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Pressure canning

I make my homemade spaghetti sauce with store bought hunts tomatoe sauce then I add my ground beef and Italian sausage and onions and fresh garlic and seasonings can I can it using a pressure canner

Baltimore County MD canning Posted almost 2 years ago

Canning Venison

I bought the all new Power Cooker XL 10 Quart Size. It states to NOT use the Quarts in the XL! But use the Pints!

MI Posted almost 3 years ago

Electric multi cookers that say they can be used to can

Just bought power cooker pro 8 and wonder if the recommendations have changed in using it as a canner - I would do tomatoes and pears mostly

Mason County MI Posted about 3 years ago


Food Product Packaging/Distribution Do you have guidelines on how to package and sell food products? Do you have a list of licensed commercial kitchens that can be rented or leased? Do you have regulations on packaging food products? Non-Profit Organization: Do you have guidelines/sample of business plan to set up non-profit organization? Do you have laws/regulations (Maryland) for non-profit organizations? Do you have guidelines of how to distribute profits, such as to US veterans?

Prince George's County MD business Posted over 3 years ago

ceramic plate??

when mum made jam she used a ceramic like disc plate while boiling the jam so it didnt burn and stick to bottom on saucepan. are these still available. can i use glass marbles???

OUTSIDEUS home food preservation Posted almost 4 years ago

Canning pickled beets

Hello, Here's your basic question of the day -- I accidentally skipped a step when canning pickled beets. I did not boil the beets until tender before peeling them. I peeled and diced them before putting them in the brine. They simmered for about 10 minutes in brine (4 cups vinegar, 2 cups water, 2 cups sugar, 1.5 teaspoons pickling salt and spices). The first batched when into the boiling water canner for 30 minutes, boiling water process. The second batch waited in the hot brine for 30 minutes before going into the canner for 35 minutes. I've found two references stating this should be fine and no explanation why boiling until tender is absolutely necessary. Are my beets okay? Thanks Karen Sampson Hoffman

Baltimore County Maryland home food preservation Posted almost 4 years ago

Pressure Canning

I recently purchased an electric pressure cooker that also does canning. I am new to canning and the more I read about it the more I want to be sure I am doing it safely. I purchased a Power Pressure Cooker XL and I was wondering if that would be sufficient for pressure canning or if you have another recommended brand that would be better. In addition to that, I understand that acidity is more important when canning with a water bath but is it still a factor when canning with a pressure cooker? For example, do I need to use recipes specific to canning to accommodate for acidity or can I use my normal recipe? Thank you for your help!

Carroll County Maryland home food preservation canning Posted almost 4 years ago

Master Canning Classes?

I work for Ball, the mason jar of my coworkers took a master canning seminar (2 day course) that was offered in his region (Buffalo NY). I was interested to see if there was a course similar to that offered in the Baltimore area. Everything listed on your food preservation page is what he took an in depth course on - I would be interested in doing the same locally and was wondering if something of that nature was offered. Thanks!

I've actually found out the correct terminology for this is a Master Food Preserver Certification this offered?

Thanks again.

Baltimore County Maryland home food preservation canning Posted over 4 years ago

electric pressure cooker canning safety

recently purchased power pressure xl cooker. Has a canning feature, is it safe to use for low acid food canning example (dry beans, meat).

Carroll County Maryland home food preservation canning pressure canner Posted over 4 years ago

Canning homemade soup

I love to make soup and would like to can it. Most of my soups have beans and some kind of meat in them. Can I safety can them and how do I begin?

Anne Arundel County Maryland food safety home food preservation fcs Posted over 4 years ago