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A national learning network of educators, service providers and farmers sharing strategies for success in delivering education and technical assistance to women farmers, ranchers and producers. We welcome questions related to any aspect of your business from start-up to exit. 

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Grants to purchase 10 acres for farming

Hello WIA experts,

My husband and I sold our home in the 4th largest city and bought 8 acres with a home. We purchased 4 horses and a rescue. We would like to purchase 10 acres in front of us for farming, and a few cows. Are there any grants that can help with start-up? I am new to this but VERY passionate about producing our own food, and how I may share that with our small community. Please share any wisdom that you feel may help? Thanks
"New Texas Country Girl"

Limestone County TX Posted almost 3 years ago

I am looking for loan for farm.

Hi Please give me phone number where I can get good price loan for women in agricultural. I am new to buying almond farm.

Thank you

Daljit K. Mundi

Fresno County CA Posted about 4 years ago

Farm land Interest rates in Marshall Countu

I'm wanting to buy out my sisters share on an 80 acre farm in marshall county and I'm wondering what the appropriate interest rate is at this time on a contract for 10 years?

Marshall County IA farm farm business management Posted almost 5 years ago