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The MFLN Family Development concentration aims to provide professionals with online resources and information supporting work with military families. Our focus connects largely to family strengthening, family violence prevention, treatment and intervention. We welcome you to explore and connect with us on this online community (

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Divorcing after deployment

My husband deployed 5 months after we were married. Voluntarily and unexpected. He return home 12 months later and we were never able to get back on track. He changed a lot while he was gone and I didn't deal well with it. We tried for 3 year then he filed for divorce last sept. We have been separated and he has not spoke to me since. Our divorce is still pending. I have tried every military lead I can find to try to get us some help. I have found nobody or nothing that offers any kind of guidance, counseling or assistance. My question is: do you have any suggestions ?

Lake County IL divorce military spouse military assistance Posted over 4 years ago

Access to webinars

Hello! I received information from an early intervention provider connected to the military about the August 6 webinar on social emotional development. I am the director of the Part C early intervention service network in NW Florida and wonder if this webinar would be accessible to our providers, most of whom serve children whose parents are active duty or civilian contractors. I registered, but noted that no special access information was provided, and there is a log in field on the website. Thanks for your help with this - Debbie Goldberg

Escambia County FL learn military families webinar Posted over 5 years ago