of spider this is ? And any interesting facts about it . Also is it dangerous to humans in any way ?

Thank you JC

Sullivan County Pennsylvania Posted 2 months ago

Bees around my crane!

Why do the bees gather around the boom tip of your crane? Obviously not an issue in November. I must have had a few thousand though when it was warm.

Allegheny County Pennsylvania Posted 3 months ago

Little Black Flying Insects have invaded our home!

For the past few months or so, we started seeing some flying and crawling insects in our basement. Bombed the basement. Centipedes are gone, but teeny black flying insects have moved throughout the house. I've put out various sweet smelling liquid containers, but have had very little luck. I've thrown out our plants whether they needed it or not. We have cats, but they don't have fleas, and these insects do not hover around the litter box. We've taped over the sink drain and no results. They do rest on ceilings, windows, and mirrors, leaving little white smears. When I catch and smash, they leave blood. I've looked everywhere I can think but cannot find a source. What do these sound like please?

Allegheny County Pennsylvania Posted 3 months ago

Green giant arborvitae

Is it normal for tips of branches to brown in fall and winter if rest of the branch is otherwise healthy and green. Please see two pics attached. Thank you!

Pennsylvania Posted 3 months ago

Dead Looking" East Branches",. one of twins on opposite side of Park Area?Need a solution

Need a solution for Dead Branches on big maple. Hope You can HELP.

Westmoreland County Pennsylvania Posted 3 months ago