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Our group is made up of nationally recognised experts in crop nutrition for the Australian grains industry. Australian advisors and growers are welcome to ask specific questions and get answers from one of our team.

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Questions asked to this group

Soil Fertilization

I have an orchard of Citrus and Avocado Trees. I analyzed the soil and here are the results:
Texture of soil: Clay.
pH: 7.64.
EC: 0.37 dS/m. Non-saline.
Phosphorus: 5.13 ppm. Low
Potassium: 190 mg/kg. Medium/Low
Calcium Carbonate: 25%. High.
I were advised to add Calcinit or Calcium Nitrate to the soil by irrigation. Is this a right action to do?
Do I really need to fertilize the soil with Calcinit knowing that the soil contains high percentage of calcium carbonate?

Outside United States soil and fertility issues Posted over 4 years ago

copper count n

Hi i am a fertilizer rep, i would like to know if it is advisable to use copper based products on cucumbers? one of my customers has been using this product as a drench for pythium, they have picked up other fungal problems.

Outside United States horticulture fertilizer copper growing cucumbers pythium Posted over 4 years ago

Where can I get a soil test

Where can I get a soil test? Can I get it at the gunni extension office? How much would it cost?

soil testing soil and fertility issues Posted over 5 years ago