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Control of Poa Annua and Nutsedge

I have both in my yard. I have a very shady fescue yard that pretty much dies off every summer to where weed control and reseeding every year seems to be the only option. Since I am never too far away from reseeding or having reseeded, I can't use pre-emergent. How aggressively can i attack the nutsedge and poa annua that infests the yard, and should I be doing it anytime it appears, or in the month or so leading up to reseeding? Also, for the ones with seedheads should I bag when I mow, can those reseed themselves, or just mulch clippings like usual? Regards, Chris

Fulton County GA Posted almost 2 years ago


CUTTING DOWN SOME TREES AROUND THE OFFICE AND THE WOOD IS BEAUTIFUL--NEVER SEEN ANY LIKE IT BEFORE--CAN YOU TELL WHAT CAUSES THIS COLORATION? Just wanted to add, this was a sweet gum tree that was full of black ants. We r pretty sure it was a sweet gum and it was huge!

Coweta County GA Posted almost 2 years ago

My fern is dying

So my fern looks like it’s been chewed on. Which I figured was a little bug. But now my fern is dying all together. Leave are falling off rapidly. What can I use to bring it back to life?

DeKalb County GA indoor plants Posted almost 2 years ago


I have read about the laws in Columbus, GA but do not know the laws outside the city and in the county.

Muscogee County GA Posted about 2 years ago

Does your organization do worm casting tests?

Does your organization do worm casting tests?

Cobb County GA Posted over 2 years ago

no answer for soil acidity

univ. GA an local dealer unable to answer. My soil or compost pile is 5.5 .All macro nutrients are well above the need line .report rec. using lime but that would give cal. mag. and put these elements off the chart. also they rec. using but to use 34-0-0 would push 5.5 to 5 or more ph I need a 6.5 ph for tomatoes. Unable to find any help

Monroe County Georgia Posted almost 3 years ago

Big spider

My son found this in our yard. What kind is it? We have several different types but the size of this one scares me.

Dougherty County Georgia Posted over 3 years ago

Pepper plants

My pepper plants are load with pepper but then they turn deep dark green and wilted like they are dieing what going on need help fast

Pickens County Georgia Posted over 3 years ago

Chicken feathers

I have a black walnut tree that looks as if it is growing chicken feathers. What is it?

Monroe County Georgia Posted over 3 years ago

Clumps of grass

Hi! We purchased a house last fall, after all the grass has died. Now that it's warming up, we're seeing very little lawn grass, but lots of clumps of wide blade grass. I would just like to identify what type of grass the clump is, so I can figure out how to get rid of it. If you happen to know what the fine stuff growing around it is, that would be great to know, too! Thank you!

Spalding County Georgia Posted almost 4 years ago